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Be a Cricut Pro in 3 Months: Slice, Weld, Attach, and Group

January 22nd, 2019 • Contributor: Jenny Alger from Everyday Jenny

Hi, Cricut friends! I'm Jenny from Everyday Jenny and today I'm teaching you all about some of my favorite Cricut Design Space tools- Slice, Weld, Attach & Group. I use these tools almost every time I create something in Design Space. Once you know how to use them, you will be able to customize your own designs in no time at all.


This tool is used to slice two overlapping layers into separate parts. This is useful if you want to cut out a shape or text from another shape in order to create new shapes. I also find it very useful when I want a layered design but I don’t want overlapping parts on top of each other creating bulk. You can only slice two images at a time.

Using the slice tool in Cricut Design Space

Select both images that you want to slice and then click on the Slice tool. Each of the new shapes will show up in the Layers panel as their own individual layer. You can think of this process as using a cookie cutter and cutting cookie dough. When you are done slicing an image you will have the "cookie cutter" piece, the "cookie" piece, and the remaining "dough" piece. You can delete any layers that you don’t want in your final design.

Sliced image results

You can see a project I did where I used the Slice tool to make a fun pillowcase. I used Cricut Glitter Iron-on for this pillowcase and I love how sparkly it turned out! Have you used the glitter Iron-on before? Let me know in the comments below.

Pillowcase made using a sliced image


The Weld tool is used to join images and/or text to create a single image. It removes any overlapping cut lines in the images or text.

Using the weld tool in Cricut Design Space

I use this tool often to connect text together. First, make sure the text you want to weld is overlapping. (You can see in the above image the overlapping cut lines.) Select all the text you want to connect and click the Weld tool. Once you weld the image only the exterior cut path will remain and the welded pieces show up as one layer on the Layers panel.

Welded text results

You can see how I welded oval shapes together to make petals for 3D flowers. These 3D flowers are so pretty and easy to make. And with all the beautiful Cricut paper to cut, the possibilities are endless.

Flowers made using welded ovals for petals


The Attach tool is used for two different functions. One is to fasten images in their place so that when you go to cut the images it shows up exactly like you arranged it in the design screen. I know so many people create their perfect design and then go to cut it out and are confused that it's all mixed up on the mat preview. This is because the images are placed as close to together as possible on the mat to conserve material unless you select the Attach tool.

Using the attach tool in Cricut Design Space

The other function of the tool is to attach a write or score line to a cut layer. These envelopes from the Save the Date Make it Now project are a good example. The writing on the envelopes is attached.

Attached writing for envelopes


The Group tool is used to group multiple layers, images or text together. This makes it easier to resize or move them on the design screen.

Using the group tool in Cricut Design Space

First, you will select the images you want to group together then click on the Group tool. You can select what you want to group in two ways. Click and highlight the images on the canvas or hold the Shift or the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking on each layer on the Layers panel. Now you can easily move the images you have grouped and resize them.

Keyboard Shortcuts

I have a bonus tip for you. Keyboard shortcuts are a useful tool to help make designing much faster. If you select the ? key on your keyboard, you will pull up a cheat sheet to all the keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts in Design Space

There you have it! Some tips about using some of my favorite Design Space tools. Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to pin this post so you can reference it anytime you need a refresher.

Which tool do you use the most? Comment below!

Keyboard shortcuts in Design Space

25 thoughts on “Be a Cricut Pro in 3 Months: Slice, Weld, Attach, and Group



  3. I need help, I have text and 2 different arrows I’m trying to weld together so I can draw it on paper I can’t figure out how to weld the arrows to the text . I got the text welded together

  4. After I have “ungrouped” a word, repositioned it together and “weld”. Fix other words then realize one of the words I “welded” are not close enough and some letters are still going to be cut separate…. why can’t I take off the “weld” to fix it and Re-Weld???? Ugghh!!!
    Advance buttons are gone completely, Weld, Attach, Group and Ungroup are all Grayed so CANNOT access them. Am I doing something wrong??? Please help

    • If you haven’t saved, you can click on Undo until it’s gone and redo. Otherwise, we do not have an Unweld option.

  5. I’ve sliced an image thinking that would be the best way to cut it, but now i see I didn’t slice it in the right places. is there a way to “undo” a slice after its already been saved in a project? I realize I can undo immediately after, but this is after I’ve saved and gone back to it several days later.
    thanks for your help.

    • Hi. Once it’s saved, you can’t undo your steps. Depending on where your slices were made, you could possibly do more slicing, but you may need to redo the image slicing from the start.

  6. Hi,
    I’m trying to make an envelope. I made an envelope canvas out of a shape but when I select all to attach the address and envelope, the font changes to an outline font. How can I get my font to stay the same?

    • Make sure you are choosing Writing for the style when creating your projects. This will allow you to make sure it has the look you want. Some fonts will turn into an outline when written.

  7. Do you have to pay for the subscription in design space in order to use weld, slice, etc.? I just watched a video on how to do something and now that I know the steps I can’t do them because the buttons are not active. Why can’t I use them? Do I need to pay for Design Space?

    • Sometimes you have to highlight things that you want to use the tool on(like image with text on top for slicing) for the buttons like slice and weld to show up. You do not need to subscribe to use those tools.

  8. I am trying to make a 3-d card. I am trying to attach a butterfly to my paper. I used the weld to attack little parts of the wings to the paper but when I weld it removes all of the cut lines. Please, how to I do it?


  9. This is one of the best tips I’ve seen; explained in English with no extra info I didn’t need. I’ve been using my Cricut for a million years and there is still stuff I can be confused about. Thank you

  10. Great post and solved the ‘attachment’ issue I had with a purchased template. Every time I went to ‘make it’ to cut the shape I’d end up with two mats, once everything was attached shapes were placed on a single mat and cut beautifully. Thanks!

    • Hi. Your letters might be just so slightly too close. Try moving them apart with the letter spacing tool a click or two and see if that helps.

  11. When I purchase an image with words and pictures(ex a saying with an image) how do I do it, if I only want to cut one image or one word from the entire file?

    • Hi. It depends on how the file was made. If it has different layers, you could turn off the ones you don’t wish to use by clicking on the eye next to it in the layers panel. You could also possibly use the Contour tool to remove parts that you don’t want.

  12. Hola!hay muchas personas de habla hispana que tienen estas máquinas podrían hacer tutoríales en español por favor ? gracias

  13. Help!!! LOL! I am working on a tee shirt and using a script font (specifically “Edwardian Script”), when I move the letters closer and weld them I get a strange black line from out of no where. I have deleted and redone several times and the line returns as soon as I weld…what am I doing wrong? I’ve even selected “make it” to see if it was there, it is!
    I appreciate any guidance. Thanks so much!!

    • Hi. Sometimes that happens when the letters are just a wee bit too close. Try moving them apart slightly until it stops producing the line.

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