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New Valentine’s Images in Design Space

January 27th, 2019 • Contributor: Anna Rose Johnson, Cricut Digital Content Product Manager

Win hearts with these fresh designs!

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday–there’s just something about a day dedicated to love that makes me feel like creating something special to show my loved ones how much I care. I also love decorating my home with hearts, loads of them, everywhere. I’m a romantic, after all. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that the Cricut content team has been working like mad to make sure YOU have the BEST Valentine images to use in your creations.

We’ve added everything from phrases to 3D objects to cards. Many of the images are a single layer which is perfect for vinyl and iron-on projects. But, never fear, we also have layered paper images and 3D projects for paper artists out there.

Take a look and be sure to let us know in the comments section what images you are loving!

Our Love is Magic

This set is a mixture of layered paper phrases and vinyl designs. My favorite are the layered paper images like “You Rock My World” (#MA56B140) or “Hugs & Kisses (#MA56B1E7). Any of these designs would be very simple to layer on top of a card base or as a gift topper.

Our Love Story

Beautiful images to communicate your love story, whether that be with your significant other, your pet, or yourself.

Modern Love

Back before instant communication, remember the fun of passing notes? Modern Love is our attempt at bringing an element of passing a note with a modern twist. “Let’s text about our feelings because I love your guts.”

Be Mine Valentine

I love that many of these phrases have a masculine feel to them – very different from our usual feminine, script designs.

Couples in Love

Awww, these images seriously melt my heart. We’ve created a vinyl/iron-on and paper version of each animal. I can’t decide whether the penguins or the elephants are my favorite. Which one do you like best?

You Are My Love Story

These Valentine’s phrases are perfect for a wooden sign or to apply to the front of a card with vinyl.

Little Sweethearts

Do you have a little one in your life that needs a shirt for Valentine’s Day? This set is for you. It’s full of iron-on designs perfect for making custom t-shirts.

My Punny Valentine

This set has three options for each image: vinyl/iron-on, layered paper, and card design. Whichever version you choose, we hope you find your Punny Valentine.

With all of the newness we’ve been adding to Cricut Access, I think we tend to forget about some of the amazing images from a few years ago. I thought I’d share my favorite oldies but goldies!

Spring Holiday Cards

These one-cut cards are PERFECT for kids Valentine’s because they are adorable and require NO glue to assemble! Simply slip the front piece into the slots on the back piece!

Valentine’s Day

This was one of our original Valentine phrase sets and it still has some lovely images to help you this holiday. There are even drawing features to add to your paper designs.

Always and Forever

Honey, wine is my valentine, too. This set has some quirky phrases and images perfect for a custom t-shirt.

Love is in the Air

Have you ever tried to build a 3D paper project? Now’s your chance! Love is in the Air is full of some beautiful paper designs. There’s even a 3D countdown to Valentine’s day complete with 14 tiny drawers. Best of all? We have a digital assembly guide to walk you through each project!

Download the Assembly Guide: Click Here.

Love Struck

How adorable would it be to make 3D mailboxes for your kids this year? They would probably LOVE it! Love Struck has some amazing iron-on images as well as 3D paper options.

Love Note Sentiments

I love using my Cricut to add hand-drawn sentiments without actually having to bare my own handwriting to the world! Love Note Sentiments is full of draw-only images to add to your Valentine’s this year.

I could go on and on. I LOVE our content library, can you tell? From the content team, we wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Crafting!
Anna Rose

Valentine's Images in Design Space
DIY Pizza Valentines

Use Your Cricut to Write Out These Adorable Pizza Valentines

February 6th, 2018 • Contributor: Jenny Alger from Everyday Jenny

Hi! It’s Jenny from Everyday Jenny. Have you tried writing with your Cricut? Today I’m showing you how to use Cricut fonts and pens to write.

Cricut has a great variety of pens that come in fine-point, medium-point, calligraphy and even glitter. They also come in all the colors of the rainbow. I have the Ultimate Fine Point set and love all the colors, but this Seaside Pen Set is calling my name too!

I created this cute pizza Valentine using my Cricut pens and Cricut fonts in Design Space.


Supplies for pizza Valentines

1: Create Your Design and Choose a Font

Create the design for your pizza Valentine

To create this design, I inserted a rectangle and then inserted my text. (You can open my design here.) To change your font, click on the text box, and the font selections will appear.

There are two styles of fonts you can use. Fonts that do not have a writing style will only be the outline of the text. Fonts with a writing style will draw a single stroke design.

You can easily filter your fonts to find ones with a writing style.  First, select Cricut fonts in the bar along the top. Then click on Filter on the right-hand side and select Writing Style. Now you can choose your font. The one I used is DonJuan.

2: Change Alignment and Spacing

Change the spacing and alignment for the pizza Valentines

Once you have selected your text, you can adjust the alignment and letter spacing. Decreasing the letter spacing is especially important if you choose a cursive style font and want the letters to connect.

I used the center alignment for my text and kept the letter spacing the same. Then I selected everything and duplicated it to make multiple copies.

What’s your favorite Cricut font to use? Let me know in the comments below.

3: Change Your Font Color

Change the color of your font

To use multiple pen colors, you will need to change your pen color on your design. This tells the machine to pause and allows you to switch out pens.

Click on your text layer and click on the colored circle. A panel will appear with all the color options and you can choose your color.

4: Attach Your Font

Attach the font for your pizza Valentines

This is a very important step! You need to make sure to attach your font to your layer so that it will write exactly as you have it on your design screen.

Select your text layer and the rectangle and select the Attach tool. Repeat with each Valentine.

5: Cut Out and Write Your Design

Make your pizza Valentines

Now you are ready to make your design. Click on “Make It” and select your material. Follow the onscreen prompts to insert the correct color pen into Clamp A on your machine.

Draw your pizza Valentines

Press the Go button on your machine and watch it work its magic! The machine will pause between pen colors to allow you to insert the next color. Once it has written all the text, it will cut out your design.

Carefully remove your paper from the mat. Attach your erasers using some glue dots and you are all done! You now have some colorful and fun Valentines to enjoy and share. Just make sure you don’t leave them in a place where your dog can get to them or a few might end up getting eaten. I’m not speaking from experience or anything...

Happy crafting!

Finished pizza Valentines

What project are you going to use your Cricut pens with? Be sure to pin this project to try!

How to Write with your Cricut

Cupid DIYs, Too

1Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you’ve got a lot of people on your list to share a little love with. But no Valentine’s Day celebration would be complete without valentines! It doesn’t matter how old you are, getting a card on this fun holiday is much appreciated and cherished. Now, you can go to the store and buy a box of premade cards (we can see your reaction) or make ’em yourself with these adorable Make It Now Valentine’s Day cards. We thought so.