Come to the 2018 Cricut Mountain Make-a-Thon

Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon Classes!

June 7th, 2018 • Cricut Events

We are thrilled to offer a variety of classes from paper-crafting to sewing to learning how to start your own Etsy business! We have over 35 classes on the schedule with over 100 sessions! Feel free to schedule up to 12 classes. Make sure you review the list below to see all the classes we plan to offer and get signed up as soon as possible (class sizes are limited). To make sure everyone is able to attend all the classes they want each class is being offered a variety of different times over the course of the event. If you haven't signed up for the event be sure to sign up here.

We can't wait to see you! If you have any questions please email the Events team at



Magical Crepe Paper Flowers - Lia Griffith

  • This is a rare opportunity to be around a true force and make incredible flowers come to life from paper! Join the Lia Griffith team and get hands-on experience with the world's most talented group of paper flora and fauna makers. 2 sessions.

Uptown Foil Invites for Less - Tisa Jackson

  • Love the look of foiled invites and announcements but not so in love with the price tag? We will create shiny-foiled wedding invites, baby shower announcements, graduation announcements, or party invites for any occasion. These projects are quick and easy, get ready to grab your Cricut and get started! Session is offered 3 times.

Create Your Signature Paper Style - Cori George

  • Make your paper-crafting projects instantly recognizable by creating your own signature style! You'll discover tips and tricks for creating a cohesive look and feel to all of your projects, and you'll get started crafting your own Signature Style Guide.

Layers of Disney Characters Demystified - Paulette Trent

  • In this class, you will learn how to paper piece your favorite Disney characters in the Cricut Image Library. Paulette will teach you the differences between the base layer and the shadow layer, how these images are designed, and how that matters when layering. Session is offered 4 times.

Cardmaking 101: Open Up the World of Cards and Envelopes - Karley Hall

  • Learn and master the base of all papercrafting! We will show you the how-to of creating basic cards and envelopes working with pens and scoring tools! Gain confidence in your design skills to be able to create a library of cards for any occasion. Session is offered 3 times.

Cardmaking 201: From Flat to Fab - Rita Cavicchio

  • You've seen the 3D Box Cards, but how in the world are they made? Let us show you how to work with 3D projects to create cards that are not only fun to make, but fun to give! Session is offered 4 times.

Cardmaking 301: Twist & Shout - Debbie O'Neal

  • Tired of making the same old flat card, but you're not quite sure where to start? In this class we will dive into the latest trends in card making including what's hot for images, materials, and card styles. You will make a fabulous interactive twist card for you to take home. Come join us to take your card making to the next level. Session is offered 3 times.

Party 101: Simple, Small Details - Jordan Hansen

  • Be the hostess with the mostest by creating completely unique parties from start to finish. Jordan will help you create the picture perfect party by working with fonts and images within Design Space by using the scoring and writing features with your Cricut Maker. Session is offered 4 times.

Party 201: Adding Texture & Dimension - Julia Groves

  • Come learn how to make the perfect themed party decorations using your Cricut, Cuttlebug, Easy Press, and a color printer. See the newest party decorations trends and how to decide which decorations best fit your event. This class will take your decorations to the next level using embossing, vinyl, iron-on, and Print + Cut. Session is offered 2 times.

Thinking Outside the Mat - Kristen Johnson

  • Do you feel restricted by the size of your Cricut mat? Let Kristen teach you how to use your Cricut and mats to create projects on a larger scale for your next event or party. Join us to learn how to create larger than life paper projects as well as vinyl designs that go well beyond the boundaries of your mat. Session is offered 4 times.

Pretty Printables for Every Day - Lorrie Nunemaker

  • Bring a world of color to your projects with the Print Then Cut. Learn how to print your images and then watch your Cricut machine cut them exactly how you want them! Create the personalized monogrammed stickers that will have just the right amount of pattern! Session is offered 2 times

Fabric Arts

Design Your Own Quilt Block Like a Pro - Carolina Moore

  • Learn how to use Cricut’s existing quilt block pieces as well as basic shapes in Cricut Design Space to create custom cut files for your quilting projects. You’ll leave the class having created several quilt designs which you can cut and stitch at home. Session is offered 2 times.

Say Yes to Embroidery! - Amy Chappell

  • Adding hand embroidery details can take a project from great to amazing! Learn tricks to use in Design Space to help you create an embroidery project you'll love. Session is offered 2 times.

DIY Turban Headband - Heather Paulsen

  • Learn tips and tricks for sewing with knit fabric to create the perfect turban headband. Session is offered 3 times.

Perfectly Plush Pillow - Sarah Unthank

  • Learn how to create beautiful pillows that perfectly coordinate with your style with basic sewing skills and your Cricut Maker. Session is offered 2 times.

Stitching Smarter - Kim Coffin

  • Is it hard to find time to complete a sewing project? Learn how to save time and sew more efficiently with the Cricut Maker while making an oven mit. Session is offered 2 times.

Mermaid Madness - Kim Coffin

  • Are you a part of the mermaid craze? Come learn make a Mermaid and see how fun and easy mixed media project can be! You will complete a mermaid stuffie and give her some glitter finishes that are sure to make anyone’s day a little brighter. Session is offered 2 times.

The Case of the Amazing Zipper - Audrey Fixation

  • Does sewing a zipper intimidate you? By the end of this class, you'll feel confident doing it and have a cute phone case to take home. Session is offered 2 times.

A Gentleman's Guide on Sewing - Mike Aspinall

  • In this invaluable session, Mike from The Crafty Gentleman will demystify the secrets of finding, adapting and creating sewing projects with the Cricut Maker. He’ll guide you through every step towards the perfect finished project – with plenty of tips and advice along the way. Whether you’re an experienced sewer or just getting started, you’ll leave this session with the confidence to take on any sewing project that Design Space has to offer. Session is offered 4 times.


An Iron-On for every Fabric - Angie Holden

  • Want to create flawless Iron-on projects? In this class, you'll learn which Iron-on is best for which material and how to mix and match your Iron-on like a pro. Session is offered 2 times.

Cover Your Bases - Heidi Kundin and Cheryl Spangenberg

  • Are you ready to take your Iron-on skills to the next level? Learn advanced tips and tricks for how to use Iron-on with unique base materials including wood, metal, glass and much more. Session is offered 3 times.

All About the Base - Stephanie Paxman

  • Want to use Iron-on on more than just T-shirts? Learn how to use Iron-on on wood and more! Session is offered 2 times.

Jump into the Reverse Canvas Craze - Lindsey Fekitoa

  • You've seen them everywhere, join us to make your own reverse canvas to take home! Session is offered 3 times.

How to Design for Patterned Iron-On - Beth Kingston

  • You've seen our Patterned Iron-on, now learn how to create designs perfect for it. Session is offered 3 times.

Ironing Out the Wrinkles - Erica Dietz

  • Learn how to create your design in Design Space, which Iron-on to use for your project, and how to find the correct temperatures and techniques when using the EasyPress. Session is offered 3 times.

Say Anything! - Jessica Bailey and Sarah Skaggs

  • Learn how to combine words, numbers, and images to create the perfect tee for any occasion. Session is offered 2 times.

Mixing Up Your Iron-on Color Palette - Pam Dana and Sydney Andersen

  • Everything you need to know about all the different Iron-on types Cricut has and when you should use them. Session is offered 3 times.

Outfit your Family Friends and Team: Sizing for all Sizes - Natalie Shaw

  • Learn how to take one design and use it for a variety of sizes. Perfect for team shirts and family reunions! Session is offered 2 times.


Taught by Cori George, Chelsea LaVere, Jessica Turley, Emily Pettiford, and Charynn Olsheski

  • Get the latest tips, tricks, and techniques for capturing your projects and sharing with the world. Learn about lighting, perspective, angles, using filters, propping, styling and much more!

Craft Business

Business 101: So You Want to Start An Etsy Business - Anna McNamara, Jessica Turley, and Emily Pettiford

  • Learn the fundamentals of starting and building your Etsy own business from a panel of pros.

Business 201: From Fledgling to Flourishing - Beth Kingston, Sydney Andersen, and Jesica Helgren

  • Feeling stuck on getting your business going? A panel of pros discuss best practices to help your Craft business build momentum from good to great.

Business 301: Crash Course in Podcasting - Stephanie Kendron

  • Looking to take the next step with your business with starting a podcast? Advanced class to learn the ins-and-outs of engaging with crafters using this engaging medium.

Design Space Mastery

  • Intro to Design Space (Browser) - Brooke Berry
  • Intro to Design Space (Mobile) - Brooke Berry
  • Fun With Texts and Fonts (Browser) - Stephanie Kendron
  • Fun With Texts and Fonts (Mobile) - Stephanie Kendron
  • Mastering the Tools in the Layers Panel (Browser) - Katie Clark
  • Mastering the tools in the Layers Panel (Mobile) - Katie Clark
  • It Cuts Like a Knife - Sarah DesJardins
  • Advanced Project Designing: Start to Finish - Melody Lane
  • Advanced Project Designing: Start to Finish - Carole Prevost


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27 thoughts on “Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon Classes!

  1. Hello Crafters,

    I just purchased a Cricut Explore Air and I would like to learn how to use this machine like a pro or close to it ?. Is this Make-A-Thon for beginners? I’m a scrapbooker and planner and would like to learn how to make cut images and stickers. Which classes would you recommend? Is the design space mastery section course options?


  2. Is this class geared to iPhones or does it include Android? “Uploading and Working with Images in Design Space Mobile version
    9:30am-10:00am @ Little America – Arizona 1st Floor”

  3. I would like to know if you have tutorials in Spanish, I do understand English, but most of the time I got lost because the words you use doesn’t have the same meaning in Spanish.
    I live in Mexico across the border with Laredo Tx, that’s why I could buy my Cricut supplies at Michael’s or Walmart.

  4. Hi! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to come but I can’t get the time off work. Is there any chance you could/would do some online classes?

  5. Wow, these classes are going to be amazing! The Uptown Foil invites is something I definitely would love to learn how to make. Meeting and learning from Melody Lane and Carol Prevost is also very exciting! There is too much to choose from. ?

  6. Do we need to bring our machines or will you provide machines for the classes? I would be traveling from out of state and it would be difficult to bring my machines along!

  7. Will there be any future conventions in other states? I am on the east coast and just wondered if there was anything closer

  8. Do you offer some type of discount or scholarship to attend? I want to go so badly but our ticket and stay would be the price of the ticket alone ?

  9. I’m with so many others from the southeast….how about scheduling one of these in our area?

  10. Are any classes filled?
    Are photography classes for specific cameras including cell phones?
    Do we need to bring supplies?

  11. Is there any way to see the schedule before we buy the tickets?
    I am having trouble scheduling flights. I want to make sure that I can get to classes with Anna Griffin and Beth Kingston with the flights available. If not, I am going to skip. Thanks.

  12. This is my first time for this event and other than signing up for the classes, I would like to
    know if there is an itinerary of what is going on. I have read in some posts there is a dinner on
    Monday night. Is this for everyone? What else is going on? Is there a dress code? What do
    I need to bring for classes, if anything? Is there a page to go to that tells me? I do not do
    facebook. Your help is answering these questions would be great, and information I should know
    but didn’t ask would sure be helpful. Only info I could find is about tickets, and classes. I’m sure
    this will be a great experience , but I would like to come prepared.
    Thank you

  13. iPad successfully removed a class for Monday @10:30am in order to sign up for the 10:30am Fabric Arts cls on Appliqué, however when I tried to sign up for that class, the Sched app & website keeps preventing me from adding not only my preferred class but any other class because it keeps stating that Timeslot is already assigned to another class. I am not only confused, but dismayed that I might miss out on that class. There was also no option given to be waitlisted for the appliqué class as it wasn’t already “full” as it was simply listed as “limited”.

    • Hilaria,
      I don’t work for Cricut but if what I noticed is the same as what you’re experiencing, this may be the reason. If you have a class that starts prior to the new 10:30 class ending, you won’t be able to take the 10:30 class. The schedule is designed to prevent you from overlapping your classes.

      Also, if you’re signed up for 12 classes, you will not be able to add another class. You’re limited to 12 classes.

      Hope this helps.

  14. I have purchased my ticket to the Make a thon. But some of the classes i have been put on waitlist. When will I know if I got a spot? as it will not allow me to book any other sessions. PLEASE advise so I dont start panicking lol

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