DIY Trick or Treat Party Decor

DIY Trick or Treat Party Decor to Wow Your Halloween Visitors

October 20th, 2017 • Contributor: Kristen Johnson from A Gal and Her Glitter

When trick or treating, everyone loves that one house that hands out the full sized candy bars… look no further because we have an entire party just for those anti- fun-sized candy bar kids inside us all!

A Bright Side to Spooky

This time of year can often get a little too eerie so we went from the dark side and turned toward the light. At the end of the tunnel were brightly colored foams, holographic vinyl and shimmer cardstock that still gave us a fright… and our Cricut Maker was leading the way. Every kid, young and young at heart, would be able to attend this fun-filled Trick or Treat party and leave with a side smirk and a mouth full of multicolored sugary goodness.

The Good Stuff

Bats with more bats and holographic vinyl were a must! The different textures and vibrancy of the bats play really well off of any wall you choose. Pair these vibrant bats with the “Treat Yo Self” welcome (don’t mind if we do!) and your party is going to light up more than just their eyes. Time to grab your Trick or Treat pumpkin and grab your candy!

Tools + Materials You Will Need:

Supplies for your Trick or Treat party decor
  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Shimmer Paper
  • Cricut Holographic Vinyl
  • Craft Foam
  • Hot Glue/Gun

1: Cut Cardstock Bats

Cut the bats out of cardstock

Cut your Cricut shimmer cardstock using your Cricut Maker with Design Space, search image and select your bat. Use your contour button to remove anything you do not want to be cut. Once all set, proceed to cut your shimmer cardstock.

2: Cut Foam Bats

Cut the bats out of foam

Follow the instructions from step number 2 for your craft foam. Be sure to switch your blade and your material, but no need for a full redesign.

3: Fold Wings

Fold up the wings of the bats

Fold up the wings of the bats

One by one, take your shimmer cardstock and fold each wing where it attaches to the body and fold toward the body. With your foam, use your fingers to massage the wings toward the body in a rolling motion.

4: Attach to Wall

Attach the bats to the wall

Take an adhesive, like hot glue, and add a dot of glue to the head and attached to your backdrop. Use a removable adhesive for walls. Continue in a cascading form mixing the colors into each other in an ombre type feel. All done with this batty project - on to the next simple party element that will tantalize the senses!

5: Create and Cut Your Sign

Make your wall sign

Time for the sign. Use your Cricut maker to cut your holographic vinyl. Choose a font that works for your party feel. To make your sign bigger, you may need multiple pieces of your material. When you set your font and size desired, select the vinyl setting, ensure you are using the correct blade, and begin your cut. Weed out your excess vinyl to reveal your spooktacular letters.

6: Weed and Transfer Sign

Put your sign on the wall

After your cuts are complete, weed out and remove the excess vinyl. Apply your transfer and apply to your backdrop/wall. *Using a level will help* Remove your transfer and your party is ready to go!

The finished Trick or Treat party scene

Following these quick and easy steps will make a big impact on your candy craving ghouls and goblins. Add in your sweets and treats, more personal touches, with your Cricut and get ready for the most cheerful Trick or Treat party around.

The magical unicorn pumpkin was also made with the Cricut Maker and can be found here.

How do you decorate for your Trick or Treaters?

See some of the unique useful features in the Cricut Design Space iOS App

Useful Features of the Design Space iOS App

October 17th, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

Whether you are an Apple or PC user; Android or iOS. We all have systems that we are most comfortable using. For me, it is iOS, especially when it comes to Design Space. I enjoy using a device to design and create that I always have with me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the computer software as well. In all honesty, there are things that I can do on my computer that I can’t on my iOS device. Yet, the reverse is also true. There are features in the iOS app that can be found there and nowhere else. Let’s explore them together.

Smart Guides

Smart Guides helps you center your design

Now this one is a simple one, but I love it none the less. It is called “Smart Guides” and it is perfect for aligning shapes, images, and text automatically. No need to click on the align drop-down menu in the app, these nice orange lines tell you exactly when things are aligned.

Camera Mode

The next feature is “Camera Mode.” This allows you to see the finished project before you actually cut. It changes your canvas into whatever your camera views. Therefore, you are virtually seeing your cut on the project blank before completion. *Camera mode does not size your project for you. It is a visual aid only*

Snap Mat

Snap Mat is especially helpful for designing with the Cricut Maker

Next is “Snap Mat.” I absolutely love this feature and use it almost more than anything else. Snap Mat allows you to take a picture of your mat and use that as your mat preview. This feature became available last year, but at the time no one knew the real reason we had come out with it… it was in preparation for the Maker. We wanted to give you the ability to cut patterned fabric and choose which piece of that pattern to cut. Obviously, it doesn’t just have to be patterned fabric, it could be paper, vinyl or whatever other patterned material you like.

Another way that I love to use Snap Mat is for using my scraps. No longer do I have to guess and measure to use up that last bit of iron-on. Now I just snap a picture of my mat, place my design where I want and send it to be cut knowing that it will come out exactly how I want.


You can design while offline with the iOS app

Last, but not least is the “Offline” functionality. With the iOS Design Space app, you have the ability to download images and fonts to your device to use when you don’t have service or wifi. Just because your bars disappear doesn’t mean your creativity has to.

Working in Offline Mode

These are just a few of amazing features found in the iOS Design Space app. If you haven’t had a chance to play with it I definitely recommend it. It will change your world. Rather than sit at my computer desk I just sit on my couch, design, and chill.

Need to get the iOS App? It's in the App Store. Tell us what your favorite feature is below!

Learn how to use the Knockout Method for your Cricut crafting

Make This Trick or Treat Bag With the Knockout Method

October 10th, 2017 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Hi everyone! It’s Jess from Everyday Party Magazine, and I am SO excited to share today’s DIY with you!!

Trick or Treat Bag with the Knockout method

I love Cricut Iron On, and I really love my Maker and Easy Press. Cricut Iron-On is such an awesome way to make a bag or shirt personal. In the last few weeks, I have used the Easy Press and Iron-On Vinyl to make banners, customize my sons’ hockey team shirts, and make fun trick or treat bags for my kids and niece and nephew. But, until last weekend, I have never tried knocking out text with an image. I have seen so many cool examples all over Pinterest, and I knew I needed to try it on a trick or treat bag for one of the guys.

Trick or Treat Bag with the Knockout method

If you like the design I created, you can open the project here.

Trick or Treat Bag Design

Supplies Needed:

For this project, you will need a Cricut, an EasyPress, Cricut BrightPad, Cricut Access, 4 colors of Cricut Iron-On Vinyl, and a blank bag or shirt.

1: Type and Weld Text

Type out the text you want and weld it

Open Design Space, and type and size your text. (For this project, I copied the text twice.) Weld the letters together; Trick and Treat were welded. I repeated this twice.

2: Insert Image

Put the image you want to use in your Design Space canvas

Insert the image you want to knock out of the text. I wanted to use different screws for this project, so I ungrouped Frankenstein and sliced the screws off of each layer.

3: Center and Slice

Center image and slice out

Once that was done, I centered one layer over each text box.

Center image and slice out

Center image and slice out

Next, I sliced the image out of the text and deleted the excess.

Center image and slice out

You can delete two text boxes and drag the knocked out images to fill in the text. Ungroup the screws for Frankenstein, and place them on each side of the text.
Sync your colors. The bottom layer was a dark grey, then green, then black, and finally grey. Select all, and size it to fit your bag or shirt.

4: Cut and Weed

Cut out your project and then weed it

Flip all images horizontally as you need to mirror the image when working with Iron-on. Send the project to your Cricut to cut, then weed with your BrightPad.

4 layers of vinyl

You will have 4 different layers of vinyl when you finish weeding.

4: Press Vinyl

Use the EasyPress

Set your Easy Press to the correct temperature and time, and heat up the bag or shirt. Then, press each layer on, carefully lining each layer on top of the bottom one.

Finished Trick or Treat bag

Finally, flip your bag or shirt inside out, and use the Easy Press on the back side of the project.

Have you used the Knockout Method? Tell us about it below and tag it with #cricutmade on social media!

Make this You're a Gem Card

Surprise Someone With This You’re a Gem Card

October 9th, 2017 • Contributor: Emily from B. Lovely Events

Lovelies! Emily here from B. Lovely Events and today I have another project using the New Cricut Papers that are exclusively at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores. Cricut machines are great for making cards and this You’re a Gem card has my heart! Gems, geometric and geodes are so popular right now because they are so lovey. When you mix their already chic pattern with shiny metallic colors, it’s heaven! I love the metallic foil colors the new Cricut foil samplers have and they are perfect for cutting gems from. I’ll show you exactly how to make this card step by step and then you can give it to any gem in your life! Let’s get started!

1: Find Images

You are going to design your card in Design Space. There are so many ways to go about doing this. This card was inspired and adapted from the Cricut Card Project, You’re A Gem from Kim Byers.

I just love the look of the card and how chic, yet whimsical it is. I wanted actual cut out gems on my card, the one pictured above utilized printed cards.

Here is what I used from Design Space:

2: Combine Elements

Gather together your images

Combine your card elements into Design Space. This will help you size everything to scale so everything fits together.

3: Cut Out Images

Cut out the images for your card

Cut out the images for your card

Then you are going to hit make it in the corner to it started. Take out your standard mat and a black sheet of the Cricut Shimmer Paper. Set your Cricut Explore Air 2 to Cardstock mode, select the card outline in the design space, hit continue, select your Cricut machine and hit the go button! Watch it cut its magic.

Cut out gem images

For The Gems, you will want a different foil color for each gem. Because of this, it is best to cut each gem 1 at a time. To do this, you will just have that single gem in the design space pattern in the design space. You can delete all the other elements out of your Design Space when you combined them all together and leave just one gem. Add your foil paper to your cutting mat and load it into the Cricut. Cut each gem Cricut machine with the same setting and process as you followed for the card outline.

Then take your weeding tool from the Cricut tool set and remove the gem middles from the cut image. Leave just the outline of the gem.

Once one gem is cut and removed from the mat, go back to Design Space, add the next gem pattern and then cut that one out until you have all the gem designs that you would like for the card.

Cut out the words

Lastly, select the You’re A Gem word cut in Design Space and cut that out as well following the same process that you used for the card outline and gems. I would recommend going with a gold foil for the words because it works in perfect contrast with the black shimmer card backing that it will be affixed to. Once cut, weed this out as well.

Now you have all of the pieces, you are ready to make your card!

4: Assemble Card

Put your card elements together

Take your adhesive squares and add them to the back of the You’re A Gem cutout. Position the adhesive to outside edges of the letters so the adhesive is semi-hidden by them. Adding these adhesive squares will give the card some dimension which is a nice touch to the overall look.

Put your card elements together

Lightly place the letters on the front of the card and move around until you find your ideal location. Then press down to secure to the card.

Put your card elements together

Heat up your Glue Gun. While it is heating up, position your gems around the You’re a Gem words on the card. Once you have those locations on lock, you can go ahead and glue them in place.

Put your card elements together

That’s it! Your card is officially made. You can also cut out an envelope using a pattern from Design Space or just give it as is!

Put your card elements together

I love the metallic gems colors around the pretty gold wording. The shimmer black paper adds a nice sparkle element to the card that brings the gem theme even more to life.

Completed card

Don’t forget to share your makes on social media and use the hashtag #handmadewithjoann to share it with everyone!

Happy Crafting!
Emily - B. Lovely Events

Learn how to do hand-lettering by using tracing sheets and a Cricut BrightPad

Jumping on the Hand-lettering Bandwagon

October 5th, 2017 • Contributor: Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

Have you noticed that hand-lettering (or calligraphy) is making a comeback? I have! Not only do I love all the different hand-lettering font that are popping up lately, I actually have become obsessed with trying to figure out how to duplicate the artform. My normal handwriting is legible at best, so this was not an easy task to undertake.

Enter the Cricut BrightPad™

I have looked up many hand-lettering video tutorials and tried my best to replicate their techniques. It wasn’t until I gave tracing a try that I really saw an improvement in my hand-lettering.

Here is what I did…

1: Get Good Pens

Get yourself some fancy pens. I personally love the Tombow dual brush pens. The set I am using can be found here.

2: Get Your BrightPad

Pull out that BrightPad. If you don’t have one but are dying to try this out I know exactly where you can get one

3: Print Templates and Practice

Practice hand-lettering with templates

Practice hand-lettering with templates

I love using the tracing method for a number of reasons. First and foremost I only need to print out one practice sheet. This way I save on printer ink and paper.

Practice hand-lettering with templates

I decided how many letters I want to fit on a sheet rather than letting the template decide for me. Another reason I love the tracing method is that it is like have training wheels. You see, much like training wheels on a bike keep you upright until you learn to balance, tracing trains your hand in the movements until you are ready to give it a go on your own.

Practice hand-lettering with templates

From there I can move the paper around to create words and learn how to connect the letters.

Practice hand-lettering with templates

And there you have it. With some Tombow pens, a few worksheets, some practice, and a Cricut BrightPad I have made my dreams of hand-lettering into a reality.

Have you tried hand-lettering yet? Tell us in the comments below!

Thanksgiving Meal Accessories tutorials

Thanksgiving Dinner Accessories to Make This Year

October 3rd, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

If you are looking for some easy ways to dress up your Thanksgiving dinner, try making one of these fun accessories. I am especially in love with the Thankful Crayon Holders. What a cute way to teach children about being thankful! It's also fun for guests of all ages to get the opportunity to be a bit creative.

Thankful Crayon Holders

Step 1: Cutting Out Your Pieces and Writing/Scoring

Open up the project and follow the instructions to cut out the different parts. Insert the pen and stylus when directed.

Step 2: Prepare the Holder

Create the envelope by folding where the scoring lines were made and glue the flaps. Place the orange piece and crayons inside the white envelope.

Hanging Leaf Branch

Created by Michelle Edgemont

Step 1: Print Then Cut the Leaves

Load up the watercolor leaves and follow the instructions to print them out on the cardstock, then cut them out with your Cricut.

Step 2: Attach the Leaves

Use the clear tape to adhere a leaf to each strand of baker's twine. Place the twine evenly across a straight twig and tie them on.

Step 3: Add the Natural Twine

Tie the other twine to each side of your twig so that you can hang it on the wall or above your table.

Felt Bow Napkin Rings

Step 1: Cutting the Materials

Go to the project in Design Space and follow the instructions to first cut the leaves out of cardstock (StandardGrip), then the felt on the StrongGrip. If you use the Cricut® Maker, you will not need to add a stabilizer to the back.

Step 2: Assemble the Leaves

Use the hot glue gun to make the leaves thicker by attaching three of them together.

Step 3: Make Your Bows

Fold the felt to make the bow shape. Glue so it will hold together.

Step 4: Insert Leaves and Napkin

Take two of your leaves and glue them to the bow on the inside. Once that has dried, add your napkin and voilà!

Which project will you make this Thanksgiving? Let us know below!

Make your own elegant wreaths using your Cricut

Decorate Your Door With These Stylish Wreaths

October 3rd, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Wreaths are an easy way to add some color and style to your front door. In less time than it takes to watch your favorite sitcom, you could make one of these wreaths to make your entryway really stand out!

Monogram Wreath

Uses the Cricut Studio Kate's ABCs-Baby Girl digital cartridge

Step 1: Cutting Out Monogram

Open up the project and change the monogram to your desired letter. Have your Cricut cut out 8 of them.

Step 2: Prepare the Wreath

If you are using a Christmas wreath, remove any red berries or other scarlet accents to make it work with any season. Add in the peach berries.

Step 3: Glue Together Monogram

Add glue to each monogram letter and stack on top of each other to form one thick letter.

Step 4: Attach the Letter

Loop the ribbon through the letter (if possible) and attach with glue to the wreath.

Thankful Heart Wreath

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

Load up the Thankful Heart Image in Design Space. Switch to the deep cut blade. Start out with the dial on paper and have it cut once. While keeping the mat in the machine, move the dial to the next setting and cut again, repeating until you reach the Custom setting.

Once you are in Custom, use the highest pressure and have it cut 7 times. Repeat this two more times for a total of 21 different cuts.

Step 2: Assemble the Wreath

Simply use the hot glue to attach the wooden Thankful Heart phrase to the wreath and you are finished.

Which wreath do you prefer? Tell us below!

Make your own garlands

Make These Pretty Garlands for Your Next Holiday Party

October 3rd, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

One easy way to make a room more festive is to deck it out with garlands. These swags can be easily customized to match the holiday or other occasions that you are celebrating. During this fall or winter, why not make one of these pretty garlands using your Cricut?

Metallic Leaf Garland

Step 1: Cutting and Scoring

Open up the project in Design Space and insert the scoring stylus into your machine. Put the cardstock on your mats and cut out the project. It will also do the scoring for you as it goes.

Step 2: Fold All the Leaves

Take all of the leaves and prepare them for attachment by folding them along the score lines.

Step 3: Attach Leaves

Use the hot glue to adhere each leaf to the wire. Make them go in all directions to add fullness to your garland.

Step 4: Paint the Garland

The final step is to paint all of the leaves. Silver spray paint was used for the one pictured, but you can certainly use other metallic colors depending on your needs. A nice antique gold would go lovely with the reds and greens of Christmas, for example. Allow to dry, then hang up.

Diamond Garland

This is a JoAnn Exclusive project.

Step 1: Cutting and Scoring

Go to this Design Space project and follow the prompts to cut and score the diamond pattern.

Step 2: Assemble the Diamond Garland

Make the diamond by folding each of the score lines that your Cricut made during cutting. Start folding it together into the diamond shape around the twine so that it runs through the middle. Hot glue each of the sides together. Keep adding diamonds to the twine at 5" intervals.

Which style do you like better? Tell us below!

Removing the background on an imported image in Design Space

Removing the Background on an Imported Image

September 26th, 2017 • Contributor: Ginger Bowie from Ginger Snap Crafts

Hello, Cricut Friends! It’s Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts. I am so excited to be back over here on the Cricut blog. I am so grateful that I have this amazing opportunity to hang out with you every month. As I’ve said before, I’m still a Cricut newbie. I’ve been using my machine for about a year & a half, and every day I am learning new things to do with these amazing machines!

Today I’d love to share How to Remove the White Background on Uploaded Images. Cricut Design Space has tons of fabulous images, but sometimes you’ll find that you need to upload your own images into Design Space. Whether it be a company logo or a school mascot image or your own design, you can turn just about any image into a cuttable image for your Cricut. Let me show you how I made this adorable Pumpkin Patch Sign using my own image & Cricut Design Space.

Removing white space on images

Supplies Needed

1: Design Your Image (or find an image you’d like to use).

Design the image you want to use

First, I designed this cute pumpkin patch sign, and then I saved it as a png on my computer. You can also upload jpg, gif, bmp, svg or dxf files as well. I like to save my images as a png because the lines seem crisper to me. It’s all a personal preference though! If you would like to use this image you can download it here.

2: Upload your image into Design Space

Upload your image to Design Space

Next, I opened Design Space on my computer. I clicked upload image, & then I uploaded the image into Design Space. This is a very simple image so I clicked simple & then continue.

Upload your own image to Design Space

You’ll want to erase the background, so you can cut out just the words & the pumpkin. So, I clicked on this little tool. Now each spot I click with my cursor becomes transparent. You can tell you’ve done it right when the back ground becomes blue & white checkerboard.

Upload your own image to Design Space

Be sure to click inside all the letters. Every blank spot needs to be a checkerboard. So, the inside of this “p” needs a click.

Upload your own image to Design Space

Next, click continue, name your image & then tag it will key words. This will make it easier to find when you need it for a project. Click save!

Upload your own image to Design Space

Next, insert your image into Design Space. In your layer attributes make sure it is set to cut (the scissor icon), if you are making a project like mine. You could also choose write or print depending on what you a making.

Upload your own image to Design Space

All that is left to do is send this design over to the Cricut machine to cut out. How easy was that?

Don’t forget to pin this post, so you can find it easily when you want to try this yourself!

3: Cut Your Vinyl and Finish Your Project

Cut out your vinyl

First, you’ll need to put your vinyl on a cutting mat. I used a 12x24 inch light grip mat for this project. You could also use a 12x24 green mat. My light grip mat was brand new, so the vinyl stuck to it easily. If you are unsure of what mat to use check out this Which Cricut Mat Do I Use? post that I did before. Load your mat, and then press go. Your Cricut will cut out the design. Easy!

Cut out your vinyl

Cut out your vinyl and weed

After my vinyl was finished cutting, I weeded it (removed the excess vinyl).

Cut out your vinyl and weed

Then I put a piece of clear transfer tape on top.

Apply the vinyl

Now it was time for my favorite part…. applying the vinyl! Earlier I had made a sign using a piece of plywood & wood scraps to make a frame. I painted the sign part white & the frame black.

Apply the vinyl

Simply remove the paper backing & then place your design in the middle of your sign. Rub it down gently using the scraper tool.

Apply the vinyl

Next, slowly remove your transfer tape leaving the words behind. Perfection! If desired, you can use a piece of sandpaper to distress your sign around the edges. All done!

Let me know if you try this out. Just think of all the possibilities! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

For more pumpkin patch inspiration, check out Cricut Design Space.

Let me know what Cricut projects you are working on this fall! Annnnnd be sure to pin this post to come back to later.
Happy Crafting!

Tips for attaching fonts in Cricut Design Space

3 Tips For Attaching Fonts in Design Space

September 22nd, 2017 • Contributor: Jen Causey from Something Turquoise

Working with fonts; the sizing, the tracking, and the line spacing can be a bit of a daunting task when you don’t know where to start. So today I’m sharing a fun little screen video of my three favorite tips for attaching and working with scripty fonts. You might have seen me around here before, I’m Cricut’s resident wedding guru, Jen Causey and I’m the turquoise-crazed owner and maker of Something Turquoise, a wedding blog that celebrates the DIY bride.

Using scripty fonts for weddings is always on trend but whether you’re planning a wedding, or just making a pretty sign for your home, I think these simple tricks will make all the difference when designing your projects using script style fonts!

I use a few of these techniques in both of these tutorials on making vinyl wedding signs:

It Was Always You Sign
She Said Yes Sign

What is your favorite script font to use? Comment below!