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3 little things to get your garage ready for spring

March 2, 2021 | Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Between boxes of old holiday decorations and scattered garden tools, the garage can feel a lot like a junkyard for all the stuff that doesn’t have a place inside the house. But spring cleaning is here, and so are three ways to keep your garage clean and tidy. 

Seasonal storage bins on a storage shelf

Divide and conquer 

Categorize your items for easy, tidy storage. Have décor or outdoor equipment you only use in the winter months? Group it together in heavy duty storage bins to minimize clutter for the spring and summer, plus make it easy to access when winter comes back around. 

Gardening tools in labeled box

Box it up 

Instead of leaving hand tools and other small items lying around, categorize them into their own small boxes. For even less clutter, attach little boxes or baskets to a pegboard to keep them from taking up room on storage shelves. 

Labels on black storage bins

Put a label on it 

Boxes and bins make everything look and feel more organized, but it can be a pain once spring cleaning is done and you actually need access to your items again. Label everything with this easy Cricut Joy™ project

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  1. Hi folks l just ordered the new Cricut Joy for greeting card making and lettering for sayings. This is my first time owning a cutter of any kind l’m sure l’ll have a million questions and will need help. Thanks in advance.

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