Cricut Community Fall Projects

Cricut Community Favorites of the Moment: Fall Decor!

September 8th, 2018 • Contributor: Tiffany Isbell, Team Cricut

I am always amazed at the beautiful project produced by YOU!  Sometimes, they carry a backstory; sometimes, they carry a special moment.  Every time, they carry such meaning and importance.  Every project makes a statement – a small quiet detail added to your house, a bold, beautiful, proud mama moment, or just a simple hi to cheer up a friend.

I’ve been watching our Cricut Community projects growing over the past few months, and I can’t wait to start sharing some of my favorites.  Just in case you didn’t know much about Community, here are a few places to start.

  1. Share your projects from Design Space. You put in all the effort to make something beautiful – WE WANT TO SEE IT and so do all the people in our amazing Community!  Sharing your project inspires people, and it gives beginners some great projects to make while they might still be shy of their own design skills.  Check out this video to see how to Share your Projects !


  1. Set up your profile. This is NOT necessary to start sharing projects, but if people like one of your projects, they might LOVE to see all of them!  Here’s how to get your profile up and running (  If you’re shy, feel free to use an avatar or bitmoji!


  1. Find Community projects to make yourself! The thing I love most about the Community projects is that someone else might make a beautiful design in a simple way that I really connect with. You might like more complex or patterned, and that’s there too!  Scroll to the bottom of your home page in Design Space to find the Community line up of projects and find ones that really speak to you.


And now drum roll, please ….

Here are my favorite fun fall projects of the moment!

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Ms. H’s 3D Fall Card … she even has awesome instructions for those of us who might be paper-challenged (me!).

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Albion Gould’s Leaf Hot Pad … so fast and easy to put together!!!

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Julie T’s Be Thankful … love this simple sign and the lovely design to it.

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Anna Rose J’s Fall Gold Tree … you could use so many different materials here from vinyl to paper – foils, sparkles, and fun!

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Mary D’s Apple K-Cup Treat … wow … the design elements here are impressive and makes such a cute treat wrapper!

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Michelle F’s Faux Leather Earrings … need some new fall fashion … make it quick!


Leave a comment below with your favorite project and pin for later!

Cricut Community Fall Decor Projects That You Should Make

3 thoughts on “Cricut Community Favorites of the Moment: Fall Decor!

  1. I love the inspiration that is shown in the Cricut Community ! But, unfortunately, there are no links, etc, to make these projects that inspire us, unless they are in Access. Again, love the inspiration that is shown.

  2. Just discovered the community tab! Love, love all these fall projects. Best of all, most of them are FREE! 🙂 Thank you to whoever puts this page together. Now I am heading to my sewing/craft room and trying my hand at one, or two, or three!!!

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