DIY 3D Wall Art

DIY 3D Artwork – Wow!

January 22nd, 2019 • Contributor: Cricut Designer Meagan Patterson

Learn how to make this amazing 3D Wall Art Piece.

I don’t know about you, but no room is complete without some beautiful artwork that is meaningful. In my revamp of my craft room, the art piece had to be perfect. I wanted something that spoke to my personality and style as well as something that would continually inspire me to create. This art piece did all of those things for me.

I love it so much and it’s such a fun and easy project that I had to share it with you. So let’s get making!



DIY 3D Art, 3D Wall Art
  1. Cricut Maker®
  2. Scoring Wheel
  3. LightGrip Machine Mat, 12” x 12”
  4. 12” x 12” Cardstock, Pine (1)
  5. 12” x 12” Cardstock, Pool (2)
  6. 12” x 12” Cardstock Lilac (2)
  7. 12” x 12” Cardstock, Tangerine (2)
  8. 12” x 12” Cardstock, White (4)
  9. Adhesive
  10. 18” x 24” White Frame
  11. (optional) XL Scraper Tool

1: Score, Cut and Voila!

DIY 3D Art, 3D Wall Art

Using my Maker has never been more fun! One of my favorite tools with this new machine is the Single and Double Scoring Wheel. They make anything from a basic card to this 3D art piece and cinch! To start off place one piece of white cardstock on your LightGrip Machine Mat lining your paper up with the outside grid lines. For me, it’s easiest to do this by lining up the bottom left corner of my paper with the bottom left corner of the mat’s grid. Once your cardstock has adhered to your mat, load your mat.

Before you press “Go” make sure you choose the right cut setting. I selected “Medium Cardstock.” Switch out your Fine-Point Blade for the Scoring Wheel. Then press “Go” and watch the magic happen!

When prompted, switch from your Scoring Wheel back to your Fine-Point Blade and hit “Go” one more time. Once your machine has finished cutting, unload the mat and carefully remove your pieces from the mat.

Repeat this process for the remaining mats.

(4) White Cardstock mats

(2) Tangerine Cardstock mats

(1) Pine Cardstock mat

(2) Pool Cardstock mats

(2) Lilac Cardstock mats

2: Fold & Press

DIY 3D Art, 3D Wall Art

Once all of your pieces have been cut, it is now time to start folding. Fold along each scored line. For me, it was easiest when I folded the small tabs on each side first. Then I folded the crisscross lines. Fold each line inward and set aside.

TIP: I like to have really crisp folded edges, so I use my XL Scraper Tool and press it along each crease so that it becomes a nice sharp point.

3: Glue and Arrange

DIY 3D Art, 3D Wall Art


DIY 3D Art, 3D Wall Art

Once each piece is folded, place a small amount of hot glue on the inside tab of each piece and glue to the opposite side. This should form a mini pyramid. Repeat this step until each piece has been formed.

Take your colored triangle pieces and adhere them onto the white cardstock pyramids. I put only one colored accent piece per white pyramid, but you can be as creative with this as you’d like!

Now for the most fun part which also happens to be the most challenging part…It’s time to arrange your art piece. Feel free to arrange and rearrange as many times as you need to till it feels like you have the look that you want. The fun thing about this project is that not each one needs to look the same-yours should be unique!

DIY 3D Art, 3D Wall Art

Once you have your pyramids in the places you like them best hot glue them down. Start with the top pyramids and slowly work your way down.

DIY 3D Art, 3D Wall Art

TaDa! You’re all done! See, I told you it was as easy as 1, 2, 3. And now you have a 3D masterpiece that is all your own! Be sure to tag us @officialcricut on Instagram and Facebook. I can’t wait to see how inspiring your art piece will be to each of us!

Be sure to share this project with friends that you think might like making this project!

Always making life beautiful,

DIY 3D Art, 3D Wall Art
Removable Vinyl Wall Art

Renew a Room With Removable Vinyl Wall Art

August 9th, 2018 • Contributor: Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts

Hey everybody – it’s Beth from Kingston Crafts! Have you heard about the new Removable Premium Vinyl from Cricut? It has so many fun uses, including creating your own stencils! It works so well for projects like this because it removes cleanly without leaving any residue behind.

I love collage walls and making your own wall art is a way to fix those awkward gaps you sometimes end up with between frames. I’ve used iron-on to create custom wall art, and today I’m sharing a quick tutorial for making your own home décor using the Removable Premium Vinyl as a custom stencil. All it takes is a few steps and your favorite paint colors to create something special!


1: Cut Your Wood

Removable Vinyl Wall Art


Removable Vinyl Wall Art

Measure the space on your wall and cut a piece of wood to fit.

2: Paint Your Wood Base

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Painting

Select one paint color and paint the wood – this will be the color your image will appear on the finished project. Let dry.

3: Design Your Image

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Design

Select a single layer image in Design Space and size to fit the wood. I used this Love image.

4: Cut Out Your Vinyl

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Cutting

Cut the image from Removable Premium Vinyl using any machine from the Cricut Explore family or the Maker. The beauty of this technique is that it does not matter what color vinyl you use, so this is a great way to use your scraps.

5: Weed Your Design

Removable Vinyl Wall Art


Removable Vinyl Wall Art


Removable Vinyl Wall Art

Weed the image then use the XL Scraper to apply the Transfer Tape and remove the image from the backing.

6: Apply to Wood

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Application

Apply the image to the wood and remove Transfer Tape.

7: Paint Around Vinyl

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Paint

Use a sponge dauber (not a regular paintbrush) to tap paint around the image on the wood.

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Paint

Let dry, then paint the entire piece of wood for even coverage.

8: Remove the Vinyl

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Take Off the Vinyl

Let dry, then use a weeding tool to remove the vinyl stencil from the wood.

9: Hang and Enjoy!

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Finished

I hope this quick tutorial helps you look at your walls (and your scrap wood) in a whole new way! Happy Cricuting!

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