No sew felt leaves for fall

Decorate for Fall With These No Sew Felt Leaves

November 6th, 2017 • Contributor: Kristen Johnson from A Girl and Her Glitter

Leaves and fall go hand in hand but sometimes finding some vibrant foliage are hard to do, especially ones that will last. Gather your colorful felt and fire up your Cricut Maker for some fun that is quick and easy to set down your table.

Felt leaves that have a little twist (literally)

Felt leaves have been around since pumpkin made an appearance in the form of a pie. It’s time to add a whole lot of whip cream onto that traditional slice to give it a little twist. Adding 12 gauge floral wire in-between the two layers of felt is exactly the bendable literal twist that these leaves need. Plug in your Cricut and warm up that glue gun, it’s time to add some 3d fall leaf texture onto your table and bring it to life.


Tools + Materials You’ll Need to Get Started:

  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Felt
  • Floral Wire 12 Gauge
  • Hot Glue/Gun

1: Find Leaf Images

Find the leaves that you want to use

Turn on your Cricut Maker, look up leaves in Design Space, and select the leaves that fit your fancy.

2: Cut Leaves

Cut out your felt

Once you have your selected your design (make sure you have double images), load your Cricut Felt and make sure your rotary blade is loaded. Click that magical blinking C.

3: Remove From Mat

Take the felt leaves off the mat

Once your felt leaves have been cut, remove and set out your double pieces.

4: Glue Leaves to Wire

Attach leaves to wire

Add a line of hot glue to one of your leaves and cut your wire to your desired length (leave enough length for later). Place your wire on top of your leaf and press against the other leaf until they are stuck together.

5: Add More Wire

Attach more wire

For the leaves that have more of a structured shape, add additional wire to where you would want the leaves to bend and move.

6: Repeat!

Repeat the above steps a few times

Cut multiple colors of felt and follow steps 1-4 until you have many variations of shapes and sizes.

7: Wrap Long Wire Pieces

Wind the long wire pieces together

Take the longer wires and attach to each other by wrapping them around each other to create runners.

8: Complete the Project

Finish up your no sew felt leaves!

Bend and shape your felt leaves any way you like until you like how they look and your final look is all done!


What would you decorate with these felt leaves? Tell us below!

3 thoughts on “Decorate for Fall With These No Sew Felt Leaves

  1. Love this project!
    Being I am from the Northeast; colored leaves during the Fall season is something I wait for all year long…my favorite time of year.

  2. This post is very creative and unique there are lots of thing in this post which I really liked. Thanks for sharing all this with us.

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