The new bold Cricut Explore Air 2 Family

The New Bold Cricut Explore Air 2 Family – There’s a Hue for You!

September 24th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Cricut is excited to announce a new lineup of beautifully bold Cricut® Explore Air™ 2 machines! With 8 new colorful additions to the family, you can express your personality like never before. Choose from colors like Sunflower, Cobalt, and the new Raspberry – to perfectly match your brand new Cricut EasyPress™ 2 machine – and you can cut in every color!

Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection

The colorful DIY dream machine: How It Works

No matter what hue says you, you can cut over 100 materials – everything from cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on to specialty materials like glitter paper, cork, and bonded fabric. Whether you love making cards, custom T-shirts or home decor, these bold machines will not only create flawless projects, they’ll look good doing it.

Need more inspiration? Here are some of our favorite machines in action:

Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection
Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection
Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection

Personality Quiz: What’s your craft colorology?

o   Do you love bold new ways to dress up your craft room?

o   Do you craft in color and love making T-shirts or other iron-on projects?

o   Do you love perfectly matched palettes that make your projects look flawless?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we know your taste: Bring home a match made in heaven with our Cricut Explore Air 2 in Raspberry to perfectly complement your brand-new Cricut EasyPress 2! This beautiful color adds just the right amount of pop to any craft room, whether you’re cutting, scoring, or pressing.

Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection

If Raspberry isn’t your jam (pun intended!), there are so many beautiful colors to choose from to find your color personality match. Whether you’re a late-night crafter who loves designing with a bit of Merlot, or a fashionista looking for next season’s pink (it’s Persimmon, by the way), we have just the right hue to highlight your creative corner:

Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection


Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection


Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection


Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection


Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection


Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection


Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection


Cricut Air 2 Bold Collection


Find your dream color

These beautiful new colors from Cricut can be found online and in stores near you this fall. Each color has been thoughtfully placed in an exclusive retailer, so check out our list below to find your dream color.


MSRP: $299

Raspberry –

Boysenberry – Michaels

Sunflower – Michaels

Peacock – Michaels

Cobalt – JOANN

Merlot – Hobby Lobby

Persimmon – Amazon

Fuchsia –


Learn more about Cricut, including the machine, Design Space®, supplies. We are so excited about these colors and would love to hear from you. Comment below with your favorite color!

84 thoughts on “The New Bold Cricut Explore Air 2 Family – There’s a Hue for You!

  1. Ohhhh geez! I have the Maker in Champagne, I wish I had waited to buy it because I bet you will be coming out with even more colors! Frustrating, as there is just no way to keep up! ?

  2. I love, love, love the pink one. My craft room is done is white, light grey and pink, so the new pink one would look amazing on my desk. I absolutely cannot do any crafting with out my Cricut. Made 32 T-shirts for my family last Christmas and ornaments with their names & a design. What can’t you do with the Explore Air 2? I scrapbook too.

  3. I just bought the maker…..can’t you come up with the same colors for the body……not just the top?

  4. I have a real problem with all these colors. Hobby Lobby had a color assigned to its store, JoAnn Fabrics had a color assigned to its store only. If you really want to match your accessories, they don’t always make them in the color you have. And now they are adding even more colors? If I want to buy the 3 sizes of the press, it only comes in Raspberry. Are them making them all to match a HL color or a JoAnn’s color? I’m sure there are alot of people that just can’t keep buying new colors. And what about the light pad, does it come in all the colors? Personally I don’t want such a mixed color combination. I keep waiting thinking they will eventually get more accessories in other colors. Doesn’t seem to happen. Disappointing to me.

  5. So… I am pretty new and I thought the Maker was basically the latest model. In essence replacing the Air Explore 2. So…my question is..why offer both? Price point? Is there something I need to know about the Air Explore 2??? 😀 Might need a friend for my Maker.

    • Hi. We are still making the Explore Air 2 machines. Think of it like regular vs. luxury cars; both are great and work well. We have the Maker as our “luxury” model that can do so many things like cut crepe paper all the way to leather. Some people don’t need or want the capability to cut fabric, for example, and find the Air 2 completely suits their needs.

      • I owned the Cricut Personal and pulled it out of the basement to see if it could do what I wanted. I learned about the Design Studio and called Cricut only to find that the Cricut Personal is no longer supported by to company. I began researching and wasn’t confident of the differences between the Maker and the Explorers Air machines. Because of the ability to cut leather, I made the decision to purchase the Maker on Friday. I appreciate Cricut answering this very question because I wasn’t sure if I made the correct choice. This answer helped. Now I just need to learn how to use it.

  6. I love the persimmon, but am planning to buy the Maker so I can work with fabric (I’m a seamstress). Any idea if the Maker will be offered in Persimmon anytime soon?

  7. I love any color that has the Cricut machinery inside. Color makes no difference to me
    I just love the machines.

    • So true! I love Boysenberry, and upgrading my E-One may be a necessity anyway so it might work out the best of both worlds in the end!

  8. Will you guys still have the old colors available for example the baby pink that sells at joann’s store. I’m saving to get that one..

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  10. I am not a Cricut owner yet, I love the Sunflower color. I’m thinking of getting the Explore Air 2 and was wondering if you all planned on having this color with any of your other tools/ accessories. I’m planning on getting the press and the light pad.

    • So glad you posted about that…I was going to do the cobalt…but RaSBERRY changed my mind because RED is my favorite color…..Cobalt is my sorority color….now that I know the red is not really red…wont make that mistake……I also thought about the Merlot…thinking maybe its a deep red…..NOT taking the chance I know cobalt is cobalt…there goes my choice…HUGE thank you

  11. The colors are nice and I have some favorite’s, but I prefer a mixture of the white trimmed in purple of my cricut explore. The colors for me are just a little bit to dramatic! I love color with an accent!

  12. Only one thing…WHERE IS ORANGE?????????? Have been waiting for orange. You have all these pretty colors..but im an orange girl . Please please make it in orange please. Thanks (and i mean orange not peach ?) thanks

  13. I just received the Raseberry its pretty but on the pink side vs red side. Hard to see true color on line. Not what I was expecting but the color doesn’t matter, how it preforms matters. I will keep it. Happy crafting…..

  14. I would love a bright white on bright white on bright white!!! Please make one for us girls who love white!!!

  15. I emended seeing someone with a Lime Green Cricut Explore Air 2 and wanted to know where I can order one. Please advise at your earliest convenience.

    Thank You!

    • Hi. Are you perhaps thinking of our Explore (which had some line green at the bottom) or one of our earlier machines? We unfortunately do not have a lime green color among our rainbow of options.

    • The cricut Maker will be on sale today, for 50% off. The website is through Good Morning America. GMA deals and, at 1:45pm Eastern time.

  16. As mentioned with another post, I just got the raspberry Explore Air 2, but I want to purchase all accessories in that color. Please come out with new color accessories!?

  17. Oh man. I’m going to watch out for sales for Boysenberry! I craft for Shaken Baby Syndrome awareness and am needing to upgrade to a faster machine (currently Explore One) and SBS color is purple! <3

  18. Love the new “Persimmon” color. I replaced my first Cricut with the Explore Air. If I buy another my husband may shoot me. I donated my first Cricut to my daughters office. She is a Speech-Language Pathologist and works in Pediatric therapy. Is there any way I can purchase a new cord for the first Cricut? I lost the first one in a move.Thanks for having very helpful and caring people working for your company.

  19. Does anyone know if there is a trade-in program for Cricut machines? I still have my Cricut Expression and currently own the Explore Air, but I’m looking to purchase either an Air2 or Maker. I don’t want to have all these old machines stacked in my craft room, but also know that there isn’t really a market out there to sell used machines, especially if they are several generations old. It would be great if Cricut offered a trade-in similar to what Apple does with their devices.

  20. …so many pretty colors! I’ve never felt the need for a bucket list until it was time for me to purchase my first Cricut…and then I saw all the colors. Yep, time for the bucket list! I think Cricut should donate the sunflower one to a poor music teacher…aka LSHundley!

  21. Are these the same as the explore air 2 just in a slightly different shape and colour range or have they been updated. Im very confused about which explorer air 2 I should get

    • Hi. These are all new colors of the Explore Air 2, so if that’s the machine you want, these are all possibilities.

  22. Hobby Lobby is not the place you should have placed the Merlot color. Michaels has then on sale this week for $197 and Hobby Lobby DOES NOT price match ?. LOVE THE NEW COLORS. Thank you ?

  23. As with other posters above, I would love for the accessories to match the new colors! I would love everything to match!! I just picked up the Denim color at Walmart and am so excited to get started!!

  24. just got back from Joann”s fabric and they have a light purple or lavender machine and I am not seeing it here. Is it a older model?

    • Some colors are exclusive to specific stores. The Wisteria model at Joann is a current Explore Air 2 and that is where one would buy it.

  25. In reading reviews, is it correct there is a monthly fee to download the software? If so where does your product description mention this?

    • Hi. Design Space is free to use. There are some free images, fonts, and projects available, and you can upload your own also.
      We have a subscription service called Cricut Access which has a monthly fee. You get access to thousands of designs, hundreds of fonts, a discount in our shop and more. You can read details about that HERE.

  26. It’s not listed here, but I got my BEAUTIFUL CORAL colored Cricut from Michaels!! Can’t wait to open it for Christmas.

  27. I need the white cord that connects from the cricut air 2 to the computer. My box did not have this cord inside. Please let me know how I can get one??

  28. Waiting for the Maker and other products to be produced in matte black, just as the EA2 was last year. I love that color, and I figure it will be released later. I love the Merlot color but will not shop at Hobby Lobby due to their corporate culture.

    • Boysenberry is very purple! They also have the wisteria at Joann’s and the lilac at HL which are both gorgeous light purple ?

  29. I just got the Cricut explore air 2 in persimmon and I am looking to buy ALL the accessories that match. Will you continue to make this color and if so when will the products become available, because right now, I can’t find them anywhere.

  30. I am patiently waiting for either an air 2 or the maker in a deep hunter green……. (hint hint)

  31. Peacock is heart indeed. I will continue selling Graham balls so I could save for this machine.. *dreamy mood* this is truly a dream machine for every crafter.. Will not lose hope even if it will take me a long time to have this.. Will the colors be available in the Philippines soon?

  32. I love my Sunflower Air 2…but I am petrified/intimidated about using it! Watch lots of videos…but yet have to plug it in!!

  33. I have the Air 2, can I use the needle that came with my machine to cut fabric that has the bonding infused? or is there a different needle I need to use.

  34. I just got the Cricut explore air 2 in persimmon and I am looking to buy ALL the accessories that match. Will you continue to make this color and if so when will the products become available, because right now, I can’t find them anywhere.

  35. Love all the colors. Ever seen a Smart car? You can switch out panels with another color. Wouldnt it be cool if the color panel on the Cicit could be changed randomly?

  36. I suppose I love Peacock, because that is the one I have. I just got it in February. I am excited to learn how to use it.

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