Dino-Sized Fun: Dinosaur Crafts

May 7, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of happy, laughing kids who are having the time of their lives because of small touches of whimsy that add up to big, dino-sized fun! Whether your child is a budding fossil hunter or you’re just ready to party Jurassic- style, these fabulous paper marvels made on the Cricut can transform any setting into a prehistoric paradise!

Guests won’t be able to wait when they receive this Paper Dinosaur Egg Pop-Up Invite. Crack open a good time!
Roar! What’s lurking inside?
Follow the Paper Dinosaur Tracks
to the most fun to be had in this—
or any other—era.
You never know who—or what—
might show up when there’s a
Paper Dinosaur Crossing Sign at the door.
Set the scene for surprises of every shape and size with this bold Paper Fossil Banner.
The Paper Fossil Banner can be personalized with your dino-mite message.
All signs point to colossal good times ahead. Decorate your table with some lovable giants. Start with the Paper Stegosaurus Herbivore Sign.
Watch out for the Paper T-Rex Carnivore Sign! The Paper Velociraptor Watering Hole Sign is definitely a welcome sight.
And they say they didn’t exist! Be sure to check out our Paper Stegosaurus Dessertivore Sign.
These guys have a bone to pick with you.
Luckily, they’re transformed into 
Paper Cupcake Toppers!
The same fabulous fossils can be used to decorate
Paper Dinosaur Straws...
...or perfectly ferocious Vinyl Fossil Plate Decals.
Hard-earned refreshment for weary adventure-seekers?
Or roar-worthy terrarium decoration? With these awesome Vinyl Dinosaur Silhouette Cut-Outs, you decide!
Of course, trekkers of all ages should be
outfitted with the appropriate gear.
Paper Dinosaur Safari Photo Props
have them looking good.
Who’s ready to rumble? Get the party started with these Paper Dinosaur Party Hats!

So whether they're into creatures that lunge, swim, slither or fly, these paper dinosaur crafts are sure to transport prehistoric fans back in time. Just choose your Cricut colors and phrases, print and cut! 


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3 thoughts on “Dino-Sized Fun: Dinosaur Crafts

  1. This is so cute! I love all the dinosaur decorations. My 4yr old grandson wants a dinosaur party this August. Thank you for all the ideas.

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