Removable Vinyl vs. Permanent Vinyl

Removable Vinyl vs. Permanent Vinyl for Your Projects

July 3rd, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Now that we have unveiled our new Cricut® Premium Vinyl™ – Permanent and Removable products, you may be wondering which kind you should use for your projects. Let's start exploring some of the possibilities with each!

Removable Vinyl

If you're new to crafting with vinyl, you may be wondering why you would even want to have the ability to remove it. After all, don't you want your results to be long-lasting?

In reality, there are quite a few situations where you don't want to use something permanent. Removable vinyl will adhere to your surface but easily peel away without leaving any residue.

One prime example is for decorating walls. Removable vinyl allows you to brighten up living spaces without having to repaint after you take it down. (Do note that it may not work as well on some oil-based paints as these can possibly break down adhesives.)

You can easily dress up a nursery or playroom with this adorable set of Alphabet Decals.

My toddler is head-over-heels in love with "mangos" so she would be ecstatic if I added some Flamingo Wall Art to her room.

As for myself, I have a fondness for vinyl sayings to go on my walls. This Whimsical Wedding Wall Decal definitely encapsulates how I feel about my husband.

Another possible use for removable vinyl is to make nail decals. If you're hopeless at painting (like me!) or just want to add some fun designs, try this!

Glitter hearts are an easy yet stylish way to get ready for Valentine's Day.

You can use this Support Ribbon Nail Art in October to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Combine gold vinyl with printable vinyl to create this Plaid Christmas Nail Art.

It's so fun to put removable vinyl pretty much anywhere that you want to dress up, but want to be able to easily remove it at any time or it doesn't need it to last a long time.

You can easily transform a plain bowl to match any party theme, like this Fiesta Chip & Salsa Bowl Set.

Decorate pumpkins for Halloween without all the mess and stress of carving them.

Removable vinyl is sturdy enough to use on foam board for your child's Science Fair Project.

Permanent Vinyl

On the other hand, there are definitely times where you want to make your design more long-lasting. Enter our new Premium Vinyl™ – Permanent to save the day!

Want to save your furniture from water damage? Coasters are a must!

My geeky heart has fallen in love with these Steampunk Coasters.

You can also go retro with these incredibly fun Floppy Disk Coasters.

Keep things simple and classy with these Metal Monogram Coasters.

After making some coasters, you'll have an excuse to create some new drinkware to pair with them. Whether you're using cups, mugs or water bottles, permanent vinyl will help your designs last longer and resist water and wear.

If you love all things ocean related, these Sea Kelp Glasses are perfect for you!

I am SO not a morning person, so I can definitely relate to this Stay Up Late Mug.

Think positive by creating this "The Gym is Calling" Water Bottle to take on your exercise sessions.

Cars can really take a beating from the elements outdoors, so make sure your vinyl is permanent to help your car decals be sturdier to account for this.

Show off your love for camping and the outdoors with this Car Camping Decal.

Cricut is located in Utah, so you can share our state pride with this I Heart Utah Decal.

You could easily put one of these I Don't Give a Flock decals on your car instead of a cup.


The options for both types are endless! When do you use removable vinyl, and when do you use permanent vinyl? Tell us in a comment below and show us online with #CricutMade.

Permanent vinyl patio party tour

Throw a Patio Party This Summer With Our Permanent Vinyl and More

June 19th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Project Designer Karley Hall

Can you believe it is June?! Where has this year gone?

The sun has been out in Utah recently and I feel like it is the perfect time to throw an outdoor party! Lucky for you, we have done all of the planning, and now you can recreate this cute party quicker than ever.

You can find TWELVE new projects loaded in Design Space so you can customize this scene to your specific party needs. And as if that isn’t enough, Cricut’s very own project designers will walk you through how they created three projects with the new Premium Permanent Vinyl!

I am going to make a confession, I am not the hostess with the mostess. I have never thrown an outdoor party so when we were tasked with creating this cute outdoor scene, I had to channel my party throwing mom! She hosted amazing parties for us growing up and now throws over the top parties for her friends and family… specifically for my niece. With my mom in mind and lots of inspiration from Cricut’s project designers, we came up with some fun décor, accessories, and outdoor activities.

Creating a Bar Cart With Your Cricut!

When designing any party or scene, we often decide what furniture will fill the space and go from there. We decided to set the scene with chairs, side tables, and a drink cart of some sort! We landed on Adirondack chairs and a bar cart and now agree that these are summer essentials that every patio party needs. We then considered what projects not only would transform the space into a colorful fiesta but would also be useful to have at a party!

On the bar cart, we started with our big décor pieces. If you missed it, Cricut just announced the new Scoring Wheel and it is pretty amazing. To show off the Scoring Wheel and the precision cutting of the Cricut Maker, we brainstormed several different paper vase ideas that were brought to life by the illustrators.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

I absolutely love how they turned out. We used real glass vases inside each paper vase so that our flowers wouldn’t wilt. What I love about this project is that you can use old jars that don’t match, cut out these incredible vases, place your glass jars inside, and bam! Now you have a cohesive set of vases in the colors of your party!

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

You can’t have a bar cart without some booze! We wanted to create a new, fresh twist on mimosas. While I am sure you have seen several “Mimosa Bars,” have you ever seen juices this fun? These big, bright juice labels will inspire your guests to create the perfect mimosa concoctions. And when they have had one or two drinks, the labels will still be large enough for them to read! 😉

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

We even included frosted vinyl cups and drink stirrers to give your guests’ drinks even more pizzazz.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

And if mimosas aren’t your thing, we thought of a craft for that too! These cute koozies will keep your beer or soda cold (and cute) for the entire party.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

Two DIY Yard Games That Everyone Needs!

With drinks and food covered, we thought about different activities for our guests. We decided a large tumbling tower (tutorial here) and matching image game would be fun for all ages. We opted to pick up some large blocks, but you could easily cut down some 2 x 4s! Our permanent vinyl worked great to dress up the games. If they get dirty or wet, the vinyl will hold up just fine!

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

While we thought the matching game would be fun for kids, it seemed like the big kids enjoyed it too! You can go crazy with this game and make as many pairs of matching images as your heart desires.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

To add to the competitive nature of the games, we created some fun prize boxes for our winners. I feel like the packaging may have been cuter than the prize!

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

With the Scoring Wheel, just think of all the possibilities!

Extra Décor Pieces

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

With the Knife Blade and Scoring Wheel announcements, don’t forget about the Rotary Blade! We created these fun Summer Star pillows to add some color to our party with the new Riley Blake fabric sampler packs.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

Now that our party looked perfect, the final touch was an accessory to wear to the party. We found this adorable vinyl tote and added permanent vinyl to it to match our party theme. It is absolutely perfect for the pool or beach.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

Lastly, we created some coasters using Cricut Chipboard and the Knife Blade to protect our cute outdoor furniture.

Permanent Vinyl Patio Party Tour

We had a total blast designing this party and cannot to see how you all recreate our projects. Have you seen the new project sharing feature?! If you have not, check out this article. Once you are done with your project, share them on Pinterest or Facebook and tag us so we can ooh and ahh!

Links to All Projects:

Happy Crafting!

Karley Hall

DIY Customized Mailbox

Customize Your Mailbox with Cricut Permanent Vinyl

June 13th, 2018 • Contributor: Ginger Bowie from Ginger Snap Crafts

Hi there! It’s Ginger from I am so excited to be back here on the Cricut blog sharing a brand new tutorial with you using my Cricut Maker & Cricut Premium Permanent Vinyl. This type of vinyl is amazing! It is really made to weather the storm, and it holds up well outdoors. It can be used in all kinds of outdoor projects from signs, decals, a cheery hello on your front door, labels, and mailboxes!

We are in the process of building a home, and we are almost ready to move in. We needed a mailbox though! It’s one of those must-haves. Let me show you how easy it was to a make this custom mailbox with Cricut. Let’s get started!

Customized mailbox using outdoor vinyl

To Make This Project, You Will Need Just a Few Supplies:

1: Create Your Design

Create your design for the customized mailbox

Alright, the first thing I did was go into Cricut Design Space to design the vinyl for our mailbox. Cricut has tons of super cute fonts. If you have Cricut Access, many of the fonts are totally free to use. How awesome is that??!!

For this design I used 2 of my favorite Cricut fonts ~ Elizabeth & Cricut Alphabet. Elizabeth is a pretty script font, and Cricut Alphabet is a nice thick block font. I really loved them paired together. I typed in my house number,  then sized my design to fit my mailbox. Now it’s time to cut it out!



2: Cut Out Your Design

Cricut Permanent Vinyl comes in so many fun colors! You can totally make your outdoor projects pop!

Cut out your design for the customized mailbox

I decided to play it safe & use white though! Ha! I loaded my cutting mat & slid it into my Cricut Maker. I hit go and watched my machine get to work.

Tip: Be sure to cut two number decals. You’ll need one for each side of your mailbox.

3: Weed Away Excess Vinyl

Weed Away Excess Vinyl

Next, I weeded out the excess vinyl, leaving my design behind.

Don’t forget to pin this post!

4: Get Your Design Ready to Transfer

Get Your Design Ready to Transfer

Put some clear transfer tape on top. You can use the grid lines to line everything up or just eyeball it like I do!

5: Apply to Your Mailbox

Apply to Your Mailbox

Next, you’ll remove the backing paper. Place your vinyl decal where you’d like it to be. Gently rub it on with your hand or tool.

Apply to your mailbox

Remove the transfer tape leaving the numbers behind!

Apply to your mailbox

All done!

Don’t forget to pin this post for later. I’d love to hear if you customize your mailbox!

For more easy vinyl projects go here.

DIY Customized Mailbox using Cricut Outdoor Vinyl
Permanent Vinyl Release

Make Your Projects Last With New Cricut® Premium Vinyl™ – Permanent

June 8th, 2018 • Contributor: Shelby Jones, Cricut Social Media Specialist

As the temps warm up we all seem to migrate outside which means more places to craft up some projects!  We have something that will weather the hot temps, the dishwasher, and even the day to day heavy use! We are so excited to bring your our new Cricut® Premium Vinyl™ – Permanent!

Cricut Premium Vinyl Permanent Release

If you’re looking for something that you can change up more often don’t worry we got you covered!  We also are excited to bring you Cricut® Premium Vinyl™ – Removable.

Cricut Premium Vinyl Permanent Release

Let’s get into the details of exactly why we are SO excited for these two new products!

Both of our new permanent and removable vinyl lay flat on your cutting mat without tunneling or bubbling. You'll weed with ease and apply with awe. Even complex designs effortlessly lift from the carrier sheet for a perfect application.

Our permanent vinyl is water-resistant and UV-resistant, Permanent Premium Vinyl, lasts up to three years, even in the great outdoors. It cuts great on all Cricut cutting machines!  Is your mind spinning with project ideas like ours is?! Start shopping the vinyl here.

Cricut Premium Vinyl Permanent Release

What makes the Cricut® Premium Vinyl™ – Removable so special? It gives you ultimate flexibility and stays removable for up to two years without residue. Perfect for your projects like wall decor or other home projects! Start shopping the vinyl here.

Cricut Premium Vinyl Permanent Release

We are so excited to get crafting with our new Premium Vinyls!  We want to know what are you going to make.

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