Disney® – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Digital Sets

October 13, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Just as we’re entering the season when scare is in the air, we are thrilled to reveal images from Disney® – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas to use in DIY paper crafts! This is the first time we’ve been able to offer these seriously spooky titles to our users, and we couldn’t help but grin and share it.

Join the spooky celebration! ©Disney


The story is one that most of us know and love. In Halloweentown, Jack Skellington, the “Pumpkin King,” is the mastermind behind all the ghoulish delights, frights and surprises that his holiday traditionally exports to the real world. Bored with the same annual routine, Jack finds a new purpose in life when he accidentally stumbles upon the entryway into Christmastown and becomes instantly enraptured with the bright colors, toys, decorations, warm spirits and other related festivities. He returns to Halloweentown determined to find a way to bring Christmas under his control and enlists his loyal townspeople to help “make Christmas.” What follows is a merry misadventure in which Jack’s well-meaning but misguided efforts go seriously and hilariously astray.



Make an eye-catching DIY paper craft with this iconic spiral hill silhouette. ©Disney

Halloween is the perfect time to use this spook-tacular image! ©Disney



This black cat brings good luck to any paper-craft project! ©Disney


Roll the dice with Oogie! ©Disney




Any project that includes Scary Teddy is sure to deliver screams of joy! ©Disney


Add some heart to a Halloween DIY paper craft with this endearing image of misfit love. ©Disney



Jack and Sally are a match made in Halloweentown. ©Disney


Regal purple and the Pumpkin King will give your paper-craft project the royal treatment! ©Disney



Celebrate the spooky with Sally! ©Disney


Welcome the Halloween season using Disney® – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas digital cartridges and the Print then Cut or Draw features on your Cricut®. There’s so much to see!


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Show us your Halloween makings! #CricutMade

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10 thoughts on “Disney® – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Digital Sets

  1. What about those of us who have older systems and still like use the cartridges? It’s pretty crappy of you to only tailor to digital users . Hoping this changes otherwise I may go silhouette here soon cause if I have to go ditigital it’s much more for my buck. Feeling very discouraged with cricut?

  2. YES!!!!! It’s about time. I jumped out of bed after reading this email on my phone this morning to tell my husband. He thinks I’m nuts anyways. Can’t wait to get cutting!

  3. This is an AWESOME collaboration!! Major THANX to Cricut & Disney for this Jack-Tastic gift for what is becoming the Season of Hallows-Giving-Mas!! We LOVE You!!

  4. When Provo craft requested ideas on cartridges we would like to see made, this is the cartridge I requested, nightmare before Christmas! So excited to see it.

  5. I would love this so I can make presents for my daughter who is a massive fan…….BUT it’s not in UK ☹️️☹️️☹️️☹️️☹️️

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