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Celebrating Black creators in our community

February 4, 2021 | Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Creativity is a common thread in our community. Our diverse backgrounds and cultures make way to celebrate the uniqueness of what we create.

While we continue our journey of listening to, learning from, and partnering with Black creators, we plan to further expand the content in Design Space® to reflect the interests of our Black members.

During Black History Month and, moving forward year-round, we recommit to using our platform to amplify Black creators and inspire others with their projects.

We’ve included some of our favorite image sets that exist in Design Space today that celebrate Black culture and creativity.

Celebrate Black creators with these images

Here are some of our favorites from designers like Jamesha Bazemore of Cocoa Twins. Find them in Design Space images under “Image Sets.”

Search “Cocoa Twins” in Design Space to find 30 images designed by Jamesha Bazemore.

Search “Black History Month” to see 33 images.

Search “Slay The Day” to see 31 images.

Search “African American Silhouettes” to see 25 images.

Search “Pregnant Women” to see 12 images of pregnant Black women.

Search “Women’s Fashion” to see 12 images of Black women.

Search “Lady Boss” to see 12 images of strong, Black women getting it done.

Search Medical Professionalsto see 13 images.

Get inspiration from creators in our community

Here are some of our favorite projects we’ve seen created by members in our community. You can also visit our Community Feature in Design Space to see a variety of projects made by the community and save yours there for others to make.

Monika Mosley #cricutmade T-shirt

Created by Monika Mosley.

Magalia Frazier "Dope Queen" T-Shirt

T-shirt by @coiled_crea8tions_

Items created by Abby from

Items by Brenda Cowans.

Nautica Joyce created these for a mother celebrating Black History month with her daughter.

Hattie Sims made these two Black History Month shirts.

I Am Black History shirts for sisters by @_truetoher

Made by @trueto_brooke

Made by Marcy.

Made by Sydney and Sheryl.

My Roots Run Deep project by Cara

Made by Cara.

Made by Jill and Stunningly Stephanie.

Celebrating women throughout Black History Month in T-shirts by mom Ernestine Jenkins

Made by Ernestine.

Made by Katie.

Share what you’re making with us

We want to continually feature amazing projects from people in our community. Whether you’re celebrating today, this month, or every day this year, show us your creative projects and what inspires you. 

23 thoughts on “Celebrating Black creators in our community

    • Awesome Althea! I’m a newbie too! Like you, must say these Black History designs are on POINT! Good luck in designing!!!!

      • I am also a Newbie. 😁 Love the African American designs.

        I am still learning and watching Cricut videos.

  1. Thank you Cricut for showcasing Black artists and their creations. Please continue to promote the work of people of color (all ethnicities).

  2. Where have you been? This is right on point. I have had a circut for many years but never used it. Now I can create what I want because it’s there.

  3. I love to see the beautiful ideas manifested into art!! I am also happy to see that Cricut added more African American images to choose from!!
    Way to go everyone!

  4. Thank you for recognizing greatness and understanding black history is 365 days a year. I love this!! Thank you

  5. Thank You for the African American Art that looks like me keep it coming there is so much more to see and be Thanks for the opportunity Thank You

  6. Representation matters and what a beautiful way to highlight our people and the creators from our community thank you cricut for being a platform that values our contributions

  7. Circuit, as a woman of color, a mother, wife, daughter, and artist, etc.. it is truly refreshing to see faces that look like mine and words that I as a black woman can relate to. I really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful creations that you placed on display for black history month! I Love cricut year around it is my passion!!! But I LOVE you even more now! Thank you for displaying these beautiful works of art! I am Humbled by such Great talent! I hope to share one of my great creations soon?

  8. This is so awesome and so beautiful. Thank you for this inspiration. I am in awe!!! Thanks to Cricut for showcasing and sharing the black artist work and ideals.

  9. Great to see Black History Month celebrated, which these beautiful images should be added/ kept in subscription collection accessible not just this month alone.

  10. So happy to see Black creators showcased today and everyday. I hope to see expansion of this for all people of color. Feels so good to see representation.

  11. These are awesome! Love diversity…so glad to see this! Please continue to celebrate diversity. It makes us all richer!

  12. This is awesome to see!! Great job Cricut!! Thanks for this!! Its great to see all these wonderful images that look like me!!

  13. Thank you, Cricut. I have been a loyal fan for many years. It’s nice to get the support back and see other POC highlighted in an industry that has not always been so diverse. Please keep continuing to be diverse in all of your business practices. Signed an avid crafter for over 50 years.

  14. Love it!!!! As a long time member of the Cricut family, it touches my heart to see that the company thinks of ALL OF ITS MEMBERS!!! THANK YOU CRICUT!!!1

  15. Thank you for honoring the history of Black Lives. In todays mainstream media, It is such an inspiration to see people that look like me. Cricut and crafting, exploring, discovering, and believing in changing the world we live in one community at a time.

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