Typography Pillow

Use System Fonts to Make This Typography Pillow

February 8th, 2018 • Contributor: Anna Rose Johnson, Cricut Digital Content Product Manager

*Note: Another lovely project that we are reviving from our archives, just in time for Valentine's Day!*

One of my favorite features of Cricut Design Space is the ability to use System Fonts. This means you can download fonts from the Internet and use them in your everyday crafting world! I love it. When you have the freedom to use any font you’d like, the options for typography projects explode!

For my first typography project, I made a custom pillow with one of my favorite quotes on it. “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet,” by Plato.

There are tons of websites where you can download fonts for free, but my favorite is DaFont.comDaFont.com allows users to upload fonts they have designed. Note that most all of the fonts have specific instructions and request that you use them for personal use only.

Want to craft this pillow? It’s Ready-to-Make!

Materials Needed:

1: Download Your Fonts

The fonts you’ll need to make this project are: MastocBreamcatcher, and Authentic Hilton. Click on the links to be taken to www.dafont.com.

****Please note that Mastoc and Authentic Hilton are to be used for personal use only.****

You must download and install these fonts for the project to work.

To install, open up the downloaded font file (labeled .ttf) and install it to your computer.

It works best if you download the fonts before opening Cricut Design Space. Otherwise, you’ll need to close the browser and reopen it after installing the fonts to refresh your font list.

2: Create Design

Create your design

Insert text onto your canvas. The fonts are automatically part of the System Fonts once you have installed them. You can filter fonts in Design Space by clicking on System Fonts in the top edit bar. 

Create your design

Once I’ve decided which words I want in each font, I start placing them in a design. The first step is to weld the script fonts together. Select the words and ungroup the letters.

Move the letters next to each other until you’re satisfied with how they look. Then select all of the letters and weld them together. 

Create your design

Arrange all of the words in your design, select all of the words, and weld them together so the words will cut as one complete design. 

3: Cut Out Design

In Cricut Design Space, cut images from iron-on. Be sure to check the “Mirror images (for iron-on)” box in the Mat Preview before you cut. (If cutting multiple mats, be sure to check this box for each mat that contains iron-on.)

4: Weed Iron-on

Weed away excess iron-on

Weed excess iron-on around the image.

5: Apply Iron-on to Pillow

Apply the iron-on design onto your pilloe

Follow the application instructions for Cricut Iron-on to adhere the cut phrases to the front of the pillow.

Apply the iron-on design onto your pilloe

Use our EasyPress or an iron on the purple image first and then do the gold image. 

There you go! A custom pillow with your favorite fonts and your favorite quotes!
Anna Rose

What quote would you put on a pillow? Leave a comment below!

Fun pillow fight pillows

Pillow Fight Fun for Kids of All Ages

January 24th, 2018 • Shanon Kendall

*Note: We're reopening the archives to bring back posts like this awesome set of pillows. I can't wait to make them for my own little ones with cabin fever. ~Cricut Blog Team

As the winter months drag on my kids get really bored. I usually find them vegging in front of a screen of some sort. When I ask them to get off the television, they move to the computer! (Not what I had in mind, kids.)

In an effort to encourage happy inside play, I made them a set of pillow fight pillows! I've wanted to make a project like this for some time and I am very excited to share it with you.

First of all, don’t be intimidated by the sewing. This project is really easy. You don’t even have to follow a pattern.

Pillow fight weapon pillows

Supplies You Will Need:

Pillow fight supplies

1: Cut Out Your Images

Open the Pillow Fight project in Cricut Design Space™ and click Make It. The project file includes the images for thirteen pillows: (2) swords, (1) dagger, (1) grenade, (3) ninja stars, (1) “boom” phrase, (2) punching fists, (1) bomb and (2) laser swords. Remember that if you only want to cut a few of the pillows or more of one type of pillow, you can always click Customize instead of Make It and change the file to fit your needs.

Some important tips for cutting this project:

-Be sure to click the “Mirror image (for iron-on)” button for EACH mat in the project on the Mat Preview screen. Since all of the mats contain iron-on, you will need to click on every mat and choose to mirror the image.

-The software decides where the cuts will occur on the mat. For this project, I wanted to conserve my iron-on material so I moved the images around on the mat to make the best use of the cutting area. This is also done on the Mat Preview screen.

-Just click on each image and move them around until they are nestled into each other. This ninja star wouldn’t have even cut because the iron-on material is 19” long and the star was positioned lower than that on the mat.

-Check each mat. I moved images around on all of them.

2: Iron Images Onto Canvas

Iron on your images onto the fabric

Iron the images onto white canvas leaving about 5-6” of space between images for cutting and sewing. You can speed up the process by using our EasyPress since it has a larger surface than a traditional iron and more consistent heating throughout the plate.

Iron on your images onto the fabric

For the layered images, start by ironing the bottom layer in place first. Remove the lining.

Layer the top image over the bottom image and iron in place. You can find more instructions on how to apply Cricut® Iron-on here.

3: Cut Fabric Shapes

Cut out the fabric shapes


Cut out the fabric shapes

Use scissors to cut around each image. Be sure to leave at least 2-3” of space around the images for sewing seam allowances and stuffing.

You don’t have to be perfect here!  The beauty of these fun pillows is that their wonky shape actually adds to their charm.

4: Cut Out Backing

Cut out your pieces of fabric backing

Place the cut canvas images face down on the backing fabric (right sides together). Use scissors to cut the backing to match the front piece.

5: Stitch Fabric Together

Sew your pieces together

Use a sewing machine to stitch around the edges of each pillow. Leave about 2 ½” open (unstitched) for turning and stuffing. I used ¼” seams.

6: Turn Pillows and Stuff

Stuff your pillows


Stuff your pillows

Turn the pillows right side out and stuff them with fiberfill.

7: Hand-stitch the Openings

Sew your pillows shut

Use a needle and thread to hand-stitch the openings closed.

Pillow fight pillows in the box

We invited some kids to take the pillows for a test run and they had a FANTASTIC time! We did establish one important rule: strike only bodies…NO FACES. We don’t want any poked eyes!

Pillow fight pillows
Pillow fight pillows
Pillow fight pillows
Pillow fight pillows

I know these pillows are going to help get my kids off technology and excited for some creative, active, indoor play! I hope your kids will love them too.  I think some forts made from couch cushions are in order….don’t you?

♥ Shanon

Which pillow is your favorite? Comment below and pin to save!

Outfit Your Home With These Cute Projects

April 17, 2017 • Contributor: Jennifer Rizzo from Jennifer Rizzo Designs

HI everyone! It’s Jen from Jenniferrizzo.com. I wanted to share some fun custom home décor projects some of my fellow bloggers have made with their Cricut! One of the things I love the most about my Cricut, is the fact that I can make custom home décor. I love how these 5 projects used Cricut iron-on materials in creative ways to bring personal touches to ordinary every day items!

Sweet Flower Pots

PMQ for two created two projects that are not only the cutest thing ever, but look like you could pick them up in your local boutique! These vinyl face flower pots are a great way  to add some personality to your plants!


Flower Pots

Boho Charger Pattern

And she dressed up inexpensive chargers with a very fresh Otomi pattern for decorative use (only). These are really cute, and have a fun boho flair! Visit PMQ for two to see the full instructions here



Inspirational Pillow Phrase

On Fern Avenue made this super cute pillow with the heat transfer vinyl. She was able to customize her daughter’s room with a pre-made pillow and the vinyl!


outdoor pillow

A Welcoming Pillow

Olive Amber made a custom and very welcoming front entry way with a pillow cans and the vinyl as well. I love how she used a cute, and very trendy pineapple print pillowcase to add her text to. It really pops off her front door and pulls it all together!


Outdoor pillow

Add A Touch of Color To Your Kitchen

To add a touch of color and fun to your kitchen décor, follow Lydi Out Loud’s example an use the Cricut iron-on lite to make these really creative and cute kitchen towels. These would also make an amazing gift for a Mother’s Day, or even a housewarming gift!


Custom kitchen towels

I just love all of the options to make custom home décor with the different Cricut iron-on materials. Make sure you visit the blogs linked above for the full instructions so you can make your own!!!

For more creative home and decorating ideas visit me at Jenniferrizzo.com


Pillow Talk

d42ae02b-6047-40ae-83df-9e6fe5667fb9During the cold months (unless you live in Florida), staying cooped up inside can cause you to obsess over your furniture more than usual. This quality time can start conversations in your head, like “I want a new couch!” or “Is chevron still trending?” But these conversations usually end with financial worries.