Cricut makes DIY easier!

3 Reasons Cricut Makes DIY Easier

December 14th, 2017 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Hey everyone! Cori from Hey, Let's Make Stuff, back with my top three reasons how a Cricut machine makes DIY easier. If you're hemming and hawing on whether or not to put a Cricut on your Christmas wish list (or get one for a crafty person in your life), here are three big things to consider. In particular, I want to go into why the Cricut makes things easier.

It's Super Fast

Like so many crafters out there, I am a busy mom -- I have twin toddler boys (who are seriously cute). Before I had kids, I had much more time to devote to different crafts. I could use scissors and a craft knife for paper crafts. I could cut out delicate patterns for sewing. I could design and craft all my party decorations from scratch.

Nope. Not anymore. My boys need me to cook them three square meals a day, push them on the swings, and love them like crazy. My crafting time has been drastically shortened (and rightfully so!). Which makes the Cricut my best tool for crafting more efficiently. It is remarkable how quickly I can pull together a project or party now.

I still get to put everything together -- gluing layers of paper or sewing together projects, for example, but the Cricut speeds everything up and gives me more time to actually make stuff. The speed is, by far, my favorite reason that Cricut makes DIY easier.

It's Super Creative

Often of the hardest parts about crafting for people is the creativity aspect. Let's say you want to send a Christmas card to your grandmother—you know she'll appreciate getting a handmade card as opposed to something mass-produced. But where in the world do you start? Do you want text? What font? What colors? What size? Want to add ornament embellishments? Christmas Trees? Holly? What materials should you use for your card?

If you're a creative person by nature, these are easy questions to answer. But if not, there are two ways the Cricut can make this creative process easier. The first is with a Cricut Ready to Make project. In Cricut Design Space, click on the left-hand menu for Projects and you'll be taken to a library of projects that are 100% designed for you. It takes the guesswork out of every aspect. Just click on a project and it will give you a list of materials and you can make it, right then and there.

Ready to Make Christmas cards

If you want a little more creative control, Cricut Access gives you an enormous library of images, shapes, words, and graphics for you to use to create your own design? Want to add a Christmas tree to your card? Cricut Access has you covered. Just click the Images button in that same left-hand menu and explore the range of options. As you can see, there are more than 2700 results for Christmas Tree alone!

Of course, you can always create your card completely from scratch in the Cricut Design Space, using the shape and text tools! I find that people usually start with Ready to Make projects, move to being more creative using Cricut Access's library, and then start to explore making their own shapes once they get the hang of how everything works. There are also tons of people offering SVG cut files for the Cricut, like my Christmas Bird cards.

It's Super Versatile

If you haven't heard (ha!), the Cricut is so incredibly versatile, no matter which one you own. It makes creating almost any project you can dream up more easily. Just recently I’ve made new labels for my spice jars, artwork for our bedroom, confetti, custom t-shirts for a friend's family trip to Disneyland, custom bachelorette wine glasses, decorations for a taco party, vinyl labels for a wedding shower favor, shirts for an outer-space-themed party, and several other random cut files for friends. If I had to hand-make all of these projects, maybe only the taco party would have gotten done!

These aren't even including the projects I've made and shared over on my blog, like these fun Christmas treat boxes. I love that I can make so many different projects with the Cricut—and that I can use it to help out my less-crafty friends with their projects.

Bonus #4: It's also a great machine for people with dexterity or eyesight issues. I have some issues in my hands which makes using scissors for any length of time quite painful. The Cricut does the cutting for me, which is so much physically easier for me as well. Bonus!

So tell me -- how does your Cricut make your crafting life easier? Want some additional ideas for your Cricut wishlist? I have you covered!

How does Cricut make DIY easier for you? Leave us a comment!

12 thoughts on “3 Reasons Cricut Makes DIY Easier

  1. I am wondering if there is any way I can Arch, Arc, Bookend text lettering in multiple layers? Also, so the Iron on doesn’t get too thick, can I cut only the shadowed iron on? Thanks

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  3. It makes being an RA easy! Making door decorations and bulletin boards, cutting fabric to make bow ties, and personal holiday cards.

  4. Found out the air 2 will not cut the fabric that I wanted to cut because it has a fixed blade. Not a rotory blade. Cant afford the Maker so I will just have to make do with the air2 for other projects.

    • There are many Facebook groups, YouTube videos and more that can help you learn to craft with your Cricut.

  5. Cricut just makes me happy! It lets me forget about my cares and troubles. It allows me to give cars to those I could not afford to buy for st the hallmark store. I can use the pens to write the perfect sentiment for every need,

  6. Does it cut fabric? I do rag wreaths and cutting is getting harder on me do to arthritis

    • Yes, the Cricut Maker is able to cut fabric. The Explore series machine can also cut fabric if you add bonding to the back.

  7. I like to see some yall stuff yall do so I can do it for my Grandkids and also Church class

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