It’s True, Soon You Can Design & Cut Offline! Here’s How.

August 28, 2019 • Contributor: Cricut Software Team

Update (10/7/2019): The wait is over! We've completed rollout of the Offline feature and it's now available for everyone using Design Space for Desktop Beta. You can design and cut offline right now! If you haven't downloaded the beta app, please review the article below for links and Help articles!


Today we are absolutely thrilled to announce Design Space for Desktop Beta – an early-release version of our Windows and Mac OS software that lives on your computer.

In the coming weeks, our beta app will receive an update to support the ability to design offline. This means you can design and cut offline without an internet connection.

To get to the front of the line for this feature, we recommend that you download Design Space for Desktop Beta by September 10th. Go download it now!

What's Different About Design Space for Desktop Beta?

Many of you use the web version of Design Space to create and cut. Design Space for Desktop Beta is a version of Design Space that lives on your Windows or Mac computer. You will launch the beta app right from your computer instead of going to on the internet. The benefit of using the beta app is that we can give you features like offline (and seamlessly rollout future features) that will make Design Space an even better experience.

When you download Design Space for Desktop Beta, you’ll sign in with your Cricut ID and access your projects as you typically do across your devices. All your content and favorite design features are in the same place.

Only soon, on top of the peace of mind you get from having your projects safe and sound in the cloud, you’ll also have the choice to save them to your computer, too, so you can design with your saved project any time, even without an internet connection.

To learn how to download the beta app and get an overview the offline feature, watch this video.

For more information, you can also visit

There’s More to Come

Because we are releasing Design Space for Desktop in beta first, there are certain features that will be available right away and others that will come in time. If you receive the offline feature during this first rollout, you can expect to:

  • Save projects for offline use on your canvas
  • Save images and fonts within a project for offline use
  • Create new projects offline (if your internet goes down, you won’t lose your project)
  • Cut offline from anywhere

In the future, you’ll also be able to:

  • Download images for offline use
  • Download fonts for offline use

If you have an iOS device, you can cut offline right now! For those of your designing on Android, we will plan to roll out the offline feature in the future.

How to Download Design Space Desktop Beta

Ready to get in on the action? Just download and install Design Space for Desktop Beta here.

If you have more questions, check out this help article.

When will I get the offline feature?

We will roll out the offline feature to the beta app in phases over several weeks starting in September. This means some members may get the feature before others. We can't give you an exact date of when you'll get it, but the sooner you download the beta app, the better!

You Are Our Inspiration

It is our top priority to make Design Space the best possible experience. To us, that job will never be “done.”

We have approximately 100 amazing software engineers working on Design Space and we’re making tons of improvements.” – Ashish Arora, CEO of Cricut

Your feedback inspires us. You motivate us to make sure that Design Space delivers on our mission to help you live your most creative life.

We look forward to hearing what you think, and eventually, launching a full Design Space Desktop experience for everyone.

The Cricut Team

P.S. Stay in Touch

To keep us better connected about all things Design Space, we opened our first Official Cricut Software News Facebook member page. We’ll share real-time feature announcements (including the moment offline rolls out), give news about planned software outages, and even surprise you with a product giveaway here and there. Join us!

6 thoughts on “It’s True, Soon You Can Design & Cut Offline! Here’s How.

  1. So far, not happy with beta cricut design space. When I’m uploading images and typing the search words, I cannot copy and paste anymore. My computer has also frozen and Ive had to shut down incorrectly. Finally, it has not given me the option to save to the cloud and computer. thank you.

  2. Mary, thank you for your feedback. We’re letting our Software team know about your issue and are looking into it! The offline feature hasn’t rolled out yet, which is why you aren’t seeing the pop-up. We’ll let you know when we start to roll out in September and the feature will be coming to all of our members but in phases – so some people may get it before others. We promise you will get it. Thank you for your support!

  3. Another awesome achievement by the Cricut Team! Excited not only about the offline feature, but the Cricut Software Facebook Page! Cricut is the best company ever and has the best engineers/team members and, of course, CEO!

  4. Good morning! A few years back I was a beta tester when Cricut was designing for android devices, it was a great experience. Believe me it’ll take time to work out all the bugs but it’s so worth it in the end.
    Keep designing and sending in comments and the Cricut team will work it all out until perfect.

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