Celebrating International Women’s Day & Joining the Movement

March 8, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Marketing Director Tiffany Isbell

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I’ve grown up surrounded by truly amazing women. My mother was in education, and she taught me the value of education along with teaching me so many successful life skills. Whether we were canning plum jelly to hand out to people in the neighborhood or she was teaching me how to sew so I could join the 4H Club and put on a fashion show down the middle of the horse arena when I was 9, my mother was a true inspiration. The best part was that I also had a father who always encouraged me to not just get an education, but become an educated woman. He absolutely believed that I could be whatever I wanted – even President of the United States, which obviously didn’t happen. What did happen was that I grew up – surrounded by strong parents, teachers, and friends.

Now, I work with truly amazing women. From our VP of (developing amazing*) Product, Kim Kanarowski, to my partner-in-crime on product launches, the beloved Cortney Haymond. We have women peppered throughout our building who are strong, beautiful, inspiring people. They each have their own story, their own life journey. They have diverse backgrounds, and they sometimes even have similar experiences. They’re all unique and fabulous!

Also, I’m inspired by all of the amazing women in our Cricut community. We see your inspiring projects; we hear about your incredible life stories, and we are constantly in awe of what you do. I cannot express the number of times your beautiful moments have brought us tears of joy. We celebrate this throughout all of our offices. We love to hear your stories, and we love to be there for you.

In honor of all the amazing women in my life and yours, we want to celebrate International Women’s Day and #BeBoldForChange. Bold takes many steps and many forms, but at the end of the day, it takes a lot of courage. We announced Cricut’s Pretty Pillow Project, #SayItWithCricut, in January – where we are helping you learn how to work with fonts and phrases in Design Space. So far, we have made over 30 pillows. You’ll see fun phrases, inspiring phrases, hopeful phrases, determined phrases, kids’ phrases, and more! Our goal as a team is to make at least 100 pillows this year, have an amazing experience helping you learn Cricut Design Space, and give back to our local community at the end of the year.

We will be donating all of our pillows to local women’s shelters to help bring a moment of happiness to them and their children during a difficult time in their lives. We would love for you to participate with us. As a community of crafters and makers, we invite you to participate with us. Let’s make it a goal together to donate 1,000 pillows and help touch many lives at the moment that they are trying to #BeBoldForChange. 

We encourage you to get together with your friends and have a Crafternoon or a Girls’ Night In party, or stay in and use your fabulous creative skills to make pillows on your own. Make pillows or pillowcases for your own local women’s shelters. Even if it’s just 2 or 3, you can make a huge difference in a life. Together, we can be powerful and help impact 1,000 lives. Please join us and let us know what you’ve done in your community here: https://cricut.wishpond.com/pillowproject/

If you have a story to share, let us know. We welcome pictures about your fun pillow making event, stories of the impact made by your donation, and other experiences that really connected you to the women in your community. You can submit them to contest@cricut.com or post them on social media and tag us with #CricutPillows. 

I always end with a ‘Cheers’, and this has an even more powerful meaning to me today. Cheers to your creative life and the powerful impact your creativity has. Cheers to you and your families. Cheers to all the people who inspire you. Cheers to all the people who inspire me. And most importantly, Cheers to the Change that I know we are all empowered to make.



*This isn’t really a part of Kim’s title, BUT IT SHOULD BE! 

8 thoughts on “Celebrating International Women’s Day & Joining the Movement

  1. Just a quick question. In your last sentence you talk about Changes. Exactly what changes do you want to make? Just curious.

    • Good question, Connie!

      I was playing off of the Be Bold for Change theme for this year. I hope everyone has their own set of little (or big) changes they would like to make. My actual New Year’s Resolution has been to Change the type of time I’m spending with my kids – instead of just watching a TV show with them, we’ve been “having adventures” and learning things together. We’ve ordered science kits to learn about the environment and weather patterns; I’ve started quilting again to teach them basic sewing skills, and we’ve been doing homework together (in hope that I can one day understand my high school daughter’s math! ;)). I hope that this small change in my life helps make them better leaders and teachers going out to the world in a few years. Sometimes, small changes can be just as powerful as big steps.

  2. That sounds good to me. I’ll be checking in with a few crafter friends and see what we can do for our small town. Love the idea. Last year we got purses for the ladies and filled them with things we thought they could use. Now, here is something else we can try to be involved in. I’ll be back in touch by the end of next week. Blessings……

  3. I am slightly confused about the pillow project…I must have missed seeing an earlier email about it….are the fonts to make the pillows free? You send emails saying free cut of the week but I have never gotten one. Do I need to do something to receive free cuts or should they be added to my account.

    • We sent the first email about it just this past Saturday. Your Cricut has fonts available for use – some free and others not – that could be used for your pillow project. Our thought is to teach people how to use fonts (this is a huge request) while doing something special for our community in the process. We have some many different things we’re excited to teach about that we didn’t want projects building up without a home. This is our way to make meaningful impact to the world around us while educating our amazing users on how to use their machine. We would LOVE to have anyone participate that is also inspired by this as well.

  4. So my question is: Do you have video tutorials available to teach us how to use fonts? I would like to learn how to connect letters for cutting out (and which fonts are best to use for this purpose) and how to transfer them to apply them to my project without them getting all messed up. I would also like to know about more “writing” fonts. Since I am rather new to Cricut, I would also like to know what materials I might use to put slogans or quotes on fabric and how to have it durable (washable), yet useful. I would also love to see some of your pillows for inspiration.

  5. This is the first i am hearing about this project and i am signed up to get emails from cricut and on design space almost daily and check cricut.com a lot . Where is this being posted? It sounds fun, i make pillows and am allways looking for new ideas.

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