Cricut’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

4f5791ea-0dba-4d72-b7c6-93b69ed32686You start to panic that you’ve missed out on killer sales because you chose sleep over a midnight line wrapped around the block. But you know yourself. You’d rather give handmade gifts to all your family and friends anyway. Everyone loves a personalized gift.

Take a breath, grab your Cricut Explore, and together let’s tackle gifts for everyone on your holiday list. We start with perfect gifts for the home. Customized pillows, trays, planters, and wall art become signature pieces that everyone will be talking about year-round. And for the cook in your family? We whipped up some fabulous ideas.

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Who doesn’t love pillows? For this gift, you can buy any pillow from a store and make it distinctly your own. If you’re unsure what color to buy, white is always a safe bet. We love these designs, from a simple starburst to adorable messages. Or customize to say it in your words. Don’t forget: you can always explore more ideas in our Cricut Design Space Home Section.

From left to right.  Geometric Buffalo PillowHello PillowFlora Doily Pillow, Alpaca Pillow


A tray becomes the packaging for a great gift set. You can buy a wood or acrylic tray and make it your own. Add a candle (see below), some coasters, and voila!  From left to right.  Large Tray, Lucky Tray, Edge to Edge, Hello Sunshine Drink Tray


Candle jars may be one of the most popular gifts in stores right now. But who has a customized candle jar? Your bestie will, thanks to you.



Wall Art and Frames

Hang a conversation piece! Channel your inner artist and create these beautiful wall pieces for the art lover in your life. Or decorate any frame and add a family photo to make it truly personal.

From left to right.  Buffalo Wood Sign, Hexagon Vellum Art, Flower 3D ArtDimensional Dragon Art

Planters and Vases

For the green thumb in the family or your grandmother who loves fresh-cut flowers, we love these unique, one-of-a-kind planters and pots. Pick up a succulent or plant, and it’s the perfect hostess gift.


From left to right. Indoor Garden DecorStenciled Inside Garden, Modish Cement Planter, Aztec Clay Pots

 For the Cook 

Feast your eyes on these personalized gifts for the cook in your life. Pick your favorite ideas, shop materials, and choose a color scheme to whip up the perfect culinary gift. From left to right (all designs by Lia Griffith): Scandinavian Oven MittsKitchen LabelsScandinavian Canisters, Scandinavian Animal Mugs

For the baker in your life, we love Mrs C’s Cookie Cutter and Spatula Set set. It’s so pretty it might just stay in the packaging.

Tell us in the comments which project that you plan to make first!

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