You can manipulate fonts in several ways in the Cricut Design Space

Working with Fonts in Cricut Design Space

July 18, 2017 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Hey, crafty friends! I’m Cori from Hey Let’s Make Stuff and I’m here to share tips and tricks for working with fonts in the Cricut Design Space.

Some people are crazy cat ladies, but I am definitely a crazy font lady. I have hundreds (upon hundreds) of fonts and I can never say no when I see another font bundle with swirly swashes, adorable ampersands, and lovely ligatures (only crazy font ladies love ligatures!).

Needless to say, I’m thrilled to be talking fonts here on the Cricut blog! Today I’m going to take one simple word and show you how to manipulate the font in the Cricut Design Space.

Using the Type Tool

Creating text in the Cricut Design Space is easy. Just click on the Text tool in the left menu and start typing. I’m going to use the simple word “hello!” since it’s my first post here and I’m happy to be saying hello to all of you!

Using the Type Tool

Changing the Size

You can easily change the size of your text by using the drag and drop arrow in the corner of your text box, or by using the size panel at the top of your workspace. You can also select an actual font size in the same menu.

Changing Your Font

When you change your font using the drop-down menu, you can choose between Cricut fonts and your own system fonts. Cricut fonts will be denoted with a green “a.” There may be a small fee depending on your Cricut Access subscription. You can also sort by Cricut fonts vs. system fonts.

You can change your font

Cricut Fonts are designed to be cut on a Cricut, so they are always a great choice for your projects (the exception to this rule is Cricut fonts specifically designed as a writing style—I’ll get to that in a moment).

Using Cricut Fonts

Let’s choose a Cricut font and take a look at it more carefully. This called Quarter Note. It’s adorable.

This font is named Quarter Note

As is, it works. You could cut this file. But let’s manipulate it a bit.

The Cricut Design Space defaults to letter spacing of 1.2, but I want each letter closer together. I would love the letters to overlap so I can cut them as a single cut. So I decreased the letter spacing to -.5. You can play around with these numbers depending on the font you are using.

You can decrease the letter spacing of your font

I don’t, however, love how the exclamation point is oddly stuck to the end of “hello.” You can use the Advanced drop-down menu to ungroup to letters. Now you can see that each letter is separate so I can move the exclamation point on its own.

You can ungroup the letters for your font

Ungroup to letters

I’ll just nudge it over a bit so it’s not so cozy with my text.

Move your font over

Now we definitely don’t want to cut all these letters separately, so it’s time to weld!

Drag to select your entire text, and then hit Weld in the lower right-hand corner. Your word will be welded together into one cut file! Perfect.

Weld the text

You can then change the color the same way you would any other object in the Cricut Design Space.

You can change the text color

You’re ready to cut! Have any questions up to this point? Leave me a comment and I’ll try to help.

Using System Fonts

Using a system font that you have on your computer is no different than using a Cricut font as above, though there is one big pitfall I want to mention here.

The Cricut cuts mathematically simple files better than it does mathematically complicated files. Cricut fonts are designed to be mathematically simple, so they cut easily. Your system fonts, however, might not be as simple. Take a look at Anodyne. It’s a great grungy font. And there’s a good chance it will destroy your material.

Choose system fonts carefully

Look at all those little angles and cutouts! Every time, the Cricut has to adjust the blade and mat direction. The Cricut Explore is an amazing machine, but that’s impossible to cut out well.

The best fonts for cutting on the Cricut have smooth edges and have a relatively even weight (the thickness of the lines in each character). Keep this in mind when choosing one of your system fonts to cut on the Cricut!

Writing Styles

I mentioned writing styles above. As you probably know, the Cricut can do much more than cut. Using the Cricut to write is a fun way to add all sorts of text and embellishments to your projects.

When choosing a font to write with, I recommend choosing a Cricut font that specifically has a writing style. Select only Cricut Fonts and then click the little drop-down on the right side of the search bar and select Writing. This will narrow your choices down to the fonts that are specifically designed to be written with the Cricut.

Use a font that has a writing style

Check out how I addressed my boys’ birthday invitations using the Cricut.

Beyond Text

If you’re really stuck you can always check out the extensive library of files in Cricut Access. There are so many cool words and quotes in there to create any project you can imagine!

There are many word and quote files in Cricut Access

I hope you’ve found some helpful basic tips about working with fonts. I hope I get to share with you some more advanced font tutorials soon. Make sure to pin this post so that you’ll have it to refer to. Happy making!

63 thoughts on “Working with Fonts in Cricut Design Space

  1. is there a way to duplicate an object in the same place as the original. This would be helpful for color separations to start with several of the same object exactly on top of each other

    • You can use the Duplicate function. It creates an identical image close to the original and you can slide the image on top of the other to do your color separations.

  2. I Love fonts but I seem to have a lot of trouble getting them to print out properly.
    I would love to see more videos with fonts for us older folks.

  3. Thanks Cori, very timely info. I’m new to Cricut and although I had worked out the letter spacing I didn’t realise you could separate the letters!! Brilliant – thanks Sharon

    • If you have welded it and saved the project, it cannot be changed. If you have welded but not saved, hit undo. Then you would click on the text and near the upper left, there is a drop down menu where you can pick your new text.

    • I worked all day trying to do shadows on the Cricut fonts. It was so easy with the Expressions to click a button on most cartridges to find the shadow. I must be missing something in Design 3. I know it is supposed to show it on layers but I can’t get it to work or figure out which fonts have shadows. any help would be greatly appreciated. thx

  4. Hello, I have tried to unweld and ungroup after I have save my work but I am not getting that option.
    Can you not after you have welded and grouped? So far I am loving the upgrade both to my new Cricut Air and to Design Space.
    Thanks for all your support.

    • Unfortunately, you cannot undo something that has been grouped and welded once you save. You are able to ungroup something after saving if it has not been welded. though.

  5. is there a way to do a shadow/layer for behind the letters so that it looks like it’s outlined in a different color? So I would cut a background layer in the shape of the word and then layer the word overtop of the background layer. I’m trying to think of ways to jazz up my car decals and layering different colors would be cool. Thanks!

    • Create your text. Then duplicate it. Use the lower right corner sizing arrow on the text box to make it slightly larger. Move it to over top of your original text box. Use the cursor to create a selection box around the 2 text boxes, then select Group. Once you’ve done this, click arrange and move your layer to the back to check its size. I’m not sitting in front of the machine to try this, hope the steps are correct! You may be able to Arrange without Grouping. If so, definitely do that so if the layer sizes aren’t exactly correct you can change one. Hope this works.

  6. Hi,when
    I’m new to the cricut and so far love it. when purchasing a font from the cricut, is this a one time charge or do I have to pay the price shown every time I want to use the specific font?

    Thank you for your help!

    • If you have not saved your project yet, you can click on the Undo arrow to reverse a weld you just made. Otherwise, there is not an option available to unweld.

  7. My question is that after I weld and I got to cut the word out its all mixed up . Instead of saying hello it says llh!eo don’t know how to get the letters in order .in order to cut . Hope that you can help .
    Thank you ,karen

    • Hi Karen, Did you get an answer to this? I’m new to this machine and this is the exact problem I’m trying to solve! Would love to hear if you got an answer!

      • If you hit “select all” and then “weld”, it should weld everything together, so the letters aren’t individual anymore. I had the same issue. The Cricut chat help was able to help me. Good luck!

  8. Love these tips and tricks! When I click on text in design space and type in my word it is always very small and not even anywhere close to the area I am working on. I usually zoom in to about 75 to 100%. I always have to zoom way out to find the words then they are super tiny and very close together even after I zoom back in. Any ideas of what I’ve done wrong?

  9. If you have welded it and saved the project, it cannot be changed. If you have welded but not saved, hit undo. Then you would click on the text and near the upper left, there is a drop down menu where you can pick your new text.

  10. I’m new to here, but my granddaughter has been using my Cricut for projects. Thank you for the detailed, written instructions with graphic examples. I’m oldschool.

  11. Hi Cori I have not been able to download the fonts I don’t have a computer I have a tablet I have not been able to enjoy my cricut I can’t get anything to download on my tablet what do I do about this need help

  12. Is there a way to have it cut and outline the letters? so levaing a little bit of paper on the egde then outline the letter?

  13. Cori
    Thank you for the step by step instructions on how to work with fonts. I too, love fonts. I had over 500 fonts at one time, caused my husbands World War Two combat game to misfire, LOL!

    I need to find a written step by step article about attaching written words on a project and get them to actually not print where ever, but, where I placed them.

    There is always something new with Cricut. I’ll never be bored!

  14. How to do you shadow for layering fonts? It does not give you the option anymore under the print to “save as a pdf” after you flatten it so that you can upload it to paint to convert to a .jpg file to then upload into design space.

    Help!!!! I have several projects that I produce that I used to use this feature.


    • You can still do that, it just looks different. Type your text in and make sure it’s set to print and click make-it. From there you’ll click continue and make sure the bleed box is checked. On the next screen click send to printer and then right click on the item you are trying to print and click save image as, and put it where you want it. Then upload like you always did before. Hope this helps.

      • You can still do that, it just looks different. Type your text in and make sure it’s set to print and click make-it. From there you’ll click continue and make sure the bleed box is checked. On the next screen click send to printer and then right click on the item you are trying to print and click save image as, and put it where you want it. Then upload like you always did before. Hope this helps. Also you no longer have to flatten it.

  15. I need help with shadow. I could do it in the old design space but I can not figure it out with this one. Help Please!

  16. I can’t seem to use the arrow keys to move letters/objects closer together anymore with the updated CDS. That was such an easy way to keep words/objects aligned. Is there another way of doing this?

    • If you’re looking to align items, hit “select all”, then click on “align” and choose your preferred alignment. I am not sure if this can be done after something is welded though.

  17. Hi, I Have a question for you. Is there a way to make fonts extra bold? There are some script fonts I love but they are not bold enough even after I change the setting to bold. TIA.

  18. I see that you can sort the fonts by “all”, “system”, and “Cricut”? Is there a way to further sort fonts into custom groups set by the user, such as “cursive” or “simple”?

    • Hi Stacy,

      Unfortunately there’s not a way to further sort. This is something I long for in pretty much ever program I use! It would be so helpful.


    • You can still work with it if it has not been welded and saved. Click on the text and it should bring up the text box for editing.

  19. First…Love your name! I have a question about the Initials, I want to do initials on a shirt but an having trouble. I put them in the order I wanted them. then when it was time to cut they rearranged them. I want the initial in the middle big.
    Also do you recommend the access? do you pay all up front or is it monthly?

    • Hi Kori :)

      To get your initials to stay together, select them all and use the “Weld” or “Attach” tool — this should keep them in the same place on your mat.

      I do recommend Access, especially if you don’t create your own images in an outside program. You get access to SO many images to use in your projects. I think it’s much better than buying individual images!

  20. I have a question, is there a way to UN-weld a word after it has been welded and saved. I cannot for the life of me find an answer to this.

  21. Do you absolutely have to get an Access subscription in order to have fonts? I’m a new user and trying to figure out these fonts and projects is driving me a little looney. :) It had said I have fonts with buying my cricut Explore Air but I’m having troubles figuring it all out. I also purchased a Vinyl bundle where it came with a few designs that you had to redeem. I did and have NO clue as to where these items are found now.. any extra help is greatly appreciated!!!
    Sincerely, loved crafter, but confused new user :)

  22. Silly question…I’m new to the machine too… why change the color of the font? The machine doesn’t print? Sounds like I’m missing out on a fun feature lol.

    • It’s true that the machine itself doesn’t print, but one type of project that you can do is called Print Then Cut. You would print it on your regular inkjet printer (complete with special lines the Cricut can read), then feed it into your Cricut and it can cut your project out.

  23. I am wanting to know how to cut the letters where I do not have to go back and add the centers (A, D, O, e, a). Is there a font available that the center is maybe attached?

  24. Hi! When using fonts to cut vinyl what is the recommended font size so that when it cuts it does not pop out when cutting?

  25. Hi, thank you for the tutorial. I have a question. I want to create a card that the word is partially sticking out on the fold. How do I do this without the whole word being cut off? If anyone can help with this it will be awesome. Thank you,

  26. I’m trying to place a white font on a green background but the white font has a black outline around it. How do I get rid of the black outline? I can’t seem to figure this out.

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  28. I have downloaded a number of fonts on my computer and in the previous version of CDS these fonts would write. However, in the new version of CDS even my system fonts show as single layer cuts. Is it possible to use them as writing style text?

  29. Is there a way to make stencils with the Cricut? I figured there must be a way, so that the inside of the letter does not get cut off. Thank you.

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