Design Space for Web Shut Down on September 29, 2020

September 25, 2020 • Contributor: Cricut Team

On Tuesday, September 29, Design Space for Web will no longer be available. Download the all-new Design Space for Desktop app for your Mac or Windows computer right now.

We highly recommend you download Design Space for Desktop as the old web version will soon be obsolete. Plus, you’ll love the ability to design and cut offline, and more features coming this year.

We’ve included answers to some of your top questions in this post, but everything you need to know is also included on For more support, Member Care has your back. In fact, we’ve extended Member Care phone and chat support to include:

  • Saturday, February 1: 8 am – 4:30 pm MST  (10 am - 6:30 pm ET)
  • Saturday, February 8: 8 am – 4:30 pm MST  (10 am - 6:30 pm ET)

Design Space for Desktop Top FAQs

Why is Cricut moving to a desktop version of Design Space? 

  • For many years, the old Design Space for Web at has been a great companion design application for Cricut smart cutting machines. Unfortunately, browsers no longer support the new features and experiences that you demand and deserve. With the new Design Space for Desktop, we are updating our software platform to use the latest technologies available.

Where do I download Design Space for Desktop?  

I have an older computer. Can I still download Design Space for Desktop? 

  • To verify your operating system is compatible, see this article.
  • IMPORTANT: The new Design Space for Desktop does not support Windows 7. That means that you may experience sluggish performance or other problems, and you will not receive bug fixes or updates. For the best experience, you should upgrade to a modern, fully supported operating system.

I’m having an issue with the desktop app. What should I do? 

  • For resolutions to the most common problems, see this article, or contact Member Care.

Will my projects transfer to the desktop app?  

  • All your projects, images, and fonts will appear in the desktop app. After you download the desktop app, just sign in with the same Cricut ID you always use (email and password).

Is the Design Space app for iOS or Android changing?

  • Nope. Design Space for iOS and Android will work just as they always have.

Does Design Space for Desktop connect to the internet? 

  • Yes. When you are connected to the internet, Design Space for Desktop is online. But it also lets you design and cut offline. (Turn off your Wi-Fi, and try it!) Learn more.

Can I open multiple project windows in the desktop app like I can on the browser? 

  • Yes!

Will the desktop app work with my Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker machines? 

  • Yes!

What happens to the project and canvas links that I've shared on the web? 

  • All pre-existing project and canvas links will now open in Design Space for Desktop when clicked. If the person visiting the link doesn’t have Design Space for Desktop, they will be prompted to download the app.

How will I share my project if there’s no web browser to pull a link from?  

  • You’ll be able to share your projects using the new Copy Link feature in the desktop app. To learn how to share projects, see this help article.

101 thoughts on “Design Space for Web Shut Down on September 29, 2020

  1. Love Design Space and all you do for us. This kind of makes me worry will this make the price go up?

    • Design Space has always been free and will continue to be free. Maybe you’re confusing it with the subscription Access.

  2. What will happen to all my projects that I have saved online or in the cloud? Will I still have the option to save to the cloud?

    • Yes, you can still use the software online, and when you save projects from the desktop app, you have 2 options, to save to the cloud AND computer, or to save to the cloud only. So they will have to be saved to the cloud, just like they are now.

      • It is now Jan 26th. I downloaded the latest version and when I go to open one of my projects the text is gone as well as a couple of elements, not sure why but, I can’t make it work.

  3. Hi, I knew this change would be comming about soon but there is one thing worrying me. I can’t get patterns for my projects on DS for Desktop but I can on the web bases DS. Will this be addressed before you officially turn the web based DS off?

    • What happens to Cricut Access once this change takes place? Will you still have subscription to Cricut Access?

      • Hi Nancy, Cricut Access won’t change at all. You’ll still be able to access all of your favorite Cricut Access content the same way and download that content for offline use.

  4. Clearly those of us who had issues and went back to the web based program should have spoken up. We were not informed that the web based version was going away. The Beta version is slow to load many designs and completely frustrating. I don’t see why we can’t have both. Feel free to contact me for a more complete conversation about this.

    • I can’t use it at all. It won’t load any of my projects or any images. I can’t even load design space designs. So, when this goes offline, I have a 400.00 dollar piece of junk!

      • Hi there! The app is still in beta and we’re working through fixes before we make the switch. We’re aware of the issue with projects and images not loading for some members and we’re working through that fix now. We promise we want to help you get through this change as easily as possible! We appreciate you being part of the Cricut family.

    • I had so many issues with it, gave up and I’ve just been using it online as well. I just received an email out this and I’m kinda freaking out.

      • Hi Tracy! What issues are you having? We’re here for you! If you call our Member Care team, they can help or we can try and answer your questions here. We are working hard to make sure this transition goes as smoothly as possible!

  5. I have downloaded the desktop version 3 times now. I’m finding it difficult to use. Finding projects I’ve already done is confusing… best.
    Is theregonna be some kind of tutorial for those of us that are technically challenged?

  6. So, my 400.00 machines is going to become useless to me because I cannot get the software to work on my macbook pro. My laptop has all the requirements it needs. It’s only a year old and I have no issues with any other app on my laptop except the cricut design space. I spent 2 hours on the phone with cricut and I even brought my laptop in to see if there is anything wrong with it. They found nothing. So, can someone at Cricut explain to me what I’m supposed to do with this machine that is going to become useless to me? I have no problem with working online, so when that is gone, I can’t do anything.

    • Hi Dawn, we’re so sorry you’re having issues with installation! We promise we’re here to help. We are going to send this feedback to our Member Care team and see if we can get it escalated. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us!

  7. I am having difficulty with the pattern feature using Beta. It keeps saying that I don’t have patterns to add to my designs. I then try to redirect to the web but don’t really know how since there is only on Cricut icon on my computer. I usually get so frustrated I just give up.
    Are others having problems applying personal patterns? Interestingly, I am able to add patterns from my computer file, I just can’t use them in Beta. Perhaps I am missing a step in Beta. Is there something I can do in Beta to access my patterns?

    • Hi Karen! We are working to fix the pattern fill option in the beta app. It will happen before the switch from the web to the desktop app. Thank you for your feedback.

  8. How will software updates work? When design space was an app before it would update right in the middle of a cut and materials were wasted when the machine suddenly stopped mid-cut. Will we have the option to delay or will it recognize we are cutting and delay itself?

    • Hi Cristie! Thanks for asking this question. The benefit with the app is that updates will happen automatically when you open the app (before you click into a project). There will no longer be updates through the plug-in process. It will be a smoother process!

  9. I’m a newbie with cricut, one thing I have learned with desktop it is extremely slow, so I just use the web version and the privacy settings option will come in your next release? Why not now? Do I delete all my projects that I’ve uploaded and don’t want to share?

    • Hi Tammy, welcome to the Cricut family! Can you tell us what is slow about the app? If you report what you’re experiencing in the app on the “feedback” button on your settings, we’d appreciate it! We are working to make final fixes before the switch happens. We’re here for you!

  10. I have downloaded the desktop version and none of my projects are found. I can see them on my ipad but not on the desktop version. Please help

    • Hi Robyn, thanks for your feedback! We are aware of the issue and we’re working to put out a fix before the switch happens.

  11. I find that whenever I use the Desktop version and look for uploads or projects completed before the Desktop beta came about, I’m unable to find the upload or project. I have to go to the Web version, open it and resave it in order for it to show on the Desktop version. Will all older projects be available on the Desktop?

    Also, I’ve been prompted several times to download the Desktop version though I already have it.

    • Hi Claire! We are aware of the issue with certain members not being able to see their projects. We’re working on a fix to go out before the switch happens. The reminder in Design Space pops up every time you refresh your canvas. Thank you!

  12. I have tried to download the beta version multiple times without any luck. Today I was finally able to get it to download, but still had a problem. The program stayed on the log-in screen. I closed that window and open the program from the desktop icon. All I got to open was a blank square that looks nothing like DS. There were options at the top to “open a new window” and “force reload”. Does anybody know what I need to do to get the working version on my desktop?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Nancy, thanks for your feedback! We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix before we make the switch.

    • You can open multiple windows in the app! All you have to do is go to file and choose “new window” from there you can design multiple projects and cut on multiple machines.

  13. Having over 1000 projects, I had a list of urls for each so I did not have to scroll through through them all. I was looking for an easy way to find each project in the new app. There does not appear to be one. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to scroll through all my projects to find the one I need to use. Hence, the urls list I made. I have been doing it this way for 3 years. When they get rid of DS for desktop, the urls can not be used. This is a major step back for those of us in business using DS. What can we do so we can keep using the desktop version and not have this issue?

    • Hi Barbara, we’ve shared your feedback with our Software team! This is something we are working on.

    • Hi Sheila, you can also access Design Space and use it on an iOS or Android device. The app is available if you search “Cricut Design Space” on the App Store or Google Play Store. Thanks!

  14. Will we be able to send our images to our Cricut from our laptop computers via Bluetooth? I really want have the ability to not have to plug my laptop directly into my Cricut using the cable.

    • Hi Cara! Yes, you will access your projects and images as you always have just in the desktop app versus on your browser (or web version of Design Space). Thanks!

  15. Please remove the banner on the web version or allow us to close it and continue using it until the program is fully retired. I access at work on my lunch to capture images and projects and cannot do anything in Design Space with the current pop-up blocking the site.

    Side note, I’ve tried the downloaded version at home and when I try to log in it won’t accept the same credentials I am using in the web version and my android app successfully. Is that a glitch you already know about?

    • Hi Jessica, thanks for your feedback! Regarding your issue with login-in, we will notify our Software team about this. The app is still in beta so we’re working through fixes before we make the switch (and Design Space for desktop will be out of beta).

  16. Why are you moving us to a version you are still calling beta?? Beta usually means-testing. Will the program no longer be a beta when the online version stops working?

    • Hi Ceri, when we make the switch we will be out of beta. Right now the app is still in beta and we’re making fixes as we receive feedback. Thank you!

  17. Downloaded, installed and get through all the subfolders to not find the application anywhere. Running a Mac. Any ideas?

    • Hi Cyndi, did you go up to the search bar in your upper right hand corner and search for Design Space? If it’s not pulling up still after you installed, give our Member Care team a call. We’re here for you! If it does show up, you can pin it to your app bar at the bottom by dragging from the application folder.

  18. I have tried the desktop version and have had nothing but problems. All the projects that I had designed that were print and cut files don’t show up. The names of them are listed, but the images are blank. Nothing shows up on the page. This is extremely frustrating as I use this for business and rely on it for our family’s income. PLEASE fix this ASAP!!!

    • Hi Angie, so sorry to hear you’re having issues! We are going to report this issue to our Software team and have them look into it. The app is still in a beta version and we’re working through fixes before we make the switch. Have you also contacted our Member Care team? We’re here to help you!

  19. I have downloaded it twice, both times I am unable to get it to load. My husband even looked intonit, he has already sent a message saying that beta is useless. So where does that leave me.

    • Hi Yvonne, what computer do you have? Have you contacted Member Care? We will help you figure this out!

  20. I tried using the desktop version before and always had issues with design space. One thing it would do is it would always jump back to the top of the list of fonts when searching for a font to use. That was very annoying and time consuming. Has this issue been addressed?

    • Hi Jennifer, we’re working through fixes to the app before the switch happens! We’re sharing the problem you’re having with our Software team. Thank you for providing feedback and for being part of the Cricut family!

  21. When I try to load the new version on my iPad, it says “not supported”. I am so disappointed.

    • Hi Millann, you can only download Design Space for desktop on your computer. The Design Space app for your iPad is the only way to use Design Space on iOS. Thank you!

  22. I have had to use the web based version on my pc because the majority of my uploaded images are not visible in the Beta app version. Over 300 images are missing. Can this be resolved please. I am aware that many others are having this issue. I have spent many hours uploading images and I do not expect to lose them.

    • Hi Paula! We are looking into this issue but one way we’ve seen it resolved is if you go to “upload images” on your canvas, and once you’re in, choose “view all.” Does that pull up your images? If not, please report it in the app so we can record your feedback. We’re working hard to make sure any fixes roll out for the app before the switch happens. Thank you!

  23. I don’t have it downloaded on my desktop but I do on my IPhone will there be a problem with the app on my phone?

    • Hi Angel! Nope, the app will stay just as it is – this announcement is only for if you’re using your computer to run Design Space.

  24. DS app is a little harder to use than DS for web. I ran into the issue where I have a chrome book, I have no option but to use DS app, and while it gets the job done, I FEEL LIKE a lot of options are missing and I would much rather use the web version. If anyone else has a chrome book they know my pain! Chrome books and Cricut were not made for each other and I’m just having to push my way through it. Maybe with the app now becoming mandatory we will see more tutorials with people use DS app. I myself would create a tutorial if I knew it would be watched.

    • Hi Katelyn, Design Space isn’t compatible with Chromebook on the web or app. Can you tell us how you’re currently using it on your Chromebook? We absolutely appreciate your feedback! Do you have an iOS or Android device? You can use our Design Space app on either of those platforms as well.

  25. How do you know which version of DS is the “Desktop” and which version of DS was the latest update? I have so many on my computer that I’d like to delete the versions that are no longer necessary. Thanks

    Also, I tried that “Desktop” version and didn’t like it at all. Also, tried to use DS on my tablet and almost threw it across the room!!! Didn’t try to access DS on the tablet after that.

    • Hi Diana! The latest version of Design Space for desktop is v5.2.14 – you can see the latest version by going to the download link: Updates will automatically roll out to the app so you don’t have to uninstall and reinstall new versions. If you’re having any issues with installation please visit or call our Member Care team. We’re here to make sure the transition goes smoothly for you. We’re sorry to hear about your experience on your tablet! Which device are you using?

  26. Where exactly will my projects be stored on my computer? Will there be a default location within the Cricut program/app, or will I be able to create my own folders?

    • Hi Jeanette, the offline data is stored in Users/username/.cricut-design-space/Local Data on your computer. The data cannot be used outside of Design Space. We recommend 4 GB of free disk space to save projects to your computer for offline use.

  27. I’ve tried using the offline version a couple of times, but there are no images there to choose from & I’m not able to use the search engine. I have the current version downloaded. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Only one of my projects have showed up. I tried saving my other projects offline like what was shown in the video above, by going into settings but the option that showed in the video did not show up for me. Again, not sure if I’m doing something wrong.

    • Hi Shawna, we are aware that some members are having issues with their projects showing up on the beta app. We’re working to get a fix out for this soon. It will be fixed before the switch from web to the app on desktop happens. As it relates to search, we do have the ability to search projects and images in the desktop app. The app won’t ever have a search bar at the top because like the web version does (because you search on your browser to access Design Space currently). When the switch happens you will be able to copy project links, like you can right now on iOS, to share anywhere on the web. We hope this helps. Thank you so much for providing your feedback!

      • Are we going to be able to access all of the images that are in DS now? The access ones and also the ones we have uploaded? I don’t feel like I got a clear answer on that one. As of now, I have no images out there to pick from.

  28. Agree, those of us using the beta version should have spoken up not knowing that the web version was going away. The new version is horribly slow to connect to your Cricut, slow to move through the program, and load and even finish the cut to move on to another project. With the new version not all fonts that have been saved to my laptop are showing up, but this is also an issue with the app version on my iPhone and have contacted support with pictures and video of the issue occurring, yet the issue has not been resolved and was told to check with Apple; after seeing video of the issue and that fonts are available until I add a new font to my phone and then there are NO fonts, even the Cricut fonts I have purchased or free, are available, this is an issue with the Cricut Design Space app. I let support know issue was still not resolved and no one responds and Cricut support closed the ticket unresolved. For this reason I was ultimately pushed to subscribe to Cricut Access, seems odd. Support is slow to respond, if response is given at all and it seems to be a regular occurrence based on the statements above without acknowledgement. I love my Cricut, but the cost of the products, the cost of and basically the requirement now for Cricut Access, the issues with the new version, the lack of support is all frustrating and feels like taking care of the customer is not the priority and we are left to figure it out on our own.

    • Hi Candace, we do appreciate your feedback and are working to make improvements to Design Space for Desktop before the transition happens. We are going to notify our Member Care team about the fact that your issue hasn’t been resolved and work to get it resolved as soon as possible! We are so passionate about making sure our members are taken care of and we appreciate that you’re part of the Cricut family!

  29. I have downloaded and uninstalled it and uninstalled my norton antivirus that is 4 yrs old cause that’s what I was told to do by your person on chat redownloaded the program and still get a blank page when I open it and do a force reload

    • Hi Heather, we are aware of this issue and are working on a fix before the switch happens. Thank you for reporting your issue!

    • Hi Betsy! The difference between the app and the web version is you launch the app right from your computer (vs. going to on the web). If you’ve downloaded the app and it’s installed go to your computer’s search bar and search for Design Space, once you find it, launch it right from your computer. We hope that helps!

  30. One of the questions above asked if you would be able to open multiple projects at one time. The answer from admin. was yes. I am coming from Silhouette where you can open as many projects in as many different canvas’ as you want and I am struggling with this a little in Design Space. I have looked for a way to do this but haven’t had any luck finding directions to do so. Can you tell me how to do this? Is it really possible or are they talking about opening multiple projects on the same canvas?

    • Hi Paula! We’re so happy to have you as part of the Cricut family. To open multiple project windows when you’re in the beta app, you’re going to click “file” and then choose the option “new windows. You can open as many windows as you want!

  31. What about those people with Chromebooks? I am unable to download/run program software. Why will the website be discontinued? I’ll no longer be able to make projects?

    • We are supposed to to have until 1/15 but the website already won’t work? forcing us to download the program.

      • Hi Melinda! We have not yet announced an official date. We will be communicating the official date soon. Can you tell us more about the issue you’re having? Thank you.

        • Hi Melinda, our sincerest apologies, you may have seen a communication that 1/15 was the shut-off date. That is not the shut-off date. We will be communicating a formal shut-off date on this blog post as soon as we have one. Thank you!

    • Hi Melinda! Right now, Design Space for web and Design Space for desktop aren’t supported on Chromebook. Would you be willing to let us reach out to you to learn how you’re using Design Space on your Chromebook? We can also help you learn how you can still make projects easily on Android and iOS. Thanks!

  32. Please make sure that the beta version is working properly before you shut down the online version. Because right now i can not use my patterns.

    • Hi Patricia! We are working the pattern fill feature and will roll out it soon. Thanks for your feedback!

  33. Every time I access the desktop version, I’m prompted to accept the Privacy Policy from 5/16/2018 AND choose my machine. Will this be updated to not have to do this everytime?
    It is really annoying.
    “We’ve updated our Privacy Policy within our Terms of Service, effective May 16th, 2018. To continue, accept the updated agreement”

    • Hi Brooke, we’ll let our Software team know about this! Are you signed in every time or does it happen when you have to sign back in? Thanks!

    • Hi Veronica, we are aware of this issue and are working on a fix! The app is still in beta and we’re going to be finalizing fixes before the switch happens. Thank you so much and we appreciate your feedback!

  34. Why do you use such a light colored font for all the answers. I cannot read it all. I don’t understand the purpose of dimming it in grey instead of black. If you need to distinguish between questions and answers what about the black then a color.

  35. Even with updates the desktop program is having too many issues. I need to use multiple windows with multiple machines since I use for work. After each cut, the machines lose their connection and have to be reset. It’s a HUGE waste of time! On the online version, I would just insert a new mat and hit the cut button. Now I have to reload and reset each connection after every cut is done. UGH! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this!

  36. Just downloaded a new update this morning, hoping for a better offline experience. Projects are super slow loading, and a few print/cut will look as if fully loaded but the canvas is blank. I have closed Design Space and restarted but same issue. Another issue is that when cutting different types of materials, it will not allow you to change settings as it did online. You have to cancel cut, it takes you back a screen, change settings and go on, and repeat for each color/substrate.

    • Debi…I’m having the same problem. All my print/cut projects look as if they are loaded but the canvas is blank and I can’t print or cut anything. Nothing shows up.

  37. I perpetually experience problems with updating Design Space for desktop. Whenever I start DS and the new update is available, it prompts to updating and apparently completes the installation, followed by the message “Windows 7 or above required”. That’s where it ends because when I start program once more, it tries updating again. It’s because it updates to previous already installed version. However, when I try to download the latest update in order to install it manually, the link on the site also points to the already installed version and the newest is nowhere to be found. For instance, currently the link leads to v5.3.25 while in reality the newest update is v5.4.10. In the end I always manage to update but don’t ask me how. It’s frustrating and it takes time. Please make sure that the link to the latest version is always updated on your site and that the update works with the latest version regardless of what version is already installed on the system. Thanks!

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