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Cricut Community: Favorite Mug Projects

November 4th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

The weather is definitely turning frosty here in Utah. Days like these have me dreaming of mugs full of hot cocoa at every opportunity. I am delighted to report that our Cricut Community members have been creating many fun designs that I look forward to crafting to support my cocoa obsession. Check out these lovely possibilities:

Cricut Community Favorite Mug Projects

*Checking the clock* Yes, it is after midnight here and I am still up as usual. I have kids who get up early and I do have sleepy regrets in the morning. Thanks for capturing my life on a mug, Karley.

Click to Make: Stay Up Late Coffee Mug

Cricut Community Favorite Mug Projects

Looking for a gift for someone who loves the outdoors? Jenny created this design that's perfect.

Click to Make: The Mountains Are Calling Mug

Cricut Community Favorite Mug Projects

I fill my house with inspirational reminders to take a chance, stretch myself, and go after my dreams. I can use this Be Fearless mug by Shameka to keep me motivated to work after I am done sipping my cocoa.

Click to Make: Be Fearless Mug

Cricut Community Favorite Mug Projects

Puns are delightful (even the groan-worthy ones), so I love this mug by Randi that plays on the word hottie.

Click to Make: Tea Lover's Mug

Cricut Community Favorite Mug Projects

I didn't know quilt retreats existed until my aunt went to one. Coming together and crafting quilts just sounds so cozy and lovely, and you can add a special touch for participants with this mug by Judy.

Click to Make: Quilt Retreat Mug

Cricut Community Favorite Mug Projects

Goodness, so many of these mugs are speaking to me. Rochelle must have seen me one Christmas morning when I do manage to happily get up earlier.

Click to Make: Christmas Morning Person Mug

Cricut Community Favorite Mug Projects

For me, it's cherry cola, but I can totally sympathize with this mug designed by Elizabeth. Caffeine is so soothing.

Click to Make: I'm Sorry Coffee Mug

Cricut Community Favorite Mug Projects

Here's a crafting secret: dollar stores are a great source for your projects! You really can find some quality products to customize there if you look. Yvonne took some dollar store mugs and turned them into a special memory for the bride and groom.

Click to Make: Wedding Mugs

Cricut Community Favorite Mug Projects

Since I grew up in California, I have had to consciously look for things I love about Utah winters. Snowflakes are rather pretty. I love the notion that I could put one on a mug like Sarah and enjoy a hot drink inside and avoid being around actual snowflakes outside 🙂 .

Click to Make: Snowflake Mug

Cricut Community Favorite Mug Projects

As a fan of both Elton John and puns, I am highly amused by this set that Diane created. My husband is a big fan of bacon, to boot, so we definitely need these in our home stat.

Click to Make: Bacon and Eggs Mugs

Cricut Community Favorite Mug Projects

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  1. I gave up on doing mugs because the vinyl does not last… What am I doing wrong? I love fun mugs and would love to be able to gift them. But it’s embarassing to give a gift that doesn’t last. 🙂

    • I’m going to try adhesive vinyl. I hope it adheres permanently. I’ve also watched a YouTube video that used HTV vinyl with an iron.

  2. I’ve never used vinyl before but want to try it. What else is needed besides the vinyl? Also what mat is supposed to be used?

    Thanks for any help!

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