How to create floral wallpaper using vinyl decals

June 30, 2020 | Contributor: Anna Rose, Cricut Blog Team

We recently moved into a new house. While my husband and I have similar tastes in most things, I like to take risks when it comes to home decor. He supports my crazy ideas, most of the time, but with often with some hesitation.

The good news is that my office is my space, my place to do whatever I want, and believe me, I have big plans. Hanging chair? Why not!? Mantel turned into shelving as a focal point? Heck, yes!

I’ve been loving the wallpaper trend, but because I change my mind so often, I wanted the look of wallpaper without the commitment. Enter removable vinyl! I decided to make my own wallpaper design with vinyl decals because it wasn’t only cheaper, but I’d be able to change it at a moment’s notice. Follow along with me below, or skip to the video tutorial.

Close up of wallpaper made using Cricut vinyl.

Here’s what you’ll need:

*Make sure all of your vinyl is the same color/sheen. For my project, I ended up using four rolls of removable navy blue vinyl for my wall, which measures about 48” x 56”.

Step 1: Finding a design and testing it out

First, I tested my wall with a piece of removable vinyl to make sure it didn’t hurt the brand new paint. I caution you to always test your wall first before applying any type of vinyl.

Also, anytime I start a big project, I create a mood board to organize myself and help me realize what colors, themes, styles I actually like for the space. I scoured Pinterest to end up finding that I was gravitating towards large, impactful florals.

Next, I found a floral image selection that I liked in Design Space®. Did you know any image in Design Space can be manipulated? Find a card you like but don’t want a card? Remove the card outline by using the contour feature.

The image that I used for the wallpaper was originally an Easter Pillow design. Here’s how I altered the image for my project (or you can skip to the free design files directly).

Screen shot of original image in Cricut Design Space.

Remove the “Happy Easter” text from the image using contour.

Screen shot in Cricut Design Space showing contour funtionality.

Slice the flowers into 2 different sections to use over and over again as a repeated pattern.

Screen shot of Cricut Design Space showing slice functionality.
Screen shot of Cricut Design Space showing individual layers.

Free “Floral Accent Wall” design files

  • Feel free to use my adjusted design on Design Space for your project.
  • If you don’t have a Cricut machine, here’s a free SVG file that you can resize, print, and use as a template.

Step 2: Cutting and weeding the vinyl design

I find this part of creating pretty therapeutic.

I set my machine to cut and then got into a rhythm. Cut, prep the next mat, weed, align the cuts together, cut, prep, weed, align, cut, prep, weed, align – until I ended up cutting and weeding 4 rolls of navy blue, removable vinyl in my floral pattern.

Anna Rose weeding the removable vinyl design.

Step 3: Applying the vinyl to the wall

This step took me 2 days, but only because of #kids!

Begin by taping each piece to the wall to make sure it fits together. When I did this, I realized that I didn’t want the pattern to repeat in the same direction – it looked too uniform to me. I’m so glad I figured this out before applying to the wall!

I used transfer tape to apply my vinyl using Cricut’s helpful tips and tricks. Don’t be afraid to use the same piece of transfer tape over and over again for each section of vinyl.

Anna Rose applying the vinyl design to her wall with Cricut transfer tape.

Then, apply the vinyl to the wall. Initially, I used the pattern that I designed above, exactly as cut, but as I started positioning it onto the wall, it looked too cookie-cutter for me. I ended up hand cutting and individually applying flowers. The end result looks just random enough for my liking…

Final view of the finished wallpaper made from Cricut vinyl.

DIY floral wallpaper video tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial so you can follow along as I make my DIY removable vinyl floral wallpaper.

I am in love! What do you think? Would you do something like this in your home? Please share it with me by linking it in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “How to create floral wallpaper using vinyl decals

  1. Love this! I have a antique china cabinet that sadly in its last move has lost the mirror at the back……I’m going to try your technique and decorate the back of it. Thanks for this great idea.

    • I’m so on board with this. I need a new backsplash/accent wall behind my kitchen counter. I have open shelving, and I’m having difficulty finding a patterned paper I like. Vinyl is also easy to clean. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I like what you did and especially that it is removable. Nothing worse than removing wall paper! I have been thinking of trying to use vinyl to put a bit of spark on the white tiles that surround my tub in my powder room. Not necessarily to do every tile. I tested vinyl on a scrap tile and it holds up fine in the shower. Thoughts on this or suggestions?

    • Hi Suzanne, sounds like a great idea! Anna Rose suggests using permanent vinyl to make sure it holds up long-term in a pattern without too many tiny pieces. The tiny pieces have less surface area which means less cohesion to the surface and a higher likelihood of falling off, especially in that setting. We can’t wait to see your completed project!

  3. I would like to try something like this on my stairs. Thanks for the tutorial. P.S. It’s not July yet.

  4. This is beautiful but she doesn’t say how she did it or what kind of vinyl to use. As a newbie it left me with many questions!

    • Hi Alice! Have you checked out the video at the end? That may give you more information on how Anna Rose created and applied the decals. She used navy blue removable vinyl!

    • They have a slight texture, so I first used my scraper tool to apply the vinyl to the wall and then I used my fingers to smooth it into the crevices, if applicable.

  5. Wow! This is a great idea! I just bought a small, 100 year old house & this will be awesome!

  6. Beautiful! Now I have to think of somewhere to try this out! Thanks for altering the file for us. 😊

  7. I can’t open your saved image. I would love to do this in my bedroom.
    When I click on your link it takes me to Cricut to sign in – not your image.

    • Hi Michelle! The first link will take you to my canvas in Cricut Design Space, so yes, it will ask you to sign in. If you’re looking for just the image, try this link instead!

    • I tried painting a design on my dresser and it did not go well so I am going to try this instead.

  8. If I’m understanding correctly you must paint the area white first. Let dry. And then apply vinyl cutouts? Or do you creat a stencil? I love the look. I have an old smalll china closet…..only three shelves. Should look great…right!

    • Hi Wende, Anna Rose didn’t paint her wall white first, but only because it was already white. She does recommend you paint your background color first (and wait for it to dry) before applying the vinyl cutouts as “wallpaper.” If you prefer to paint on your design, you could definitely cut a stencil instead. Hope this helps!

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