Between the Lines: Adult Coloring Pages

May 19, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

It’s undeniably the hottest trend out there right now: adult coloring books. Whether you’re a modern Matisse or an aspiring artist who last picked up colored pencils in elementary school, these elevated pages are certain to give you stunning results. Of course, Cricut’s put their own unique spin on the activity and the results are breathtaking. It’s oh-so-easy to just print or draw, color and enjoy!

There’s no wrong way to approach these Adult Coloring Pages for a beautiful result!

We could “bearly” contain our glee with
this folksy, woodsy wonder. Using the
Draw feature, it comes out great
on 12"x12" cardstock.

Oh, deer!
This print comes alive with the bold,
vibrant colors of Cricut pens.

This elegant floral is just begging to be turned into a lovely greeting card. At just 5 ½" by 5 ½", it’s easily printable for instant gratification!

Dreaming of escaping to the sea? Channel your inner
longings into this whimsical ocean treasure that’s
drawn by your Cricut.

Small embellishments can make these pieces
truly one-of-a-kind.

One good owl deserves another…and another… and another. This gorgeous mandala piece has sumptuous drawn details that would look amazing framed on the wall.

These foxy fellows know how to inspire a good time with their cheerful woodland retreat. The Cricut draws all the fun details for you!

Discover for yourself why Adult Coloring Pages have taken the world by storm. With eye-catching designs worthy of an art gallery, it’s an activity that anyone can pick up and enjoy. Who says the kids should get to have all the fun?


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