Mountain Make-a-Thon Iron-on Track

Mountain Make-a-Thon Iron-on Track

July 11th, 2018 • Cricut Events

We are continuing the countdown for the 2018 Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon with another track introduction. The variety of classes we’re offering at our Make-A-Thon range from papercrafting to quilting & sewing, iron-on to starting a small business. With over 100 classes being offered over the two and a half days you’re sure to find a class for every skill you want to learn. If you haven’t already, be sure to get your tickets here.

We’re excited to introduce you to the teachers from our Iron-on track today.  Each of these teachers is prepared to teach you every tip and trick that you need to know about working with iron-on. Customize all your crafts with iron-on like tees, home decor, all your projects can be customized with iron on! Let’s check out what classes will be offered!

An Iron-On for Every Fabric: What iron-on is right for what material? Let Angie Holden teach you to mix and match like a pro. You’ll go home and look around your house with a bunch of new ideas on how to customize your world! Session repeats 2 times.

Cover your Bases: Have you mastered the basics of using iron-on on clothing and fabric? Are you ready to take your skills to the next level?  Learn advanced tips and tricks for how to use iron-on with unique base materials including wood, metal, glass and much more, and walk away with your very own creative iron-on project to take home! Session repeats 3 times.

Jump Into the Reverse Canvas Craze: Ready to take on the new craze of reversed canvas! In this class, you will learn the way to complete this project start to finish.  These canvases are the new favorite in home decor. Here we go! Session repeats 3 times.

How to Design with Patterned Iron-On: Come learn very practical and clever tricks on how to use different products with your iron-on!  Patterned iron-on can really add dimension and fun to your projects and we will show you how! Session repeats 3 times.

Ironing Out the Wrinkles: Learn how easy it is to use Iron-on to make quick and unique projects to express your creativity. We’ll start by creating a project in Design Space and follow through step by step until we have a completed project. We will discuss different types of Iron-on, the advantages to each type, and the differences in each one. We will talk about choosing the correct temperature and time to press each type of Iron-on using the Cricut EasyPress. At the end of the class, you will leave with a completed project that you took all the way from the beginning stages of the design process to completion. Session repeats 3 times.

Say Anything: Customized tees are all the rage, but where do you start? Learn how to combine words, numbers, and images to create the perfect tee for any occasion. Session repeats 2 times.

Mixing Up your Iron-on Color Palette: This class has everything you need to know about all the different Iron-on types Cricut has and when you should use them. We help you find the perfect iron-on to make your project pop! Session repeats 3 times.

Outfit your Friends, Family, or Team: DIY Shirts and gear for summer camp, Family Reunions, Group Gifts and Outfitting the team!:
Expand your mind with Cricut Iron-on Vinyl and it’s many uses. The class will be a visually stimulating feast with samples of all kinds of projects to get students inspired to step up their Iron-on game. Students can take pictures of all display projects for future inspiration. Session repeats 2 times.

To make sure everyone is able to attend all the classes they want each class is being offered a variety of different times over the course of the event.  If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, what are you waiting for?! Click here to get yours today!

Tips for Layering Iron-on

March 21st, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

I always like to say there is no wrong way to be creative, and I absolutely believe it. However, I do think there are correct methods or techniques in different creative mediums. So today we are talking about Cricut iron-on best practices when it comes to layering. If you would rather watch the explanation rather than read it, check out this Facebook live we did on the subject.

When you layer iron-on you have a base layer and a top layer. We recommend only using certain types of iron-on as a bottom layer.

For instance, when layering Sportflex iron-on you can use it as a top and bottom layer. However, we only recommend using Sportflex on Sportflex as it has a little stretch to it and our other iron-on types do not.

As a regular bottom layer, we recommend Iron-on Lite which you can layer on top of itself as well.

Here is a list of what you can layer on top of Iron-on Lite:

  • Glitter Iron-on
  • Foil Iron-on
  • Holographic Iron-on
  • Patterned Iron-on

We don’t recommend using any in the list above as a bottom layer.

We know many of you out there have layered and loved it.

Feel free to share your creations in the comments on our video!

If you want to make the project shown at top, go to the Ready-to-Make project in Design Space.

Make this sassy baby onesie in under 30 minutes

Make This Sassy Iron-on Onesie in Under 30 Minutes

March 9th, 2018 • Contributor: Ginger Bowie from Ginger Snap Crafts

Hello there! It’s Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts. I am so excited to be back here on the Cricut blog with all of you today. It’s one of my favorite places to hang out! You can find so much fun inspiration for your Cricut machine here. I just love it!

I was here not too long ago sharing projects you can do in 30 minutes or less using my favorite material, vinyl! Annnnnd today I am back sharing an easy 30-minute project using another one of my favorites - Cricut® Iron-on. Let’s get started!

1: Measure Your Design Area

Measure your design area

The first thing I always do before starting a project like this is to measure the spot I’ll need my iron-on design to go. This will help determine how big to cut out my design. For this cute onesie, the area I had to work with was 4 inches by 4 inches. Now it’s time to get to work!

2: Open up Design Space on Your Computer

Open up Design Space on Your Computer

Next, you’ll open up Design Space.

TIP: Be sure to join Cricut Access to get the best deals on shapes & designs to use in your Cricut projects. With Cricut Access this cute Little Miss Sassy Pants image is totally free to use. (To access my design file you can click here.)

Open up Design Space on Your Computer

Size the design as needed and then you’ll click make it.

Open up Design Space on Your Computer

Important: Since this is an iron-on project, be sure to mirror your image. This is really important! So, don’t forget!

Open up Design Space on Your Computer

Click continue. Be sure to select Glitter Iron-on as your material.

3: Cut Out Your Design

Cut Out Your Design

Next, you will load your cutting mat. TIP: Be sure to put the shiny side down & the matte side up when working with iron-on.

Cricut Maker cutting

Load your mat into your machine. Click the go button and let your Cricut do its thing!

Be sure to pin this post for later!

4: Weed Your Design

Weed design

This is probably the hardest part! Glitter Iron-on is notorious for being hard to weed. (Weeding is removing the excess iron-on from your design.) Thank goodness for the Cricut BrightPad! It makes weeding the Glitter Iron-on so much easier! You can actually see the cut lines. Yay!

First you’ll remove the iron-on that is outside of your design. TIP: Use a piece of washi tape to hold your iron-on in place as you weed.

Weed design

Then I used a weeding tool to remove all the tiny pieces from within my design.

Weed design

This is how it looked when I was finished!

5: Apply Iron-on

Apply your iron-on

Heat up your EasyPress & use it to press your design onto your onesie. Lay your design right where you want it first.

Apply iron-on

Then place your EasyPress right on top. Gently push down for 30 seconds.

Apply iron-on

TIP: I usually flip my onesie over & press the back of the design as well.

Apply iron-on

Next carefully remove the backing paper, leaving your design behind.

Apply iron-on

Isn’t that adorable? Annnnnd so easy to make in 30 minutes or less!

Pin this picture, so you can make this project later!

Enjoy These Other Easy Iron-on Projects From Some of My Favorite Cricut Bloggers

Enjoy these other easy iron-on projects from some of my favorite Cricut bloggers.

Hello Canvas Banner @ Love the Day

Teacher Tote @ Inspiration Made Simple

Craft Room Labels @ Laura’s Little Party

Spring Wreath @ Sew What Alicia

Felt Wall Banner @ Happy Go Lucky

DIY Cheer Bows @ Ginger Snap Crafts (me!)

Bridal Survival Kit @ See Vanessa Craft

Heart Canvas Decor @ 30 Minute Crafts

Let me know what you would like to make with iron-on in the comments below. I’d love to hear!

You can use iron-on to decorate wood

You Can Use Iron-on for That??

March 16th, 2018 • Contributor: Kayla Brasher from Kayla Makes

Hey Cricuteers, Kayla here today and I have a confession, I love iron-on! It's by far my personal favorite when it comes to Cricut cutting materials. From iron-on lite to glitter, foil and holographic sparkle, there are so many options and even more possibilities when it comes to this versatile material.

Today, I'm showing you some fun ways you can use iron-on that aren't your typical t-shirt or baby onesie. Let's jump right in!


You can use iron-on for hats

Iron-On lite adheres nicely to baseball caps. I used a mini iron to create the hat above and it worked perfectly for me.

You can use iron-on for hats

These bride tribe hats by Something Turquoise were created using the coolest trick! Click over to see how they used one of their Cricut tools to get the iron-on to stick.


You can use iron-on for wood

I can easily remember the first time I saw someone use iron-on on a wood surface. I was blown away! Think of all the cute things you can make! It has a lot more staying power than adhesive vinyl and is just as easy to apply.

For this decorative wood slice, I used Cricut's foil iron-on in gold and my EasyPress.


You can use iron-on for paper

This Jungle Rules nursery wall hanging is a project from Design Space. Cat (one of Cricut's FIT scholarship winners) used Iron-On Lite on a sheet of paper to create this custom look.

You can use iron-on for paper

Last fall I added gold iron-on to a sheet of cardstock to create this print. It has the look of a foiled print without the hassle or cost of foiling.


You can use iron-on for neoprene


You can use iron-on for neoprene

These Bridal Party Koozies from Something Turquoise are super cute and make the best wedding favors. They opted for glitter iron-on but any of the varieties will stick well to neoprene.

You can use iron-on for neoprene

These neoprene popsicle holders were all over the place last summer. Why didn't anyone think of this when I was a kid?!


You can use iron-on for shoes


You can use iron-on for shoes
You can use iron-on for shoes

Cricut Design Space has a ton of fun ideas for using iron-on on your shoes. Check out this tribal pair, this lucky pair and this cute polka dot pair for kids. All of these projects are included in your Cricut Access subscription if you have one. Also, check out these Lucky Chucks for tips on how to put it on.

Have you created a project with iron-on that stands out from the crowd? We'd love to hear about it! Leave a comment down below!

Outfit Your Home With These Cute Projects

April 17, 2017 • Contributor: Jennifer Rizzo from Jennifer Rizzo Designs

HI everyone! It’s Jen from I wanted to share some fun custom home décor projects some of my fellow bloggers have made with their Cricut! One of the things I love the most about my Cricut, is the fact that I can make custom home décor. I love how these 5 projects used Cricut iron-on materials in creative ways to bring personal touches to ordinary every day items!

Sweet Flower Pots

PMQ for two created two projects that are not only the cutest thing ever, but look like you could pick them up in your local boutique! These vinyl face flower pots are a great way  to add some personality to your plants!


Flower Pots

Boho Charger Pattern

And she dressed up inexpensive chargers with a very fresh Otomi pattern for decorative use (only). These are really cute, and have a fun boho flair! Visit PMQ for two to see the full instructions here



Inspirational Pillow Phrase

On Fern Avenue made this super cute pillow with the heat transfer vinyl. She was able to customize her daughter’s room with a pre-made pillow and the vinyl!


outdoor pillow

A Welcoming Pillow

Olive Amber made a custom and very welcoming front entry way with a pillow cans and the vinyl as well. I love how she used a cute, and very trendy pineapple print pillowcase to add her text to. It really pops off her front door and pulls it all together!


Outdoor pillow

Add A Touch of Color To Your Kitchen

To add a touch of color and fun to your kitchen décor, follow Lydi Out Loud’s example an use the Cricut iron-on lite to make these really creative and cute kitchen towels. These would also make an amazing gift for a Mother’s Day, or even a housewarming gift!


Custom kitchen towels

I just love all of the options to make custom home décor with the different Cricut iron-on materials. Make sure you visit the blogs linked above for the full instructions so you can make your own!!!

For more creative home and decorating ideas visit me at


Monogram Styles: What’s The Right Monogram For You?

March 29, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Marketing Director Tiffany Isbell

Monograms are a great way to personalize almost anything from a lunch box to notebook and more. The best part about monograms are the variety of styles to choose from that honestly can fit any occasion. Let’s go through the bucket list of monograms to help you find the right fit for your next project – and stay tuned while I walk you through how to make all of these in just a few easy steps over the next few weeks!

Fancy Letter Monograms

Basically, it’s a Choose Your Own Adventure to find the perfect font to use.



True Monogram Letters

Letters that were designed specifically to be a monogram.



Layered Monograms

Monograms that have multiple layers to give them dimension.



Split Monograms

An initial with a name in the middle … what more do you need to tell the whole story?



Rounded Monograms

Large center anchored letter surrounding by a first and middle/second initials.



Framed Monograms

Exactly what it sounds like: a monogram surrounded by a frame – sometimes a floral, sometimes a square, sometimes a round, always lots of potential.



Shaped Monograms

An initial within an image. Quite easy and definitely fun!



There are some very basic monogram rules (but I’m also a firm believer in breaking rules and designing to your own personality!) that I wanted to share for those planning out the perfect monogram for the perfect project:

  1. Single letters can represent either first name (modern) or last name (traditional)
  2. There are three main ways that are represented by three initials
    • If the letters are all the same size, it represents a person’s first initial, middle initial and last initial
    • If the center letter is larger, it represents a person’s first initial, last initial (large center), and middle or maiden name initial (for married women)
    • For a married couple, the center would be larger representing their joint married name. The order is usually the bride’s first initial, the married last initial, and the groom’s first initial

Which monogram style is your favorite? Do you have any others that you want to share with everyone? Let us know below, and tune in each week to figure out how to make your favorite style in Design Space


Celebrating International Women’s Day & Joining the Movement

March 8, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Marketing Director Tiffany Isbell

Photo Credit: Teacups & Things

I’ve grown up surrounded by truly amazing women. My mother was in education, and she taught me the value of education along with teaching me so many successful life skills. Whether we were canning plum jelly to hand out to people in the neighborhood or she was teaching me how to sew so I could join the 4H Club and put on a fashion show down the middle of the horse arena when I was 9, my mother was a true inspiration. The best part was that I also had a father who always encouraged me to not just get an education, but become an educated woman. He absolutely believed that I could be whatever I wanted – even President of the United States, which obviously didn’t happen. What did happen was that I grew up – surrounded by strong parents, teachers, and friends.

Now, I work with truly amazing women. From our VP of (developing amazing*) Product, Kim Kanarowski, to my partner-in-crime on product launches, the beloved Cortney Haymond. We have women peppered throughout our building who are strong, beautiful, inspiring people. They each have their own story, their own life journey. They have diverse backgrounds, and they sometimes even have similar experiences. They’re all unique and fabulous!

Also, I’m inspired by all of the amazing women in our Cricut community. We see your inspiring projects; we hear about your incredible life stories, and we are constantly in awe of what you do. I cannot express the number of times your beautiful moments have brought us tears of joy. We celebrate this throughout all of our offices. We love to hear your stories, and we love to be there for you.

In honor of all the amazing women in my life and yours, we want to celebrate International Women’s Day and #BeBoldForChange. Bold takes many steps and many forms, but at the end of the day, it takes a lot of courage. We announced Cricut’s Pretty Pillow Project, #SayItWithCricut, in January – where we are helping you learn how to work with fonts and phrases in Design Space. So far, we have made over 30 pillows. You’ll see fun phrases, inspiring phrases, hopeful phrases, determined phrases, kids’ phrases, and more! Our goal as a team is to make at least 100 pillows this year, have an amazing experience helping you learn Cricut Design Space, and give back to our local community at the end of the year.

We will be donating all of our pillows to local women’s shelters to help bring a moment of happiness to them and their children during a difficult time in their lives. We would love for you to participate with us. As a community of crafters and makers, we invite you to participate with us. Let’s make it a goal together to donate 1,000 pillows and help touch many lives at the moment that they are trying to #BeBoldForChange. 

We encourage you to get together with your friends and have a Crafternoon or a Girls’ Night In party, or stay in and use your fabulous creative skills to make pillows on your own. Make pillows or pillowcases for your own local women’s shelters. Even if it’s just 2 or 3, you can make a huge difference in a life. Together, we can be powerful and help impact 1,000 lives. Please join us and let us know what you’ve done in your community here:

If you have a story to share, let us know. We welcome pictures about your fun pillow making event, stories of the impact made by your donation, and other experiences that really connected you to the women in your community. You can submit them to or post them on social media and tag us with #CricutPillows. 

I always end with a ‘Cheers’, and this has an even more powerful meaning to me today. Cheers to your creative life and the powerful impact your creativity has. Cheers to you and your families. Cheers to all the people who inspire you. Cheers to all the people who inspire me. And most importantly, Cheers to the Change that I know we are all empowered to make.



*This isn’t really a part of Kim’s title, BUT IT SHOULD BE! 

Your Guide to The Ultimate DIY Teen Room

January 23, 2017 • Contributor: Heidi Moore of Idieh Design

Is your teen's room in need of a makeover? We've got some stunning inspiration for you! We came together with stylist Heidi Moore, of Idieh Design, J-14 Decorate Magazine, and to makeover the room of teen actress, Jenna Ortega. To see the full makeover story from Jenna's perspective, head over to J-14 Magazine, or pick up J-14 Decorate Magazine in stores... you'll see some amazing Cricut DIY projects that will be available on Design Space this week! 

Heidi, the brains behind the contemporary DIY room design, came up with the concept, color palette, and furniture arrangement to transition Jenna and her sister Aliyah's childhood bedroom into a more modern and grown-up space for the girls. We are so inspired by Heidi's versatile designs, which is why we sat down with her so she can share more on her inspiration, motivation, and vision when it comes to creating home décor. 

What was your first reaction when you heard you’d be designing for a teenager’s space?

Honestly, a little nervous, but also very excited! My teen years are long gone and I knew I had to find a way to tap into what it’s like to be a teen again. My first step was checking out Jenna’s personal style on social media. After a quick glimpse, I quickly realized she was a mini me in terms of style. She can rock any style of hats (ME TOO!), she’s a fan of black and white (classic & chic!), and she has a little quirk mixed in with pure adorableness. I immediately felt at ease as I knew it would be a breeze to connect with Jenna’s style as it, in many ways, was a reflection of my own.

Talk us through your style profile and how that translated to this room.

Jenna is a teenager with a heart of gold, lots of style, and charisma beyond her years, so I knew I wanted to add a ton of spirit & energy to the room to match her bubbly personality. Also, I remember how during this stage of my life, I was searching for my identity, my confidence & the idea of self-love and it was really important to me that Jenna & Aliyah’s room be a place where the girls feel empowered and beautiful in their own skin. Therefore, it was high priority to sprinkle affirmations throughout the room such as "Messy Hair, Don't Care" and "Hello, gorgeous!" to remind them just how unique & adored they are. And, because they are in their early teen years, I wanted to challenge myself to find a way to design & create a space that could grow and transform with them. I did this by focusing on a sophisticated design foundation & then added touches of whimsical and fun to still keep the room feeling young at heart.

Hello Gorgeous

What is your method for inspiration when it comes to color and design?

At my core, I adore a black and white combo with pops of color and I’m always up for ways to mix patterns & textures to add depth and dimension. For this particular design, the focal point for inspiration came from the gorgeous rug from I instantly fell in love with the colors & textures of the rug and that jump started my design direction. I also thought about what teen girls like to do in their room and that’s what inspired the reading nook with the bean bag & the vanity for getting ready.


Check out the super cool style board Heidi made for the room before it was executed:

Idieh Design Style Board

What was your favorite Cricut DIY project in this room? 

Hmmm ... I’ll have to go with the wall decal of “Messy Hair, Don’t Care.” I’m a huge fan of hats and when I came up with idea, I knew I would have to implement it in my own bedroom. (And, I loved being able to add a little surprise for Jenna by leaving one of my signature Heart Black Hats in the display before the big reveal.) I love how it’s not only visually funky & artistic, but also very functional. Is it just me or does anyone else struggle with keeping all those hats in order?!

Messy Hair Don't Care Image

What was the coolest Cricut hack you learned when executing the design? 

Most definitely the use of Heat N’ Bond to convert some amazing fabrics into pieces that could then be easily attached to surfaces with just the touch of an iron. I’m always of fan of mixing patterns and textures and the Heat N’ Bond allowed me to transform a basic duvet into a work of art. I simply ironed the Heat N’ Bond to each of the shapes the came together to create the heart duvet and then ironed them onto the comforter. The Heat N’ Bond made it possible to quickly attach the unconventional materials and turn them into some funky room decor (& art!) by only using some heat ... and some patience.

Duvet Image

Tell us which Cricut material is your favorite to create with? 

Oooo ... this is such a tough one as there are so many favorites. I’m quick to find ways to utilize the vinyl as I love the versatility of it and that it’s only temporary, making it easy to switch out if your mood or style changes. I used vinyl for the “Messy Hair, Don’t Care” wall decal, the Hidden Heart wall installation and the “Hello, gorgeous” mirror decal. A close second would have to be the adhesive foil. It has such a sophistication and high-end feel to it that allows you to take a basic form and elevate it to become a statement piece. I used the gold foil to transform a basic black lamp shade into a geometric focal point of the room.

What was your biggest challenge in designing this space?

I learned A LOT. I think the biggest challenge was not being able to see the room until showing up a few days before the shoot. Let’s just say, Tim Gunn’s saying of “Make it work!” was the motto of the weekend. When designing a space there are so many factors to consider: materials, dimensions, spacial relations, shelves that can’t be removed but you didn’t know that until you arrived. You get the point. But, that’s what makes design & style so exciting and worthwhile. It’s through these unexpected limitations and obstacles that emerge your best & most creative ideas! (Not to mention, with the ease & versatility of a Cricut, it made it a breeze to make these changes on the spot and whip up a new idea, if needed.)

If you could give design advice to a parent looking to redesign their teenager's room what would it be?  

As I did with Jenna’s room, I think it’s important to think about how the room can transform with your daughter as she goes through such a life-changing stage in her life. Teen girls’ interests and hobbies change so much during those adolescent years and by focusing on a classic and timeless foundation (color of the walls, furniture, bed frame), it allows the design of the space to naturally transform with their style without having to completely redo their room every few years.


Another Room Image

I think we can all agree Heidi did an incredible job designing this contemporary teen room. The color palette alone has us with major hearts in our eyes! For more room inspiration from Heidi, make sure to check out our new Cricut home decor page and you might get a chance to win a style session with her ... along with your own Cricut Explore Air 2 bundle, and a shopping spree up to $2,000 on! You can re-design your teen's room or give your room a new style. So what are you waiting for?! Make sure to sign-up!

#SayItWithCricut: Our Secret Obsession for DIY Pillows!

January 4, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Marketing Director Tiffany Isbell

We’re declaring 2017, the year of the pillow. Last year, we had a little “pillow talk” showing you beautiful pillow inspiration. They’re so simple to make, and they can instantly transform a room or a life. I know what you might be thinking – yeah, nothing is really that easy. (This really can be.) BUT, we also know how scary or hard some DIY projects can look. Pillows can be made from iron-on, stencil, paint, fabric, felts, and more. We’re here to help you learn all the secrets, and give you Pillow Super Powers! Join us as we walk you through the how-tos of everything from picking the right pillow, designing your project, and tips & tricks of cutting your materials. 


Say I Love You

We’ll be making pillows throughout the year to inspire you and people in your life. Pillows are such a great way to express yourself, say something meaningful, and a really easy DIY way to make something special. You can tell people you love them:

This pillow uses fabric paint and stencils. The scariest part about this pillow might be picking and sizing fonts.  We know how intimidating that can be. We’ll take you through how to match fonts, build your design, and add it to your pillow. Don’t fret – whether you’re new to the world of making with Cricut or a seasoned veteran, get ready to learn something or share advice!  We’re all in this awesome journey together.

Photo courtesy The Idea Room

Celebrate Life

Whether it’s a holiday or a beautiful moment these types of pillows are made with Cricut Iron-On and are easy one-cut pre-designed phrases. Pre-designed phrases can be one simple way to make a quick, yet meaningful pillow. We’ll take you through the world of finding and using phrases in Cricut Design Space as well as making your own!

Texture Made Easy

This beautiful Ranunculus pillow can be one of those projects you might shy away from, but stay tuned and we’ll walk you through a wide variety from the simple one-cut to more complicated pieces like this one. You’ll be a pillow-making rock star by the end of the year. 

Our first step is going to be learning how to find and use phrases to make this great “You’re Amazing” pillow (because we truly think you’re amazing!):

You're amazing Pillow

Next, we’ll be walking through how to narrow down layered phrases to get a simple one-cut like this:

Awesome Pillow

Never fear! Because you are awesome! Together, we are ready to learn and grow. We’ll also share tips on how to pick the right color iron-on for your project and using iron-on easily. 

Lastly, we’ll be finding and sizing fonts together to make this:


Be Adventerous

... and celebrate the beginning of our adventures together. Every couple of weeks, we’ll have a new set of pillows to learn new techniques, tips & tricks, and the ins-and-outs of Design Space. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so that you can get in on all the fun!

Here’s a quick sneak peek of our next few pillows:

Sneak Peek Pillows

Let’s be adventurous, awesome, and amazing as we head into 2017, and let’s #SayItWithCricut every week! Tell us in the comments below what tips, tricks, and techniques that you'd like to learn along the way, and we’ll work to get you tutorials and answers. Make sure you also follow our #SayItWithCricut Pinterest board to see all of our amazing pillow and phrase projects. Cheers - Tiffany!