First Day of School Memory Book

DIY This Precious First Day of School Memory Book

August 15th, 2018 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Hey, Cricut fans! It’s Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff back with a fun paper-crafting tutorial for the start of the school year!

Wait! Can you believe we’re already almost the new school season? This is a big year for us—our twin boys start preschool! They’ve been attending daycare at the preschool since April, but soon they’ll officially be in school. I can hardly believe it. If someone has the secret for slowing down time, please let me know in the comments!

This year I’m making my boys commemorative mini scrapbooks for the new school year. One of my favorite things to do in Cricut Design Space is taking one of the Make It Now projects and customizing it for something else. This time, I’ve used the Love Mini Album and reworked it for Back to School! Click here to get the Design Space project.

Back to School Memory Book

You can go in and customize the text layers (for the front, I left the name blank —feel free to add your kiddo’s name like I did!), change the colors, or add or remove elements from the book. Then you’re ready to cut!

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Back to School Memory Book

To Make This Project As-is, You’re Going to Need:

  • White cardstock
  • Gray cardstock
  • Pink cardstock
  • Yellow cardstock
  • Green cardstock
  • Teal cardstock
  • Light blue cardstock
  • Cricut pen
  • Cricut scoring stylus or scoring wheel
  • Spray glue, glue tape, or Xyron sticker maker
  • Photos from the first day of school

1: Cut Out Your Pieces

Start by cutting out your project on your Cricut. I used my Cricut Maker, which uses the Scoring Wheel (I love that thing!). Make sure to follow the instructions for each color of paper—there are layers that also need the pen and the scoring wheel or stylus. Cricut Design Space will prompt you to insert the tools when needed.

2: Fold Your Cardstock

Back to School Memory Book


Back to School Memory Book

To create your mini scrapbook, fold the teal cardstock so that it forms a little square book. Then fold the light blue pieces as shown, and glue together using the tabs.

Back to School Memory Book
Back to School Memory Book

Then glue the interior pages to the exterior book as shown.

Back to School Memory Book

Like any scrapbooking page, you’re going to end up with a lot of cut pieces. How you attach them to your mini book is up to you. I really like using my Xyron sticker machine—it basically turns any flat piece of paper into a sticker! Perfect for projects like this. You can also use spray glue or glue tape (the kind that comes in a little dispense. Glue dots will probably work too!

3: Adhere Pieces Together

Back to School Memory Book

Following the design in Cricut Design Space, adhere all of your different pieces together to your book, making sure the scored pieces line up with the folds of the book.

Back to School Memory Book

Then print out 2"x2" photos from your child’s first day of school and affix them to the white photos pieces! The design of the white paper makes it look like they are Polaroids. So cute, right?

Back to School Memory Book

I wish you and your family the happiest back to school! Make sure to check out a few other Cricut back to school projects on my blog: Periodic Table Clipboard, Teacher Apple Candy Pouch Cards, and this adorable Apple Tote Bag!

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Stuffed Zebra Tutorial

The Making of Zippy: Stuffed Zebra Tutorial

August 14th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Designer Meagan Patterson

He’s the one, the only - Zippy the Zebra! He's an adorable part of our Toddler Bedroom Decor scene and thanks to all of you fabulous crafters at our Mountain Make-a-Thon, our little Zebra friend now has a name all his own! I am so excited to share with you how I made our friend here with this stuffed zebra tutorial- so let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

Stuffed Zebra Tutorial
  1. Cricut Maker
  2. Cricut Fabric Mat
  3. Cricut Washable Fabric Pen
  4. Cricut EasyPress
  5. 1/3 yd black felt
  6. 1/3 yd white fabric
  7. 7”x3” Pink fabric piece
  8. HeatnBond
  9. Black yarn
  10. 5/8” wood beads (5)
  11. Tassel guide tool
  12. Black embroidery thread
  13. Hand sewing needles
  14. Stuffing
  15. Sewing machine and thread

You can find the Design Space file here along with some added instructions on how to make our little friend.

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1: Prep. Prep. Prep

The first step is to prepare your materials. Take the HeatnBond and apply it to the back of your black felt and pink fabric. Please follow the manufacturer's guide on how to apply HeatnBond since this may vary.

Before you put the felt with HeatnBond on your Fabric Mat be sure to remove the protective paper sheet from the HeatnBond. I can’t tell you how many mats I ruined before I realized all I had to do was remove that protective sheet BEFORE I cut my material! Sometimes I amaze myself.

2: Cut All the Pieces

Stuffed Zebra Tutorial

I recommend using the rotary blade on all your materials.

When placing your white fabric down, be sure to place it pretty side down. The zebra’s eyes will be drawn on with the Cricut Fabric Marker and we want to be sure that the markings are on the inside. Don’t worry, when it comes time to stitch you’ll still be able to see the marks!

To cut the felt out, place the side with HeatnBond to the mat. Not only does this cut out beautifully but it also helps to keep your mat clean from all the felt fibers. Double bonus! Repeat this technique with your pink fabric piece.

3: Line Them Up!

Stuffed Zebra Tutorial

Now that you have all your pieces cut, let's press them all together. You’ll need your Cricut EasyPress.

Lay the black head piece first. This will help guide your placement of the stripes on the head. The difference between the front and back of the Zebra head is the nose. The front has a nose, but the back has no nose-this is where the funky mane is going. Be sure not to switch the two because that would be awkward…

For the stripes on the body, I started at the bottom by matching the corners and then working my way up to the neck. Don’t forget the pink ear inserts, but they only go in the front with the nose.

Stuffed Zebra Tutorial

Repeat these steps for the other side and then press it all together.

4: It’s All in the Details

Stuffed Zebra Tutorial

Machine sew a blanket stitch using white thread around each black stripe, face, and nose, as well as the inside of each ear on the pink fabric pieces. I like using an edge stitch foot, but feel free to use whatever method is easiest and most comfortable for you.

5: Tassels, Tassels and More Tassels!

Stuffed Zebra Tutorial

It’s time to start giving our little zebra some dimension.  Grab your supplies for Zippy’s tassel mane. There are a lot of steps that go into this but once you make one tassel, the rest will be a breeze! I made 5 tassels total, but you can make as many or as few as you’d like.

Start wrapping the black yarn around your tassel guide until you have a thick bunch. My tassel guide is about 5 ½” tall.

Slide the loops of yarn off of the guide and cut the ends so that you have a bunch of yarn pieces that are all the same length. Take one of the pieces of yarn and place it beneath the center point of the other pieces of yarn, kind of like an upside-down “t”.

Cut a 12” length of yarn and slide a wooden bead onto the center of it. Place the threaded bead just below the center tie beneath the yarn bunch.

Grab the arms of the “t” and tie a tight, secure knot around the middle. Be sure that the bead is completely surrounded by the strips of yarn. No wood should be showing!

Flip the top half of the yarn bunch down over the bead. It should start to look like a tassel at this point.

Snip another strand of yarn about 12” and make a slip-knot on one end. Loop the tie around the entire bunch, just below the bead, and tie a tight and secure knot. Then wrap the free ends of the tie around the neck of the tassel several times and tie it securely.

Trim off the ragged ends at the bottom of the tassel to make it beautiful and even!

*Be sure not to trim the trailing ties at the top of the tassel that the bead is attached to. You will use these ends later to attach to the zebra’s head.

Stuffed Zebra Tutorial
Stuffed Zebra Tutorial

Once you have all your tassels made, it’s now time to attach the tassels to the back of your zebra for the mane.

Thread your needle eye with one end of the trailing tassel tie. No matter how large your needle eye is, it can be challenging to thread yarn. One thing I do is place a bit of masking tape on the end of the yarn to help guide it through the eye of the needle. I love this method and it definitely saves my mouth from all the yarn fibers. Yuk! Repeat these steps for the second strand.

Once both strings of yarn are threaded to the inside, flip your Zebra over and tie a secure knot. Trim off excess.

Measure down an equal distance-I chose to measure down 2”- and repeat these steps until each tassel is attached to form a beautiful, straight and super funky mane!

6: And Then There Was Sight

Stuffed Zebra Tutorial

Thread your needle with 3 strands of black embroidery floss for just the right amount of thickness and dimension.

Hand stitch one eye by following the blue oval markings.

Repeat steps for the second eye.

7: Sew Him Closed

Stuffed Zebra Tutorial

Place right sides together and pin in place avoiding the ears.

Note: This little guy’s ears are quite tiny and were far too challenging for me to flip inside out. So instead, I skipped sewing around the ears and just stitched right up to the ear. This may feel strange at first since you will start and stop often, but it really made flipping him right side out about a million times more enjoyable!

Start sewing at the crown of his head on the inside edge of one of the ears and machine sew until you reach the second ear. Backstitch and snip.

Next, move to the other side of the ear and begin sewing once more. Sew all the way down till you reach the bottom. Repeat on the opposite side.

8: Turn & Flip. Stuff & Enjoy!

Stuffed Zebra Tutorial

Flip Zippy the Zebra right side out by poking out each corner till he’s nice and sharp, smoothing each rounded edge and popping those flat little ears out.

Sew around each ear with a blanket stitch to seal them closed.

Now stuff this little mammal’s body till he’s practically bursting. I love stiff stuffed animals. I feel like they keep their shape better, however, you can stuff him as much or as little as you would like.

Blanket stitch the bottom edge to seal the deal.

And now you have a Zebra stuffy all your own! I hope that this cutie will bring your little one just as much joy as he has brought me!

Don’t forget to tag us in your future creations with #CricutMade!

Make life beautiful!

Meagan Patterson

Removable Vinyl Wall Art

Renew a Room With Removable Vinyl Wall Art

August 9th, 2018 • Contributor: Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts

Hey everybody – it’s Beth from Kingston Crafts! Have you heard about the new Removable Premium Vinyl from Cricut? It has so many fun uses, including creating your own stencils! It works so well for projects like this because it removes cleanly without leaving any residue behind.

I love collage walls and making your own wall art is a way to fix those awkward gaps you sometimes end up with between frames. I’ve used iron-on to create custom wall art, and today I’m sharing a quick tutorial for making your own home décor using the Removable Premium Vinyl as a custom stencil. All it takes is a few steps and your favorite paint colors to create something special!


1: Cut Your Wood

Removable Vinyl Wall Art


Removable Vinyl Wall Art

Measure the space on your wall and cut a piece of wood to fit.

2: Paint Your Wood Base

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Painting

Select one paint color and paint the wood – this will be the color your image will appear on the finished project. Let dry.

3: Design Your Image

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Design

Select a single layer image in Design Space and size to fit the wood. I used this Love image.

4: Cut Out Your Vinyl

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Cutting

Cut the image from Removable Premium Vinyl using any machine from the Cricut Explore family or the Maker. The beauty of this technique is that it does not matter what color vinyl you use, so this is a great way to use your scraps.

5: Weed Your Design

Removable Vinyl Wall Art


Removable Vinyl Wall Art


Removable Vinyl Wall Art

Weed the image then use the XL Scraper to apply the Transfer Tape and remove the image from the backing.

6: Apply to Wood

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Application

Apply the image to the wood and remove Transfer Tape.

7: Paint Around Vinyl

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Paint

Use a sponge dauber (not a regular paintbrush) to tap paint around the image on the wood.

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Paint

Let dry, then paint the entire piece of wood for even coverage.

8: Remove the Vinyl

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Take Off the Vinyl

Let dry, then use a weeding tool to remove the vinyl stencil from the wood.

9: Hang and Enjoy!

Removable Vinyl Wall Art - Finished

I hope this quick tutorial helps you look at your walls (and your scrap wood) in a whole new way! Happy Cricuting!

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Octopus tentacle glasses

Ahoy! Pack These Octopus Tentacle Glasses for Your Next Beach Trip

August 6th, 2018 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Hi there! I am SO.IN.LOVE with the new Cricut Premium Permanent Vinyl! It’s easy to remove from the packaging, it lays flat on the cutting mat without ninja skills, and it cuts and weeds like a dream!

Octopus tentacle glasses

Armed with my new Premium Permanent Vinyl, Design Space Access, a Cricut, and a plain cup begging for some vinyl, I got to work and made the coolest insulated tumbler ever!

Supplies to Make Your Own Octopus Tentacle Glasses:

Octopus tentacle glass supplies

1: Measure the Cup

Measure your cup’s height and circumference.

2: Create Your Design

Octopus tentacle glass

Open Design Space (or use this cut file) and adjust the tentacles to fit your cup.

3: Cut Out Tentacles

Apply the Premium Permanent Vinyl to the Cutting Mat, and send the design to your Cricut to cut.

4: Weed the Vinyl

Octopus tentacle glass

Remove the excess vinyl from the design.

5: Add to the Cup

Octopus tentacle glass

Apply Transfer Tape to each tentacle, and apply to the cup. Have fun with this and place them where you want them; this is your cup, after all.

I wiped the cup with an alcohol swab and allowed it to dry before I applied the tentacles one at a time.

6: Take It to the Beach

Octopus tentacle glass

Fill your new one of a kind cup with ice and a beverage and enjoy it seaside on a warm night!

NOTE: This vinyl is permanent, but since not all dishwashers are the same, it is not recommended for use in a dishwasher. I did not wash my cup for about 2 days after applying the vinyl.

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Customizing Cricut Iron On Designs

Customizing Iron-on Designs

July 23rd, 2018 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

I lowered my EasyPress temperature to 315° and pressed both of my Iron-on Lite pieces to my tote. Once I peeled off the transfer backing, my project was finished!

Hey Cricut friends! It’s Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff back with another fun iron-on tutorial! Today I’m combining two kinds of iron-on to make a truly custom project—quickly and easily.

Customizing Iron-on Designs

Cricut recently came out with their fun Iron-on Designs. These pre-made designs are perfect for last minute projects—just iron onto your material and go! I tried them out on a range of colored fabrics and was super happy with the results.

I’ve had this fun donut Iron-on Design sitting in my craft room for a while now, but wanted to rework on a canvas tote bag to use on grocery runs. While the original design is quite cute, I wanted to change the words. I did that using Cricut Iron-on Lite!

I started by carefully cutting off the original words from my donut Iron On Design using a pair of scissors, so I was left with just the donut. I then measured my donut—it’s about 7” across. In Cricut Design Space, I drew a 7” circle to represent my donut using the Shapes tool in the Design Panel.

Customizing Iron-on Designs

I then used the Text tool in the Design Panel to write my new text. I used two separate text boxes for this project.

Customizing Iron-on Designs

I then played around with the font and the Curve Text tool. I ended up using the Cricut font “Friday.”

Customizing Iron-on Designs

I also played around with the advanced tools in the font menu, particularly Ungroup to Letters (I wrote more about his tool here). This allowed me to move each individual letter and rotate them slightly to really refine how the words look around the edge of my circle.

Customizing Iron-on Designs

I then welded each line of text so that they would cut out together. I didn’t weld the two lines to each other—I wanted to conserve material and make sure I could adjust where I placed the text in relation to my donut.

Customizing Iron-on Designs

I then deleted my circle, because I didn’t want to cut it.

Customizing Iron-on Designs

Then I cut my project! I made sure to rearrange my text on my mat to conserve materials, nestling the two lines together. I cut it in teal Iron-on Lite to match the teal sprinkles on my donut.

Customizing Iron-on Designs

Once I had my pieces cut out and weeded, I arranged them around my donut.

Customizing Iron-on Designs

I decided to start by ironing on my donut. I set my text pieces aside and used my Cricut EasyPress, set to 340° to adhere the donut to my bag. I placed my EasyPress Mat inside my bag to get the flattest surface possible.

Customizing Iron-on Designs

Then I placed my iron on pieces. I didn’t want to ruin my donut, so I used a piece of cotton cloth over my Iron-on Lite words. I don’t normally use a pressing cloth, but I wanted to protect the donut from being directly under the heat.

Customizing Iron-on Designs
Customizing Iron-on Designs

I lowered my EasyPress temperature to 315° and pressed both of my Iron-on Lite pieces to my tote. Once I peeled off the transfer backing, my project was finished!

Customizing Iron-on Designs

This was a quick way to customize Cricut Iron On Designs! If you want to make this specific project, you can find the text I created in Cricut Design Space here.

If you’ve customized a project using Cricut Iron On Designs, tell me about it in the comments!

Customizing Iron-on Designs
DIY Gouda Gift Boxes

Send Party Guests Home With These Fun Gouda Gift Boxes

July 19th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Design Team Manager Dezi Moss

Turn the night Gouda with these darling gift boxes. Here is a simple tutorial to make sure your guests are feeling extra special.

1: Open Project Instructions

Begin by opening Cricut Design Space using this link to the project, Have A Gouda Night Gift Box. This project makes one gift box, but you can customize it to make as many as you need

2: Print Labels and Cut Materials

DIY Gouda Gift Boxes

Print your labels. Load your printable vinyl, matte foil vinyl, craft cardstock and let the Cricut Maker do the rest!

3: Place Label

DIY Gouda Gift Boxes

After you print and cut the label, place the label in the center of two sides of the hexagon.

4: Transfer the Border

DIY Gouda Gift Boxes

Using Cricut® Transfer Tape, transfer the border onto the label. Begin by trimming a piece of transfer tape to fit your vinyl image. Stick the transfer tape over your entire image and use your scraper to burnish the tape onto the vinyl pieces.

Peel up one corner of the transfer tape and gently pull until the tape is off the liner. Place the transfer tape and vinyl onto the label and burnish on with your scraper tool.

5: Fold Score Lines

DIY Gouda Gift Boxes

Look for the score lines and fold every last one.

6. Assemble Box

DIY Gouda Gift Boxes

Tuck the triangle tabs into the slits coordinating on the other side of the box. Do the same with the triangle tabs on the bottom of the box. Tuck them into the slits on the hexagon.

7. Close Box

DIY Gouda Gift Boxes

To close the box, fold each tab toward the center. Make sure that every right edge overlaps on top of the next left edge. It will not stay together until all tabs are the same.

There you go! You have a darling gift box.

Have fun with it and don’t forget to have a gouda night!



Make These Geometric Invitations

Make These Geometric Invitations for Your Next Party

July 13th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Project Designer Karley Hall

Hi all! It's me, Karley Hall, back again to share more about the Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate party. This feels like torture writing these posts because all I want is wine, cheese, and chocolate… I mean, can you blame me!? The photos just make everything look so delicious.

Today I wanted to share how we created a fun geometric invitation to get your guests super excited about your party. The Scoring Wheel really made a difference in this project. Without it, I don’t think we would have come up with such a fun design.

Geometric Invitations


1: Open the Project

Geometric Invitations

To begin, you can find my project in Design Space, here!  Click on the “customize” option to open the canvas.

2: Edit the Text

Geometric Invitations

Design Space makes it so easy peasy to customize our Ready to Make projects. Just click on the text and replace it with your party details. Heck—you can replace all the text and turn this invitation into a birthday card if you want!

3: Print Then Cut

Geometric Invitations

If you have not tried Cricut’s Print Then Cut feature, you are seriously missing out. I know when I first started crafting, I was terrified of trying a Print then Cut, but once I tried it, I have not looked back. It is easier than it sounds.

There are a few things you need to remember—if you want to print your words instead of cutting them out of a material, you have to “flatten” your words on top of the shape you want to print them on. For this project, we are flattening the text on top of each pentagon.

Highlight your text and the shapes by dragging your cursor to select everything. With everything selected, click “Flatten.” This will tell Design Space that we need to print out an image with marks for your Cricut to read. Your Cricut will read the marks and will cut the outermost path.

Click “Make It.”

4: Print

Geometric Invitations

Click on the “Send To Printer” icon and follow the instructions for your home printer. Make sure to load printable sticker paper or printable vinyl in your printer, and then click print.

Geometric Invitations

Place your printed paper onto a StandardGrip mat, load the mat into your machine, ensure your paper settings are correct and click the flashing Cricut icon on your machine. The Cricut will know what to do! It will only cut out the pentagon shapes and the text will be centered inside. Magic!

5: Scoring Magic

Geometric Invitations

As if that wasn’t magic enough, now we get to play with the Scoring Wheel!

I wanted my invitation to be two-toned, so I used acrylic paint and painted the back side of my gold foil cardstock before I scored and cut it. If you don’t want to spend the time painting your cardstock (I know—I am crazy), you can use any double-sided color cardstock.

Load in your cardstock and Scoring Wheel and watch as the Cricut Maker really scores your material. It makes folding so easy with the extra deep creases.

For my invitation, I folded the two diagonal score lines first and then I folded it in half.

The envelope is even simpler as you fold on the four score lines and insert the tab into the slot to close.

6: Assemble

Geometric Invitations

All of the hard parts are done. Just peel your Print then Cut off the liner and stick it on to your folded invitation. Place it in your matching envelope and mail them out to your loved ones!

Now that you are a Print then Cut pro, you can print out some address labels to put on the outside of your gold envelopes!

I can’t wait to see how you customize these cute invites!

Happy crafting!

Karley Hall

Make These Patriotic Tees for the Fourth of July

Celebrate the Fourth With These Patriotic Tees for the Family

July 2nd, 2018 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

One of my favorite things about having my Cricut machines is the ability to create custom shirts for my family with very little effort.

Patriotic tees

We recently found a few bottles of tie-dye powder when we were cleaning out the junk drawers at our house, and the boys asked if we could make tie-dye Fourth of July shirts like we did several years ago.

They decided on the tie-dye style (There are style guides and directions in the packaging) and we dyed their shirts. Next, we wrapped them in Saran Wrap and left them overnight.

In the morning, I rinsed them with super hot water and washed them by themselves in a hot water wash cycle. This set the dye.

Now, I could have left the shirts like that and they would have been fine, but I wanted to add a little patriotic flair to them.

Patriotic tees
Patriotic tees
Patriotic tees

I picked out several patriotic designs from Design Space and let the boys choose their favorites. Once I knew they style they wanted, I sized each one to fit the shirts and cut them out with my Cricut. {Don’t forget to cut shiny side down, and mirror the image}

Once the designs were cut, I weeded each one and preheated my EasyPress. {Cricut’s EasyPress guidelines are here}

Patriotic tees

I folded the shirts in half and pressed a light crease in the center. Then, I repressed the shirts flat and pressed the designs on to each shirt.

Patriotic tees

My boys have perfectly patriotic shirts, and we are ready for the 4th! Will you be making patriotic shirts for your family?

Patriotic tees
Patriotic tees

You may also like this fun shirt and bag I made for an upcoming trip we have planned.

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4th of July Pool Party

Fourth of July Backyard Pool Party Essentials

June 21st, 2018 • Contributor: Kayla Brasher from Kayla Makes

Hey Cricut buddies! Kayla here from Kayla Makes to tell you that, in my opinion, there is nothing better than a pool party surrounded by family and friends! It's even more fun when it's a patriotic filled July 4th celebration. Today, I'm showing you 3 easy DIY's you can craft up for a backyard pool party on Independence Day.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Import, Ungroup and Attach

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Most of the time, whether you're using a design from Design Space or one you've purchased elsewhere, the elements will be grouped together. Ungroup them by clicking the ungroup button in the top right. You can get this SVG file from LoveSVG.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

To keep everything in place on the cutting mat, attach elements that are the same color by selecting them and clicking attach.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Now when the design is cut, everything will remain exactly where it appeared on the canvas.

Cut, Weed, and Transfer

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Once each color has been cut, use your weeding tool to weed the designs.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Apply transfer tape to the largest part of the design (blue for the one I'm using) and transfer each element onto the tray. Use the scraper tool to burnish over the design.

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Drink Koozies With Iron-on

Drink Koozies With Iron-on

It takes less than 10 minutes to whip up a bunch of patriotic drink koozies!

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

All you need is a roll of iron-on and a handful of blank can holders. I'm using Cricut's Iron-on in white so I purchased red and blue can holders to stick with the patriotic color scheme.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

You can filter through the designs in Design Space by selecting Categories then choose a season, holiday or event. I browsed through the patriotic category and chose two designs I liked. The flag is Design ID #MF1BDE and the Independence Day phrase is Design ID #M472C9.

Place the iron-on on the mat, shiny side down and be sure to turn on the mirror function before cutting.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

After weeding, center the design on the can holder and press with the EasyPress for 30 seconds. I set mine to 320 and it worked well.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

These are so fun and so easy!

Kraft Board Sparkler Holders

Kraft Board Sparkler Holders

Okay, so these may not be a necessity but they are super fun! Make a bunch and fill a cute basket with them so guests can light up the night. Or, they can take them home as a party favor.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

Start by cutting down a sheet of Kraft Board to 8.5 x 11. I used my trusty Cricut Portable Trimmer. Load the Kraft Board into your printer and print the sparkler holder designs.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

After printing, place the printed page on the cutting mat and watch the magic happen. The machine will read the registration box and cut around the images.

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl

To finish them off I attached a couple of sparklers to each one with a piece of glittery washi tape!

I think kids and adults alike will love these!

What kind of things will you create for Independence Day? Tag us online with #cricutmade!

Patriotic Party Tray With Vinyl
DIY Frosted Glasses

DIY Frosted Glasses for Your Next Party

June 30th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Design Team Manager Dezi Moss

Afraid to use etching cream? Me too, that’s why I love Cricut’s new Frosted Permanent Vinyl! Dress your glasses with beautiful dainty designs using frosted vinyl.

1: Open Project Instructions

DIY Frosted Glasses

Begin by opening Cricut Design Space using this link to the project, Frosted Floral Glasses. This project makes one glass decal, but you can customize it to make as many as you need!

2: Cut the Vinyl

Load your frosted vinyl and let the Cricut Maker do the rest!

3: Weed

DIY Frosted Glasses

Use a sharp hook Cricut® Tools Weeder.

4: Transfer Your Design

DIY Frosted Glasses

Using Cricut® Transfer Tape, transfer your image onto the glass. Begin by trimming a piece of transfer tape to fit your vinyl image. Stick the transfer tape over your entire image and use your scraper to burnish the tape onto the vinyl pieces.

Peel up one corner of the transfer tape and gently pull until the tape is off the liner. Place the transfer tape and vinyl onto glass and burnish on with your scraper tool.

DIY Frosted Glasses

Tips for working on curved surfaces:

  • Cut small slits from the top of the transfer tape going down, and from the bottom of the transfer tape going up to get it to wrap around the glass without puckering too much.
  • If the vinyl is puckering, use a heat gun in small amounts. The vinyl will shrink slightly.

When it is all on, peel off the transfer tape and enjoy drinking out of this darling glass!



DIY Frosted Glasses