We are celebrating the partnership of Cricut and Simplicity!

A Match Made in Heaven: Cricut and Simplicity

August 11, 2017 • Contributor: The Cricut Team

Along with the unveiling of the Cricut Maker, our revolutionary machine that will greatly expand your crafting possibilities, we are incredibly pleased to announce our new partnership with Simplicity. Since 1927, they have provided printed patterns that opened up the world of sewing to many more people. Instead of having to figure out how to create their own design, crafters could now just pick up one by Simplicity. Many used these patterns to sew their own clothes, decorate the home, and even open businesses that helped them provide for their families.

Traditionally, sewing involves several time-consuming steps just to get your fabric ready.

  • First, you cut out the pattern included in the envelope. Since there can be several sizes included, you have to make sure you get the right one and find all of the pieces.
  • Next, you get to pin it to your fabric, making sure you place it just right to use the least amount of fabric and keep it on the grain (the direction the threads run in the fabric) lest it stretch out while you're trying to sew.
  • The third step is to cut it all out. You have to keep your hand steady and follow the pattern exactly.
  • Finally, you unpin everything and put the pattern away. Naturally, it's difficult to ever get it to fit back into the envelope again.

Welcome to the Future of Sewing

With this new partnership, cutting out your fabric is a breeze! Simply go into Design Space, choose the Simplicity pattern that you wish to make, and place the fabric onto the mat according to the directions. The Cricut Maker will take care of the cutting for you! Put in one of our new washable fabric pens and it will also mark up how the different pieces should go together.

The world of sewing is poised to grow exponentially! Check out some of the ways:

  • Parents can teach their children how to sew at an early age.
  • Crafters who had to give up cutting out fabric due to injury or illness can enjoy their favorite hobby again.
  • People who were previously intimidated by the intricacies of sewing can be emboldened to give it a try.
  • Small sewing business owners can streamline their production.

Check out some of the cute patterns that we already have up and keep watching for the hundreds that we will be adding as we continue to work with Simplicity.

Imagine making clothes for your children, starting with this adorable jumper that is trimmed with ric rac.

Or perhaps you'd like to make pants and a belt for a toddler.

Need a cute top for a hot summer day? Make your own cropped corset.

Don't forget the family pet! Go steampunk with this dog hat with gears.

Simplicity offers more than clothing, of course. This gingerbread man ornament would be a perfect holiday project to do with your children.

We are so excited for the opportunity to bring digital versions of Simplicity's patterns to the sewing world and can't wait to see what you make!

What is your favorite new Simplicity pattern in Design Space? Which ones do you want to see added? Tell us in the comments below!

26 thoughts on “A Match Made in Heaven: Cricut and Simplicity

  1. I love to see and I love this new Cricut Maker cannot wait to purchase it. This will help me out so much.
    Rita C
    TGR Professional Dog Grooming
    From Chicago

  2. I am intrigued that it is not just small things that you could actually cut patterns for children wearables. This is exciting. I can not wait to get my Cricut Maker.

  3. Oh my, I’m so excited. I love to sew, but, just like you said in your post, just prepping to sew takes time and lots of work.. I thought paper projects required the same, until the Cricut.

    Now, what the Cricut did for paper crafts, Cricut has done for sewing!

    I can’t wait!

  4. Already really forward to many patterns. Cross Body Bag, and tote bag are on the top. I do hope to see some more 18 doll cloths and felt doll pattern. Little running list of pattern I hope make the cut in the next couple of months. 8402, 8485, 8360,8155, 8188, 8041, 8034.

    I would love some cute quilt styled aprons placed into the mix.

  5. So excited! Cricut Explore has made me such a better crafter (and it’s so much easier to understand things using Cricut Explore). As a person who would love to sew, but has never been great with their hands plus is left-handed; this is revolutionary. Thank you, Cricut!

  6. Hi I was wondering when will the Cricut Maker be available in the U.K and from where many thanks

  7. I’d like to see some adult patterns, too. Some of them have pieces small enough to be cut on a 12×24 mat.

  8. Wish I had known that this Cricut was being developed … just upgraded to the Explore Air 2 from an Expressions machine a few months ago.
    I have been sewing for over 50 years (honestly!) and would LOVE to be able to cut somethings out with my Cricut! Is there any way that the rotary blade will work on the Air 2? Have you ever considered a trade in/trade up program? Owning a second machine just isn’t realistic for the casual crafter like me, as it might be for the person who has a small business.

  9. I have sewn for years, and I’m intrigued by the idea of the Cricut Maker to simplify the process. However, I’m very tall (6’2″) and plus sized, so I can tell you right now the pattern pieces I use for clothing construction would be too wide and too long for this machine. Are there any plans in the near future to offer a Cricut Maker machine that would allow for at least a 24″ wide and 40″ long cutting surface? I have to spend so much time lengthening pattern pieces before I cut them out and begin to sew, it would be a godsend to have a machine that would calculate and do this for me automatically. Fingers crossed for someday….

    • Marge, I was thinking the same thing, but even grander: a majority of garment fabric comes 60″ wide folded in half. I’m hoping a new product is in the development stage for cutting fabric 30″ wide! we can only hope!!!

  10. i can buy a paper pattern on sale for .99 which will include multiple doll clothes outfits. Why in the world would I spend $5.00 for one doll blouse pattern? ??

    • Some advantages to our digitized patterns are that you don’t need to cut it out and store it in your house. It’s also the convenience that it is available at any time. For people who don’t mind doing those tasks, the paper patterns are still a good choice.

  11. I just unwrapped my Cricut Maker! But, does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a beanie to cut on the Cricut? I am so excited and can’t wait to cricut away!

  12. There are a few Simplicity designs I would like to purchase. Where are the instructions for putting them together with my Maker after they have been cut? I am very impressed with the Maker and excited to utilize all it’s capabilities.

    • Each project in Design Space has instructions on the screen and in a PDF that is linked on the screen.

  13. I have been sewing doll clothes for years and have already purchased almost every pattern put out by Simplicity and I am wondering if I am able to upload these into the program so the maker can cut them for me?

    • You are able to upload images so if you can scan the patterns and make adjustments so that the pattern pieces are separate, you could cut them out with the Maker, yes.

      • Could you please give me additional information. I have spent an entire day working on this and I am beyond frustrated and ready to go buy the Brother Cut and Scan!
        Are you not able to get the same effect that you get when you purchase a pattern through cricut? ie; the seam lines with the marking pen and then cut? If you can I would appreciate detailed instructions, because I have been through every possible way I can think of and could never achieve both processes. Very disappointed after my initial excitement, especially after spending upwards of $1000.00 between the machine, accessories and supplies and that doesn’t include the monthly Premium Access Cost for the last 7-8 months!

  14. I would love to see Simplicity pattern 1079 bag E in design space as I crochet and would love to make that case for my hooks! I think it would me amazing to make one with my maker!

  15. I would like to make a few of the baby dresses but in a bigger size. How can you adjust the patterns for size?

      • I just figured that out the hard way 🙁 The patterns really must be adjustable for size. Especially for the children’s clothes, it just doesn’t make sense that you can’t customize the size of the pieces. I’m terribly disappointed. Bought the Circuit make 2 days ago with high expectations.

  16. Garment sewists know that patterns rarely fit right out of the envelope, as drafted. The majority need altering or grading between sizes. It’s unfortunate that the software doesn’t allow manipulation within the design. It would be nice to grade to another size.

  17. It would be awesome if a customer that already had the paper pattern that you would offer a way to upload them by the barcode. So a customer could save a little money.

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