DIY Coasters to Dress Up (and Save!) Your Table

We all have that aunt who loves to put her wine glass directly on our coffee table. We’ve got you covered. These DIY coasters will not only make your coffee table look fabulous but will also motivate your guests to follow suit on party protocols. (Or maybe not—they’re almost too cute to use!)





CRICUT TIP: Add a tray! Every coffee table should boast a beautiful tray to hold remote controls, candles, glasses—you name it. We featured these gorgeous DIY trays in our Gift Guide. Check ’em out!

From left to right.  Large TrayLucky TrayEdge to EdgeHello Sunshine Drink Tray


Which coaster/tray is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

One thought on “DIY Coasters to Dress Up (and Save!) Your Table

  1. Veгу nice project. I’ll lkok іt oѵеr latter sincᥱ і have am cοnsidering mаking one insіԁe mү self.
    Crafts undoսbtedly are a nice approach too kill leisure tіme so, Whiсh
    і sew or crochet օnce i have extra timе.

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