Cricut CEO (ashish arora) Addresses The Evolution of Design Space

April 28, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut CEO ashish arora

Dear Cricut Users,

Our team has been super busy developing the next generation of Design Space. We know how engaged you are in Design Space – millions of projects are created and cut on Cricut machines every month and that number is growing rapidly.

In the new Design Space, the team has truly delivered a product that is beautiful both inside and out. We have not only designed an elegant interface, but also rebuilt it from the ground up with better technology and infrastructure. Importantly, we have removed Flash from the equation to deliver some key benefits in speed, responsiveness and overall experience – this means shockwave errors are a thing of the past. With this transition, you can now tackle more complex projects with ease.

Today I am excited to announce that you can officially go test out the new and improved Design Space software in Beta for PC and Mac on We know how excited you are for this update, which is why we could not wait any longer to share our progress.

Our Cricut Quality team has worked extensively to test the software in collaboration with a community of over 1000 consumer Beta testers and address issues. However, we do realize that opening this new software up to our broader customer base in Beta form may unearth other issues we will need to resolve – but we are committed to resolving those issues as fast as possible to give you the best experience. To make the transition smooth from previous Design Space versions to the new software, we are going to keep previous versions running parallel for two months after the Beta is complete. All of your existing projects will be transferred over to the new Design Space at that time so you won’t lose any of your designs.   

You can find more Design Space resources on Cricut Learn and keep an eye out on YouTube and our blog for hands-on tutorials. While Design Space will have new features and a better overall experience, there are a few things that we know you love that will stay the same such as Cricut Access – our subscription service that gives you access to create with over 30,000 projects, images and fonts.

I encourage you all to go into the new Design Space beta and tell us what you think. We have created a feedback section in the drop-down menu within Design Space where you can share your feedback that our Customer Service team will monitor. 

Your passion for making and the Cricut brand is what motivates us every single day. Thank you for your patience as we work to give you more tools and amazing experiences. We hope you enjoy the new Design Space as much as we do.  



76 thoughts on “Cricut CEO (ashish arora) Addresses The Evolution of Design Space

  1. Downloaded Design Space3 beta on April 27 and I love it! I have an iMac (OS X El Capitan) and Safari (10.1).
    The program downloaded flawlessly and everything so far is working great. Thank you design team for this
    great update. Love my Cricut!

  2. Hi Ashish,
    Graet news and a great update. I live in India and would love for you to open up the android and ipad app in India. We love the Cricut but it is frustrating to be tied to a PC

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  4. I loaded it up last night on my Mac and it was up in running in like 4 Minutes. I loved it. It was easy to maneuver in it so far that I can see. Love. Love it

  5. I have waited for this improvement & you have not disappointed me!! I love it, sure I have found a few glitches, but this is a Beta after all, so I don’t worry about it!! I think when it is all done. it will really be super fun, fast & easy to use!!!

  6. Can you give an option to divide images once uploaded? So instead of duplicating something several times for each element, I’d like to be able to separate all elements.

    Great job on the new version!

  7. Thank you Ashish for all you and your Cricut Team does! I know it must of been a lot of work but you and your team will make sure all goes smoothly. Everyone was always helpful the couple of times I have called for help! Have a great day!

  8. I am so excited for DS3, however, I downloaded it Wednesday night, and I am getting all kinds of shapes colors and patterns on my on screen mat… so much so that you can hardly see your project. The patterns blink and change every time you click on the screen. It makes me dizzy… so I decided to go back and workbonnDS2, well no luck, it just keeps telling me that I need flash ( which I already have!) I chatted with someone at cricut and he told me that I had to wait for an email before I could use it. I see many other mac users enjoying it with no problem. I am running it on chrome on an iMac OS Sierra 10.12.4 which is 1.5 years old. Please help me, as I cannot work

  9. Had a wonderful experience as a beta tester and I am truly enjoying the new software. A couple things I would like to see put back in are set canvas and a system dialog for print then cut.
    Kudos to Kerrin Gates and the entire development team. Thanks for providing a stable eye appealing design tool.

  10. What does this mean for the people who are using the Android version. Are we left by the wayside again?

  11. I have been a longtime customer of Cricut and Have watched the Cricut Products evolve into this awesome new and Improved Design Space 3. I started out using the Baby Bug , then purchased the Evoloution 2. I won my first Cricut Explore in a contest on Facebook. I enjoyed the Explore so much I purchased the Explore Air 2. I have seen Cricut Blossom from Cricut Design Studio ,then Cricut Craft Room. Next was Cricut Design Space 2. I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen ones to get to partcipate in the Beta Testing Of Design Space3. Cricut keeps getting better each and every day. And Customer support is amazing. Everyone at Cricut are amazing people. Everyone has strived hard these past 7 months to bring this new and amazing Cricut software to all of us throughout the world that use Cricut Products.

    Thank You Ashish and everyone at Cricut for all your hard work you do to bring us these amazing products, that spark our creativity.

    Thank you very much
    Kim Jefferson

  12. I like the amazing DS3! It is so much more user friendly and love the bigger graphics. Would like to suggest bringing back the “custom canvas” tab. As a newbie of 2 months I used this tab all the time. It was sooo helpful.

  13. I Love the New Design Space! It is fast & intuitive. Everything is seamlessly integrated into one beautiful package. I especially love the new look of My Projects. What a joy to use.

  14. I can venture to say that this will never get out of beta since it has already been in beta forever. I hope I live long enough to see the release. Why did you even come on and promise the same nonsense we have gotten for the last 18 months or longer?

  15. I love the new DS3. Couple things I’m still figuring out but I love how smoothly it runs. Thank you for Cricut’s dedication to keeping us hobbyists/crafters happy.

  16. I looked at the new design space looks like it will be great.There is so much I don’t know how to do. I have the Cricut Air. But I will be taking it more seriously and doing some of the neat things that I’ve seen people doing.l did work with some vinyl today and project looks pretty good.

  17. I’m mad that I won’t be able to use the new design space cause my mac is 10.9 version and says you will need at least 10.11 in which my mac won’t let me update the software it don’t have another update right now ? will there be anyway around it or a way I could use it ?

  18. Worked a little with the beta version. Had an issue with an outside SVG file. I was cutting the same file. One on an ipad with APP on the Cricut Explore which cut perfectly. The other was on a computer on the beta version on the Cricut Explore Air 2, alot of the pieces missed cutting the score lines. I know it is not the file becuase it cut perfectly on the Cricut Explore. Will try testing more later.
    Love the beta version and the new features. I think my favorite new feature is the font changes. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work to make a wonderful product more amazing.

  19. I would REALLY REALLY like you to be able to add the set canvass feature back in! I used it constantly and it was SO helpful, a really great feature!
    Also, could you add a way to curve text or image withing DS instead of having to do it in an outside program and then bring it into DS…..It wold be SO much more convenient if we could do it while working on our mat
    Thank You!

  20. Thank you , Ashish and Team Cricut. So many features in this new Design Space. Love working in it ❤️ It’s intuitive…it’s easy …it’s fast…it’s not “flash”!! It’s wonderful to see “my Projects” as images. Searching all projects is amazing. Fonts, mat editing…I could go on and on …but I’m going to go back to my Cricut Explore Air and the new Design Space right now . Did I say, THANK YOU ???

  21. I Love the new DS! So much easier to navigate and I love that you can see the fonts better…but PLEASE BRING BACK THE CANVAS SETTING!!!!!!

  22. Can I get this on my I pad pro also. Do you think we will ever be able to use print and cut on 12 by 12, or import and convert files with I pad pro? The I pad is so much easier than mouse. I have loved cricut since first edition of expression. The explore two finally got it right ! It’s awesome! I can’t imagine how it could be improved. Do you think after you rent access files for a period of time you might eventually let us own some? Seemed like if I don’t buy carts when I no longer retired afford access I won’t have anything. Now I still buy both for that reason. I was only disappointed in one machine the imagine. I paid top dollar for it, it was faded out print and not perfect cuts. You fixed it with print and cut but even with photo printer top settings it’s not vibrant. I would love color lazor. How can I share files I have created with shapes and my images? Lots questions!

  23. Hi Ashish – I am SO excited to try the new design space!! However when I got to it tells me to download a plug-in but then when I open that file it says it is damaged and can’t be opened. Do you have any suggestions?

  24. I purchased an Expression 2 machine second hand. I have been told that is is not compatible with Design Space and I am not able to use the images on Design Space. There are still machines like mine out there and this is not fair to us.

  25. Everyone really wanted curved text, love everything else but that would have been the icing on the cake.

  26. Are you going to make a program for rhinestone cutouts that’s the only thing you’re missing on your Cricut design space. I love my cricut air. But I love my brother scan and cut because of the things it can do with rhinestones.

  27. help since I’ve downloaded the new beta testing I can’t use my ds it keeps saying oops sorry need to restart so I get no projects finished with HELP how do I get pass this crap and use the old one or fix the new one I can’t afford to be like this !!!!!!!

  28. Things are great so far.
    One thing I did notice is we no longer have the option for the canvas which helped when we had projects such as t-shirts and we were able to pick a size is this something that will be coming back

  29. I am thrilled with the new Beta form

    Very easy to use, love the size feature instead of counting the squares….love font area and especially so happy to see “my projects” in picture form! So much easier to clean-up and know what you’ve done.


  30. Good Afternoon Mr. Arora,
    First I would like to thank you for a job well done with the Cricut company overall. I have been a Cricut customer from the very beginning and have purchased each machine starting with the very first baby bug. You have done an amazing job bringing the company forward both in terms of innovation and great customer service!! I absolutely love the new Cricut Design Space 3. One question that I have is concerning the Print Then Cut feature, which I appreciate is fairly new to Cricut but I feel has a long way to go in terms of needing many user friendly features. Let me preface this saying before Cricut had the Print Then Cut feature, I bought a Silhouette Cameo years ago just so I had the ability to print and cut, but also to work offline. The Print Then Cut feature is crucial for doing invitations and or printing and cutting many items at once.
    I have watched all the various you tube videos posted so far on Cricut Design Space 3, many of the new features are wonderful, do you think that Cricut will now work on improving Print Then Cut. There are many features to be improved upon, especially the size of the area that you can print on to be cut. There is no reason that on an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of cardstock or 12″x12″ if you have a wide format printer that you should be so limited to the size area that you can print on then cut, it wastes paper for one and is very very frustrating when you need many of the same thing. If I’m doing invitations or want to print and cut many items at once I still have to use my Silhouette Cameo, even though I have the Cricut Air 2. The Silhouette Cameo print and cut feature and Silhouette Design Studio overall is still superior to the Cricut Design Space 3, in so many ways. In fact I made wedding shower invites for my daughter, I cut the outside beautiful gatefold from the Cricut but the printed inserts and all printed portions for the invite on my Silhouette Cameo. I’m really really hoping that Cricut will soon improve all of the Print Then Cut features as well as a few others. I love my Cricut Air 2, and will continue to use both my Cricut Air 2 and Silhouette Cameo for now. You are all doing a great job, keep up the good work! I look forward to one day just being able to use the Cricut alone for all my future projects. Just not quite there yet?

  31. When design space 3 comes online can you still use design space 2? I read that 3 is windows 8 or later. Surely you don’t want to force users to purchase windows 8 just to use your product!!!

  32. I love the new look ! Seeing the saved projects that you are working on, is Awesome. Thank you, for your hard work !!!

  33. It would be really nice if for those of us who spent top dollar on the Cricut expression. If Cricut would have followed through, with an add on pice for the port in the back of the machine, to allow it to be equal to the new ones. I can’t afford to spend additional $250.00 dollars on top of the $400.00 I spent on the Expressions on a new machine. Feel stuck and betrayed. Disappointed customer!

  34. It would be nice to see a sample of the fonts while designing instead of selecting, waiting for it to load then seeing it on the mat.

    Thank you

  35. Would love to see a way to type in text in a circle instead of having to move each letter and tilt it into shape. Inkscape, Illustrator, even 651vinyl has this facility. Pls put it on.


  36. I am running Windows 7 and would like to keep running design space as it is . Will that be possible on a long term bases?

  37. I love all the updates, DS is so much easier and nicer to navigate. I see the Text and Fonts features are taking a bit more patience to use right now in the test mode but otherwise it’s amazingly better. I love the updates!

  38. First of all I want you to know I have 3 Cricuts baby, expression, and now air also gypsy , classroom , and now design space. Hard to explain but with first design space I found myself getting frustrated.. now with new design space I am very comfortable again I’m very happy with it Thank you Cricut World !!!

  39. Hi there,

    I can’t easily find/use the canvas’ we had in the old DS? Are they there?? Thanks!

  40. I love ❤️ the new ds3 but my score tool no longer scores the paper. It looks like it is, but there are no lines. Is this a glitch that will be fixed? Thanks for all you do!

  41. Why is almost all of the things I read hear and your website print so light. It is very hard to read and I am not sure I am the only one. It looks like it is faded out like if you need to click on a link and is faded so it doesn’t work.

  42. I am wanting to buy Cricut Explore Air 2 but If the New one is coming soon I would wait for it ? Are you going to have New Model this year?

  43. Hi, I have been trying to the “new beta” version … thus so far I like it. I find I use my Cricut more than my other machine … to bad I can’t transfer/convert their graphics/projects to Cricut. I like both but find they sometimes have something different to cut! Thanks for the new software. I have been a fan of yours for a very long time!!! When I have a problem your tech people are great in answering or finding out the answer of my query. And your tech people are their most of the time when I call in with my query. Other people don’t have many hours there to answer question. Yeah! Yeah! for CRICUT!!!! Thank you, again!!!

  44. I’m thinking about buying the Cricut Explore Air 2, can I use Design Space & my android phone?

  45. I would love to be able to give you feedback re: the new design space however, every time I try to use it- the only thing that happens is I get the constant annoying message that I need the Design Space Plug-In! Which I already have!!!… as I use the current design space program. I have tried re-downloading, etc… to NO AVAIL…. this plug-in has been the biggest issue for me since my cricut purchase. I have never had a seamless experience with it. Why can the updates not be part of the app that I can install at my leisure- like all of my other apps??? just like I update my phone, ipad, Mac, etc…. ???? Do we really need this antiquated plug-in tha allows for “push”? I am capable of seeing that an update is available and needs to be installed in my notifications!!!

  46. When Design Space 3 is no longer in beta testing, will you be letting those of us who did not check out the beta version, know how to download it? Will we need to remove the older versions of design space?

  47. I just purchase my very first Cricut machine, can you please put back the “set canvas” on the new design space 3? I, like others really enjoyed learning to do some of our first designs using the pre-loaded set canvas tab. Thank you for understanding.

  48. I am excited to try the new Beta, but every time I try to sign in it says I have the wrong log in/password. I know both are correct. Anyone else having this problem?

  49. Hi there.. Love to see this.. I would also like to see the next evolution of the Cricut to be a 3D Printer ! 🙂

  50. The customer service from your company is horrible. I would like to send you a detailed letter personally so that you will know exactly how your consumers are being treated.

    • I am sorry to hear that you did not find customer service helpful. You can send a letter to 10855 S River Front Pkwy; South Jordan, Utah 84095 so that we can know more about your experience.

  51. There were some Anna Griffin cuttlebug 12″ gatefold templates on your site that corresponded with the embossing folders and as soon as I found the embossing folders you took down the cutting templates from the site. Now, I am in a pickle because I am trying to do some wedding invitations and can’t find the cut files. Can anyone help me? The embossing folders are the ribbon flower card, the amelie lace card, the georgette lace card, the baroque lace card, the amelie brocade card and the florish card.

  52. Dear Provo CEO,

    It takes tooooo long to always work online……Provo needs to offer a stand alone off line software package so we are not always stuck waiting hours on end for items to load and take hours to cut your project, when it should not take more than 10 monutes to cut 18 items of the same image.!!!!! Hate waiting for hours just so my computer can refresh to pages and we have high speed internet!!! ridiculous!!!!

    Also drawing tools are way to rudimentary to do any real design work…..even Open Office has a better drawing program for free! The machine should come with stand alone software so we can work off line as we pay enough for the machines!!!! NOT HAPPY…..AT LEAST WITH EXPRESSION 2 I COULD JUST WORK OFF LINE WITH MY CARTRIDGES OR IMPORT FROM A FLASH DRIVE USB! BROTHER SCAN N CUT HAS MORE FEATURES AND OTHER COMPANIES MAKE USBs WITH TONS OF IMAGES AND DOWNLOADS FROM THEIR WEBSITE. I REGRET THAT I BOUGHT 2 CRICUTS AND NOW I AM STUCK WITH THESE TWO MACHNES THAT HAS THE LAMEST SIFTWARE ONLY AVAILABE ONLINE!



    Sonia Harden

  53. I have a cricut air. It stopped feeding. Took a video your support team keeps saying send another. It does not take a rocket scientist to see it doesn’t feed. I need answers it’s only 8 months old

  54. Hi Ashish.
    I am very disappointed by the fact that my husband spent £100 on a cricut mini for me as a gift only 3 years ago and now your company have chosen to void this machine and only offer £55 off of your most expensive machines as compensation. And therefore I cannot afford to use the offer.

    I have also purchased 2 cartridges in that time which are also null and void.

    Having only been part of the Cricut community for 3 yrs I have had several times I have had to contact your customer service and on most of these occasions been told that it’s not possible for me to do / buy what I wanted because I was in the UK or because of the machine and this has not been made clear at any point until speaking to the customer service agent.

    Highly unimpressed.

  55. I am so disappointed that you chose to close the possibilities for the use of the cricut mini. Why didn’t you just leave open the craft room with out updating it. I would have been happy to continue using my mini and maybe, when I was able to afford it, I might have updated to the explore. but at this point I won’t.

    I don’t think you were fair to all your customers and you lost my business.
    My review is not positive. I feel forced to upgrade and I won’t. I will share this experience for others who ask so the they can make an informed decision on whether to buy a machine from you or not.

    I really loved using my mini. I’ve had it for 5 years and found it easy to use and fun. It’s still in great condition and now its useless. So unfair. Very poor customer service. No loyalty to your customers.

  56. I am very disappointed that design space has been frustratingly slow lately. I spent hours designing over a 2-day span because it was so slow. When it was finally time to cut the vinyl, none of my projects loaded — heart wrenching. I updated the plug-in. Rebooted my computer. None of my projects would load. I got caught in a “reloading” page message cycle that would not go away. Most of my projects are custom designed, so I am crossing my fingers that they are there when I get home from work tomorrow. This is worrisome, reminding me of a few years ago when I first got my Cricut Air 2 and all my projects were lost. I had to start over, losing hours of work. Please develop a way to export projects as an svg just for incidents like this. A simple upload would fix the scariest of situations. I am anxious to hear back from the help center tomorrow.

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