Cricut Community Projects Game Day Edition

Cricut Community Projects: Game Day Edition

September 15th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

School's back in session for many people, the weather is starting to cool down and football season is upon us. Whether you're tailgating at the local high school game or watching the NFL at home with your buddies, members of our Cricut community have been busy getting ready to celebrate sports with some fun projects. Here are some of our favorites to help get you inspired for your next Game Day!


Gathering with friends to watch the game at home? Dress up your food table (after all, what's a party without some delicious snacks??) with one of these fun banners.

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

This football banner is simple yet perfect for your game day extravaganza.

Click to Make: Football Banner by Debra

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

I love how football elements are styled on the pennants for this banner.

Click to Make: Football Banner by Christine


One of the easiest ways to show your team spirit and love of sports is with a shirt. You can make them to honor your favorite team, interject some humor, or just celebrate sports in general. Go team!

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

If you're more into what foods you get to eat than the actual game, this is the perfect way to humorously admit that.

Click to Make: Here for Snacks shirt

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

As this shirt admits, sometimes it's hard to choose which sport is the best! I love how this crafter created a heart using both a football and soccer ball.

Click to Make: My Heart Soccer/Football shirt by Sara

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

Wondering how you can support your favorite athlete? I love how this crafter was able to create several different versions for the same team.

Click to Make: Game Day Gold by Donna

It's amazing how much of a difference a font can make. Here's the same shirt made with two different fonts.

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

Let everyone know it's your favorite day of the week with this tee.

Click to Make: Game Day Gear by Jessica

Cards and Scrapbooking

Celebrate your favorite sports lover or commemorate a special moment with one of these cards or a scrapbook page.

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

Slider cards are one of my favorite kinds since it adds a new dimension to the card gifting experience.

Click to Make: Football Birthday Slider Card by Christine

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

Sweet moments are immortalized in this fall and football page design for your scrapbook.

Click to Make: Fall and Football Scrapbook Page by Rene

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

Another fun slider card. Pennies and foam dots are what make the sliding element possible.

Click to Make: Football Card by Anita

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

Make sure people know when your game day event is with this football party invitation.

Click to Make: Time for Some Football Party Invitation by Roxann

Which craft was your favorite? Let us know in a comment below!

Cricut Community Fall Projects

Cricut Community Favorites of the Moment: Fall Decor!

September 8th, 2018 • Contributor: Tiffany Isbell, Team Cricut

I am always amazed at the beautiful project produced by YOU!  Sometimes, they carry a backstory; sometimes, they carry a special moment.  Every time, they carry such meaning and importance.  Every project makes a statement – a small quiet detail added to your house, a bold, beautiful, proud mama moment, or just a simple hi to cheer up a friend.

I’ve been watching our Cricut Community projects growing over the past few months, and I can’t wait to start sharing some of my favorites.  Just in case you didn’t know much about Community, here are a few places to start.

  1. Share your projects from Design Space. You put in all the effort to make something beautiful – WE WANT TO SEE IT and so do all the people in our amazing Community!  Sharing your project inspires people, and it gives beginners some great projects to make while they might still be shy of their own design skills.  Check out this video to see how to Share your Projects !


  1. Set up your profile. This is NOT necessary to start sharing projects, but if people like one of your projects, they might LOVE to see all of them!  Here’s how to get your profile up and running (  If you’re shy, feel free to use an avatar or bitmoji!


  1. Find Community projects to make yourself! The thing I love most about the Community projects is that someone else might make a beautiful design in a simple way that I really connect with. You might like more complex or patterned, and that’s there too!  Scroll to the bottom of your home page in Design Space to find the Community line up of projects and find ones that really speak to you.


And now drum roll, please ….

Here are my favorite fun fall projects of the moment!

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Ms. H’s 3D Fall Card … she even has awesome instructions for those of us who might be paper-challenged (me!).

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Albion Gould’s Leaf Hot Pad … so fast and easy to put together!!!

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Julie T’s Be Thankful … love this simple sign and the lovely design to it.

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Anna Rose J’s Fall Gold Tree … you could use so many different materials here from vinyl to paper – foils, sparkles, and fun!

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Mary D’s Apple K-Cup Treat … wow … the design elements here are impressive and makes such a cute treat wrapper!

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Michelle F’s Faux Leather Earrings … need some new fall fashion … make it quick!


Leave a comment below with your favorite project and pin for later!

Cricut Community Fall Decor Projects That You Should Make
Tips for Sharing in Cricut Community

Better Project Sharing in Cricut Community

September 1st, 2018 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Who here as created a Cricut Community profile? Raise your hands in the comments!  I’m Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff and you can find my community profile here. If you haven’t yet created your profile, make sure to check out this post about getting started!

Today I wanted to share with you a few of my best tricks for getting your awesome work noticed over on Cricut Community! I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Cricut Mountain Make-a-Thon in Salt Lake City, both on photography and on creating your own signature style. Both are important for helping your work be seen on Cricut Community and for sharing on other social media platforms. Let’s dive in!

1. Photography Matters

Yes, photography matters. But no, you do not need to hire a professional photographer for your work. Just take a little time to improve your photography. It really doesn’t take much to take much better photos, I promise!

To start with, always shoot in natural light, always in the shade. Sunlight creates harsh shadows and indoor lighting can make your projects very yellow. Taking photographs on a porch or by a bright window is a great place to start.

Project Sharing in Cricut Community

If you can’t shoot in natural light, you may want to invest in an inexpensive set of indoor lights. These are my favorite and they allow me to take photographs at any time, day or night!

Also, remember that focus is key. On most smartphones, if you tap the screen while in your camera app, it will focus on where you tapped. Use this feature to help keep your projects in focus. No more blurry photos anymore, okay?

2. Styling Matters

How you shoot your photos matters. Think about the angles that make sense for your project. If you’re shooting a card you made, take an overhead shot (called a flat-lay) and then stand the card up and take a shot with some depth from the side.

Project Sharing in Cricut Community
Project Sharing in Cricut Community

If you’re taking a photo of a shirt, you can do a flat-lay style photograph and you could also have someone wearing it.

You can also use a fun background. Pick up a few different colors of foam core, or find some vinyl backdrops on Etsy to give your photos style and color!

3. Props Matter

While you may be tempted to just put your project on the table and take a photo, look around instead and see if there are ways you can add a little style and context to a photo.

Even just a cute pen next to a card, a book alongside a cute bookmark, or a bit of confetti next to a party banner can go a long way in telling the story of your project. Heck, I use pom-poms all the time to make things a little more fun.

Project Sharing in Cricut Community

Just make sure that your props make sense along side your project—don’t stage a journal with a bunch of party décor. No one journals at a party…at least not a party I want to attend!

4. Editing Matters

For editing on your mobile device, try Afterlight, a Color Story, or Snapseed. Once you get familiar with the processes that you like in these apps, making edits to your photos shouldn’t take more than a minute or two—definitely worth the time!

Start by making sure your whites are as white as possible. These apps all have a way to change the “temperature” of your photo or adjust the “white balance.” If your photo is too yellow, slide the slider toward blue, for instance. Play around with getting your whites as white as possible, and the rest of the colors in your photo should look pretty close to reality as well.

Second, you want to increase the brightness and contrast. Remember, most of us look at our screens with them dimmed a bit—very few people have their screens up at full brightness. So you’re already working from a brightness disadvantage.

Third, you may want to look at the saturation. Not all photos call for a boost in saturation, but if you have a bunch of amazing colors in your project, why not amp it up a bit to really show off those amazing materials!

Here’s what I always tell people. Boost the brightness, contrast, and saturation. Then boost the brightness again. And then a little more. When it is starting to look ever-so-slightly fake, you’re right where you want to be. It’ll look perfectly natural on social media! Which of these two hoops would you rather make?

Project Sharing in Cricut Community

5. Creating a Signature Style Matters

If you really want your Cricut Community profile to shine, start to create a signature style for your work. Basically, you want to find a few repeating elements in your photos that will help make your body of work cohesive.  You can create a signature style by repeating (some, not all):

  • Project focus: Are you a paper crafter? Do you make a lot of mugs? Just having a repeating project focus is one way to create a signature style.
  • Color: Find the colors you love and use them often! This can be both in materials and in the background color you’re shooting on.
  • Typography: Find fonts or font styles that you can use over and over again. Maybe you are in love with pretty script fonts or can’t get enough of the quirky scrapbooking fonts. Repeating the same fonts and font styles really help to create consistency.
  • Photography styling: Take what you learned above about photography styling and repeat it! You’ll learn what you love and your work will reflect that.
  • Personality: If your style is bright and fun, it’s going to look weird if you throw in a morbid Halloween project in the middle of all your happy work. Keep your personality YOU and it will feel consistent in your work!

For example, I like bright colors, particularly teal and yellow. I love paper crafts, so you’ll find a bunch of paper in my signature style. And I like shooting things that don’t have a lot of pattern or texture—my work is flat, bright, and happy!

Project Sharing in Cricut Community

I hope these tips help you when you are creating work for the Cricut Community. Pop on over there or say “hi” on Instagram—I’d love to connect with you!

Share your tips in the comments below!

What is Cricut Community?

Inspire and Be Inspired: The Cricut Community

August 25th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

There’s pretty much nothing better than the satisfaction of having made something personal, unique, and beautiful for yourself or for someone special in your life. The only thing we can think of that will top a creative high is to share what you made with other crafters. The act of sharing takes your creations to a whole new level because they can inspire other creators to do things they could never have made on their own. There’s truly no end to the creativity YOU can inspire in others.

The new Profiles and Project Sharing features in Design Space are just the beginning of our efforts to magnify the creativity of everyone who uses Cricut products. Think about the last party you planned. Or the gift that you made. Or the sign that you designed. Someone, somewhere in the Cricut universe is looking for the very thing you made as a starting place for their own creation. Give them a hand! And like all things in life, your generosity will return to you tenfold.

Profiles & Project Sharing

To get started, build your Design Space profile from a web browser or our iOS app. This is as easy as uploading an informal photo of yourself and writing a short bio describing your favorite crafting pursuits. Then add projects to your profile for all to enjoy! This process is easy and all you need is a photo of your project.

Read some of our tips on getting a great photo in this article.

Cricut Community

Visit the My Projects page in Design Space and pick any project you’d like to share with the Cricut community. Click Share to open the form, upload your photo, add a brief description, and voila! your project is ready to share.

Cricut Community

Now you can post your project to your favorite Facebook group or Pinterest board for others to enjoy. Other crafters will be able to open it up in Design Space and if it’s something they might want to make later, they can favorite it for later.

Cricut Community

Fresh Inspiration Daily

New project submissions are coming in daily from our community, literally hundreds of projects are being added every week! Scroll down to the bottom of the Design Space home page to find the ribbon featuring Cricut Community projects. Then click “View All” to see all of the latest and greatest submissions.

Cricut Community

We’re so excited to see what YOU have to share with the community! For more information about how to share your latest projects, visit our page on sharing a project.

Have you shared on Community yet? Tell us below in a comment!