You can now curve text in Cricut Design Space!

You Can Now Curve Text in Design Space!

April 3rd, 2018 • Contributor: Shelby Jones, Cricut Social Media Specialist

It’s here! It’s here! You all have been asking for...curved text and we are here to deliver! If your mind is flowing with creative ideas like ours is right now, let’s jump into the software and curve all the things!  We will show you just how simple it really is.

You can now curve text directly in Design Space!

The Curve tool can be found in the Text Edit bar at the top of the Canvas, between the Alignment and Advanced tools.

1: Add Your Text

Create the text that you want to curve

Click on the text icon, and type whatever your heart desires, for this project we will be using the words “Happy Birthday”.  Choose your font, font style, and use the Letter Space tool to adjust letter spacing as needed.

If you have multiple lines of text you are wanting to curve you will want to create a separate text box, or use the “Ungroup to Lines” tool to separate your lines of text just how you want them.

2: Curve That Text!

Use the tool to curve text in Design Space

Now for the fun part - click the Curve tool. Don’t see it on your toolbar? Make sure your full screen is open on your computer.  If it isn’t all the way open check for the “More” button and you will see it under that menu.

Once you highlight your text and click the curve option it will take a few moments to register and then display a slider and number field. Drag the slider to achieve your desired curve.

Wondering what those numbers mean? The Number in the Diameter field is measuring an imaginary circle to determine the curvature of the text. So in the video, you will see us taking the diameter number of the first line.

For our project, we copied that number and applied a (-) sign to create the inverse of that top line. Now we have the look we want with even curvature and we can adjust the spacing as needed with the Line Space tool.

Remember that the Curve tool will only enable for single lines of text! The Curve tool cannot be used on text that has been ungrouped to individual letters, then regrouped, so if additional manual letter spacing adjustments are needed after you have used the Letter Spacing tool, wait until you have curved the text to do this.

How Simple Is That?

Before we get to crafting our project we wanted to share with you some final nitty gritty details!

  • Curved text will remain completely editable unless welded or flattened. You can continue to adjust letter spacing, rotate, edit the text, and change the font style and style after curving your text!
  • The Curve tool is currently only available in your desktop computer version of Design Space.
  • At this time, projects containing curved text will not open in mobile apps.  However, if your text has been welded or flattened so that is functions as an image rather than a text box, the project can be opened in mobile apps.

Our head is swimming with ideas and we can’t wait to see what you will add some curve to! Head over to to try the brand new tool out!

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38 thoughts on “You Can Now Curve Text in Design Space!

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  2. Thank you for the curve text! It will save me and other crafters a lot of time. Now we don’t have to use another software program to do such a task! It would be great if y’all could offer a rhinestone template program!

  3. I still can’t find the curve text tool. I don’t see the more either. I have my screen fully opened also

  4. I do not have a computer I only have A iPad and an iPhone how long for the curved text comes for them? Soon please and thank you.

  5. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for adding the Curve tool. I am looking forward to using it. I do have a questions which I am pretty sure others have asked. Do you have an estimated time when it will be available to use on the Design space app?

      • Neither my beta app on Android nor my iPad have the curve feature. When will this be fixed? I have spent quite a bit a money on Cricut and seem to be unable to do what I most need to. Bought an iPad instead of MacBook now can’t use the maker for the knife blade crafts that I waited since launch for. Feeling really taken advantage of.

  6. Absolutely love the new Curve Text feature! You know us Cricuteers, we are always looking for the next creative problem for Cricut to solve. Keep up the great work.

  7. Soooo Happy! Thank you so much for the curve! Every comment I make is to please add a easy way to curve rather than one letter at a time! Lots have asked & you so made it happen for us crafters❤️ So excited!! Thank you?

  8. I’m oh so very excited about this new feature. It will trim some time off the creating phase of my crafting. However, I’m using my iPad (iOS) to access design space, and am unable to use this feature. Seems the program runs differently across platforms. Will this feature become available on iOS?

  9. I have been wanting this feature for a long time! I can’t wait to us it! Thank you for making it happen!

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  11. I am so excoted about the curve. It took me hours to figure how to curve before. I have tried it and it is instantly in a curve. Thanks so much.

  12. …impatiently waiting for it to be available on iPad. I bought it specifically to be used with my Maker. I’m so disappointed that I cant use the curve feature or do wood projects. Please, please make these features available for the iPad.

  13. Is the curve text going to be offered on the app in the furture? Just wondering if it’s in the works. I only have an iPad.

  14. I absolutely LOVE the curve tool in design space!! Just wondering how close we are to be updating the iOS design space app with this cool handy feature? Thanks cricut for all you do!!

  15. Curved text feature needs to be available on my iPad. It is ridiculous to have a feature which is only available to some users. Get it together cricut and test all customers the same. I am rethinking my plan to upgrade to a Maker.

    • Hello Gabriela,

      Sometimes this may happen when you curve text that is already welded. It will only curve when it is still a text box. You may also try closing out of the software and going back in. Hope this helps.

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