Script Fonts in Cricut Design Space

Get Fancy With These Script Fonts

October 21st, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Script fonts are an easy way to add a fancy feel to your designs. Whether it's for a wall sign, wedding invitations, or just for fun, we have many script fonts available in Design Space. Since there are so many fonts in there, we picked out some of our favorites to highlight.

With these fonts, they may initially appear with uneven spacing depending on the font and the letters that you use. You can start out by trying the "Letter Spacing" function above the canvas. This will often move them together with no further adjusting needed, but it doesn't work with some fonts because of the way they are structured.

You would then need to use "Ungroup to Letters" to move them together, then weld to recreate the word properly. This keeps them together and makes sure there are no cut lines between letters.

Some of the examples have already been through this process, and others are just as they would appear when you first use them.

Using Ungroup to Letters

Even though it's under a tab called Advanced, Ungrouping to Letters isn't that difficult once you get the hang of moving everything together.
Note: This process involves welding, which you cannot undo after saving. If you think you may want to make changes down the line, you can save a copy before welding, then save again after under a different name. This way you can go back without losing all of your design.
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Above is how the Gravura Com font looks when you first choose it. Start by highlighting an entire word, then click on Advanced. Once that is open, you can choose Ungroup to Letters.
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
You should see on the right side that each letter is now a separate item.
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Now you can click on one letter and move it closer to the letter before.
Note: Watch your letters that have loops and spaces. Sometimes they fill in when the letters are very close together. Simply move it slightly until the space appears again.
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Once you have moved all of the letters to where you would like them, click on a space outside the word, then hold and drag to highlight the entire word. Click on Weld to make it all one word.
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
On the right, you should now see it change to Weld Result.
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space

Below you can see examples of other fonts that we love. I used the name of the font as the text, so use that to look it up in Design Space.

Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space

Note: This font has two different colors in it; black with highlight lines of blue. When you weld this one after separating, it turns all blue like the word "Grace" above. Take this into account for your design as it means your projects will only have one color.

Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below and pin for later so you can have it handy when you create. Happy crafting!

Get fancy with these script fonts in Cricut Design Space
One Font Six Different Ways - Varsity Letter Narrow

One Font Six Different Ways on Projects

September 7th, 2018 • Contributor: Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts

Hey everybody – it’s Beth from Kingston Crafts…and I love fonts! Who else is with me???

The assortment of Cricut fonts in Design Space has always made it so easy for me to find the right font for my projects without spending hours searching online, and today I’m going to show you six different projects using the same font (and one of my personal favorites) – “Varsity Letter – Narrow”.

One Font Six Ways

I created these pencil cases for my nieces and nephews for back to school…but the Varsity Letter – Narrow font would be perfect for ANY school or sport related project!

One Font Six Ways

Speaking of school – my high school reunion is this fall and I’m using cardstock in my school colors to create these unique name tags for everyone attending!

One Font Six Ways

Sports events your thing? How about creating your own banners like Jessica Roe at Everyday Party Magazine?

One Font Six Ways

If you don’t know about layering iron-on then Heidi Kundin at Happiness Is Homemade is about to be your new best friend. Check out how she not only layered the font on this shirt but the image underneath it as well. The SportFlex Iron-On layers beautifully.

One Font Six Ways
One Font Six Ways

Did you know that almost all of the fonts in Design Space can be drawn/written as well as cut? Including Varsity Letter – Narrow. Game changer! I think Cricut pens are the unsung hero of Cricut products. They are SO versatile and make your creating so much easier! From custom invitations to cool party favors these pens have you covered. Head on over to Design Space for this Ready-to-Make football party invitation.

One Font Six Ways

One of the reasons I use the Varsity Letter – Narrow font so often is that you get several layers to choose from/use for different types of projects. I created these chipboard letters using some Cricut Chipboard, the Knife Blade and a little paint and am loving the results!

Use painter’s/masking tape to secure chipboard to StrongGrip Mat. You will need two sheets of chipboard for this project.

One Font Six Ways

Size letters to fit your project – make sure you unhide (click on the eye image) the second layer. These letters are 5” tall and are ready to cut in Design Space!

One Font Six Ways

When using the Knife Blade be sure the star rollers (white discs) are pushed all the way to the right, then load your Knife blade and your chipboard and start cutting. Note that these letters will take a while to cut. I made myself a cup of coffee and started some laundry while the Maker did all the hard work!

One Font Six Ways
One Font Six Ways

Remove letters from mat and paint as desired.

One Font Six Ways
One Font Six Ways

Adhere layers as desired and add to your fall décor!

One Font Six Ways

I hope these fun projects help you take a second look at the fonts available in Design Space and the endless possibilities you can create with them. Happy Cricuting!

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Make a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

Make a Split Monogram for Father’s Day Presents

June 14th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Marketing Director Tiffany Isbell

We have been making all sorts of projects to prep for Father’s Day!  We wanted to show you a technique that we loved using for personalizing dad a mug! We use our Slice Tool to get this customized split monogram look!

Whether you use the app or the browser version, let’s rock some Father’s Day presents and share them with other Cricut users in our Cricut Community. To learn how to share your project, click here for a tutorial.

Let’s get started!

First, click the Text button on the left side and enter your letter for your large part of the monogram in the text box that appears:

Making a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

Next, I like to enlarge my letter as I make the split. This is a personal preference, but I recommend it for an easier design process.

Making a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

Now, let’s walk through the split itself! Select a Square from the Shapes list:

Making a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

Drag the square over until it is in the middle of the “D” and then select both images:

Making a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

Then, use the Slice Tool to cut your “D” in half for the split monogram. The Slice Tool is located in the bottom left side of the Layers Panel on the right side of your screen.

Making a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

You will then have 3 ‘parts’ of your “D”. Pull the main piece down, and delete everything else. Next, select your square and use the unlock feature on the bottom left before manipulating it into a smaller line with the directional arrows on the bottom right:

Making a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

Finally, duplicate (as circled in the picture below) or copy and paste (Ctrl+C / Ctrl + V) by highlights.

Making a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

Finally! Finally! You’re almost ready for the special word … highlight all your layers, and click Weld.

Making a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

Once you are finished welding your monogram, you just need to click Text again on the left panel, type in your word (we went with ‘Dad’ on this one!), and then center it in your split area.

Making a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

LAST STEP: Weld it all together again, and cut it on your vinyl (we used the new Premium Vinyl - Permanent Frosted for our mug).

Once you cut it out, remember that putting it on a glass means a round surface.  You can DIY your glass or mug by simply adhering your transfer tape to the vinyl - burnishing with a scraper is always a really great idea! Then, bend it into an arc and slowly wrap around the surface of the glass to get the best placement.

Remember when you are wanting permanent results you will want to follow the correct application directions which can be found here.

Making a split monogram in Cricut Design Space

You can also create this exact mug from our Cricut Community here.

Happy Father’s Day to all our amazing dads out there.  It takes a village of everyone to raise these super, fantastic kids of all of us. Special thanks to those great father role models in all shapes, sizes, and relations!

Show us your projects using a split monogram by tagging with #CricutMade on social media.

Fonts for Dads

Fonts for the Dads

June 8th, 2018 • Contributor: Shelby Jones, Cricut Social Media Specialist

Father’s Day is JUST around the corner and we are ready to whip up some DIY projects that dads are sure to love.  BUT! Do you get stuck where I do? What fonts are perfect for all the important men in your life?

It is so easy for me to find my favorite go-to script font or even my favorite fun and bold block letters, but I noticed I drew a blank when I started working on projects for my dad!  I have rounded up 10 Cricut Access fonts that are dad proof and ready for you to create with right now! Let’s get to it!


Fonts for Dads

Tuesday is the perfect sleek and simple font for your guys who are all about the basics.  Its slim profile makes for a perfect personalized project!

Want one of my favorite tips? Experiment with all your fonts to achieve a different look!  I used all caps on this one and it gave it a more masculine feel!

Fonts for Dads

This one explains itself - for the rugged ones who love being one with nature - we’ve got you covered! This font is perfect for personalizing gear, a tee for dad on his next fishing trip, or maybe even a car decal for his car!

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Fonts for Dads

I love Mustache for its charming ability to stay classic with a little extra something. This sophisticated font would look rather dapper on a mug, don’t you think?

Fonts for Dads

Poker Night has a great bold feel to it that would look great on a tee or even some of Dad's favorite grilling tools! I also LOVED this one as a writing font - if you haven’t made a card for the important men in your life I would recommend this classic font!

Fonts for Dads

There is no denying that the Bank Gothic gives somewhat of a comic feel. It feels safe to say that the superhero fans out there are sure to love anything created with this font.

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Fonts for Dads

When you’re looking for a masculine font that isn’t so basic I point to this Banco font! It has somewhat of a brush pen feel, but perfect for the list of projects you have for your guys.

Fonts for Dads

Kinda quirky, kinda awesome! I love how witty this font is and for some reason, I feel like it belongs on a bookmark, coffee mug, and even a framed quote for Dad's office!

Fonts for Dads

Linotype Aperto is a strong classic font that is a safe go-to for all the men in your life! If you want to see how we used it click here.

Fonts for Dads

Calling all space lovers - we have the perfect font for you!  The dad projects are endless on this one if you’ve got a lover of the galaxy!

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Fonts for Dads

High Tide seems most appropriate for all the sports lovers in your life!  My mind is going crazy with all the sports projects I could create with this font. I am imagining a dad jersey with some iron on and maybe a matching coozie- would that not be perfect?!  This font also makes a great writing font!

Are you crafting this weekend for Father’s Day?! I’ve got a couple projects left to cross off my list, but these fonts have inspired me on about a dozen more!!! Tell us what you are making and if you have go-to guy fonts be sure to share!

If you love these fonts like I do, be sure to share this post!

When do you use Cricut fonts and when do you use system fonts?

Cricut Fonts vs. System Fonts

February 27th, 2018 • Contributor: Kayla Brasher from Kayla Makes

Hey crafters! I'm Kayla from Kayla Makes and today we're talking fonts.

Who doesn't love a good font? I know I do. Luckily for us Cricut users, the font options in Design Space are virtually endless. The software is preloaded with hundreds of font options, plus any font that you've downloaded on your computer/device is readily available for you to use.

Today, we're going to chat about Cricut fonts vs. system fonts and which one you should be using. First, let's talk about what's what.

Two Types of Fonts Available in Design Space

The two types of fonts available in Design Space

(1) Cricut Fonts are fonts that are preloaded into the Design Space software. Some will be marked with a green "a" and may have a fee depending on your Cricut access subscription.

(2) System Fonts are fonts that you have downloaded to your own computer or tablet. When you open Design Space it will automatically load your system fonts. 

In the fonts window, you can quickly sort by Cricut fonts or system fonts by clicking the corresponding word or you can view all available fonts by clicking "all".

When Should I Use Cricut Fonts?

Cricut fonts in Ready-to-Make projects


Cricut fonts in Ready-to-Make projects

Cricut fonts are specifically coded to cut perfectly with Cricut machines so they're always a great option, and if you're a part of Cricut Access you'll have access to over 400 fabulous fonts.

Also, Cricut Ready-to-Make projects feature Cricut Access fonts (unless otherwise noted) so anytime you make one and want it to look exactly like the sample photo, you can always find the font listed in the project instructions!

Another good use for Cricut fonts applies to using Cricut pens to write with the machine. In the fonts window, select Cricut fonts then use the filter to select "writing" and you'll see all of the different fonts that you can use with the Cricut pens.

When Should I Use System Fonts?

System Fonts in Design Space

There are so many fonts available on the internet. From swirly and script-y to blocky and bold. Generally, system fonts will cut just fine. The issue you may run into is when you're working with a particularly distressed or detailed font. Since system fonts aren't coded to be cut, the Cricut machine may struggle and end up destroying your material. It's best to choose a simple font with smooth lines.

Another great thing about system fonts is the ability to customize an order for a customer. If you need a specific font for an order you can easily download it and it will be right there in Design Space for you to create with.

Which font do you use the most when creating?

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Mad for March Newness

March 22, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

We are so excited for March and everything it brings. Here in Utah, it has brought the sunshine (Goodbye snow!!!), and at Cricut at has brought some awesome new materials to cut with as well as a few other fun things.

Throwback time…

I remember back to when I was in elementary school and everyone had folders and shoes and pencils that had this iridescent quality to them. It was so popular and it was everywhere. It faded as the years have progressed, but we are bringing it back.

Introducing our newest vinyl…


Holographic Vinyl


Blue, Pink, and Opal Holographic Vinyl. Perfect for the young and young at heart. Seriously though, check out these super cute projects our designers made with the vinyl. You can find this super cool vinyl on HERE!


Holographic Projects

Foiled Again…

If you followed along with all the products Cricut released last year, you saw a lot of Foils. There was Stainless Adhesive Foil, Metallic Adhesive Foil, Matte Adhesive Foil, and Foil Iron-on. Well Cricut is adding one more to the collection, Adhesive Stainless Foil in a beautiful brilliant red.



Words speak louder in color…

I don’t know about you, but I love the writing capabilities of the Explore machines. I also love to play around with different colors to give my projects just the right type of personality. That is why the new Ultimate Pen Set is perfect. It has 30 gorgeous colors for all your writing and drawing needs. You can buy this gorgeous set on HERE!


Cricut Pens


Speaking of writing, Cricut also released a brand-new Access font called Karley. This brush script font is so cute and fun.



Karley Font

I can’t wait to make a bunch of projects with it. I’m imagining everything in my whole house… Karley Font! Go get your Cricut Access (if you don't already have it) now to use this amazing font, and over 300+ beautiful options! 

So, I have to know, what combo of these new products are you going to be using on your next project. Tell me in the comments below and be sure keep checking back for more news and inspiration.


Celebrating International Women’s Day & Joining the Movement

March 8, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Marketing Director Tiffany Isbell

Photo Credit: Teacups & Things

I’ve grown up surrounded by truly amazing women. My mother was in education, and she taught me the value of education along with teaching me so many successful life skills. Whether we were canning plum jelly to hand out to people in the neighborhood or she was teaching me how to sew so I could join the 4H Club and put on a fashion show down the middle of the horse arena when I was 9, my mother was a true inspiration. The best part was that I also had a father who always encouraged me to not just get an education, but become an educated woman. He absolutely believed that I could be whatever I wanted – even President of the United States, which obviously didn’t happen. What did happen was that I grew up – surrounded by strong parents, teachers, and friends.

Now, I work with truly amazing women. From our VP of (developing amazing*) Product, Kim Kanarowski, to my partner-in-crime on product launches, the beloved Cortney Haymond. We have women peppered throughout our building who are strong, beautiful, inspiring people. They each have their own story, their own life journey. They have diverse backgrounds, and they sometimes even have similar experiences. They’re all unique and fabulous!

Also, I’m inspired by all of the amazing women in our Cricut community. We see your inspiring projects; we hear about your incredible life stories, and we are constantly in awe of what you do. I cannot express the number of times your beautiful moments have brought us tears of joy. We celebrate this throughout all of our offices. We love to hear your stories, and we love to be there for you.

In honor of all the amazing women in my life and yours, we want to celebrate International Women’s Day and #BeBoldForChange. Bold takes many steps and many forms, but at the end of the day, it takes a lot of courage. We announced Cricut’s Pretty Pillow Project, #SayItWithCricut, in January – where we are helping you learn how to work with fonts and phrases in Design Space. So far, we have made over 30 pillows. You’ll see fun phrases, inspiring phrases, hopeful phrases, determined phrases, kids’ phrases, and more! Our goal as a team is to make at least 100 pillows this year, have an amazing experience helping you learn Cricut Design Space, and give back to our local community at the end of the year.

We will be donating all of our pillows to local women’s shelters to help bring a moment of happiness to them and their children during a difficult time in their lives. We would love for you to participate with us. As a community of crafters and makers, we invite you to participate with us. Let’s make it a goal together to donate 1,000 pillows and help touch many lives at the moment that they are trying to #BeBoldForChange. 

We encourage you to get together with your friends and have a Crafternoon or a Girls’ Night In party, or stay in and use your fabulous creative skills to make pillows on your own. Make pillows or pillowcases for your own local women’s shelters. Even if it’s just 2 or 3, you can make a huge difference in a life. Together, we can be powerful and help impact 1,000 lives. Please join us and let us know what you’ve done in your community here:

If you have a story to share, let us know. We welcome pictures about your fun pillow making event, stories of the impact made by your donation, and other experiences that really connected you to the women in your community. You can submit them to or post them on social media and tag us with #CricutPillows. 

I always end with a ‘Cheers’, and this has an even more powerful meaning to me today. Cheers to your creative life and the powerful impact your creativity has. Cheers to you and your families. Cheers to all the people who inspire you. Cheers to all the people who inspire me. And most importantly, Cheers to the Change that I know we are all empowered to make.



*This isn’t really a part of Kim’s title, BUT IT SHOULD BE! 

Create Perfect Chalkboard Lettering

February 16, 2017 • Contributor: Lydi from Lydi Out Loud

Hi there! I’m Lydi from Lydi Out Loud and I’m so excited to share one of my favorite tricks with you today. I’m a big fan of chalkboard signs, however I’m not a big fan of my handwriting (neither are the unfortunate folks who have to (try to) read it). My chalkboard sign goals came to fruition when I realized I could fake perfect chalkboard lettering with my Cricut and I’ve been a crazy chalkboard sign lady ever since.

Here is how you can create your own perfect chalkboard sign:



Cut chalkboard vinyl to desired size.

Upload your image in Design Space (or create your own). Feel free to grab my “Brunch so hard” image here if you’d like (hey it’s free!)


Upload Image

Erase all negative space by clicking in white areas.


Areas to Erase

Save as a cut file and cut. Weed negative space from the design, pick up lettering with transfer tape and apply to chalkboard.

Scribble chalk on chalkboard vinyl on and around the lettering; rub most of it off with a paper towel (this gives it a more authentic chalkboard look).

Prefer to use actual chalk for your lettering? Cut your chalkboard lettering design out of stencil vinyl and fill in the stencil with chalk or chalk marker.


Vertical Brunch Image

Well my secret is out… it’s that easy to create perfect chalkboard lettering with your Cricut!


Brunch Image