See some fun ways to upcycle your vinyl tube

4 Ways That Cricut Lovers Can Upcycle Vinyl Tubes

April 20th, 2018 • Contributor: Shelby Jones, Cricut Social Media Specialist

We are celebrating Earth Day with upcycling something that we think most of you may have lying around your house! You know those cardboard rolls that hold all your Cricut cuttables like vinyl and iron on? We challenged some of our Cricut Blog Contributors to see how they could upcycle their leftover iron on and vinyl rolls!

A tip we love before your supplies are finished is to use your roll as storage - just roll that vinyl up and use your cardboard as storage! Nifty eh?

Store your vinyl inside the rolls.

Now you’ve finished the last bit of that roll and you think to yourself what could I possibly create with these? Sure, you could just recycle but who doesn’t love another excuse to DIY and add another project on that To Make list...well!  We’ve got our favorite 4 for you today!


Cori from Hey Let’s Make Stuff made a DIY kaleidoscope from supplies you probably have around your house! This kid-friendly project would be the perfect next rainy day solution!

Find the tutorial here:

Flower Container Board

Kayla from Kayla Makes had us COMPLETELY fooled that she even used her old cardboard rolls! Kayla said, “Whenever my kiddo completes a chore or does something nice for someone she gets to choose a flower, pull it off and take the prize inside!” We are thinking this could even be fun as a jewelry organizer or whatever your heart desires!

Find the tutorial here:


Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts made these noisemakers that would be perfect for Cinco De Mayo or really any fun party! Dress up your cardboard rolls and you’ve got yourself some party accessories!

Find the tutorial here:

Pen Organizer

If there is one thing we love more than Cricut supplies it is seeing Cricut supplies happily organized!  Jenny from Everyday Jenny created this DIY organizer that is simple enough to make a few and lets you get creative with how you want to personalize each set!

Find the tutorial here:

Have we sent you on a scavenger hunt yet for all your empty rolls? We want to see how you upcycle your leftover rolls!  Share with us on Instagram with #CricutMade.

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Make these cute pinwheels with your kids

12 Kids’ Projects You Can Make Together

April 14th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

I don’t know about you, but I love using my Cricut Explore® machine to craft with my kids. We’ve made custom T-shirts, party invitations, puzzles, vinyl decals, and everything in-between. One thing I never get tired of is seeing my kids’ faces while they watch the machine cutting. Their looks of anticipation and amazement are priceless!

The pinwheels above are a great example of a project to make with your kids. All you need is some double-sided patterned paper, brads, and paper party straws. Make as many as you like! Your kids will love decorating the garden, spinning them indoors, and giving them to friends—and you’ll love how much they smile.

Crafting with kids is a great time to experiment with different materials, too. I’ve collected 11 kids’ projects that take you on a tour of some of the materials you can cut with your Cricut Explore machine. There’s nothing quite like the sense of wonder kids have when they discover something new!

Dry Erase Vinyl

Your child can leave notes on their locker and have fun doodling with these Locker Speech Bubbles made with dry erase vinyl.

Poster Board

Kids can practice sewing as they learn about some of the different constellations when you make Constellation Project Leo out of poster board.

Printable Sticker Paper

Create a cute zoo sticker book to tell a story with these fun Safari Animal Stickers made with white printable sticker paper.


Dress up plain Mylar balloons with these tasty Ice Cream Cone Balloon Stickers created with vinyl.

Craft Foam

Delight your children with these faux foods for their play kitchen. You just might even inspire them to try a new food for real! Just use some craft foam to make these Play Food items.

Printable Magnet Sheets

Go team! If you are a football family, make these fun Magnet Paper Dolls for your refrigerator using our printable magnet sheets.

Duct Tape

These Diamond Magnets remind me of tangrams, the puzzle you use to create different types of objects using an assortment of shapes. Add the other tangram shapes to make a complete set.


Have a colorful flying contest in your household with these fun Fastest Flyers Paper Planes! You use Print Then Cut on cardstock, then assemble.


Keep your colored pencils neatly organized in this leather Pencil Holder. You can even roll it up when you are done.

Printable Vinyl

This set of Alphabet Wall Decals would be adorable in a nursery or playroom. Just use printable vinyl to create them in a snap.

Window Cling

You can create different scenes on a whiteboard with this set of Window Clings. This material is also perfect for windows, of course.

Hope you have fun crafting with your kidlets this weekend!


Note: This post was updated by Cricut staff on 4/4/18

Meet the new SportFlex and Patterned Iron-on

Check Out the New SportFlex and Patterned Iron-on

March 29th, 2018 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Hi there! I am a HUGE fan of Iron-on…I may have a hoarder style amount of it at my house and office. I love it, you can put it on anything, and I think I have. But, my favorite things to use Iron-on for are shirts and bags. It’s a simple way to make an inexpensive shirt or bag totally custom.

Meet the new Cricut Patterned Iron-on

Cricut recently released two new types of Iron On and I am SO EXCITED to start creating with them. The SportFlex Iron-on is perfect for rec-tec athletic shirts. It’s thin, lightweight, and is stretchable and flexible! It can even be layered. The new SportFlex Iron-on features the Cricut StrongBond Guarantee, making it longer lasting than ever before!

The Patterned Iron-on is a beautiful alternative to standard single color iron-on. It’s perfect for all fabrics!

I decided to try the new SportFlex on a few shirts for myself and a friend. You can grab the cut files here and here. You will need Cricut Access to create both shirts.

Meet the new Cricut SportFlex Iron-on

Heavily Meditated is in the Karly font.

Meet the new Cricut SportFlex Iron-on

Everything Hurts is in the Enviro Com font.

My bloggy friends used the new Patterned Iron-on to embellish simple bags, and I am so in love with both of their bags!

How darling is this Easter Bag from Over the Big Moon? So much better than a basket that won’t get used again!

Patterned Iron-on project by Over the Big Moon

And uh, I’ll be right back, gotta run to Target to get one of those bags to make my own simple monogram! Pineapple Paper Co. has such a great eye for design, right?

Patterned Iron-on project by Pineapple Paper Co.

Have you done projects with SportFlex or the Patterned Iron-on yet? Tell us about it below in the comments and tag us on social media with #CricutMade.

You can use iron-on to decorate wood

You Can Use Iron-on for That??

March 16th, 2018 • Contributor: Kayla Brasher from Kayla Makes

Hey Cricuteers, Kayla here today and I have a confession, I love iron-on! It's by far my personal favorite when it comes to Cricut cutting materials. From iron-on lite to glitter, foil and holographic sparkle, there are so many options and even more possibilities when it comes to this versatile material.

Today, I'm showing you some fun ways you can use iron-on that aren't your typical t-shirt or baby onesie. Let's jump right in!


You can use iron-on for hats

Iron-On lite adheres nicely to baseball caps. I used a mini iron to create the hat above and it worked perfectly for me.

You can use iron-on for hats

These bride tribe hats by Something Turquoise were created using the coolest trick! Click over to see how they used one of their Cricut tools to get the iron-on to stick.


You can use iron-on for wood

I can easily remember the first time I saw someone use iron-on on a wood surface. I was blown away! Think of all the cute things you can make! It has a lot more staying power than adhesive vinyl and is just as easy to apply.

For this decorative wood slice, I used Cricut's foil iron-on in gold and my EasyPress.


You can use iron-on for paper

This Jungle Rules nursery wall hanging is a project from Design Space. Cat (one of Cricut's FIT scholarship winners) used Iron-On Lite on a sheet of paper to create this custom look.

You can use iron-on for paper

Last fall I added gold iron-on to a sheet of cardstock to create this print. It has the look of a foiled print without the hassle or cost of foiling.


You can use iron-on for neoprene


You can use iron-on for neoprene

These Bridal Party Koozies from Something Turquoise are super cute and make the best wedding favors. They opted for glitter iron-on but any of the varieties will stick well to neoprene.

You can use iron-on for neoprene

These neoprene popsicle holders were all over the place last summer. Why didn't anyone think of this when I was a kid?!


You can use iron-on for shoes


You can use iron-on for shoes
You can use iron-on for shoes

Cricut Design Space has a ton of fun ideas for using iron-on on your shoes. Check out this tribal pair, this lucky pair and this cute polka dot pair for kids. All of these projects are included in your Cricut Access subscription if you have one. Also, check out these Lucky Chucks for tips on how to put it on.

Have you created a project with iron-on that stands out from the crowd? We'd love to hear about it! Leave a comment down below!

Wisteria Explore Air 2

Get Ready for Sparkle & Shine With the New Wisteria Air 2!

March 15th, 2018 • Contributor: Emily Miller from B. Lovely Events

Hey, Lovelies! Emily here from B. Lovely Events and I am swooning over the new purple Wisteria Air 2. Talk about your favorite color coming to life.  It also goes perfectly with the Pantone color of the year, Ultra Violet. It’s vibrant, it’s fun and it has a shimmer finish that I just can’t get enough of! Adding this beauty in your craft room will really sparkle things up.

Meet the new Wisteria colored Explore Air 2

The new Wisteria Air 2 is the gift that keeps on giving because it comes with a bundle of materials that really sparkle and shine! There are so many cute projects that you can do with them. With vinyl, iron-on, card stock and pens, you can really let your creativity run wild.

I personally love the silver holographic sparkle that comes in both iron-on and vinyl. There are pink, teal and gold that are really lovely too though!

Wisteria Explore Air 2

Just for you, I have made 3 fabulous projects that I made using the materials that come with the new Wisteria Air 2 to give you some inspiration when you get yours.

You Were Born to Shine Bag

You Were Born to Shine Bag

Who doesn’t love a good makeup or knick-knack bag? This girl does! I picked up a clutch from the store and customized it with silver holographic sparkle iron-on. I found a cute saying and uploaded it into Design Space for the Air 2 to cut out.

You can also use the Cricut fonts to make your own saying too! I ironed it on with the new Wisteria EasyPress (More to come on that in my next post) and it came out beautifully in just a few seconds!

You Were Born to Shine bag

I just love the sparkle to it!

MerMom Wine Glass

Mermom Wine Glass

The teal and the pink holographic sparkle vinyl are dreamy and perfect for all things mermaid! I love the mermaid trend that this happening right now and I can never turn down a customized wine glass. This MerMom glass uses both colors to create dimension and add a little bit more pop of color. I just love this cute glass and I am totally a MerMom!

Love Card

Love Card

The cardstock that comes in the Wisteria Air 2 bundle is all foiled and gorgeous! I love the light pink and silver together and you can make so many fun projects with it.

This Love Card in Design Space is so cute and great for all sorts of occasions or even just because! The rose and silver burst paper coordinate beautifully together to make this adorable love card and matching envelope.

Love Card

These lovely projects are just a small sampling of what you can do with all of the goodies in the Wisteria Air 2 bundle. I just love that you can craft right out of the box with your new favorite machine!

Love Card


Emily- B. Lovely Events

Uses for the Cricut BrightPad

5 Ways to Create with the Cricut BrightPad™

March 2nd, 2018 • Contributor: Ginger Bowie from Ginger Snap Crafts

Hello there! It’s Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts. I was here just a few weeks ago sharing my farmhouse inspired DIY sign. I hope you’ll check out that tutorial if you haven’t yet. It turned out so cute!

I’d also love for you to hop over to my blog sometime as well. I love sharing easy DIY projects with my Cricut. Today I am excited to be here introducing you to the Cricut BrightPad™ and sharing 5 creative ways to create with your Cricut BrightPad™.

Uses for the Cricut BrightPad

If you haven’t met the Cricut BrightPad™, let me introduce you!

Uses for the Cricut BrightPad

The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad™ makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain. It illuminates fine lines for tracing, cut lines for weeding, and more.  

• Lightweight, durable Cricut BrightPad™ with adjustable LED light 
• 5 brightness settings 
• 6H Hardness* Surface (scratch resistant) 
• 9 in. x 11.5 in. lit area 
• 6-ft. USB power cord with wall power adapter 
• Nonslip base for ease of use on desk or table

I absolutely love this sleek little device! My favorite use for the Cricut BrightPad is for weeding iron-on. For any of you that have ever used iron-on before, you know how hard it is to see the cut lines! It’s tough! Annnnd the Cricut BrightPad™ makes this so much easier. You can see one of my cute iron-on projects here.

Uses for the Cricut BrightPad

The Cricut BrightPad™ comes in a nice, sturdy box with a place to store your power cord underneath. I would recommend saving the box and using it for storing your Cricut BrightPad™. Just as a side note, the cord is super long & makes weeding from the couch while watching your favorite show easy. Ha!

Uses for the Cricut BrightPad

Tip: I would also recommend picking up this weeding tool set. It has just about every weeding tool imaginable!

Uses for the Cricut BrightPad

The Cricut BrightPad™ has 5 brightness settings, so it’s easy to pick one that is perfect for your project. Above you can see what this piece of iron-on looks like just sitting on my craft table underneath my tools.

Can you see any cut lines? Not at all. Below you can see how it looks with the BrightPad lit up underneath. Those lines just pop! It makes it so much easier to weed.

Uses for the Cricut BrightPad

I’m not sure what I did before my Cricut BrightPad™.

Be sure to pin this post for later!

Uses for the Cricut BrightPad

I asked some of my favorite Cricut bloggers to share how they use their BrightPads to create. Below are their top 5 answers!

1: Weeding Glitter Vinyl and Glitter Iron-on

Uses for the Cricut BrightPad

If you’ve ever used glitter vinyl, you know how tough it is to weed. Stephanie from Crafting in the Rain shows how easy it is weed glitter vinyl with her Cricut BrightPad™.

Uses for the Cricut BrightPad

Lindsay from See Lindsay shows us how the Cricut BrightPad™ helped her weed this very intricate glitter iron-on design.

2: Weeding Regular Vinyl Projects With Lots of Words or Intricate Designs

BrightPad uses

When you are weeding lots of words, it can be a struggle to get all those negative spaces out. Sydney from Tastefully Frugal shares how she used her Cricut BrightPad™  to weed her DIY Subway Art project.

3: Tracing Designs and Creating Your Own Custom Hand-lettering Cut Files

BrightPad uses

Liz from Liz on Call shares an amazing tutorial on how she created her own custom hand-lettering project using her BrightPad and iron-on to make this fabulous music bag.

BrightPad uses

4: As a Backlight for Small Crafting Projects (like when you are making handmade jewelry)

BrightPad Uses

Melanie from It Happens in a Blinks shares how she uses her Cricut BrightPad™ as a backlight for making her own custom jewelry. So clever!

5: For Tracing on Fabric to Make Embroidery Patterns

BrightPad Uses

For those of you who embroider or cross-stitch, you can see how Dani from Pop Fizz Paper uses her Cricut BrightPad™ to make custom embroidery patterns.

What creative uses to have for the Cricut BrightPad™? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear! Don’t forget to pin this post for later!

Uses for the Cricut BrightPad
Host a Galentine's Day craft party this year!

DIY Projects That Repurpose Your Ex’s Stuff Make Galentine’s Day Even Better

February 14th, 2018 • Cricut Blog Team

Happy Valentine’s Day! At this point in time, you might very well be preparing for a romantic dinner for two, and dreaming about that special someone. (Which is great: go you!)

But if you’re nursing a recently broken heart, or just suffering the usual frustrations over finding love in a busy world, maybe you have something else in mind. Here’s what we’re thinking: a Galentine’s Day celebration where you grab the girls and craft up a collection of special somethings. The catch? You’ll be empowering yourself by repurposing your ex’s leftover stuff into something you actually want!

Get out your Cricut Maker and imagine the possibilities…

Maybe you’ll turn his old shirt into something more self-affirming?

Fries before guys shirt
Fries before guys shirt

Or consider morphing those ratty leather gloves…

Leather gloves

Into boho-chic hanging earrings.

Leather earrings
Leather earrings

And how about upcycling his boxer shorts…

Cutting boxer shorts

Into (yep, we went there!) a toy for Fido?

Dog toy
Upcycled dog toy

Let us know which of these Galentine’s crafts are your favorites!

What are you making for your besties this year?

Leather Embossed Earrings with a Cuttlebug

Craft Creatively With the Cricut Cuttlebug

February 2nd, 2018 • Contributor: Nessa Myers, Cricut Blog Team

Want to add some texture to your crafts? Try our Cuttlebug! This die cutting and embossing machine needs no power and is quite portable. It's not just for cardstock, either. You can emboss leather, aluminum cans and more. 

Start exploring all the possibilities by trying out one of these fun projects today.

Thank You Cards by The Happy Scraps

One easy way to enhance your greeting cards is to add an embossed accent. Make these fun and easy Thank You Cards from The Happy Scraps for the next time you want to show your gratitude.

Wedding Table Numbers from See Lindsay

Make sure your guests know where to sit at your reception with these wedding table numbers from See Lindsay. As she mentions you can do either words or the actual number.

Wire Embossed Chicken Card

My mom and I share a flock of 11 chickens, so I am sure she would be delighted to receive this wire embossed chicken card. It's one of the hundreds of Ready to Make projects that we offer in Design Space. I can even change the colors to match our hens!

Rolled 3D Flower Art

How darling is this rolled 3D flower art by It Happens in a Blink? You just cut out the flower strips, emboss, roll them up and voilà!

Embossed Paper Napkins

Get that luxury party look without the matching price tag by embossing your party napkins! This simple tutorial from The Quiet Grove will wow your guests.

Colorful Can Flowers

Turn your empty soda cans into beautiful art! I am amazed that the Cuttlebug can also be used with aluminum metal. I would want to add a barrette to the back of this and wear it in my hair.

Embossed Leather Tags

If you crochet or knit, add one of these lovely embossed leather tags from 5 Little Monsters! This could be especially nice as a signature accent for your small business wares.

Butterflies and Dragonflies

I am longing for spring and summer when I can work in my garden again. For now, though, I can daydream a bit while I surround myself with flowers and these cute butterflies and dragonflies from Ann Makes.

Monogram Decor

This monogram decor from Everyday Jenny would be perfect for your entryway, child's room or she shed. You can take a standard letter found at a craft store and make it your own.

Leather Embossed Earrings

I love how you can run leather through the Cuttlebug to make embossed earrings! In just a few minutes, you can create a pair of your own with this Ready to Make project.

Which project will you make first? What else do you use with your Cuttlebug? Let us know in a comment!

Organize your silverware tray

Organize All the Things This Year!

January 25th, 2018 • Cricut Blog Team

It's January. Which pretty much translates to: the month of getting organized. Yes? Preparing for the upcoming year takes a lot of work, thought, and planning. But it can also be fun and creative. And exciting! Especially with the help of our Home Organization cartridge.

Create the Silverware Tray pictured above with this Ready to Make project!

Gardening tool labels

Keep your home organized and running smoothly with labels and images professionally designed for organization projects in every room of the house--even the garage! The labels are simple, clean, and modern, while the easy-to-recognize graphics will help even the littlest members of the household keep things tidy. Whether you’re labeling a basket or creating a chore chart, the Home Organization Cricut® cartridge will help your family banish clutter and simplify your lives!

~Organize your shed with this Ready to Make Gardening Tool Box project~

Give your craft room a makeover with these Craft Storage Boxes!

OK. Let's talk pantries. If you're like me, the pantry seems to be kind of a dark abyss of half-full cereal boxes, Jenga-like stacks of pasta and rice, and an infinite number of cans of tomato soup. Things get lost only to be found again long after I'd care to admit. So at my house, we just close that pantry door and try to forget about it.

Until now that is. Natalie, one of our talented Cricut project designers, used these images to show us how to clear out the clutter and revamp a pantry space. (Insert happy dance here.) You'll find all the details here on how to makeover your pantry and turn it into one of your favorite spaces.

What are you organizing this year? Tell us below!

Essentials for the beginning Cricut user

Key Essentials for the New Cricut User

January 19th, 2018 • Contributor: Jenny Alger from Everyday Jenny

Hi! It’s Jenny from Everyday Jenny. Did you get a new Cricut under your tree this year? Yippee! Now that you have your machine I’m sure you are excited to make all the things. But what else do you need to make your project perfect?

Essentials for Everyone

Supplies for all beginning Cricut users

There are endless possibilities of things you can make with your Cricut. These three items are a great place to start for all crafting needs.

Cricut Cutting Mat Variety 3 Pack

I love this option to get a variety of the mats to hold all sorts of materials. You can test out cutting different types of materials with each mat. You may find you like a certain grip better than another.

Cricut Essential Tool Set

The tool set is perfect for lots of crafts you will be making. I have used each of these tools many times, so the bundle is a great deal.  I especially love the trimmer to cut a perfectly straight edge on my materials and the scraper to clean off my mats.

Cricut Access

When you purchase Cricut Access you have unlimited access to over 30,000 images and 1,000 projects, plus over 370 Cricut Access Fonts.  Cricut Ready-to-Make Projects are a great way to get your feet wet and try out projects that have already been created for you by professional artists. Once you have a few projects under your belt you will gain confidence to continue creating.

What’s your favorite Ready-to-Make Project? Let me know in the comments below.

Now that I have gone over those items, here’s a list of essentials depending on the type of crafts you are planning on making with your machine. If you find that you want to focus on one area of crafting then these are for you.

Vinyl Crafts

Cricut essentials for vinyl crafters

Vinyl is such an easy and fun material to work with. You can create signs, decals, organize with removable labels, and much more.

Vinyl Sampler Set

If you know you want to work with vinyl, this sampler set is a great place to start. Get multiple colors to try out for lots of different projects.

Weeding Tool Set

Along with the essential tool set, I love this weeding set for vinyl projects because vinyl cuts can be really intricate. These tools are perfect for even the tiniest pieces of vinyl.

Cricut BrightPad

The BrightPad makes weeding much easier by illuminating the fine lines and helps to reduce eyestrain. It has five brightness settings and is nice and lightweight.

Iron-On Crafts

Iron-on supplies for the new Cricut user

If you customize everything from t-shirts to socks, then you probably love iron-on. (I think this is probably my favorite material!) Not only can you apply iron-on to fabric, you can also use it to wood, canvas and even some types of paper!

Cricut Iron-on Lite

Start with a few basic colors of Cricut Iron-on lite. Once you are comfortable working with this material, there is even holographic sparkle and glitter iron-on which are so much fun.

Cricut EasyPress

A Cricut EasyPress is an essential tool for iron-on application. The EasyPress gives you professional results and is lightweight and easy to store. I have loved making projects with my EasyPress.

Paper Crafts

Supplies for the beginning Cricut user doing paper crafts

Do you love making cards for your friends and family? If you will be making mostly paper crafts, you will want some of these essentials to make your paper crafts shine!

Cricut Scrapbook Paper

I love the variety of Cricut scrapbook paper. There are so many fun patterns and colors to choose from that you will want to buy a few different packs.

Cricut Pens

Add writing and colorful script to your cards with Cricut pens. You can even use them to address envelopes.

Cricut Cuttlebug Machine

This machine is great for embossing a wide variety of materials and adding those perfect touches to your paper crafts. It’s a great companion for your paper crafting needs.

Sewing Crafts

Sewing supplies for the beginning Cricut user

If you got the Cricut Maker for its awesome rotary blade and are planning on sewing up a storm, then you will want some of these amazing sewing essentials.

Cricut Sewing Kit

This kit comes with fabric shears, thread snips, seam ripper, pincushion and pins, measuring tape and a thimble. All of these items you will need if you are just building up your sewing stash.

Cricut Designer Fabric

Cute, coordinating fabric is a no-brainer to inspire your sewing projects. I especially love the Creative Rockstar and On Trend Sampler sets.

Cricut Washable Fabric Pen

Use this pen to easily draw out your patterns with your machine, making sewing a snap!

I hope this helped you to narrow down some of the fun items you are have been wondering about! Also, as one last suggestion, if you will be taking your Cricut places with you, or just want a great place to store it when it’s not in use then you also might want to consider this great rolling craft tote.

Have fun making all the things!