How to Use Contour in Cricut Design Space

Design Space® Lesson: How to Use the Contour Feature

December 10th, 2018 • Contributor: Stephanie Gramann, Cricut Software Product Manager

Hi! It’s Stephanie from Cricut with another installment of Stephanie’s Favorite Design Space® Features! Today, I am going to cover how to use Contour to change the look of your images in two different ways.

Contour Away Unwanted Areas

Have you ever seen an image and liked most of it, but not ALL of it? No problem. Use Contour to remove the unwanted parts. Say you like this unicorn, but don’t want the words “magical” in the mane.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

First ungroup the image and select the gray layer. Then, in the bottom right corner, select the Contour button.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

Now, within the Hide Contour window, just select each piece of the mane you want to remove. You will notice a subtle change in color. Alternatively, you could use the thumbnail strip to the right of the window to find each piece, but for this example, I find that working with the main mane image is easier! 😊

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

Tip! Some areas, like the A in this example, will require multiple clicks to remove the outer and inner areas.

After all of the letters are removed, close the box and voila, the word Magical has (not so magically) disappeared! Love it.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

Use Contour to Add Layers to Your Project

Sometimes, just one color won’t do. You can also use Contour to add layers to your image, then make each layer its own color to create a livelier image.

Say you want the middle candle in this image to be pink.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

First, duplicate the image so you have two sets of candles. To contour away the middle candle from one set of candles, use the same method from the previous unicorn example.

Next, select the duplicated set of candles, and use the Hide All Contours button to remove all candles. Then click the middle candle to bring it back.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

Tip! Hide All Contours will leave one piece visible (Design Space doesn’t want you to lose your entire image). If that isn’t the part you want, make your desired area visible first, then manually hide the first part.

Once you complete contouring the second set of candles, close out of the Contour feature and you’ll see two images – the first set of candles minus the middle candle, and the second set of candles, now just a single candle.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

All that’s left to do is to change that single candle to pink, slide it into place, group it all together, and look at that – now you have a multi-layer image! Nice work. This is a great trick to add a little pop of color to your iron-on projects!

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

Want more examples using Contour or more detailed instructions? Here they are.

Happy crafting!


How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space
Combining images in Design Space

How to Mash Up Images in Cricut Design Space for That Perfect Project Look

December 4th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

There are thousands and thousands of images in Cricut Design Space, and sometimes you have a certain look you’re trying to achieve. You search and search, but just can’t quite seem to find what you’re looking to make. Never fear! You have some really great tools in Cricut Design Space to give you that perfect look for your project. Let’s take a quick look at how to get there.

Combine Images in Design Space

First off, start by searching a variety of images. For this project, we searched for ‘Deer Head’, ‘Antlers’, and a few different holiday phrases we liked.

Once you select your favorites, check them out on your canvas. Sometimes, we bring on several images and see what has layers that we might want to use for different parts. Sometimes, we just look for simple images to combine. Keep the ones you like. We narrowed our selection down to a deer head, a pair of antlers, and a phrase.

Next, you want to determine how many colors you want. We were going for 3 colors but wanted all of our browns the same color. Simply go into the Color Sync and update your color palette.

Combine Images in Design Space

Now, select any images that you want to customize. For this project, we wanted the dot on the ‘i’ to be red. To get this look, we used the Duplicate tool and the Contour tool.

Combine Images in Design Space

Contour tool can seem really tricky, but once you use it, you’ll have a world of hundreds of thousands of images since you can change anything you find in Cricut Design Space. We started with one of our phrases and simply eliminated the dot on the ‘i’.

Combine Images in Design Space

Then, we selected the other phrase and eliminated everything BUT the dot on the ‘i’.

Combine Images in Design Space

Your final canvas will look like this:

Combine Images in Design Space

The last thing we had to do was just turn our dot red:

Combine Images in Design Space

And then duplicate the nose since we were adding a cute nose onto our reindeer head too!

Combine Images in Design Space

We know you can do this so get into Cricut Design Space and start playing around with images. You’ll be designing your own pieces quickly and easily!

Happy Crafting.
The Cricut Team

Combine Images in Design Space
Build a Standout Profile in Design Space and Cricut Community

Create a Standout Community Profile on Design Space

October 30th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

You may have noticed the last time you signed into Design Space that we have a new link in the main menu that takes you to your very own profile page! This feature is a great way to introduce yourself to our active and inspiring community. All you need is a photo, a short bio, and a few projects to share with your fellow crafters. Here are a few tips to make the most of your profile in Design Space (see this FAQ in our Help Center for detailed instructions).

1- Upload a Quality Profile Photo

If possible, find a crisp, high-quality photo of your friendly face. A professional headshot is best. People love seeing who actually made the projects they find in the community. (And soon, you’ll be able to follow the profiles you like best. Yay!) So, take the time to upload a nice photo and let’s see those pearly whites!

2- Write an Entertaining Bio

Use the About Me field on your profile to share something fun and entertaining about yourself. The best profiles mention not just the crafts that a member makes, but also give a little insight into everyday life, side interests, and even a few quirks. If you’re a blogger, feel free to add a link to your blog. Our members want to know more about you!

3- Share Multiple Projects

A compelling profile usually has somewhere between 10 and 15 quality projects. It definitely takes time to share that many, but it’s definitely worth the effort. You’ll get a lot more visits to your profile if you do. If you haven’t yet shared a project to your profile, see this FAQ for detailed instructions.

4- Share Quality Projects

We hear consistently that the best projects are “makeable”, interesting, and fun!

  • A “makeable” project contains a well-written description (complete sentences please!) so that users can better understand how you made it. Don’t forget to include all of the Cricut Access images you used to make your project. Note: We do not currently feature projects containing uploaded images in the community ribbon, but you can still share them to your profile for inspiration.
  • An interesting project contains five quality photos of your project, showing different angles and closeup photos of interesting details. If you want, you can even add photos that show certain steps in your assembly process. For more tips on how to take a quality photo of your project, visit this post.
  • A fun project takes a fresh, inventive look at an old problem, whether it’s a gift, home decor, or clothing. There’s always a new way to do something and that’s what the community loves to see.

5- Develop Your Own Style

If you really want to go above and beyond, try sharing projects with a consistent look and feel. This can mean using the same style photography for all of your projects, but it can also mean specializing in a specific genre (i.e. vinyl signs) or style of crafting (i.e. vintage farmhouse). When viewers see a consistent look and feel on your profile page, they will be more likely to come back for more.

We’re so excited to see what our members are making. You inspire us every single day. Stay tuned for future updates to profiles in Design Space and keep those projects coming!

Cricut Access Update

What’s New in Cricut Access

October 26th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

We are excited to announce new updates to our Cricut Access subscriptions that will help you get even more from your membership. If you are new to Cricut, Cricut Access is our subscription service (think Netflix for crafters) where you can sign-up for different levels that unlock thousands of digital images, fonts and projects in Design Space as well as promotions unique to Cricut Access subscribers on You can design anywhere on any device with Design Space and create with Cricut Access content.

Cricut Access gives you limitless design possibilities.

We are striving to make Cricut Access even better by giving you more digital images with the best subscriptions. This is why we’ve added 20,000+ new images into our Cricut Access library. Cricut Access now has more than 50,000 images and counting. We’re adding more and more so that you can create amazing projects.

50,000 images and counting with Cricut Access.

If you are a current Cricut Access member, there are changes that might impact your account, but we promise you, they are great changes! You will not lose access to any content but rather gain more, like digital images and ready-to-make projects.

There are two plans you can subscribe to:

  • Cricut Access Monthly for $9.99/month or Cricut Access Annual for $95.99 paid yearly (that equals $7.99 per month - saving you more $$’s to craft with!)
  • Cricut Access Premium for $119.88 paid yearly (a value of $9.99/month)

What are the benefits of these plans?

Both plans give you:

  • Unlimited use of more than 50,000 covet-worthy, cut-ready premium Cricut images, including exclusive designs, with more images to come
  • Unlimited access to over 400 beautiful fonts
  • Thousands of Ready-to-Make Projects
  • Priority Member Care Line (50% less wait time)
  • 10% savings on all product purchases on, including machines, accessories, materials, and more – including sale items!
  • 10% savings on premium licensed fonts, images, and ready-to-make projects from brands like Disney, Simplicity, and Anna Griffin

If you sign-up for the Cricut Access Premium subscription you get two additional exclusive features:

  • Up to 50% savings on licensed fonts, images, and ready-to-make projects
  • Free economy shipping on orders over $50

With Cricut Access Premium, you can create incredible ready-to-make licensed projects in Design Space for up to 50% off, including festive favorites from Anna Griffin.

What Cricut Access subscription is right for me?

We want to make sure you pick the right subscription for you. If you Shop all the time and want to use more licensed content, like Disney and others, the Cricut Access Premium subscription is the right option for you. You will get all of the benefits and so much more.

If you are crafting all of the time using Cricut Access content but are not interested in licensed content, we recommend the Cricut Access Annual subscription because you will not have to worry about reassessing your options for a year.

If you are someone who prefers to go month-to-month because you’re not sure how often you will use Cricut Access content, the Cricut Access Monthly subscription is a great option for you.


What if I currently have the Fonts subscription (either monthly or annual)?

You are automatically upgraded! Moving forward, Cricut will no longer offer the Fonts subscription plan.

If you are currently Fonts subscriber (monthly or annual) you have been automatically upgraded to Cricut Access Monthly or Annual, whichever matches your current plan, at no additional cost. You will be able to access all your fonts plus all of the great images for the same price as your current subscription, until you cancel or change your plan.

To celebrate all of our new Cricut Access digital images, we have exciting promotions on Cricut Access pricing that you can see on Make sure you check it out!

If you love Cricut Access as much as we do, encourage your crafty friends to sign-up! Share this post with them if you think Cricut Access will make their craft experience so much more fun. #CricutMade

Cricut Access Update
Find Images in Design Space and Breast Cancer Awareness Images

Finding Coordinating Images in Design Space (and Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month Too!)

October 19th, 2018 • Contributor: Tiffany Isbell, Team Cricut

This last weekend, we spent tackling some breast cancer awareness projects.  Some were for friends and co-workers while others were for our family supporters.  While we were making the projects, someone asked me how I looked for images in Design Space, and she mentioned that she had never seen some of the ways I used to find things.

Let’s review 3 methods:

  • Discovering images
  • Finding coordinating images in Image Sets
  • Finding images through Search

The first thing I do in my search is to scan the main page for any images that might be there – this works best when you are looking for timely content.  There is typically a showcase of seasonally relevant images at the top of the page. For example: In the fall, you’re likely to see fall-related designs. When I first logged in to Design Space the other day, there was an image that caught my eye.

Next, I click on the ‘I’ in the bottom right corner.

Finding Coordinating Images in Design Space

When you click the ‘I’, it shows you the title of the Image Set. This one was called ‘I am a fighter’. You can click on that link to take you to the entire image set.

Finding Coordinating Images in Design Space

It showed me an entire image set that all contained great images I could use for my project. The best part is that these collections typically have similarly themed or coordinating designs so you can use it across a project or a group of projects to give you a cohesive look.

Finding Coordinating Images in Design Space

If you are looking for an entire theme, you can simply do a search in the top bar.

Finding Coordinating Images in Design Space

As you scroll through the images, you can discover different image sets with related content for your theme. There were two other image sets for Breast Cancer:

Finding Coordinating Images in Design Space
Finding Coordinating Images in Design Space

I’ve done the same thing for other topics as well.  Don’t forget to use the filters to narrow your search also.  For example: If you’re a Cricut Access Member, you can easily find designs to use with your membership by selecting that filter.

Finding Coordinating Images in Design Space

If you’re looking for a phrase or saying, I like to start by filtering for phrases.

Finding Coordinating Images in Design Space

I hope this helps you in your search for designs to use for your project.  There are over 65,000 designs in Cricut Design Space, and the library grows every day!

If you want to make any of the awesome Breast Cancer Awareness projects, go for it!

Have fun making!


Finding Coordinating Images in Design Space
Upload Your Own Images to Cricut Design Space

Can I Upload My Own Images in Design Space with Cricut Maker?

October 17th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

One of the best parts about using Design Space is that it’s so versatile for using many different types of content. If you’re a new crafter, Design Space has thousands of ready-to-make projects, fonts, and over 60,000 images you can choose from to make any project your heart desires.

We know many of you love to use our content in Design Space but once you start making and get lots of inspiration, you may want to use your own images to cut and draw with your Cricut machine.


If you have a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore machine you can upload your own images in Design Space.


And the best part? You can use your desktop (Mac or PC) and your mobile device (iOS or Android) to upload your images in 6 different file types. We want to give you the freedom to design anywhere you are the second you get inspired.

Upload Images in Design Space with Cricut Maker

Where can I learn how to upload my own images in Design Space?


If you’ve never uploaded your own images into Design Space before, Cricut has an amazing Learn center where you can get step-by-step tutorials on all things Cricut machines, Design Space, and so much more.

Make sure you visit Cricut’s Learn center and in the meantime, we’ve included the downloadable PDF of how to upload your own images at the bottom of this blog post.

Cricut also has an Education team that is focused on bringing you the most helpful learnings possible when it comes to all things Design Space and Cricut in general.

You can see one of their latest webinars on our YouTube channel about how to upload your own images below.

If you loved this webinar, there are many more to come! Make sure you see what live webinars are coming up on Cricut’s Learn center page here.

Tell us in the comments if this guide on how to upload your own images, including the resources from our Education team, was helpful… and let us know what else you want to learn about and we will pass it along to our Education team! #CricutMade

Uploading Images to Design Space PDF

Upload Images in Design Space with Cricut Maker
Finding Recently Added Images in Cricut Design Space

Finding Recently Added Images in Design Space

September 23rd, 2018 • Contributor: Anna Rose Johnson, Cricut Digital Content Product Manager

Hi there, it’s Anna Rose and I’m excited to be part of a new series talking about Digital Content. Digital Content refers to images and projects that we add to Design Space on a daily basis.  I’m kinda obsessed about getting the best images into Design Space, not only because it’s my job (best job ever!) but because I’m a Maker, like you. I love designing t-shirts for my family, cards for special occasions, and home décor that expresses who I am.

We design images at Cricut headquarters and partner with some of your favorite designers to make sure Cricut Access has the BEST images we can find. Because we are adding new art so often, you may not hear about the new images unless you stumble upon them while searching in the image library.

Today I want to tell you about an AWESOME feature to help narrow down the search. Did you know that we have a “Recently Added” category in Design Space’s image search? No?!? Well, it’s about to be your new, bookmarked link. Let me show you how to find it.

First, open up a blank canvas and click on “Images” in the left-hand navigation bar.

Recently Added Images in Design Space

This will take you to our “Featured” images, or the launchpad for your own image search! We featured seasonal-specific content on this page. At the top, click on the “Categories” link.

Recently Added Images in Design Space

You’re now on the Category page where we’ve grouped the thousands of images in our library into specific categories.

What you’re looking for is the “Recently Added” category. Click on that box to find everything newly added!

Recently Added Images in Design Space

Look at all of those fun images! I can see at least five different projects I need to make right now!

Recently Added Images in Design Space

The “Recently Added” category is updated fairly often, so you may have missed some of the amazing images we’ve added to the library over the past three months. Don’t worry, I got you! I’ve gathered my favorite new sets and if you’re ready for a wave of inspiration, let’s go!

T-Shirt Collection

You guys. These are probably some of the best designs that we have ever put into Design Space. There is something for everyone in your family in this set.  Checkout the simple, line art style designs – those are my most favorite.

One-Cut Icons

Because sometimes, you just need something simple to build something amazing.

Ready Set Sports

It’s been a LONG time since we’ve put sports content into the image library! I love the mix this set has. You’ll find trendy sayings and simple images to build a custom t-shirt.

Totes Adorbs

This set was designed with tote bags in mind! They are totes adorbs, amiright?

Mini Moments

This set is perfect for all things baby! Who needs some new baby onesies? There’s 52 images to choose from, so get going!

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Pillows, home décor, banners, and more, this set is full of home-related phrases that will brighten up your casa 😊

Ocean Shells & Mermaid Spells

For the mermaid in your life, this image set has some of the cutest designs for parties, t-shirts, or home décor.

Bless This Farm

Life is better on the farm and this set will help you bring those sweet memories into your home.

Life Begins After Coffee

Coffee, coffee, coffee! Oh, sorry, did you say something? I was over here imagining all of the things I want to embellish with the delightful images you’ll find in Life Begins After Coffee.

Damask Love – Designer T-Shirt Collection

Our first designer t-shirt collection by the talented Amber from Damask Love. You’ll find coordinating shirts as Ready-to-Make projects in Design Space right now!

I can’t wait to see what you create with all of these new, fantastic images. If you ever have suggestions for images you’d like to see in the library, please send those suggestions my way!

Happy Crafting!

Anna Rose

Hide and Move Images in Design Space

How to Hide and Move Images in Design Space

September 9th, 2018 • Contributor: Stephanie Gramann, Cricut Software Product Manager

Hi! It’s Stephanie from Cricut here. I have been asked to share a few of my favorite features in Design Space with you. Today, I am going to cover how to hide images and move images between mats!

Hide Images

Have you ever wanted to increase your project copies, but only for some of the mats in that project? Or have you decided on the Prepare screen that you no longer needed to cut out one of your images? If so, then hide images will be your new go-to feature!

From the Prepare screen, click on the image you want to hide. A blue circle with dots will appear in the upper left corner of the bounding box.


Click on the circle and choose the option to Hide selected. Poof! Your image is hidden! Don’t worry, it can be easily unhidden by clicking on the Hidden button on the bottom of the screen and selecting the image to unhide and it will go back to its original mat. Hidden images will also reappear as soon as you go back to the canvas.

Move Images Between Mats

Maybe it is just me, but I often decide on the Prepare screens that I want an image to be a different color than I had originally selected. Rather than going back to Canvas to change the color, you can do it right on the Prepare screen!

Click on the image you want to move, and just like with hide image, blue circle with dots will appear. Click on the circle, and choose the option to move to another mat. From here, you can move to an existing mat, or create a brand new mat of any color! Either way, your image will move to the new mat. All you need to do is position the image where you want it, and presto, you are ready to go!


Both hide image and move image between mats are available on the web and iOS versions of Design Space.

Happy crafting!


Attach and Group in Design Space

When Do You Use Attach and When Do You Use Group?

February 21st, 2018 • Contributor: Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts

Hey everybody – it’s Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts and today I’m covering one of the most frequent questions asked by folks who are new to Design Space…

When do I use attach and when do I use group?

I use one (or both!) of these tools almost every time I create a project in Design Space – they open up so many possibilities and allow you to customize your projects with just a few clicks.


The attach tool is used for two different functions – to hold images in place on your mat and to attach a write or score line to a layer of your project. Let’s show some examples of how it works!

How many times have you carefully arranged a project in Design Space, only to click “Make it” and suddenly your mat looks like a jigsaw puzzle! The default setting in Design Space places your project pieces as close together as possible on the mat to save space and material (it is called paper saver mode) - which I think is a great feature. We all want to conserve material! Sometimes though I want my project to cut EXACTLY where I’ve placed it on the mat…so I use the Attach tool to hold the images in place while it cuts.

Attach in Design Space
Attach in Design Space

The second function – attaching a write or score line to your project – is perfect those of us who love to use the write feature (and all the cool Cricut pens) on our projects, or for creating custom projects like gift boxes that require score lines.

Attach in Design Space
Attach in Design Space
Attach in Design Space


The group tool is used to group layers, images or text together. This makes it easier to resize or move them in Design Space as you are working on your project. Why resize or move each individual image when you can do it all at once? What a great time saver!

Group in Design Space
Group in Design Space

For both the Attach and Group functions, there are two ways to select the items you wish you attach/group. You can hold down the shift key then click and highlight the images on the canvas or you can draw a box around the images with your mouse and then select Attach or Group.

I hope these quick tips save you a little bit of time and effort in Design Space and open up a world of creative possibilities. Happy Cricuting!

Let’s stay connected!

Which do you use more - Attach or Group?