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Cricut Community Favorites: Valentine’s Day Shirts

February 9th, 2019 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

If you're looking for new shirts to wear for Valentine's Day, our Cricut Community members are here to help. Check out these fun designs that have been popping up.

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day shirts

This shirt by Misty would be perfect for any little girl. I would choose to make it with purple glitter for my own daughter since it's her favorite color; I love how easy it is to customize shirts to each person.

Click to Make: I Love You a Bushel and a Peck

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day shirts

Are you a teacher who's looking for the perfect shirt to wear on Valentine's Day? Emma has you covered. Of course, this shirt would be apt throughout the rest of the year, too.

Click to Make: To Teach is to Love

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day shirts

I have made my own version of conversation hearts before with frosted cookies, but this cute shirt by Beth would definitely be a better option since I could wear it many times.

Click to Make: Conversation Hearts

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day shirts

For the person who loves puns, Tricia designed an adorable shirt you should make. As a rule, we don't recommend layering anything on top of glitter iron-on, so she's got you covered with everything sliced out so that you avoid this, but still have the look of glitter as the base.

Click to Make: Owl Be Your Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day shirts

Looking for matching shirts for you and your kids? You can use these designs by Kimberly to get you coordinated in no time.

Click to Make: Mommy & Me Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day shirts

In addition to the above fun collection shirts about Mama, don't forget to make this one by Bailie about Daddy.

Click to Make: Daddy's My Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day shirts

If you want to honor the greatest example of true love, you can create a shirt using this design by Freda.

Click to Make: True Love

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day shirts
Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day shirts

Oh, how clever Catherine is! She made two shirts for Valentine's Day from this one design cut. Save on materials and time by choosing to make these shirts for Valentine's.

Click to Make: Two Shirts in One

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day shirts

If you'll be pregnant on Valentine's Day, you could make this special shirt by Alyson to celebrate this precious time.

Click to Make: Growing Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day shirts

I got engaged on February 13th. If I had my Cricut back then, I could have used this version by Nicole to celebrate our first Valentine's Day together.

Click to Make: Hot Fiance Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day shirts
DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Cricut Community Favorites: Valentine’s Day Cards

January 26th, 2019 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Looking for the perfect card to tell someone you love them? Valentines for your child's class? Our Cricut Community members are here to help with these fun designs.

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

How delightful are these hedgehog Valentines that Jennifer created? Perfect for handing out at school.

Click to Make: Hedgehog Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Kathleen made this adorable card featuring two fluffy poodles in love. Glitter cardstock makes it pop.

Click to Make: Poodle Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

If you're looking to create a detailed box card for Valentine's Day, check out this version by Paul. Hearts galore!

Click to Make: Valentine Box Card

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Caroline made this delightful collection of Valentines that will help you celebrate your love story. I think I need to make them all for my husband throughout the next year.

Click to Make: Love Story Valentines

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Caroline also made this fun pop up box that serves well as a Valentine's Day card.

Click to Make: Valentine's Day Pop-Up Box

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

I love the surprise that comes with opening explosion boxes, and Kathryn made a lovely version that you could fill with hearts, jewelry, candy or more.

Click to Make: Valentine Explosion Box

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

We are huge Star Wars fans in my little family; we even named one child after a character in that franchise. I absolutely love this card that Mary made using the Star Wars Valentine's Digital Mystery Box.

Click to Make: Solo Star Wars Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Renae also used the Star Wars Valentine's Digital Mystery Box when crafting up these fun lollipop Valentines.

Click to Make: Star Wars Valentine Lollipops

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Sia cleverly incorporated slots to place a rainbox spiral lollipop in her unicorn Valentines. I think this would likely be my daughter's favorite.

Click to Make: Unicorn Valentines

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Puns are a fun addition to any Valentine's Day Card. Shannon created these fun Smartie Pants Valentines that make it easy to add a piece of the candy by this name.

Click to Make: Smartie Pants Valentines

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Break out your Cuttlebug and add embossed hearts to this card as Elizabeth did. I love all the details in this elephant Valentine.

Click to Make: Elephant Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Buy some microwave popcorn this year for the kids and pop on one of these Valentine tags that Candice designed.

Click to Make: Valentine Popcorn Tags

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards
Host a Galentine's Day craft party this year!

DIY Projects That Repurpose Your Ex’s Stuff Make Galentine’s Day Even Better

February 14th, 2018 • Cricut Blog Team

Happy Valentine’s Day! At this point in time, you might very well be preparing for a romantic dinner for two, and dreaming about that special someone. (Which is great: go you!)

But if you’re nursing a recently broken heart, or just suffering the usual frustrations over finding love in a busy world, maybe you have something else in mind. Here’s what we’re thinking: a Galentine’s Day celebration where you grab the girls and craft up a collection of special somethings. The catch? You’ll be empowering yourself by repurposing your ex’s leftover stuff into something you actually want!

Get out your Cricut Maker and imagine the possibilities…

Maybe you’ll turn his old shirt into something more self-affirming?

Fries before guys shirt
Fries before guys shirt

Or consider morphing those ratty leather gloves…

Leather gloves

Into boho-chic hanging earrings.

Leather earrings
Leather earrings

And how about upcycling his boxer shorts…

Cutting boxer shorts

Into (yep, we went there!) a toy for Fido?

Dog toy
Upcycled dog toy

Let us know which of these Galentine’s crafts are your favorites!

What are you making for your besties this year?

Mommy's Little Valentine onesie

Mommy & Daddy’s Little Valentine Onesies

February 12th, 2018 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Hey Cricut friends! It’s Cori, back from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff. Are you almost ready for Valentine’s Day? It’s right around the corner and I have a quick project for you to make to get your little one ready!

Today we’re making these cute Valentine’s Day onesies using pink iron-on vinyl and pink iron-on foil. These onesies are perfect for baby’s first Valentine’s Day but also work on a t-shirt for your favorite toddler. So cute!

Mommy's Little Valentine onesies

We’ll also be taking a look at how to layer iron-on vinyl using the Cricut EasyPress. The EasyPress makes layering vinyl so easy, as you’ll see.

First, download the Little Valentine file by clicking the link, right click to save, and upload it to Cricut Design Space. I suggest making one at a time, so hide the image you don’t want to make.

1: Size and Cut Your Image

Size and cut the image for your Mommy's Little Valentine Onesies

To cut this file in the correct size for your child’s onesie or t-shirt, Use Cricut Templates, which I explained in detail here. I am using the 6-month onesie template (found under “pajamas”) to make sure my sizing is correct. Note that the template will not cut—it’s just a guideline to help you size your image.

When you go to cut your iron-on vinyl and foil, make sure to mirror your image and place your material shiny side down on your cutting mat. Cut out your image. Weed the negative space, and then using scissors, cut between the heart and the word “valentine” so they are separate.

2: Apply to Onesie Using Layering

Apply the iron-on and iron-on foil to the onesie

Layering vinyl using the EasyPress is much easier than using a traditional iron. The even heating of the EasyPress means you don’t get hotspots—which I have found are a big pain when layering iron-on vinyl – melty, uneven vinyl is no fun for anyone!

Thankfully the EasyPress doesn’t have hotspots, so you know that your iron-on vinyl will be heated evenly and your project will turn out perfectly.

Start by placing all three iron-on pieces on your onesie to make sure everything is placed right, with your heart on the bottom layer.

Apply the iron-on and iron-on foil to the onesie

Then take away the two other sheets, leaving just the heart in the right place.

Apply the iron-on and iron-on foil to the onesie with an EasyPress

Heat up your EasyPress to the suggested temperature for your material. In my case, the onesie is cotton and I’m using iron-on foil, so my temperature is 295°.

Normally, I’d set my EasyPress for 35 seconds, but because we’re doing several layers, I’m going to just set it to 20 seconds for the first two layers. You can put the EasyPress directly on the iron-on, but I prefer to use a pressing sheet or a piece of cotton fabric.

Apply the iron-on and iron-on foil to the onesie with an EasyPress

Place your EasyPress over the heart and apply even pressure and push the green button. When it beeps after 20 seconds, return the EasyPress to its base. Cricut iron-on foil is “cold peel” so you have to wait for the material to cool before peeling the backing piece off.

Then put your “Mommy’s Little” or “Daddy’s Little” piece next. I didn’t increase my temperature to 305°, which would be the normal iron-on lite setting. I didn’t want to damage my foil. 295° is enough to set the iron-on lite so we’ll stick with that.

Repeat the 20-second press for this layer, and peel off the transfer sheet. Cricut iron-on vinyl is “hot peel” so you don’t have to wait for this layer to cool before removing the backing piece.

Apply the iron-on and iron-on foil to the onesie with an EasyPress

For the final layer, increase your time to 30 seconds. This will make sure that all three layers are completely set. After this press, turn your onesie inside out and press for 30 seconds from the back as well. This will help adhere the iron-on even better.

Note: If you’re using glitter iron-on, it needs to be the top layer of your project. Because the glitter isn’t flat, it doesn’t work well as a base for other layers.

Apply the iron-on and iron-on foil to the onesie with an EasyPress

Layering iron-on doesn’t have to be scary! Just make sure you’re using the lowest heat setting for your materials and taking your time to place your layers exactly where you want them. It makes creating cute custom clothes, like this onesie, super easy!

Do you have any fun Valentine’s Day projects you’re working on this year? I’d love to see them in the comments!

DIY Pizza Valentines

Use Your Cricut to Write Out These Adorable Pizza Valentines

February 6th, 2018 • Contributor: Jenny Alger from Everyday Jenny

Hi! It’s Jenny from Everyday Jenny. Have you tried writing with your Cricut? Today I’m showing you how to use Cricut fonts and pens to write.

Cricut has a great variety of pens that come in fine-point, medium-point, calligraphy and even glitter. They also come in all the colors of the rainbow. I have the Ultimate Fine Point set and love all the colors, but this Seaside Pen Set is calling my name too!

I created this cute pizza Valentine using my Cricut pens and Cricut fonts in Design Space.


Supplies for pizza Valentines

1: Create Your Design and Choose a Font

Create the design for your pizza Valentine

To create this design, I inserted a rectangle and then inserted my text. (You can open my design here.) To change your font, click on the text box, and the font selections will appear.

There are two styles of fonts you can use. Fonts that do not have a writing style will only be the outline of the text. Fonts with a writing style will draw a single stroke design.

You can easily filter your fonts to find ones with a writing style.  First, select Cricut fonts in the bar along the top. Then click on Filter on the right-hand side and select Writing Style. Now you can choose your font. The one I used is DonJuan.

2: Change Alignment and Spacing

Change the spacing and alignment for the pizza Valentines

Once you have selected your text, you can adjust the alignment and letter spacing. Decreasing the letter spacing is especially important if you choose a cursive style font and want the letters to connect.

I used the center alignment for my text and kept the letter spacing the same. Then I selected everything and duplicated it to make multiple copies.

What’s your favorite Cricut font to use? Let me know in the comments below.

3: Change Your Font Color

Change the color of your font

To use multiple pen colors, you will need to change your pen color on your design. This tells the machine to pause and allows you to switch out pens.

Click on your text layer and click on the colored circle. A panel will appear with all the color options and you can choose your color.

4: Attach Your Font

Attach the font for your pizza Valentines

This is a very important step! You need to make sure to attach your font to your layer so that it will write exactly as you have it on your design screen.

Select your text layer and the rectangle and select the Attach tool. Repeat with each Valentine.

5: Cut Out and Write Your Design

Make your pizza Valentines

Now you are ready to make your design. Click on “Make It” and select your material. Follow the onscreen prompts to insert the correct color pen into Clamp A on your machine.

Draw your pizza Valentines

Press the Go button on your machine and watch it work its magic! The machine will pause between pen colors to allow you to insert the next color. Once it has written all the text, it will cut out your design.

Carefully remove your paper from the mat. Attach your erasers using some glue dots and you are all done! You now have some colorful and fun Valentines to enjoy and share. Just make sure you don’t leave them in a place where your dog can get to them or a few might end up getting eaten. I’m not speaking from experience or anything...

Happy crafting!

Finished pizza Valentines

What project are you going to use your Cricut pens with? Be sure to pin this project to try!

How to Write with your Cricut
You Are My Happy No Sew Banner

DIY No-Sew Valentine’s Day Wall Hanging

January 29th, 2018 • Contributor: Kayla Brasher from Kayla Makes

When I think about what I want to see in a cutting machine, versatility is at the top of the list. I'm not looking for a one-trick pony. I need something that can do everything I want + more. Surprise me, I say!

That's exactly what you get with the Cricut Maker. Versatility at its finest. Today, I'm showing you just how versatile it can be by cutting multiple types of fabric to create a no-sew, Valentine's Day inspired wall hanging.

Supplies Needed:

Supplies for this no-sew fabric banner

Is there anything more fun than picking out fabric? I start by choosing a print and then choose 5-6 coordinating solids.

1: Cut Canvas and Make Banner

Choose the fabric type in Design Space

(A) I used Design ID #M45C8B from Design Space. It's part of the Cricut Access Subscription so if you're already a member, it's free to use! *I only have the 12x12 FabricGrip Mat so I sized my banner to fit using a width of 8.5.*

(B) Once you've set up your design and chosen the Maker as your cutting machine, you'll go to the material settings window and select Canvas as your material. The rotary blade will automatically adjust before cutting.

Choose the fabric type in Design Space

The Maker cuts canvas like butter, just look at those crisp lines.

(C) To finish the edges I used an iron and a product called "Steam-a-Seam", which you can find at most craft stores. You could also use a quality fabric glue.

2: Cut Fabric Accents

Cut out the accents for your fabric banner

Now the fun part begins! I created a heart from the shapes panel in Design Space and made it a little smaller than my banner so it will center nicely, around 6.8 inches wide. Hide the banner by clicking the small eye shape in the layers panel and cut the heart.

Cut out the accents for your fabric banner

It's always surprising to see how easily the Maker can go from cutting a thick canvas to cutting thin cotton. Just be sure to choose cotton as your material in the settings.

3: Upload and Set Up Design

Upload your design

*I used Adobe Illustrator to set up my design, saved it as an SVG and then imported it into Design Space. Click HERE to open the file, then do a right-click (PC) or CTRL + click (Mac) and Choose Save As to download it. Upload it to Design Space.

(1) Size the design to fit on the banner, change the letter colors to match your fabrics and click Make It. Just be sure to hide the heart and the banner shape first.

Upload your design

(2) The software will show you which color fabric to load each time. Since I'm using both cotton and felt I just changed the material settings as I went through the different mats.

Glue on the letters

4: Glue on Accents

Glue on accents


Glue on accents

Since this is a no-sew project, I used fabric glue to attach the pink heart and all of the letters to the banner. It looks perfectly fine as is, but I'll probably add a contrasting stitch around the edges before hanging.


What kind of no-sew projects have you created with the Maker? Let us know in the comments!

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