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July 29, 2016 • Contributor: Andrea Greco

I was so excited to hear that after doing a couple of guest posts for Cricut that they wanted me to write a monthly ‘Trend Watch’ series.

For those of you who didn’t catch my “Meet the Maker” posts (you can check them out here), my name is Andrea Greco - stylist, Interior Designer and SUPER Crafter. I have styled and developed crafts for Martha Stewart, Country Living, HGTV and Redbook to name a few. As a Cricut lover and maker, I am so excited to be sharing my ideas with you all in this monthly blog.

One of my jobs as a working stylist is to look at what is trending in the world and then find ways to translate those trends into realistic living. I find inspiration everywhere – from fashion shows, books, museums and architecture to farmer’s markets, random street art I see while walking around New York City and yes, even US Weekly. Inspiration IS everywhere!

This wall mural made me late! I discovered it while en route to a bad play in the Bowery in NYC.  I was so impressed by the colors and the scale - 20 ft - I had to stop and take pictures. Its beauty ameliorated an otherwise dull and gray neighborhood. I love it so much, it has been my Facebook profile pic for the past 6 months!


I had to snap a pic of the amazing Oculus structure ceiling in the newly built World Trade Center Transportation Hub. Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, it is a breathtaking example of innovative design.


I LOVE London! The London Eye is always cheerful to me, even on this cloudy day pictured. What I love most about this picture are the different colors and textures seen in the clouds behind the eye. Maybe I'll paint this on a wall in my house...

The challenge (and it IS a challenge) is to allow yourself to keep an open mind. Sometimes it is difficult to wear a bold color, add a copper accessory to your coffee table or, dare I say, leave a wall WHITE! But, little updates here and there can be game changers in your personal style and the style of your home. You may not want to wear a bright red coat, but you could try on a red scarf (although, I really want you to wear the coat!).

I look forward to sharing my ideas and inspiration with you in my future posts. 

NEXT WEEK: Copper: It's Not Just for Pennies Anymore!

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5 thoughts on “Trend Watch

  1. Love all your pics, but especially the wall mural. I used to live on the East coast and always enjoyed walking around NYC. Now I am in downtown San Diego and was amazed by all the art here –on bridges/overpasses, walls, as backdrops for businesses like car lots, and Comic Con with the huge designs/characters on the hotels (top to bottom) — makes life very fun! Definitely inspiration for my Cricut Explore!! Before the drought restrictions, the bright ice plants were strategically placed on the roadway, as you came around a curve, to a beautiful array of colors and patterns. Thanks for sharing, Andrea!

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