Wedding Tokens of Love: Messages, Wishes and Signed Mementos

November 11, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

A wedding not only celebrates the devotion of the couple getting married, but also the incredible love felt by and for the family and friends in the bride’s and groom’s lives.

In addition to the privilege of witnessing the exchange of vows, a wedding guest also has the opportunity to express their own feelings for the newlyweds. Why not capture these emotions in mementos that can become at least home décor… and at most a family heirloom?

We encourage you to think outside the traditional (read: boring) guestbook! Check out the DIY projects below for ways to immortalize wedding wishes into tokens of love. 



Talk about a treasure box! Guests write their wishes onto individual cards which can then be archived (or displayed!) for future generations. Visit Design Space now to check it out.


The Knot knows all when it comes to weddings, and we love the look of their shabby-chic guestbook table.



Guests can pave the way to a happy marriage when they write their thoughts for the newlyweds onto river rocks


We love this Greek-themed centerpiece idea: guests at each table write their wishes for the couple onto cards, which are then hung from the wreath of flowers. Opa!




Good ideas take root in a wedding wishes tree, where guests tie cards bearing their advice for the new Mr. and Mrs.


Sentiment and pragmatism blend together perfectly in this recipe for a unique wedding memento: guests write their message for the couple onto wood, which can later (after a super strong finishing glaze is added) be used as a cutting board.



Friends and family can “leaf” their mark—literally—on this lovely piece that consists of the new family’s name, the wedding date and the fingerprints of all who attended. It’s available now in Design Space.  


Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we love this Polaroid station from the blog Tina Made It.



Add some personal flair and bold color to a classic tradition with these boho-styled luminaires, available now in Design Space.


Signature frames are a charming way to combine personalized, written messages with printed images, quotes or photos from the big day. This bold red layout is available from AliExpress.



There are countless ways to allow guests to take pen to paper (or wood, or rock, or…) and express how they feel. We hope this post helps you find what feels right for you!


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