DIY Halloween Decor for Front Porches

Make an Entrance! DIY Your Halloween Front Porch

October 18th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Without a doubt, Halloween is our favorite time of year here at Cricut—a time to dream up fun costumes and create festive homemade décor. The creative ideas are endless! In this blog, I will walk you through some amazing projects to transform your entryway into the perfect spot to host trick-or-treaters this year. Are you planning home décor Halloween projects? Let us know in the comment section at the bottom of this page what you are planning.

DIY Halloween Front Porch

To bring this scene to life, we convinced our neighbors to allow us to transform their front stoop (lucky them!). There are actually two sections. One is a front-door area with steps leading up to the entryway, the other is a comfortable seating area just off to the side of the stairway and door. The two combined to provide the perfect stage!

Here are some of my favorite DIY projects that you can recreate to wow trick-or-treaters:

DIY Halloween Front Porch

No-Carve Pumpkins

Ok, let’s start with something simple — No-Carve Pumpkins. Where I live, squirrels and other critters love to munch on real pumpkins leaving kids sad and my front entrance a mess. Premium Vinyl is a great solution to decorate a pumpkin super cute, and fast. Check out this tutorial on how to create the Cat Pumpkin pictured above.

DIY Halloween Front Porch

October 31 Front Door Mat

This is a stencil project. Also, a relatively easy project and something that many of us, including myself, might not often consider. Check out this Facebook Live we did recently showing how to make this Halloween Door Mat using stencil vinyl and spray paint.

DIY Halloween Front Porch

Trick or Treat Bags

The kiddos need a place to deposit all of their treats! These are a breeze to make and look great in a variety of different colors. For this particular project, we used Everyday™ Iron-on, but be sure to check out different Iron-on materials and colors to customize your totes the way you want!

DIY Halloween Front Porch

Beware Pillow

This simple, but elegant looking pillow also looks great in an assortment of color combinations. For our scene, we went with the classic white-on-black look, but using different Everyday ™ Iron-on, (like black-on-orange), would also be great. Also, be sure to check out the cool Black Cat Pillow in Design Space.

DIY Halloween Front Porch

Halloween Window Bats

I love how easy window cling is and a great project to have kids help with. Check out this video showing Tiffany making window cling bats (and rats!).

DIY Halloween Front Porch

Halloween Spider Wreath

This spiderweb rosette wreath is charmingly spooky! This is an intermediate level project using the Scoring Wheel to score a variety of Cricut Cardstock. If you love making wreaths, this is a good warm-up project for the coming holiday season!

DIY Halloween Front Porch

Spooky Lanterns

Line your entranceway with these awesome chipboard lanterns. We created these using the Knife Blade to cut Chipboard, and assembled following the detailed instruction you can find in Design Space. Note: Only use Low-Temperature Battery Operated LED Tea Lights to light your lantern!

To create the porch décor projects, we used a Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2, along with a variety of Cricut materials and accessories.

DIY Halloween Front Porch

As always, we had so much fun bringing this scene to life! Let us know what you will do this year to transform your home into a Halloween haunt!

Happy Halloween crafting!

DIY Halloween for the Front Porch
DIY Halloween Banner

DIY Happy Halloween Banner

October 10th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Designer Meagan Patterson

No Halloween décor is complete without a festive banner and this one steals the show! This layered masterpiece was designed with you in mind – I simply can’t wait to see how you recreate it. With that, let’s get making it!

Materials Needed:

DIY Happy Halloween Banner
  1. Cricut Maker
  2. Cricut EasyPress
  3. Cricut FabricGrip Mat
  4. Cricut LightGrip Mat
  5. Cricut StrongGrip Mat
  6. Cricut Weeding Tool
  7. Cricut Foil Iron-on, Pewter
  8. Cricut Glitter Iron-on, Black
  9. Wool Felt, White
  10. Wool Felt, Black
  11. Wool Felt, Orange
  12. HeatnBond
  13. Twine
  14. Baker's Twine, Orange
  15. Baker's Twine, Grey

Materials Prep

Before you start cutting you will need to apply adhesive to your white and orange felt. I love to use HeatnBond on my projects. Depending on what you use, please follow the manufacturer's guide for application. Once it’s all prepped, you’re ready to begin cutting.

1: Cut All the Things!

DIY Happy Halloween Banner

I will never get tired of watching the rotary blade in action. It cuts through felt like butter! Be sure you are using your FabricGrip Mat as you cut and watch the magic happen.

It’s super important to use the recommended mat in conjunction with the material you are using. For example, use the LightGrip Mat for your Foil Iron-on and your StrongGrip Mat for the Iron-on Glitter will make this cutting process smooth sailing! Confession time: many a project has been ruined by me when I ignore the recommended uses. My bad!

2: Get Rid of the Excess

DIY Happy Halloween Banner

I may be in the minority here but weeding iron-on can be so therapeutic! I sometimes plan my entire day around weeding time just so my brain and body can rejuvenate. Am I the only one that does that?

Once all your letters are weeded it is time to start assembling!

3: Layer, Layer, Layers

DIY Happy Halloween Banner


DIY Happy Halloween Banner

When I layer multiple layers, to me it’s easiest to start with your base. For this project, I started with the black base and pressed the white banner layer on top using these setting on my EasyPress – Temp: 280 Time: 15 sec

Next, place your web and letter design onto the white felt layer. It should fit perfectly in the center. Be sure to use the recommended settings for your Iron-on by using our interactive guide here. I used these settings - Temp: 280 Time: 30 sec (cool material completely before removing transfer sheet)

For this next layer, you will need to grab a press cloth to protect the layers that you have already pressed on. One at a time place and press the orange felt letter to its corresponding banner piece using the press cloth as protection from the heat plate. I used the same felt EasyPress setting as before in the first step. Temp: 280 Time: 15 sec

Once that layer is done, the final layer is ready for the assembly. One at a time, place and press the black glitter iron-on letters to the orange felt layer using the glitter iron-on setting – Temp: 270 Time: 30 sec. Don’t forget that press cloth!

4: String it Up!

DIY Happy Halloween Banner

The wonderful thing about this banner is that it was designed to show off your string or ribbon. There are slits instead of holes on the upper corners of the black banner piece to prevent your pieces from sliding around on the string. In my opinion-all banners should have this feature!

Just to add a little bit more pizzazz to this banner I used multiple strings to add color and texture. I chose to use two orange baker's twine strings, one grey baker's twine string, and one natural twine string. Then I loosely twisted them together as I strung each banner flag.

And Voilà! You have a beautiful and festive Halloween banner!

DIY Happy Halloween Banner

I loved seeing how this banner tied in so well to our Halloween porch décor. I simply can’t wait to see how each of you display this in your home!

Happy crafting!

Meagan Patterson

DIY Happy Halloween Banner
DIY Halloween Shirts by JGoode Designs

Adorably Spooky Halloween Shirts with JGoode Designs

October 1st, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Bats and goblins and witches! Oh my! Halloween is right around the corner which means Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, pumpkin patches, and the Monster Mash are everywhere!

Enjoy the best Halloween has to offer in these adorably spooky designs. We love these designs because they are great for the entire family. Raise your hand if you can’t wait to carve pumpkins in the Trick or Treat t-shirt!

Click to Make: Trick or Treat Shirt

For this week’s iron-on vinyl t-shirt collection, we are featuring Jen Goode from JGoode Designs & 100 Directions. Jen is incredibly creative and talented. We love the designs she came up with! Jen has been a professional artist for 17 years and always has the most creative ideas for Cricut! All of her Halloween designs should take about 30 minutes to complete. So, grab your iron-on vinyl and PSL and fall in love with fall!

Check out all the designs in Design Space!

Sometimes trick or treating can be a little chilly. These shirts are the perfect solution! You can put them on a long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt to make sure you and your little ones will be warm enough to go door to door until their bellies and baggies are full!

Click to Make: Spider Web Halloween Design

These iron-on vinyl designs are so creative! We absolutely love these designs. Make sure to find them in Cricut Design Space!

Click to Make: Boo Design

How cute are these bats? I can already see a little witch wearing this at a school Halloween parade!

Click to Make: Halloween Bats Design

We absolutely love this eyeball shirt! Can’t you see a dad trick or treating in this shirt with a little zombie and witch?

Click to Make:  Halloween Eyeball Design

DIY Halloween Shirts with JGoode Designs
DIY Halloween Shirts from Happiness is Homemade

DIY Halloween Shirts with Happiness is Homemade

September 24th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team that you?! Here at Cricut HQ in South Jordan, UT, the days are getting shorter, the mornings are getting crisper, and slowly but surely, the signs of a changing season have made their way to the Wasatch front. And we couldn’t be MORE excited!

We love fall. With its rich and vibrant diversity of colors, well-known flavors and smells like pumpkin, cinnamon and apple, and super festive holidays, it’s one of the best and most fun seasons for makers everywhere.

For this week’s t-shirt collection, we’re featuring Heidi Kundin, editor and owner of the blog Happiness is Homemade. Heidi has such a fun and creative style, and we had such a great time with this collaboration!

DIY Halloween Shirts with Happiness is Homemade

Head to Design Space to make them all! And tell us in the comments which is your favorite!

Click to Make: This Is My Costume

Click to Make: So Franken Cute

Click to Make: Pick Your Poison

Click to Make: All the Ghouls Love Me


Pin now and make these soon!

DIY Halloween Shirts with Happiness is Homemade
Halloween Costumes You Can Make with a Cricut

Fun Halloween Costumes to Try This Year

October 13th, 2017 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Happy Halloween! It’s Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff, back with a fun Halloween post for you on the Cricut blog!

Are you planning on using your Cricut to make your Halloween costume this year? If so, I have rounded up a bunch of ideas to get you thinking about costumes! From masks to tails and everything in between, you’ll find so many great ideas for Halloween costumes here!

I even used my new Cricut Maker to create my Halloween costume—a set of giant butterfly wings!

Masks & Crowns

Unicorn Mask

Who doesn’t want to be a unicorn? With this unicorn mask from Made by Melli, you can make all your unicorn dreams come true!

Crown Jewels Costume

This “punny” crown jewels costume can be found in the Cricut Make It Now library! Perfect for a last-minute costume.

Animal Masks

Whether your kid wants to be a fox, an owl, or a lion, Cloudy Gray Day has you covered with her felt animal masks!

Character Costumes

Snow Princess Cape

Make this ethereal snowflake cape from A Pumpkin and a Princess for your little snow princess for Halloween this year.

Polynesian Demigod Halloween Costume

See Lindsay goes all out in this amazing Polynesian demigod costume for her toddler son! With both iron-on vinyl “tattoos” and felt leaves, this is the perfect costume for any tiny fan.

Other Fun Ideas

DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume

I think this pizza slice costume is so much fun—add a delivery boy and you have the perfect couples costume! You can find out how to make it in the Cricut Make It Now library.

Candy Costume

Continuing on with the food theme, Crafting in the Rain has a hilarious last-minute costume that costs less than $15 to make – a bag of delicious candy!


So what are you planning on being for Halloween? What about your kids? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Happy Halloween, Cricut friends!

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Just as we’re entering the season when scare is in the air, we are thrilled to reveal images from Disney® – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas to use in DIY paper crafts! This is the first time we’ve been able to offer these seriously spooky titles to our users, and we couldn’t help but grin and share it.

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Diabolical Halloween Décor: Creepy DIY Projects

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There’s a chill in the air, and it’s not coming from the weather. Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time spook up your surroundings. But when you’re just not feeling the onslaught of orange and black, consider one of these ghoulish DIY décor projects. They’re freakishly easy to make and are sure to set the scene for a devilishly fun Halloween!

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