Easy Press 2 Sizes

Which Cricut EasyPress™ 2 Size(s) Are Right for You?

September 20th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

One size does not fit all! That is why we have 3 new EasyPress 2 sizes. And, we love every one of them for different reasons. This blog explains why size is important and the benefits of each EasyPress 2. We also take a look at different types of projects that will help you determine which EasyPress 2s will be right for you.

A few things to consider before reviewing each EasyPress 2 size:

  • When working with heat, size matters. Make sure to choose the EasyPress 2 size that is just right for your project(s)
    • A heat plate that is too big is awkward on small projects and risks uneven pressing over seams (learn more about iron-on and seams).
    • A heat plate that is too small may need multiple presses over the same spot and risks over-processing iron-on material
  • What are the dimensions of the projects you make most often?
    • Determine what are typical dimensions of your iron-on projects. Then, consider the dimensions of each EasyPress 2. Knowing this information is key to making the right decision for your needs.
  • Will you travel with your EasyPress 2?
    • If yes, the petite 6” might be perfect. Not only does it slide into many backpacks and other day-travel bags, but it is also lightweight at just 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg). You can certainly travel with the two larger EasyPress 2s, they will just take up more space and weigh your pack down a bit more.

Ok, let’s take a look at the different EasyPress 2 sizes.

EasyPress 2 6"x7": (15 cm x 17.5 cm), 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)

Beyond being just adorable, this small guy is perfect for those wanting a lightweight, portable press that is easy to maneuver around smaller projects and apparel with cumbersome seams.

If you find yourself applying iron-on smaller than 6” wide or 7” tall, this could be ideal for you! Take into account some of these popular smaller projects:

EasyPress 2 Sizes - Mini
EasyPress 2 Sizes - Small Projects

Baby clothes







Storage containers

Small make-up accessories

Small sewing projects

EasyPress 2 9"x9": (22.5 cm x 22.5 cm), 5.73 lbs (2.6 kg)

If you find yourself making a variety of projects that are larger than 6” x 7” area and smaller than 9” x 9” space, then this could be your everyday workhorse! Consider some of these projects that are a good fit for this mid-size unit:

EasyPress 2 Sizes - Medium
EasyPress 2 Sizes - Medium Projects

Smaller T-shirts
Table runners

EasyPress 2 12"x10": (30 cm x 25 cm), 8.6 lbs. (3.9 kg)

Large, in charge, and ideal for jumbo-sized projects. For those of you who are consistently pressing iron-on projects larger than 9” x 9”, this is the one for you. This size reduces the chance of having to press multiple times across projects. For this reason alone, you may want to consider this machine. Consider these iron-on projects that are popular and often on the larger side:

EasyPress 2 Sizes - Large
EasyPress 2 Sizes - Large Projects

Larger T-shirts
Adult clothing

Lastly, be sure to consider your surface area after selecting your EasyPress 2 size

  • Use a firm, flat and solid surface that is heat resistant (like a marble-top kitchen island or wooden craft table)
  • Avoid flimsy tables or unsteady ironing boards
  • Protect your surface using a pressing mat (Cricut has created three mats that pair perfectly with each Cricut EasyPress. Always use one that is equal or larger in size than the machine you are using).

Cricut EasyPress temperature settings for use with the Cricut EasyPress Mat are different than settings for use with other pressing surfaces. Use our convenient Interactive Quick Reference Guide for more information.

EasyPress 2 Sizes

To sum up, from petite to XL, the Cricut EasyPress 2 family has every project covered just right, from pint-size onesies to everyday T-shirts to oversized hoodies, banners, blankets, and more. Determining the right size model(s) for your needs primarily comes down to the size of the projects you most often make. The larger you go with EasyPress 2 size, the less likely you will have to press iron-on material multiple times across one project. For some, like yours truly, owning multiple sizes is the best solution. For others, like new moms interested in making onesies primarily, the small EasyPress 2 is a great solution.

If you are still unsure, be sure to reference our FAQ page on cricut.com and our YouTube channel, as well as reaching out to our member care with any questions you might have.

Which size are you most interested in using? Comment below!

EasyPress2 is now available

Cricut EasyPress 2 is Here!

September 18th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

The wait is over! Cricut EasyPress™ 2 is now available on cricut.com and online at major craft retailers! With the speed of a heat press and the convenience of an iron, EasyPress 2 comes in three sizes that offer flawless results to make almost any iron-on project in 60 seconds or less. EasyPress 2 gives you projects you’ll be proud of every time.

Cricut EasyPress 2  supports a broader range of materials and sizes of iron-on projects with higher temperature settings, faster heat-up times and a thicker heat plate design for more uniform heating and long-lasting results. We’ve also developed an Interactive Quick Reference Guide so you can find the optimal time and temperature for all of your projects.

Heats faster. And higher.

EasyPress 2 heats more quickly -- up to 25% faster -- and can reach up to 400 degrees (F) to achieve amazing, long-lasting results for your iron-on projects.

EasyPress 2 is here

Now 3 sizes for all projects.

Choose the right EasyPress 2 for the types of projects you love to make most. EasyPress 2 comes in three sizes: 6”x7”, think Onesies, baby bibs, cosmetic bags. Our original 9”x9”, think T-shirts and tote bags. And, 10”x12”, think BIG. Blankets, beach umbrellas, banners.

Perfectly petite & mobile.

Make perfect small-scale projects without working around seams. With a 6”x7” heat plate that heats in just over a minute, make smaller projects in short order. And, don’t forget a new 8”x10” EasyPress mat because “it’s all about that base!”

EasyPress 2 is here

A few smaller iron-on projects perfect for the 6”x7” EasyPress.

The go-to medium.

The medium size EasyPress 2 -- our classic size -- comes with a 9” x 9” heat plate. It’s perfect for your essential everyday projects. It heats in just over 2 minutes, unlike traditional heat presses that take between seven and 18 minutes. Use it with a 12”x12” or larger 20”x16” EasyPress mat depending on your project design.

EasyPress 2 is here

A few of our favorite projects perfect for the 9”x9” EasyPress 2.

Jumbo size for full coverage.

Now … just what you’ve been waiting for … make large-scale iron-on projects in just one press. Our new larger EasyPress 2 has a 12”x 10” heat plate for your big bold projects! Better yet, it heats in just over 3 minutes. Use with the 12”x12” EasyPress mat for “inside jobs” when you need a mat to fit in your base or the 20”x16” for that big job.

EasyPress 2 is here

Iron-on projects perfect for this large size.

Matching Mats.

EasyPress 2 is here

Match your mat size to each EasyPress 2 for professional iron-on results. Use the larger mats for full-coverage or a smaller mat if you need a raised surface or just the perfect pad for your choice of EasyPress 2. Change-up the mats depending on your preference and project size.


A beautiful bright new raspberry color.

EasyPress 2 is here

We love this beautiful new raspberry color and if you’d love a pop of color in your craft room, too, the EasyPress 2 is perfect for you!

Pricing & availability.

Cricut EasyPress 2 is available today on cricut.com and online at major craft retailers. It will be in stores later this Fall. EasyPress mats are available now everywhere.

Have Questions? Click on below links to learn more:

We are so excited to hear what you think of Cricut EasyPress 2! Make sure to let us know in the comments, and share with your friends, all of the types of projects you’re going to make with the different sizes. #CricutMade

Cricut Lilac Collection

In Love with Lilac

September 16th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

As the leaves start to turn and fall is in the air, our hearts flutter at the thought of incorporating cooler color tones into the things we love, whether it’s the DIY onesie we’re making for a baby in our life or the wall gallery that’s in need of a refresh.

At Cricut, we love inspiring you with different colors across our products and DIY projects. This week, we are obsessing over our lilac collection. From machines to materials to projects, we have everything you must have (and make) in this gorgeous color.


A Cricut Lilac Collection You’ll Love

Cricut Lilac Collection

Find everything from this collection below.


All The Lilac Machines, Accessories & More

  1. Cricut Explore Air™ 2, Lilac: This lovely shade of lilac for your Cricut will be a showstopper in the craft room or wherever your like to craft in your house. Cut over a hundred materials with this fantastic DIY machine to make everything from cards to home decor and so much more. Grab yours today exclusively at Hobby Lobby.
    We hope you love all of this lilac inspiration. Tell us in the comments what you think or if there’s other lilac projects you want us to feature. Make sure you also share this lovely lilac collection with your friends who love lilac and shades of purple.
  2. Cricut BrightPad™, Lilac: If you’re someone who loves to match all of your accessories, you must have the matching Cricut BrightPad in lilac. Cricut BrightPad is lightweight and low profile with a light the comes through the pad so you can easily trace designs, weed materials like vinyl and even, organize your beads for jewelry-making. Find this beauty at Hobby Lobby.
  3. Cricut Explore Air™ 2 & Cricut EasyPress, Wisteria: Okay, we realize this isn’t quite lilac but how could we leave it out?! This gorgeous Cricut machine and EasyPress in a metallic Wisteria is a shade of purple we just swoon over. If you’re someone who loves a little glitter and metallic, this is the perfect Cricut machine and EasyPress color for you. You can find these Cricut products in Wisteria exclusively at JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores (Cricut machine and EasyPress). What’s even better? These come in a bundle with materials, pre-made designs and more!
  4. Amazing lilac hand tools: Once again, if we’re sticking to color coordinating here, these Cricut hand tools in lilac will give you the pops of color you need for a gorgeous craft room. The18” Cutting Ruler is aluminum with a stainless steel straightedge to protect your hands from share cutting tools like the Cricut TrueControl Knife™ (also in lilac!). Cricut’s TrueControl Knife gives you better hand-cutting control when working with a variety of materials from dense paper to thin plastics, canvas, fabrics and more.

    If you’re working with the TrueControl Knife you also need the matching Decorative Self-Healing Mat in lilac. You’ll be amazed at the vibrant color and quality of this self-healing mat. Finally, if you’re someone who works with fabrics, papers, and other materials you have to cut down to size, Cricut has two sizes of Acrylic rulers (6”x 26” and 3”x 18”), also in lilac! All these tools will set you up for the most amazing crafting experience and not to mention, the color will wow!

All The Lilac DIY Projects

  1. That Milk Tho Bodysuit: If you’re having a baby or someone in your life is, this adorable DIY iron-on bodysuit is perfect for any new mom. Try this gorgeous lilac color of Cricut Everyday Iron-on to make your project (or mix and match if you like another shade better!). All you need is a plain baby bodysuit, one roll of Cricut Iron-on and a Cricut EasyPress to achieve this cute project. You can find the ready-to-make project here in Design Space.
  2. Sweets Tea Towel: Who doesn’t love a fun hand towel for your kitchen? Instead of buying one, make one with your favorite designs and phrases. All you need for this project is a plain canvas towel, one roll of Cricut Iron-on and a Cricut EasyPress to make this hand towel. We love this shade of purple Cricut Everyday Iron-on for this project. You can find the ready-to-make project here in Design Space.
  3. Home Sweet Home Pillow: Need some pillow inspiration? This cute home sweet home pillow is easy-to-make and will give your decorative armchair the perfect pop of color for your living room. All you need for this project is a plain pillowcase, one roll of Cricut Iron-on and a Cricut EasyPress to make this pillow. We love the lilac color of Cricut Everyday Iron-on for this project as well (or you can use Cricut Glitter Iron-on in purple). You can find this ready-to-make project here in Design Space.
  4. Patterned Iron-on T-Shirt Patch: If you need to make a basic shirt just a little bit cooler, you can iron-on a t-shirt pocket. Literally, it will look like a pocket but it’s actually a flat design. We love the example in our lilac collection above. It’s so easy to make, you just have to use Design Space basic shapes to create a pocket and then simply iron it on with a Cricut EasyPress. We love this shade of pink/purple patterned Cricut Iron-on from the Anna Griffin® Charlotte Patterned Iron-on Sampler to go on as the patch.
  5. Helenium Flower Bouquet: If you love a flower bouquet in your house as much as we do, but don’t want to pay so much to change the colors and styles week over week, try making paper flowers. They’re really fun to make and Cricut has tons of patterns for beginners to advanced crafters. We love this Helenium Flower Bouquet in lilac. This project requires paper and other supplies, which you can find on the instructions in the ready-to-make project here in Design Space.
  6. Just For You Gift Wrap: With the holidays not so far away, check out this amazing gift wrap that you can make in under 30 minutes! We love the color combination of purple and silver. Check out the ready-to-make project here in Design Space.
  7. Arrow Phone Case: If you love swapping out your phone cases as much as we do, you’ll love the fact that you can customize your phone cases easily with Cricut vinyl. We love the design on the arrow phone case, which is easy to create in Design Space by searching in our image library for arrows. All you have to do is get your shade of Cricut vinyl in grape, Cricut Transfer Tape and cut your arrow shapes using your lilac Cricut machine. We also love these other fun purple phone cases that are ready-to-make projects in Design Space (Aloha Phone Case and Bespoke Bride - Abstract Phone Case).

We hope you love all of this lilac inspiration. Tell us in the comments what you think or if there are other lilac projects you want us to feature. Make sure you also share this lovely lilac collection with your friends who love lilac and shades of purple. #CricutMade

Different Types of Iron-on from Cricut

What to Know About Different Types of Cricut Iron-on Materials

(AKA Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV)

September 13th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Being new to iron-on, I found myself at first a bit overwhelmed with all the different types of iron-on materials to choose from. While it was exciting to jump into trying everything from Glitter Iron-on™ to SportFlex Iron-on™, it took me a while to understand how each differs and what are some of the tips and tricks to know for each type. So, I decided to write this blog to help out fellow newbies discover what makes each unique and great in their own way. Check it out and leave a note in the comment section if it was helpful or have questions we can answer in a future blog.

Here are the six different types of iron-on I will cover:

Everyday Iron-on™- Versatile, durable and easy to use.

This is my go-to iron-on material.  I definitely recommend newbies like myself to start here. With over 28 different colors plus a large selection of samplers (rolls of three 12” x 24” sheets that come in different colors), there are a lot of options to choose from. Once you have done a few basic iron-on projects, take a look at all the different colors and try layering.

Everyday Iron-on is the one type of HTV that can be used as a base layer and then layer on top of it any other type of heat transfer material. Along with being versatile, it is also durable (if used as directed, will survive 50 plus washes), and it is really easy to weed (weeding is the process of removing negative iron-on film, leaving only the desired cut image on the liner).

TIP: Use warm peel technique when using Everyday Iron-on. What is warm peel? This refers to the process of peeling the plastic backing off the iron-on AFTER you have applied it to your material. Warm peel means you can pull off backing right away (while still warm from EasyPress or home iron).  Take a look at the FAQ page for additional application and care instructions.

I selected a few projects in Design Space using Everyday Iron-on for you to check out:

SportFlex Iron-on™ - If it stretches, use SportFlex.

SportFlex Iron-on has been on my craft table and under my EasyPress a lot over the past few weeks. I have been making custom jerseys for myself and a few friends from college for the upcoming college football season and the polyester jerseys I bought definitely have a bit of stretch to them. This is the one iron-on material that is dependent on the type of fabric you are heat-pressing it to.

There is nothing tricky or challenging about applying SportFlex, just know that you can’t layer using it. Not a big deal, just be mindful when considering your designs. Like Everyday Iron-0n, it can be washed many, many times (it too comes with Cricut’s StrongBond™ Guarantee).

TIP: Use warm peel technique with SportFlex Iron-on. Learn more about SportFlex Iron-on cutting, application and care instructions here.

Check out a few projects in Design Space that use SportFlex Iron-on:

Patterned Iron-on™ - Creative possibilities galore

Ok, this is where iron-on gets really interesting from an artistic perspective. I have been focused so far on iron-on performance for the most part. With Patterned Iron-on it is more a story around having options to select on-trend patterns that speak to your own design sensibilities. They come in a variety of different samplers (three, 12” x 17” sheets) offering up three corresponding design patterns.

Recently, I attempted a reverse canvas project using Cricut Nature Walk Sampler. I cut out my design using my Cricut Maker and I am now ready to apply it to a piece of canvas before remounting it to a wood frame. It looks really cool so far and I can’t wait for this weekend to finish the project. I was inspired by this Facebook Live video Jenn did recently showing how to make reverse canvas projects.

And, be sure to check out the Cricut Patterned Iron-on samplers from Anna Griffin and Natalie Malan.

TIP: Do not use Patterned Iron-on as a base layer. It can be added on top of other iron-on materials, including itself. To learn more, check out our FAQ page.

TIP #2: Use cold peel technique when using Patterned Iron-on. Cold peel refers to the process of peeling the plastic backing off the iron-on AFTER you have applied it to your material. Typically, need to wait until the Iron-on is cold to peel it off (wait about 2-3 minutes).

Check out a few projects that use Patterned Iron-on:

Glitter Iron-on™ - Bring the bling!

With over 30 different Glitter colors and a variety of samplers, you can create projects with a little bit of glamour and others with a splash of sass. I have been adding little details to my designs using Glitter Iron-on—just a little bit goes a long way to embellish designs.

I am thinking about bringing some bling to my Halloween costume using orange and black Glitter Iron-on. Let me know in the comment section below what colors you like and are considering for future projects. Fun fact: Glitter Iron-on is so popular, Cricut sells it in bulk.

TIP: Use warm peel technique with Glitter Iron-on.

TIP #2: Do not layer any iron-on material over Glitter Iron-on. The material may seem to iron-on fine, but when washed, the material on top of the glitter layer will begin to peel away. However, Glitter Iron-on may be layered on top of Everyday Iron-on. Take a look at the FAQ page for application and care instructions.

A few projects to see in Design Space that use Glitter Iron-on:

Holographic Iron-on™ - Sparkles and shines.

Similar to Glitter, you are certain to catch people’s attention with Holographic Iron-on. Applying a nice blue or green color really works well on water-themed designs (try out a mermaid design on a t-shirt). Also, consider using for groovy party attire or home decor in the future.

TIP: Use warm peel technique with Holographic Iron-on.

TIP #2: Do not use as the base when layering. Can be layered on top of Everyday Iron-on. For more cutting and application instructions, check out FAQ page

Check out projects that use Holographic Iron-on:

Foil Iron-on™ - Add some shine.

Last but not least, Foil Iron-on is one of our most popular materials because it is perfect for decorating for celebrations and festivities. And, once you see how well it works with parties, incorporating it into projects that add class to your own home décor is inevitable. Its reflective surface is also perfect for embellishing apparel and accessories like the pencil pouch project I highlight below.

TIP: Use cold peel technique with Foil Iron-on.

TIP #2: Do not use as the base when layering. Can be layered on top of Everyday Iron-on. For more cutting, application and care instructions, check out Foil Iron-on FAQs

Check out a few projects in Design Space that use Foil Iron-on:

One more option for beginners

There is one more “type” of iron-on that I am not covering in this blog that I would be remiss not to mention. That is Cricut Iron-on Designs™. These are perfect for those looking for professional-looking apparel, home decor, tote bags and more but do not want cut or customize their designs.

These ready-to-make iron-on designs are great options and definitely worth checking out (and, be sure to check back as we are bringing out new designs on a regular basis).

I hope this information helps you understand a little better all the different options Cricut has to offer when it comes to iron-on materials. The breadth and quality of the assortment is amazing and I encourage you to try different types of materials, use different techniques and share your amazing projects with the Cricut Community!

As always, if you have additional questions about iron-on, please visit our FAQ Page or reach out to Cricut Member Care at cricut.com/contact-us.

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StrongBond Guarantee for Cricut Iron-on

How to Make Sure Your Iron-on Lasts After Many, Many Washes

Long-lasting iron-on results are possible. Read below for tips on how to ensure you create flawless iron-on projects that last.

September 6th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

If iron-on projects are your favorite, like mine, I know how frustrating it can be to cut your project, adhere it with a home iron and the iron-on starts to peel, crack or wrinkle after a few washes. Well, I am here to tell you that permanence with iron-on is possible. It all starts with using high-quality iron-on (aka heat transfer vinyl or HTV).

Producing Iron-on That Sticks Is Part Art and Part Science

At Cricut, the quality of our iron-on material and EasyPress are now best-in-class. We have come a long way thanks to you! We listened to your feedback and went back to work perfecting the science behind creating premium iron-on and putting in place the most advanced machinery and technology. Our quality teams have spent countless hours testing to ensure the iron-on experience is flawless and results last long after your t-shirts and other projects have been made.

This is why we now have in place our StrongBond™ Guarantee on many of our iron-on materials. This means that when Cricut Iron-On is used as directed, you’ll be completely satisfied with the results. If not, we’ll replace it for free. Seriously!

StrongBond Guarantee for Cricut Iron-on
StrongBond Guarantee for Cricut Iron-on

Our Quality Assurance Team conducts exhaustive testing of all iron-on until it reaches its failure point (peeling, wrinkling or cracking). This t-shirt with Cricut Everyday Iron-On has been put to the test.

Look closely to see all those hashmarks! Each one represents a washing cycle. Our QA Team tests iron-on across a variety of materials. From these tests, we then can provide exact time and temperature recommendations for best results.

Once You Have Selected Cricut Iron-On, Use These Essential Tips to Ensure Flawless Iron-on:

Beyond using quality iron-on material, there are a few must-meet conditions that work together to give you professional iron-on results:

Even heat: For heat-transfer material like iron-on to successfully adhere, it needs even heat. And that’s why we introduced Cricut EasyPress. Two heating elements snake through the plate, creating perfectly even heat and flawless, long-lasting iron-on transfers. Because we eliminated the hotspot, a press cloth is rarely, if ever, required.

StrongBond Guarantee for Cricut Iron-on

Exact temperature: Iron-on film adheres to fabric when a heat-activated glue reaches a given temperature range. The temperature required will be different for foil iron-on film than it will for glitter iron-on film, etc. That’s why we recommend using Cricut EasyPress with Cricut brand iron-on products. Rather than suggesting “average” temperature and time settings for any old heat press on any random fabric, we give you precise Cricut EasyPress settings that have been rigorously tested using every Cricut iron-on type. Use our recommended settings chart to make every project perfect.

StrongBond Guarantee for Cricut Iron-on

Flat Surface: The flatter your work area, the better. And unless you want flimsy results, avoid flimsy ironing boards. Use the super-flat Cricut EasyPress on super-flat surfaces, along with a Cricut EasyPress Mat, and you will get super long-lasting results. Make sure your surface is heat-resistant and ideally waist high for ease in applying the needed pressure.

StrongBond Guarantee for Cricut Iron-on

Beyond even heating, exact temperatures and using flat surfaces, follow these important steps to maximize the life of your iron-on projects:

Before iron-on application

  • Know the type of fabric and the type of iron-on material you are using and reference our recommended settings chart.
  • Always pre-wash and thoroughly dry your fabrics.
  • When washing, do not use fabric softener.

During iron-on application

  • Just before transfer, preheat your base fabric for 3-5 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture.
  • After adhering your design, flip your fabric and repeat on the other side. Use the same settings.

After iron-on application*

  • Wait at least 24 hours before washing.
  • Always wash inside-out.
  • Do not bleach.
*Different types of Cricut Iron-On have different care instructions. For example, Cricut Foil and Holographic Iron-on should be hand-washed in cold water only. Be sure to follow washing and care instructions carefully (see instructions on packaging).

If you follow the above tips you too will make t-shirts and other iron-on projects that will last. If you have additional questions about iron-on, please visit our FAQ Page or reach out to Cricut Member Care at cricut.com/contact-us.

Family Bear Tees from GYCT

GYCT Designs Gets Wild with Bear Family Tees

September 3rd, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

We’re beary excited to announce this week’s t-shirt collection! Designed by Chelsea Briner, this stylish set is perfect to outfit momma, papa and baby bear. We love this collection because it’s so on-trend, and was created to embody the spirit of a family with a brand new baby. Seriously, that onesie is adorable!

Chelsea loves the momma bear shirt because she feels like it perfectly describes the way a mother so carefully watches over her cubs. She also took special care when creating the papa bear shirt, making sure it was something a ‘papa bear’ would wear. She shared that her husband would sport it, so she knew it was dad approved!

We also loved the creativity behind using the bear shape in several different ways-both as a backdrop for words, and then as the ‘a’ in baby bear--so clever!

Tip: if you’re looking to iron-on smaller designs, like for a onesie or hat or socks, pre-order our NEW EasyPress2 in the 6”x7” size. It’s perfect for small-surface projects!

Check out the entire collection, now in Design Space!

GYCT Bear Shirts
GYCT Bear Shirts
GYCT Bear Shirts

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Tips for Sharing in Cricut Community

Better Project Sharing in Cricut Community

September 1st, 2018 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Who here as created a Cricut Community profile? Raise your hands in the comments!  I’m Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff and you can find my community profile here. If you haven’t yet created your profile, make sure to check out this post about getting started!

Today I wanted to share with you a few of my best tricks for getting your awesome work noticed over on Cricut Community! I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Cricut Mountain Make-a-Thon in Salt Lake City, both on photography and on creating your own signature style. Both are important for helping your work be seen on Cricut Community and for sharing on other social media platforms. Let’s dive in!

1. Photography Matters

Yes, photography matters. But no, you do not need to hire a professional photographer for your work. Just take a little time to improve your photography. It really doesn’t take much to take much better photos, I promise!

To start with, always shoot in natural light, always in the shade. Sunlight creates harsh shadows and indoor lighting can make your projects very yellow. Taking photographs on a porch or by a bright window is a great place to start.

Project Sharing in Cricut Community

If you can’t shoot in natural light, you may want to invest in an inexpensive set of indoor lights. These are my favorite and they allow me to take photographs at any time, day or night!

Also, remember that focus is key. On most smartphones, if you tap the screen while in your camera app, it will focus on where you tapped. Use this feature to help keep your projects in focus. No more blurry photos anymore, okay?

2. Styling Matters

How you shoot your photos matters. Think about the angles that make sense for your project. If you’re shooting a card you made, take an overhead shot (called a flat-lay) and then stand the card up and take a shot with some depth from the side.

Project Sharing in Cricut Community
Project Sharing in Cricut Community

If you’re taking a photo of a shirt, you can do a flat-lay style photograph and you could also have someone wearing it.

You can also use a fun background. Pick up a few different colors of foam core, or find some vinyl backdrops on Etsy to give your photos style and color!

3. Props Matter

While you may be tempted to just put your project on the table and take a photo, look around instead and see if there are ways you can add a little style and context to a photo.

Even just a cute pen next to a card, a book alongside a cute bookmark, or a bit of confetti next to a party banner can go a long way in telling the story of your project. Heck, I use pom-poms all the time to make things a little more fun.

Project Sharing in Cricut Community

Just make sure that your props make sense along side your project—don’t stage a journal with a bunch of party décor. No one journals at a party…at least not a party I want to attend!

4. Editing Matters

For editing on your mobile device, try Afterlight, a Color Story, or Snapseed. Once you get familiar with the processes that you like in these apps, making edits to your photos shouldn’t take more than a minute or two—definitely worth the time!

Start by making sure your whites are as white as possible. These apps all have a way to change the “temperature” of your photo or adjust the “white balance.” If your photo is too yellow, slide the slider toward blue, for instance. Play around with getting your whites as white as possible, and the rest of the colors in your photo should look pretty close to reality as well.

Second, you want to increase the brightness and contrast. Remember, most of us look at our screens with them dimmed a bit—very few people have their screens up at full brightness. So you’re already working from a brightness disadvantage.

Third, you may want to look at the saturation. Not all photos call for a boost in saturation, but if you have a bunch of amazing colors in your project, why not amp it up a bit to really show off those amazing materials!

Here’s what I always tell people. Boost the brightness, contrast, and saturation. Then boost the brightness again. And then a little more. When it is starting to look ever-so-slightly fake, you’re right where you want to be. It’ll look perfectly natural on social media! Which of these two hoops would you rather make?

Project Sharing in Cricut Community

5. Creating a Signature Style Matters

If you really want your Cricut Community profile to shine, start to create a signature style for your work. Basically, you want to find a few repeating elements in your photos that will help make your body of work cohesive.  You can create a signature style by repeating (some, not all):

  • Project focus: Are you a paper crafter? Do you make a lot of mugs? Just having a repeating project focus is one way to create a signature style.
  • Color: Find the colors you love and use them often! This can be both in materials and in the background color you’re shooting on.
  • Typography: Find fonts or font styles that you can use over and over again. Maybe you are in love with pretty script fonts or can’t get enough of the quirky scrapbooking fonts. Repeating the same fonts and font styles really help to create consistency.
  • Photography styling: Take what you learned above about photography styling and repeat it! You’ll learn what you love and your work will reflect that.
  • Personality: If your style is bright and fun, it’s going to look weird if you throw in a morbid Halloween project in the middle of all your happy work. Keep your personality YOU and it will feel consistent in your work!

For example, I like bright colors, particularly teal and yellow. I love paper crafts, so you’ll find a bunch of paper in my signature style. And I like shooting things that don’t have a lot of pattern or texture—my work is flat, bright, and happy!

Project Sharing in Cricut Community

I hope these tips help you when you are creating work for the Cricut Community. Pop on over there or say “hi” on Instagram—I’d love to connect with you!

Share your tips in the comments below!

Matisse Art Shirts House of Lars

Finding Inspiration in Art with House That Lars Built

August 27th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Our newest t-shirt collection was created and brought to life by designer and entrepreneur Brittany Jepsen, the face and voice behind House That Lars Built. We love this collection because it transports us across the sea to France, as it pays homage to the famous artist known for his bold colors, Henri Matisse.

To celebrate the launch of this partnership, we asked Brittany a few questions about herself as a designer and the inspiration behind this collection!

House That Lars Built Art Shirts

Tell us about yourself as a creator, and about how you started House that Lars Built.

I started The House That Lars Built for a graduate school blogging project 10 years ago. As blogging grew, so did I and my direction and it has since morphed into a craft and design lifestyle blog where we focus on creating beautiful and makeable projects, always with a dash of whimsy and color!

This year I released my first book, Craft the Rainbow and in two weeks I'll be releasing a follow-up companion called My Life In Color. I can't wait!

Where do you get your design inspiration, and what inspired this collection?

I get my design inspiration from all over! I've been really lucky to travel to new places and I'm constantly referencing those trips. Art history informs my aesthetic too as evident by this new collection.

I've been a Matisse lover since I was a kid. My mom had an art print of a Matisse exhibition in our home and I think back to it often. Matisse has become the artist of the past few years and for good reason--his palettes are ever-fresh, and his shapes are still current!

What do you love about Cricut?

I was introduced to Cricut a number of years ago now and since then I've been able to explore its endless possibilities. There really is nothing it can't do. I love the challenge of thinking of an idea and wondering how I can make it even cooler with the Cricut. This t-shirt collection is an example of it. I love that it looks well-designed, but it's something you can make it 5 minutes.

House That Lars Built Art Shirts
House That Lars Built Art Shirts
House That Lars Built Art Shirts
House That Lars Built Art Shirts

Ma’tease’ Cut-Outs T-Shirt


Pin to save for later and tell us below which one is your favorite.

What is Cricut Community?

Inspire and Be Inspired: The Cricut Community

August 25th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

There’s pretty much nothing better than the satisfaction of having made something personal, unique, and beautiful for yourself or for someone special in your life. The only thing we can think of that will top a creative high is to share what you made with other crafters. The act of sharing takes your creations to a whole new level because they can inspire other creators to do things they could never have made on their own. There’s truly no end to the creativity YOU can inspire in others.

The new Profiles and Project Sharing features in Design Space are just the beginning of our efforts to magnify the creativity of everyone who uses Cricut products. Think about the last party you planned. Or the gift that you made. Or the sign that you designed. Someone, somewhere in the Cricut universe is looking for the very thing you made as a starting place for their own creation. Give them a hand! And like all things in life, your generosity will return to you tenfold.

Profiles & Project Sharing

To get started, build your Design Space profile from a web browser or our iOS app. This is as easy as uploading an informal photo of yourself and writing a short bio describing your favorite crafting pursuits. Then add projects to your profile for all to enjoy! This process is easy and all you need is a photo of your project.

Read some of our tips on getting a great photo in this article.

Cricut Community

Visit the My Projects page in Design Space and pick any project you’d like to share with the Cricut community. Click Share to open the form, upload your photo, add a brief description, and voila! your project is ready to share.

Cricut Community

Now you can post your project to your favorite Facebook group or Pinterest board for others to enjoy. Other crafters will be able to open it up in Design Space and if it’s something they might want to make later, they can favorite it for later.

Cricut Community

Fresh Inspiration Daily

New project submissions are coming in daily from our community, literally hundreds of projects are being added every week! Scroll down to the bottom of the Design Space home page to find the ribbon featuring Cricut Community projects. Then click “View All” to see all of the latest and greatest submissions.

Cricut Community

We’re so excited to see what YOU have to share with the community! For more information about how to share your latest projects, visit our page on sharing a project.

Have you shared on Community yet? Tell us below in a comment!

TrueControl Knives

How to Get More Precision and Control in Your Crafting

August 22nd, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

There’s no denying us crafters are always on the hunt for the next best tip or trick to be the best crafter there is!  I mean sure, in my book, finished is way better than perfect, but if you tell me there’s a tool to make things look even better and it’s easy - I am ALL ears! Well, as you may know, we introduced the Precision Tool Collection to the Cricut shop earlier this year, and I can’t wait to tell you about them.

Let’s start with a good workspace.  Our Self-Healing Mats are DREAMY! They come in drool-worthy patterns to spruce up your space or a more industrial feel with our traditional look. These are a great workspace for when you are working on your paper crafting or working with fabric and need your rotary cutter to do some serious work!

Cricut Precision Tools

Now, I know you noticed the rulers above and thought what is that beautiful accessory that I need? Well that my friends is our 18” Cutting Ruler. They make fast, clean cuts with a protective safety guard and easy-to-read measurements. I must say my favorite thing I did was make the cleanest cut you ever did see with freezer paper when working on a stencil project, thanks to the stainless steel straightedge and the non-slip gripping bottom!!

Now if fabric is more your fancy, you are going to love our acrylic rulers. They come in every size you could ever need to fit exactly what project you are working on. There’s even a 12x24 ruler so that you can cut your fabric down to fit your mat to perfection! What I love about them is that they have easy-to-see measurements for visibility with both light and dark fabrics. They also have measurement markings in ⅛” increments and angled lines at 30, 45, and 60 degrees. Uhmm...hello precision! Get a look at these rulers down below.

Cricut Precision Tools

Which brings me right up to our next tool in getting precise crafting projects on POINT! These rulers make a great companion to our:

Cricut Precision Tools

TrueControl Knives - Think your regular hobby knife, but more sturdy, easy to change the blade, and c’mon it’s even cute enough to complement your other craft tools! With its razor-sharp edge, piercing tip, and superior blade lock system, Cricut® TrueControl™ Knife gives you better control and beautiful results every time. Experience amazing precision and accuracy when working on a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardstock, thin plastics, canvas, and more. You’ll never have to touch a blade with our patented hands-free blade changing system. Thanks to the thoughtful anti-roll design, you can rest assured the knife will stay put when not in use.

I am so excited for everyone to get their hands on these products because they really do up your crafting game!  You can shop all the products in some amazing pastel colors here.  Tell us what new tool you are most excited to try out!

Don’t forget - share this post with your friends to let them in on the crafting goodness!