Main Image Baby Iron-on Lite

Customizing Baby Items with Cricut Iron-on

August 14, 2017 • Contributor: Jenny from Everyday Jenny

Hi! It’s Jenny from Everyday Jenny and I’m back to show you how easy it is to customize your baby’s clothes with the Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Iron-on Lite. There are so many fun colors you can choose, and layering your iron-on also adds new possibilities. Not only can you do baby clothes, but you can personalize blankets, binky clips, headbands, stuffed animals and cloth shoes just to name a few. I created this fun baby shirt with a matching binky clip. You can easily create your own state design in Design Space.

1: Create Your Design in Design Space

Create your text in Design Space

To create your own state design, insert text and write out your state name. You can change the font to the one you like, and use the Letter Space tool to make your letters closer together.

Unlock the text

Select insert shapes and choose a square. Unlock the square in the corner and make it into a rectangle. Repeat until you have as many as you’d like for your design. You will also change your rectangle colors to the color of your Iron-on by clicking on the circle next to your layer and selecting the color. This will also sort your layers to the correct mat for cutting.

Use the Slice tool

To cut out the star shapes from your rectangle, insert a star and line it up on your rectangle. Select both the star and the rectangle and then use the Slice tool to cut out your star. Delete the extra pieces. Repeat as many times as you would like.

Weld the image and text together

I chose a fun cursive font for the “Hi! I am from…” text. Insert your font, select it all and select the Weld tool so it will be cut out as one piece (Depending on the font you choose you may need to use the Letter Space tool to make your letters closer together before welding.)

2: Cut out your Iron-On

Cut out your vinyl design

Once you have finished your design, select "Make It". Select each mat and toggle the Mirror button to the on position (green). Select continue and set your smart dial to Iron-On. Load your mat and cut out each color.

3: Weed your Iron-on

Weed the negative vinyl away

Using your weeding tool set, carefully weed out the excess material leaving only your design. The Cricut BrightPad makes your cut lines so much easier to see which makes weeding much faster.

4: Prepare Your Shirt for Iron-On

Get your shirt ready for the vinyl

Heat up your iron to the correct Iron-on setting and lay your shirt on a flat surface. Warm up the shirt where you will be putting your design.

5: Apply the Iron-On

Put your iron-on on the shirt

Starting with your bottom piece, align your design on your shirt. Using a thin cloth, apply gentle pressure and press. Avoid moving the iron around and hold it in one spot for about 20-30 seconds. Test a corner and carefully pull back the plastic. If it lifts, iron again until you can remove it easily. Layer your next piece on top. Repeat this process until your design is finished.

Finished onesie

That’s it! Now your baby can show off their state pride ;) ! Which state will you choose? Let me know in the comments below.

Check out our other baby projects in Design Space, including new Simplicity patterns for the Cricut Maker.

Organize up your craft room with these cute labels

Organizing Your Life with Your Cricut Machine!

August 11, 2017 • Contributor: Natalie Wright from Natalie Wright

Hiya, creative friends! Natalie Wright from here! I am so excited to not only share some of my favorite Cricut projects for organizing your life, but also share a peek at my craft room too! A craft room says a lot about a person, don’t you think? That’s why I try to keep mine chaotic and disorganized all the time. Ha!

Mostly kidding. ;)

Actually, my family teases me because I love to organize my craft room as much as I love crafting in it. I even pulled out my Cricut Explore Air 2 a few months ago and created some fun whimsical labels just so I would know where to find everything. And guess what… I want to share them with you! Here’s how I cut and used mine in my craft room. Ready to create with me?? Let’s do this!

1: Get the File

Free Craft Room Label SVG

First, download this free craft room label SVG file. Right click to save it to your computer.

2: Upload and Print Labels

Upload, size and print out your craft room labels

To get started, upload the SVG file, and size the labels to whatever size you would like. Be sure to attach the letters when you are ready to cut.

I have also created extra labels in case your favorite craft room supplies are a little different than mine.

Don’t worry, I have your back. ;)

3: Weed and Transfer Labels

Weed away the negative vinyl and get ready for transfer

Use your weeder tool to weed out the vinyl negative space. Then add a small square of transfer tape to each word, one at a time as you transfer them.

You can place the labels on cardstock

For some of my labels, I used white cardstock cut into an oversized tag, and other I just transferred them right to my storage container.

Use glue to attach your labels

When attaching your tags to your containers, use permanent glue dots or your hot glue gun. You can even laminate them if you are worried about lots of wear and tear!

Labeled craft room bin

Not only do I love how clean and organized my craft room is, I can now find all of my supplies so easily. Goodness, I didn’t realize what a mess my craft room was until I organized it!

Craft room labels on bins

I also love how easy it is to swap out these paper labels if I ever decide to move around my supplies.

Craft room labels on buckets

The great thing about organizing with vinyl is it fits on just about any surface, including objects that aren’t flat! Aren’t these round containers so cute with vinyl labels?

Craft room labels on boxes

I also love that I can easily recut my SVG file in a different color if I ever decide to redecorate my creative space. No teasing, you know you have done it too!

Craft room labels on the cube shelf baskets and more

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Goodness, I just love how it turned out! Ready to see some of my favorite Cricut Design Space projects for staying organized? These easy to make projects are perfect for your craft room, kitchen, office, and more.

Make Pretty Paper Labels for Your Pantry Glass Jars

Create Customized Office Labels

Embellish Simple Boxes with Elegant Labels

Create Lovely Labels for the Items You Use Most in Your Kitchen!

Be sure to share in the comments if you have favorite organizational projects you have made with your Cricut machine. I always love to see how other combine crafting and organizing too!

Happy crafting... and best of luck getting organized!



Use the Cricut Cuttlebug to make lovely napkin rings for your party

DIY Mixed Media Napkin Rings

August 7, 2017 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey Let's Make Stuff

Hey, Cricut readers! It's Cori from Hey Let's Make Stuff and I'm back to share a fun tutorial using the Cricut Cuttlebug. Today we're making mixed media napkin rings—a great scrap-busting project that you can customize with whatever you have lying around your craft room.

If you haven’t had much experience with the Cuttlebug, Cricut’s die cutting and embossing machine, I have found most people use it to make gorgeous and creative cards. But I wanted to think outside this box and create this fun project for you today!

Mixed media napkin rings with table settings

The great thing about this napkin ring project is that you can change it up depending on your needs and which Cuttlebug dies and embossing folders you have. The materials list is virtually endless—you can use all sorts of paper, leather, vinyl, craft foam, stabilized fabric, washi sheets, yarn, twine, cording, ribbon, or lace to make your napkin rings. You can even embellish using ink, glitter, paint, etc.

Mixed media napkin rings using a Cricut Cuttlebug

1: Cut Materials

For each napkin ring, you’ll need to cut three different materials. See the materials list above for ideas.

  • The bee – 1” x 1”
  • The main piece – 2” x 6”
  • The accent piece – 1” x 6”

2: Die Cut Your Bee Embellishment

Cut out the bee for your napkin rings

You’ll stack your materials and plates like this, from the bottom to top:

  • Spacer Plate A
  • Embossing Mat
  • Spacer Plate B
  • Bee die, “cut side” up
  • Material, face down
  • Spacer Plate B

Then run the whole stack through your Cuttlebug. You will probably hear the B plates crack a bit and the die will leave an impression—this is totally normal! I like to run my B plates through both right-side up and upside down so that they wear evenly.

3: Emboss Your Bee Embellishment

Emboss the bee that you created in the previous step

To emboss the bee you just cut, do not remove your material from the die.

Order of plate stacking to emboss the bee

Stack your materials and plates like this, from the bottom to top:

  • Spacer Plate A
  • Spacer Plate B
  • Bee die, “cut side” up with material
  • Embossing Mat
  • Spacer Plate B

Now run this stack through your Cuttlebug and it will emboss your material. I find that certain materials emboss better than others – paper of all kinds works well, whereas you lose some detail in “springier” materials like leather and craft foam.

Don't forget to pin this tutorial to save it!

4: Emboss Your Napkin Ring Materials

You will now emboss the main materials for your napkin rings

The next step is to emboss your two main materials. I used both the honeycomb embossing folder and border.

Plate order to emboss the main materials for your napkin rings

Stack your materials like this, from the bottom to top:

  • Spacer Plate A
  • Spacer Plate B
  • Embossing folder or border with material inside
  • Spacer Plate B

Embossed napkin ring material

Run the stack through your Cuttlebug to emboss! Like with the embossing and the die cut, I found that some materials held the emboss better than others, though I was really impressed with the real leather and the border folder – it looks so good!

5: Secure Your Napkin Rings

Cut slits in the side to create your napkin rings

To secure your napkin rings, cut a small slit toward each end of your main material, on opposite sides.

Put together your napkin ring in a loop

Then form into a loop and slide the two slits together to secure.

Loop together embellishment material

Do the same with your accent material. You could also forgo the slits and use glue if you’d like them to be more permanent.

6: Embellish Your Napkin Rings

Add the decorations to your napkin rings

Now get creative! Wrap your napkin rings in twine, leather cording, or other trim. I even used my gold ink pad to add a little glam to my plain brown leather cording. Glue on your bee embellishment and you’re ready to go!

Closeup of decorated napkin ring

I hope this tutorial helped you think outside the box when using your Cuttlebug! I’d love to see the projects you’ve made using your Cuttlebug – show me in the comments!

And check out all of the Make it Now napkin ring projects over on the Cricut Design Space – I think this summer flower napkin ring would be even more lovely after being embossed using the Cuttlebug!

What materials would you use for this project? Which dies and embossing folders?

Learn how to work with large scale projects with a Cricut

Working With Large Scale Projects

Aug 1, 2017 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Hello everyone! I’m Jess from Everyday Party Magazine, if you follow my blog, you may have seen my recent mermaid party. My sweet little niece is obsessed with all things mermaid, and I wanted to spend some special quality time with her, so I turned our party space into a mermaid grotto just for her!

An awesome mermaid tail pallet sign for a mermaid party

I fell in love with the layered mermaid tail in Cricut Design Space in May when I hosted our pirate party. I knew when I planned our special mermaid day I wanted to make a giant mermaid tail backdrop.

Supplies Needed

1: Prep Pallet for Paint

Get your pallet ready to be painted

The first thing I did was prep a pallet for paint. I pressure cleaned it, waited for it to dry, and then sanded it. Once it dried, I used a rag to whitewash the pallet with DecoArt Color Stain.

2: Create Mermaid Tail in Design Space

Work on the different parts of your oversized mermaid tail

While I waited for the Color Stain to dry, I worked on the mermaid tail in Design Space. I used the Mermaid Tail cut from the Mermaid Party Cartridge. I wanted the tail to be about 30” tall and half as wide for the pallet. But, clearly, that would be impossible to cut as one piece in DS.

I placed the design on my canvas and sized it appropriately. (I also removed or hid any parts of the design I didn’t want to cut. In this case, I didn’t want the mirrored tail image or the middle layer, so I hid them)

3: Add Square Shapes and Resize

Create square shapes that will help you get the mermaid tail to be long enough

Next, I added square shapes to my image and sliced it into pieces that could be cut on a 12x12 or 12x24 cutting mat.

Resize the sliced sections

Adjust the size of your sections

4: Cut Out Your Pieces

Use your Cricut to cut out the different sections of the mermaid tail

Once I had the design sliced into sections, I sent it to the mats to cut.

5: Trace the Mermaid Tail on the Pallet

Now it's time to use your cut pieces as a stencil

I used the tail as a stencil in two different ways. I placed the solid mermaid tail on the pallet and pieced it together, carefully matching cut lines. I used two colors of vinyl so you could see this better.

Piece together the cut images for your tail to trace
Your stencil is ready for tracing
Trace the tail onto the pallet

Once the stencil was set, I traced around it with a pencil.

6: Paint in the Tail

Put on your main coat for the tail

Paint the primary color on the tail and let it dry.

7: Apply Secondary Stencils and Paint

Add detail to your tail with secondary stencils

Once the primary color of the tail was dry, I applied the next layer of the vinyl stencil.

Paint inside your secondary stencils

Instead of tracing the tail this time, I painted inside the stencil. When I finished painting inside the vinyl stencil, I carefully removed it.

Mermaid tail pallet sign for a mermaid party

My beautiful mermaid backdrop was ready to use, and my niece loved it!

Be sure to follow my blog, Everyday Party Magazine, for more party tips, inspiration, and more!

Have you done a large scale project before? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Make this cute beach sign with curved text in Cricut Design Space

How to Do Curved Text in Design Space

July 25, 2017 • Contributor: Natalie Wright From Natalie Wright

Hiya, crafty friends! I am soooo excited to be sharing my latest Cricut project with you! I learned the coolest trick in Cricut Design Space: how to curve text. I can't wait to show you how I did it, and my fun summer party I created! Everyone loves a party expressing their love for the beach, right??

Supplies Needed:

Supplies that you will need for this project

(You can use the Cricut project URL I started HERE.)

Step 1: Add Your Text

Add your text into Design Space

Let's get started! First, open up Cricut Design Space. Click on the text icon, and type the word "BEACH".

Step 2: Ungroup Letters

As part of your project, ungroup the letters

Select your text, and ungroup your letters. Now your letters should have individual letters when selected.

Step 3: Create an Oval

Stretch a circle into an oval shape

Click on the basic shapes drop down menu, select the circle and place it on your canvas. Click on the unlock icon, and drag your circle into an oval shape that is slightly larger than your text.

Stretch a circle into an oval shape

Step 4: Align Text With Oval

Align your text with your oval shape

Center your text and oval, then one at a time drag your text down so it aligns with the oval.

Step 5: Drag Down Letters

Move the letters downward

Working from left to right, drag your letters down. Rotate letters slightly so they align with the oval.

Step 6: Group Letters Together

Now group the letters together

Once your letters are aligned where you want them, group them together. Add additional text if desired.

Step 7: Weld Image

Weld your image together

Select your entire image and weld it together.

Step 8: Add Accompanying Images

Add any other images that you would like to your image

Add any additional text or images if you want to. Be sure to group it together before cutting. I added a fun sun and palm trees!

Step 9: Cut, Write and Assemble Projects

Cut out your shapes

Now you are ready to cut your files! (Use my Design Space URL if needed.) Using your Cricut Explore Air 2, follow the directions in Cricut Design Space to write and cut images.

Use the ink pen to fill in the text

Using your coral pen, fill in the word "BEACH".

Create your gift boxes

Cut and assemble gift boxes using the patterned paper of your choice.

Tie a tag onto the box with baker's twine

Add baker's twine and cut image to the top of each gift box.

Decorate a cake with cut shapes and a paper pineapple

For my cake, I cut a strip of palm trees. I just LOVE how it looks on my cake! I cut a pineapple top and used honeycomb paper to make my cake topper.

Decorate your drinks!

Cut 3 in. pineapples for your glass bottles or drinks. Attach with an adhesive pop-dot for extra dimension!

I used my images to also cut a fun sign for my party and layered it on 12x12 in. cardstock covered with crepe paper.

Here are all of the party decorations together

I just LOVE how my party turned out. Being able to curve text really helps to customize a party, and I can't wait to use this trick again! be sure to check out more fun Cricut projects and tutorials on my blog HERE.
Happy crafting!

What have you made using curved text? Let us know in a comment below!

Your guests will love these adorable cone wrappers

How to Pattern Fill in Design Space

July 21, 2017 • Contributor: Kayla Brasher from Kayla Makes

Hi everyone! It's Kayla from Kayla Makes here today to talk about using the pattern fill tool in Design Space. Patterns are SO in right now and you can take advantage of the trend by creating your own patterned projects right from Design Space.

For example, this Make It Now project uses fun and funky summer patterns and is totally customizable. Simply change the pattern and you can make it fit any theme your heart so desires!

I recently hosted a tropical themed party and it was so easy to create all of the necessary party elements using my Cricut and the pattern fill option. Today, I'm showing you how I made these fun patterned cone wrappers.

Here's What You'll Need

I started by uploading my own patterns into Design Space. If you've never done this before, don't worry! It's super simple and you'll be a pro in no time.

1: Upload Images

You can upload your own patterns into Cricut Design Space

In the upload images window, you can choose to upload an image or a pattern. For this project, we're uploading a new pattern so select that option.

2: Name and Tag Your Pattern

Name and tag your uploaded text in Design Space

Click browse and select the file you want to use. At this point, you have the option to name and tag your pattern. I definitely recommend doing both because it makes it easier to find later on. Once you have everything selected click Save and your pattern will be uploaded and saved.

3: Insert Cone Shape

Window Cling

Insert your cone shape onto your canvas and open the layer attributes panel. With the cone selected, click on print in the top right then click on patterns right underneath that. You'll see all of your uploaded patterns as well as all of the patterns available in the software. When you select a pattern it will automatically fill your selected shape.

4: Customize Your Look

Choose the scale of your pattern

To further customize the look of your project you can click edit on the bottom right-hand side of the layers panel. This will bring up the options to scale, pan, rotate or mirror your pattern. I scaled mine up to 135% so it looks more like the texture of a pineapple.

5: Cut Out Cones

Use printable vinyl for your ice cream cone wrapper

Most people tend to use card stock when making cone wrappers which is fine, but in my experience ice cream + paper = soggy mess. I found that printable vinyl is the perfect medium because it's pliable and holds up well to water/liquids.

Instead of setting the dial to the vinyl setting you'll want to turn it up a bit so it cuts through the vinyl and the backing. I used the light card stock setting. Make sure you don't peel the sticky vinyl away from the backing because you'll be using both pieces as the cone wrapper.

6: Glue Together Cone

Glue your cone wrapper when formed

Just form your cone shape and use a little glue to hold it together. Insert delicious ice cream cones and serve!

Cute ice cream cone wrappers with your own patterns

How have you used the pattern fill tool in your projects? Leave a comment below!

You can manipulate fonts in several ways in the Cricut Design Space

Working with Fonts in Cricut Design Space

July 18, 2017 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Hey, crafty friends! I’m Cori from Hey Let’s Make Stuff and I’m here to share tips and tricks for working with fonts in the Cricut Design Space.

Some people are crazy cat ladies, but I am definitely a crazy font lady. I have hundreds (upon hundreds) of fonts and I can never say no when I see another font bundle with swirly swashes, adorable ampersands, and lovely ligatures (only crazy font ladies love ligatures!).

Needless to say, I’m thrilled to be talking fonts here on the Cricut blog! Today I’m going to take one simple word and show you how to manipulate the font in the Cricut Design Space.

Using the Type Tool

Creating text in the Cricut Design Space is easy. Just click on the Text tool in the left menu and start typing. I’m going to use the simple word “hello!” since it’s my first post here and I’m happy to be saying hello to all of you!

Using the Type Tool

Changing the Size

You can easily change the size of your text by using the drag and drop arrow in the corner of your text box, or by using the size panel at the top of your workspace. You can also select an actual font size in the same menu.

Changing Your Font

When you change your font using the drop-down menu, you can choose between Cricut fonts and your own system fonts. Cricut fonts will be denoted with a green “a.” There may be a small fee depending on your Cricut Access subscription. You can also sort by Cricut fonts vs. system fonts.

You can change your font

Cricut Fonts are designed to be cut on a Cricut, so they are always a great choice for your projects (the exception to this rule is Cricut fonts specifically designed as a writing style—I’ll get to that in a moment).

Using Cricut Fonts

Let’s choose a Cricut font and take a look at it more carefully. This called Quarter Note. It’s adorable.

This font is named Quarter Note

As is, it works. You could cut this file. But let’s manipulate it a bit.

The Cricut Design Space defaults to letter spacing of 1.2, but I want each letter closer together. I would love the letters to overlap so I can cut them as a single cut. So I decreased the letter spacing to -.5. You can play around with these numbers depending on the font you are using.

You can decrease the letter spacing of your font

I don’t, however, love how the exclamation point is oddly stuck to the end of “hello.” You can use the Advanced drop-down menu to ungroup to letters. Now you can see that each letter is separate so I can move the exclamation point on its own.

You can ungroup the letters for your font

Ungroup to letters

I’ll just nudge it over a bit so it’s not so cozy with my text.

Move your font over

Now we definitely don’t want to cut all these letters separately, so it’s time to weld!

Drag to select your entire text, and then hit Weld in the lower right-hand corner. Your word will be welded together into one cut file! Perfect.

Weld the text

You can then change the color the same way you would any other object in the Cricut Design Space.

You can change the text color

You’re ready to cut! Have any questions up to this point? Leave me a comment and I’ll try to help.

Using System Fonts

Using a system font that you have on your computer is no different than using a Cricut font as above, though there is one big pitfall I want to mention here.

The Cricut cuts mathematically simple files better than it does mathematically complicated files. Cricut fonts are designed to be mathematically simple, so they cut easily. Your system fonts, however, might not be as simple. Take a look at Anodyne. It’s a great grungy font. And there’s a good chance it will destroy your material.

Choose system fonts carefully

Look at all those little angles and cutouts! Every time, the Cricut has to adjust the blade and mat direction. The Cricut Explore is an amazing machine, but that’s impossible to cut out well.

The best fonts for cutting on the Cricut have smooth edges and have a relatively even weight (the thickness of the lines in each character). Keep this in mind when choosing one of your system fonts to cut on the Cricut!

Writing Styles

I mentioned writing styles above. As you probably know, the Cricut can do much more than cut. Using the Cricut to write is a fun way to add all sorts of text and embellishments to your projects.

When choosing a font to write with, I recommend choosing a Cricut font that specifically has a writing style. Select only Cricut Fonts and then click the little drop-down on the right side of the search bar and select Writing. This will narrow your choices down to the fonts that are specifically designed to be written with the Cricut.

Use a font that has a writing style

Check out how I addressed my boys’ birthday invitations using the Cricut.

Beyond Text

If you’re really stuck you can always check out the extensive library of files in Cricut Access. There are so many cool words and quotes in there to create any project you can imagine!

There are many word and quote files in Cricut Access

I hope you’ve found some helpful basic tips about working with fonts. I hope I get to share with you some more advanced font tutorials soon. Make sure to pin this post so that you’ll have it to refer to. Happy making!

Make your own paper flowers with this easy tutorial

Brighten Your World With These Pretty Paper Flowers

July 17, 2017 • Contributor: Kristen Johnson of A Girl and Her Glitter

We ADORE paper flowers! There is something magical about a flower that never stops blooming. We found the perfect flower shape (for what we needed) in the Cricut Design Space and I wanted to show you how to customize it and make it your own.

Most paper flowers are flat and more of a one note, while this one is full of texture and can take on so many sizes! These paper flowers can be used for anything (and I mean anything!), for an event such as a wedding or a nursery over a crib - the possibilities are endless. Let’s take time to smell the roses… in this case, some paper flowers!

Tools + Materials You’ll Need to Get Started:

1: Type "Flower" Into the Search Bar in Design Space

Choose your flower design in Cricut's Design Space

There are many flower options; as long as it has a solid center, most will work. The choice is really up to you!

2: Insert Your Flower Choice Into the Project

Choose a flower image

We selected a flower with 5 points to it and that solid center we need.

3: Copy and Paste Flower 5 Times

You will need multiple versions of your flower in several sizes

As you paste each flower, be sure to make each one smaller than the one before. This will create varying sizes for depth and texture for your end product.

4: Line Paper According to Layout/Mat

Put your cardstock on the mat

We used the LightGrip (blue mat) and 65lb cardstock paper.

5: Send Project to Be Cut

Have your Cricut cut out the flowers

Once you have copied and pasted 5 of the flower designs, be sure to have your Cricut machine set to cardstock.

6: Remove Freshly Cut Flowers from the Mat

Take off the flowers

Take your time and gently lift them off and away from the LightGrip mat.

7: Line Up Cut Flowers in Order From Largest to Smallest

Put your flowers in order by size

Put your flowers in order so they will be ready for stacking.

8: Bend Petals Up From Center

Bend the petals

Start with your largest paper flower and repeat with the other 4, bending a little more each time.

9: Glue Flowers Together

Glue your flowers together

Take your adhesive and, starting with your base flower (the biggest one), layer the flowers on top of each other to the smallest.

Your project is complete! These flowers will brighten up any space or even event. Choose to use them in a grouping of multiples or enjoy the simplicity of a singular bloom.

Finished paper flower

Leave a comment with ways that you would use these paper flowers!

You can make your own dream catcher mobile

DIY Dream Catcher Mobile

July 13, 2017 • Contributor: Emily from B. Lovely Events

Lovelies! Emily here from B. Lovely Events and if you head to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores,  you’ll find that they have a new line of papers that I can’t get enough of.

Cricut now has a new paper line that is exclusive at  Jo-Ann and they are too cute! There are about a dozen or so new series of papers that you can use with your Cricut machine. You can do just about anything with these papers and they come in a variety of styles to fit your crafting needs. There are gold foil ones and silver foil ones. There are designs with ice cream cones and a more summery design with lemons. There is really something for everyone!

New Designer Papers from Cricut

As you know, the Cricut is a dream to work with and you can cut just about anything with it. With these new papers, the sky’s the limit with what you can do with them! I’m going to show you how to turn a few of their new papers into a dream catcher mobile.

Step 1

Save this dream catcher silhouette image or insert another lovely one from the Cricut Design Space.

Silhouette of a dream catcher

Step 2

If you choose this dream catcher, upload it to Cricut Design Space. Remove all of the white areas with the magic wand, leaving only the outline of the dream catcher.

Silhouette of a dream catcher in Design Space

Step 3

What I love about Cricut is that you can simply just hit go from your design space and it starts cutting right away! First, add your 12X12 Cricut paper to your standard mat, and hit the load button. Turn the dial to cardstock. Click go in the Cricut Design Space. It will take you to a screen where you double check your cut and click go again. On that screen, select your Cricut machine from the drop down menu.

Cricut Explore Air 2 in Rose

With the Cricut Air 2, it cuts twice as fast, which is amazing! Click the 2X box and then you are good to go! Hit the blinking Cricut button and watch it work its magic.

Close up of the Cricut Air 2 Selection Dial

Step 4

While the dream catcher is being cut, get out your wooden embroidery hoop, yarn, and the glue gun. Attach 1 end of the yarn to the hoop with hot glue and start wrapping it around the wood. Once you have wrapped the entire hoop, secure the end of the yarn with hot glue.

Wrap yarn around the hoop

Step 5

Once the dream catcher is cut, take your weeding tool and carefully remove the dream catcher from the mat.

Weed the cut images

Step 6

Repeat the cutting step but change up how large your dream catcher each time and change the paper design each time too. 2 dream catchers should be cut out of metallic gold foil to use as accents later in the project.

Cut out several different sizes of dream catchers

Step 7

Once you have a bunch of different dream catchers cut, take about 2’ of yarn for each dream catcher, and secure it to the back of each one at the top.

Glue the yarn to the back of each dream catcher

Step 8

Take the metallic dream catchers that were cut and remove the feather details from them. You will take these and add them to some of your dream catchers that you cut to add some flair. Simply secure them with hot glue once you have your perfect spot for them to go.

Put metallic foil feathers on your dream catchers

Step 9

Cut 3 pieces of 2 ½’ of yarn.  Tie 1 strand on the top of the hoop. Tie another on the right side of the hoop, and a final one on the left side of the hoop. These should be placed so they make a triangle if you were to draw a line between them. In fact, once you take all 3 strands and meet them in the middle, they should create a triangle above the hoop. Take all 3 strands and knot them together. This creates the hanging structure for your mobile.

Your yarn strands need to come together to a point

Step 10

Take your dream catchers with the yarn attached at the top and secure them to different areas of the hoop. It also adds some lovely dimension if you hang them at different heights as well. Tie at the top of the hoop and secure with hot glue.

Step 11

Get out a few feathers (I recommend at least 4) and cut at least 12” of yarn for each one. Secure the yarn to the feather with hot glue. Once dried, tie the end of the yarn with the feathers to the hoop in between the dream catchers. Attach the tied ends with hot glue. The feathers add softness and texture to the mobile which I love.

Glue feathers to your yarn

You’re done!! Simply hang the mobile up in a corner or above a sitting or sleeping area and your dream catcher mobile is ready to catch dreams. I love how charming all of the different paper patterns coordinate on the mobile. The overall look is so darling. It’s a perfect mix of Boho and chic that I love.

Finished dream catcher mobile

I love when it spins when there is a breeze and the dream catches sway back and forth and the mobile spins around. There is something so calming about it.

Gold foil accents on a dream catcher mobile

Those little gold foil accent feathers are my favorite little addition.

Happy Crafting!

Emily – B. Lovely Events

Cricut Make It Now Projects

Customizing Cricut Make It Now Projects

July 7, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team Member Beth Kingston

Do you love Cricut Make It Now projects as much as I do? In just a few minutes I can create a gorgeous project from start to finish – even when I’m not feeling super creative. When I AM feeling creative I love to customize Make It Now projects to create my own, and the possibilities are endless! Today we’re turning a wedding table number placard into a sweet mirror that would be perfect for a nursery or any room in your home.

We’re also introducing the BRAND NEW Cricut BrightPad! This newest release from Cricut has changed the way I feel about weeding vinyl and it is going to change the way you create!


Supplies Needed For Make It Now

Supplies Needed For Make It Now

In this quick video we’ll go through the steps of selecting a Make It Now project and customizing it to fit your needs.

Once you’ve cut your vinyl, peel away the outer excess vinyl and then it is time to weed!

Remove the vinyl and backing from the mat and place on top of the BrightPad. Flip the switch – and voila! Look how clear the cut lines are and how easy they are to see!

Make It Now Project Tutorial

Tip – use a piece of washi tape to hold your project down on the BrightPad while you are weeding.

Cricut Project Tutorial

Weed your project, then apply transfer tape.

Peel off of backing, then use a scraper to adhere vinyl to mirror.

Cricut Project Tutorial

Peel off transfer tape.

Cricut Project Tutorial

Add embellishments as desired.


The NEW Cricut BrightPad is available on now and is going to open up project possibilities like never before. All those intricate projects you’ve been afraid to try – now Cricut makes it easy! I’ll also be presenting the BrightPad on HSN during 24 Hour Craft Day on HSN where you’ll have your choice of all four colors to match your Cricut Explore Air 2! Join me on my Facebook Page (link below) for show times and some fun throughout the day. Hope you will join me!

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