5 Things We Love about Design Space for Desktop

December 4, 2019 • Contributor: Cricut Team

Design Space for Desktop is the latest version of Design Space that you can download to your Windows or Mac computer and use without launching an internet browser. Over 450,000 of you have downloaded the Desktop app and are using it right now!

The desktop app is still a beta version, which means we’re actively testing the software, but there are many benefits of using Design Space for Desktop compared to the Web version.

We’re going to highlight 5 of our favorite features that you can experience once you get the desktop app (or if you already have it).


Design Space for Desktop is an app on your computer

1. Design and cut offline

Design Space for Desktop lives locally on your Windows or Mac computer as an app. This is what gives us the ability to give you the Offline feature because you’re using a version of Design Space that you don’t launch from an internet browser.

With the offline feature you can design and cut without an internet connection. If you’re in an area with limited internet or your internet cuts out, you won’t lose your projects. For more information on the Offline feature in the desktop app, visit this Help article on cricut.com.

2. Download images and fonts offline

As part of our latest update to Design Space for Desktop, you can now download fonts and images offline. This will give you the ability to create new projects with images and fonts that have been saved for offline use when you’re not connected to the internet. To learn more on how you can save fonts and images offline, visit this Help article on cricut.com.

3. Improved image search

New search vs. old search results

There are over 100,000 images in Design Space! Our goal is to keep building our library so you can find whatever image or font your heart desires. We recently launched a new search solution in Design Space for Desktop that will help you get better results when you search for an image. Now the hardest part will be choosing from all the images you find!  

4. Automatic updates

4. Automatic updates

With the web version of Design Space, we roll out new features or updates through a plug-in process. While we’ve focused on making improvements to the plug-in process, particularly with automatic plug-in updates, we know it still causes some confusion. With Design Space for Desktop plug-ins are a thing of the past. We're able to roll out new features or fixes directly to your app automatically, no plug-in required. 

5. Create with multiple project windows

Design Space for Desktop gives you the option to open multiple project windows so you can cut on different machines, rather than using multiple tabs on an internet browser. 

If you haven’t downloaded Design Space for Desktop, get it now! Design Space for Desktop will become the default experience for our members sometime next year. Your feedback is critical to helping us give you the best possible experience. If you’re using the desktop app, you can provide feedback by clicking “feedback” on the sidebar in the desktop app.

If your friend hasn’t downloaded the desktop app, share this post with them! You can also share in the comments your experience using the desktop app. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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