Halloween Costumes You Can Make with a Cricut

Fun Halloween Costumes to Try This Year

October 13th, 2017 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Happy Halloween! It’s Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff, back with a fun Halloween post for you on the Cricut blog!

Are you planning on using your Cricut to make your Halloween costume this year? If so, I have rounded up a bunch of ideas to get you thinking about costumes! From masks to tails and everything in between, you’ll find so many great ideas for Halloween costumes here!

I even used my new Cricut Maker to create my Halloween costume—a set of giant butterfly wings!

Masks & Crowns

Unicorn Mask

Who doesn’t want to be a unicorn? With this unicorn mask from Made by Melli, you can make all your unicorn dreams come true!

Crown Jewels Costume

This “punny” crown jewels costume can be found in the Cricut Make It Now library! Perfect for a last-minute costume.

Animal Masks

Whether your kid wants to be a fox, an owl, or a lion, Cloudy Gray Day has you covered with her felt animal masks!

Character Costumes

Snow Princess Cape

Make this ethereal snowflake cape from A Pumpkin and a Princess for your little snow princess for Halloween this year.

Polynesian Demigod Halloween Costume

See Lindsay goes all out in this amazing Polynesian demigod costume for her toddler son! With both iron-on vinyl “tattoos” and felt leaves, this is the perfect costume for any tiny fan.

Other Fun Ideas

DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume

I think this pizza slice costume is so much fun—add a delivery boy and you have the perfect couples costume! You can find out how to make it in the Cricut Make It Now library.

Candy Costume

Continuing on with the food theme, Crafting in the Rain has a hilarious last-minute costume that costs less than $15 to make – a bag of delicious candy!


So what are you planning on being for Halloween? What about your kids? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Happy Halloween, Cricut friends!

Make these fun Halloween decor items with your Cricut!

Halloween Decor You Can DIY

October 6th, 2017 • Contributor: Kayla Brasher from Kayla Makes

Raise your virtual hand if you LOVE decorating for Halloween! Kayla from Kayla Makes here today to round up some of the coolest DIY Halloween decor from around the web. Of course, they're the coolest because they were all created with Cricut®. Let's get our spooky on!

Spooky Pillow by TomKat Studio

I just LOVE the simplicity of this pillow. Kim created it using felt and Cricut® heat and bond but now that the Maker is out with its amazing rotary blade, you don't even need the heat and bond! You can find this project here in Design Space.

Spider Web Garland by Jen Goode at 100 Directions

This spider web garland by Jen Goode is also available in Design Space. I love how delicate the webs are and I really love the fact that all you need on hand is cardstock and glue. Such a simple craft but a huge impact.

Halloween Window Clings by Jill at Create, Craft, Love

I am so intrigued by these cute window clings! Window cling is a material that I have yet to use but after seeing these I'm quickly adding it to my cart before Halloween slips away!

Spooky Wood Sign by Kayla Makes

I created this "spooky" wood sign for my own Halloween decor this year. It's a combination of paint and vinyl and I love how it turned out!

Halloween Cloche by Cricut

This is another project that makes such a huge impact with little effort and minimal supplies. A few sheets of cardstock and a little hot glue is all it takes to create this spooky scene. You can find it here in Design Space.

DIY Halloween Pillow by The Crafted Sparrow

Not only does this pillow feature one of the best Halloween movies ever, but it's also the perfect excuse to use the new Easy Press! That little spider hanging from the P is brilliant, it transforms the whole look of the pillow.

Don't forget, if you want to have easy access to these type of projects, join Cricut Access. For as low as $7.99/month you will have access to over 30,000 designs + you'll receive 10% off all purchases made on Cricut.com and in Design Space.

Let’s stay connected!

Which one of these spooky home decor projects are you dying to create?

Organize your craft room this fall

Organize Your Craft Room This Fall!

September 29th, 2017 • Contributor: Lilly Jiminez from The Creative Heart Studio

Hey, everyone! Lilly, from The Creative Heart Studio here to share a few tips on organizing your craft room for fall.

Today, I’m going to show you a few ways I organize my craft room to be as efficient as possible and clutter free.

Cricut Machine and Mats:

I purchased mix and match table tops, legs, and a multiple drawer unit to set up my desk in my craft room. Using an L shape, it made it easier to give my Cricut its own area to allow for space while the mat is being pulled through the machine. Behind it, I used a Command hook to hang my mats! It works great because it holds the weight and keeps them readily available for when I’m ready to cut.

Tip: Make sure you buy a command hook that will hold the weight, otherwise you may find it coming off the wall.

Organizing your Cricut machine and pads

Use a Command hook to hang your mats


I’ve found the best way to store supplies like rolls of vinyl, punchers, and other small craft supplies is in drawers. With the multiple drawer unit as part of my desk, it allows easy access to everything I need to craft. Shallow drawers work best as it doesn’t allow much room for multiple layers, and in turn, LESS CLUTTER!!! It’s easy to see all your supplies and that definitely saves time rummaging through baskets or boxes.

Organizing rolls of vinyl

Organizing craft vinyl

For my cardstock paper, I keep a paper sorter on my desk that has 5 sections. This has worked PERFECTLY! I use the bottom section to put all my scraps in that can still be used and the rest of the slots are used for the rest of the paper. This allows me to see the papers I have available easily and know if I’m missing any colors.

Organizing cardstock

Organizing cardstock


For my Cricut tools, markers, scissors, and other small handheld items like that, I have the PERFECT organization and storage solution. I have a bar that I purchased at IKEA with hanging containers. Installed it right in front of my desk on the wall. Having it this low allows for easy access to all the tools I need as I’m sitting and working. It also keeps them sorted and easily visible. I also use it to store markers, glue sticks, my glue gun, and other small supplies!

Organizing pens

For my small glitter tubes that I love to look at, I installed a picture ledge and have it above my desk. It looks colorful, fun and is very practical for use while crafting.

Organizing glitter tubes

Craft rooms should be practical! That way, you make the most of your time so you can keep on making beautiful crafts!!!

I would say the 2 key rules to go by when organizing a craft room are:

  • Easy access to supplies
  • Clear visibility to supplies

I love the way this small space has everything I need and allows me to still stay organized and efficient when crafting. Happy Crafting!

Organized craft room

How do you keep your craft room organized?

Adhesive foil home decor

Create Custom Home Decor With Adhesive Foil!

September 25th, 2017 • Contributor: Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts

Hey, everybody – it’s Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts and today I’m going to share one of Cricut’s best-kept secrets – Adhesive Foil! Perfect for both the Explore machines and the new Maker machine, adhesive foil adds the perfect amount of glam to any project. The other best-kept secret? Cricut makes adhesive foil sampler packs so you can try out a variety of colors. Now let’s check out a few of my favorites!

Tea Lovers Mug

Kick off your mornings with a little pizazz! This fun tea cup from dukes and duchesses is the pick me up we all need as we start our day.

Wall Decor

Watercolor AND metallics AND free cutting files? Yes, please! Thanks to Natalie at Doodlecraft you can create these beautiful wall décor pieces in no time.

Wood Teepee

Looking to make your workspace or bookshelf a little brighter and stylish? Look no further than this wood teepee project from Printable Crush. Customize it with any color or pattern to fit your style!

Purse Pouch Accents

Phone Case

Who knew opening your purse could make you so happy! Debra from Housewife Eclectic shows us how to turn plain old plastic pouches into something fun and fresh, and See Lindsay creates customized phone cases in just a few minutes.

Customized Reception Chairs

Just when you thought weddings couldn’t be any more special – along comes Something Turquoise with these stunning customized reception chairs. This would be the perfect finishing touch!

Foil Pumpkins

Metallic holiday projects are so on trend this season, and with these foil pumpkins from love create celebrate, you will be the hit of the neighborhood.

Wooden Lids

Wood lids on bowls and candles are also on trend this season – and you can customize them for any theme or event. I created this Thanksgiving hostess gift in just a few minutes with my Cricut Explore Air and some Gold Adhesive Foil and love the end result!

Hot Cocoa Ornament

Christmas and metallics go hand in hand – and who wouldn’t love to receive one of these hot cocoa ornament gifts from The Quiet Grove? Julia even shares a free cut file with you!

Just Breathe Sign

In the midst of it all – this sweet reminder from Hazel + Gold Designs would be a wonderful gift to give ourselves or to someone we care about.

Available in a variety of finishes including metallic, matte, and stainless - with Cricut Adhesive Foil there is no limit to your creativity!

Let’s stay connected!

Which one would you make first? Tell us below!

With the new Cricut Maker, you can print then cut on colored materials for your craft projects.

You Can Now Print Then Cut on Colored Paper With the Cricut Maker!

September 20th, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Have you ever wished you could work with more than just white when doing a Print Then Cut? If you have a Cricut Maker, your wish is granted! This machine's sensors are able to work with colored materials, greatly expanding your crafting potential. For starters, here are different versions of the same gift bags:

Best Wishes Gift Bags in Different Colored Papers

You can customize your project to include your favorite colors, match a theme and so much more! Try one of the following projects in Design Space for your next crafting day.

Note: These projects can still be made on the Explore family of machines if you use white cardstock.

Today's Schedule

Want to feel like you are on top of everything going on? Start with this stylish Today's Schedule printable! With the new colored paper options, it can match your desk, your mood, your life as you plan out your day to make sure you get everything necessary done.

Good Vibes Only

Add some positivity to your life with this Good Vibes Only sign as a reminder. You can use any patterned cardstock that speaks to you; I'm thinking I need a tropical one, personally, since it reminds me of home.

Printed Envelopes

White envelopes and papers are so blasé. Add a little color to your next gift by making your own printed envelopes. It's now easy to coordinate your gift wrap, envelope, and card!

Thank You Tags

Add a personal touch to your gift with these Thank You tags. Choose different cardstocks to match the occasion: baby rattles for a baby shower, snowflakes for holiday gifts, apples for your child's teacher and so on.

We're excited to see how you use this new feature for your craft ideas. Show us by using #CricutMade when you share photos of your completed ventures.

What project do you like best? Comment below!

Lovely paper projects we LOVE that were made with a Cricut

Paper Projects we LOVE

September 15th, 2017 • Contributor: Kristen Johnson from A Girl and Her Glitter

Is there anything better than paper? Paper is so abundant and can be used in many ways. The possibilities from cards, paintings and custom creations… oh my! Here are some of our favorite Paper Projects we LOVE:

Spinner Card

Let’s start with cards and how far a simple greeting card has come. This project is so cute but might look intimidating- have no fear! Crafting in the Rain has created a fantastic step by step for this innovative card that the recipients are sure to love… and play with for hours.

Easy Paper Flowers

If you haven’t jumped on the paper flower bandwagon- it is not too late! I was able to create these super simple paper flowers that pack a big punch. Imagine these paper flowers in groups of 10 or more in a shadow box frame or as a table runner… the possibilities are endless! A Girl and Her Glitter shows you step by step on your newest addiction!

Watercolor Art

Not a Picasso? You don’t need to be to get a beautiful result like this! Becoming Martha shares her tips on how to make her amazing piece of art using her Cricut. Can you imagine if you have someone this watercolor paper as a housewarming gift?

Hot Dog Roast Invitation

End of the season means end of the summer cook out! I just love how these paper invitations turned out over at The Happy Scraps! Such an effortless look to these invitations with using your Cricut pens and deep cut blade all on… you guessed it… paper!

Crepe Paper Flower Card

In this tech-heavy age of emails, texts, and other forms of electronic messages, actually receiving something physical in the mail feels extra special, doesn't it? Make someone's day with a sweet paper flower card. While the original Design Space project used vellum, the introduction of the Cricut Maker made it possible to create this lovely version using crepe paper and mulberry paper.

Pineapple Treat Decor

Nothing says hospitality like the international symbol of a pineapple. However, nothing says hospitality more than sweets, am I right?! Hey Let’s Make Stuff created THE perfect balance of sweets and thought for anyone needing to feel right at home. I love how vibrant the yellow and green papers pop off from the white, so inviting!

Flower Crowns

Can we talk fashion? Flower crowns are all the rage and for good reason! These crowns cute and chic at the same time and can be used for the young all the way up to the young at heart. How about a paper flower crown? Now that I have your attention, you should not miss See Lindsay and how she completed the Make It Now paper flower crown. Make It Now is such a great way to create a project with the tools and supply list already laid out for you! Go on you flower child, live a little.

Summer Bag Toppers

I’m a sucker for sweet treats! Everyone loves a sugary snack and how much more do you love these treats with these paper bag toppers?! Artsy Fartsy Mama made the cutest Make It Now projects to add all the pizzazz to these candy bags. She takes you every single step of the way, including how she made oranges into lemons, for these perfect paper bag toppers.

No matter how you mark it, cut it or paste it… paper is the staple of the crafter’s life. Paper comes in such a wide range of colors, textures, and thickness and when using your Cricut Machine you can cut it, print on it, write on it and create anything you can dream up. With so much potential we can’t wait to see what you create using your Cricut Explore or your Cricut Maker.

Which one would you make first? Tell us below!

Celebrate autumn with one of these fall party ideas

These Fall Party Ideas Will Help You Get Ready to Entertain

September 8th, 2017 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Hi, everyone! It’s Jess from Everyday Party Magazine. I am so very ready for Fall! This summer has been brutal in Florida, so I am ready to wear jeans and visit the pumpkin patch! To give myself a mental break from the summer vibes I am still feeling, I checked out a few of my favorite blogs for some amazing Fall party inspiration.

Apple Party

September is Apple season, and I love this Apple Party from Pineapple Paper Company. Charynn created so many party elements with her Cricut Maker!

Apple Picking Party

Mariah from Giggles Galore also shared a sweet Apple Picking Party full of simple DIYs.

Falling for Fall Party

When I think of Fall, I think of warm tones and rich, delicious food. My Falling For Fall Party is warm and inviting, with decadent desserts.

Farm Party

I also think back to my own childhood and how we celebrated the change in seasons and the cooler crisper air. I shared a sweet Farm Party last year on my blog.

Fall Festival

Going to the pumpkin patch and Fall Festival is one of my family’s favorite Fall activities.

Trunk or Treat

Halloween is so much fun to celebrate, am I right? Mariah from Giggles Galore shared her awesome Trunk or Treat decor.

Halloween Banner

Jen from 100 Directions created this fantastic Halloween Banner SVG file!

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party

This Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Party from The Party Teacher gives me all the warm fall feels!

Thanksgiving Table

Finally, this Thanksgiving Table for the kiddos is one I would love to sit at!

I am so excited to get my Cricut Maker out and host all the parties for Fall! How do you celebrate Fall? Tell us what you do in the comments below!

Fun fall home decor projects to do this season

Fun Fall Home Décor Projects to Make Now

September 1st, 2017 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Hey, everyone! Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff, back with another fun post for you here on the Cricut blog!

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year, so I’m sitting here willing the weather to cool down a bit so it will finally feel like we’re moving into the cooler months. I’m so ready to break out my sweaters and boots and start decorating with pumpkins and leaves.

It’s 109 today, so it’s clearly not working. Please send lemonade.

In the meantime, I’m getting into the fall spirit by rounding up some fun fall décor projects you can make with your Cricut! Even if it’s still summer outside, there are no rules saying the inside of your house can’t be ready for fall!

Hello Fall Cut Files

Let’s start by saying welcome to the coming season with this adorable Hello Fall cut file from Kimber Dawn + Co!

Fall Paper Flower Wreath

If paper crafting is your thing, this is a gorgeous Make It Now paper flower wreath that you can find in Design Space!

Pumpkin Bucket

Use your Cricut to make a stencil and re-create this farmhouse pumpkin bucket from A Night Owl Blog! This would be so cute on a rustic porch.

Blessed Banner

Grab your Cricut Cuttlebug to make this sweet blessed banner from The Happy Scraps to hang on your fall mantel.

Mason Jar Fall Luminary

The end of summer means it’s time to break out the warmth of candles around your home! Make a mason jar fall luminary from Create Craft Love to light your way.

Gratitude Chalkboard

I love love love these family tees by Cloudy Day Gray. Black and white gets me every time.

Vinyl DIY Lettered Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins can be messy! Try these vinyl lettered pumpkins from Lia Griffith instead!

Fall Napkin Rings

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving or another fall dinner, these fall napkin rings are a fun DIY, found right in Cricut Design Space!

Pumpkin Spice Season Sign

It’s almost PSL time! Celebrate this yummy fall drink with a happy pumpkin spice season sign from Happiness is Homemade!

Pumpkin Patch Sign

Not only is this an adorable pumpkin patch sign for fall, but Burton Avenue gives you tips for layering different colors of vinyl in a single project!

Do you guys have any big plans for crafting this fall with your Cricut? Let me know all about it in the comments. I’m so excited to tackle some fall sewing projects with my new Cricut Maker!

Happy making, Cricut friends!

Hold a delightful tea party with these inspirations

Brewing with Creativity – A Tea Time Affair

July 26, 2017 • Contributor: Tiffany Hayter from OC Vintage Charm

I envisioned a traditional English tea party with a whimsical and vintage flare. Lots of color, beautiful flowers, bone china, and personalized added touches. My inspiration came from vintage china, floral and vintage inspired cardstock, an “It’s Always Tea Time” image I found on Etsy, a layered teacup image from Design Space and of course from my little girl, Lily. Being a stay at home mom gives me the opportunity to create with my little bud right next to me. She brings me inspiration every day and even helps me select pieces when I can’t make up my mind. She’s my second opinion, shopping buddy and has great taste for nearly three years old.

Stacked Tea Cup Art

Since the possibilities are endless with the Cricut machine, I decided to try some things I had never done before. My first project which helped set the theme, colors and direction was a stacked teacup art image from Cricut Design Space. I could imagine this artwork in a vintage frame sitting upon a tea cart with gorgeous flowers, a cute banner, and lots of little tea party trinkets.

I thought this piece would allow me to play with colors, pattern and set the tone for more to come. It was all about layering. I gathered all the cardstock I wanted to work with and laid it out on the table until the colors seemed right to me. There was no rhyme or reason to how I selected each layer but when it was finished I loved what I created. I glued each layer on top of one another and when it was finished a white and gold vintage frame completed the look.

Tea Cart Banner

Next, was to create that cute little banner for the teacart. I created each layer in Cricut Design Space except for the back green paper doily. I picked those up from an estate sale and loved the color and wanted to incorporate them somehow. What better way than to add them to a banner, right?

I used the flower rosette (M3DCC8) and the star label (M486DE) from Anna’s Splendid Soiree in design space to create the base of the banner. I used a variety of cardstock that coordinated with the teacup artwork, twine to string it and topped it off with gold glitter letters. It was the cutest thing ever!

Paper Rose Topiary

This pretty paper rose standard topiary will dress up any table.

The main focus on the tea cart was the ball topiary of hand rolled roses. I think this was my favorite piece that I created. It took forever to make but at the end of the day, it was breathtaking.

This pretty paper rose standard topiary  is a festive addition to your tea party

I love putting together these cute little flowers and thought I had to make a special statement piece with them. I distressed each flower, highlighted with ink, added some glitter or shimmer and a few received a pearl center.

Decking Out the Sweets Table

Make your sweets table stand out with these ideas!

The dessert table was so fun to create! There were beautiful details everywhere you looked. From the tea party cake topper to the sweet little cupcake tags, the gorgeous dessert stands and the delicious desserts that truly looked like works of art. It was picture perfect! The cake topper, cupcake toppers, candy jar tag and tea sign were all created in Cricut Design Space. The tea sign was an image already created for me. I just had to select my cardstock and print it out. So easy!

I even used the Cricut to write all the sentiments on the cupcake toppers. Boy did that save me some time. Plus, it did a much better job of writing than I ever could. Like I said, the possibilities are endless with this machine.

Swirly cake topper

Fun cupcake toppers

Sweets jar tag

Tea Party Mirror Sign

Dress up your mirror with this tea party decal

I had never worked with vinyl before so I thought I would give it a shot. I found an amazing tea party image on Etsy and I had a beautiful aqua and gold mirror I was dying to incorporate into my tea party. What better idea than to put the two together? I uploaded the image to Design Space, used gold glitter Cricut vinyl and customized my mirror with the image. It turned out perfect and the best thing is I can always remove it if I decide to.

Main Table Details

Add special touches to the main table

For the main table, I created personalized teacup tags for each individual guest and added some cute centerpiece sticks made from layered cardstock and files I uploaded to Design Space. I wanted each guest to feel special and of course know where to sit so name tags were a must! I used the Damask Leaf Tag (M3FF41) and customized it to my liking. The rolled flowers, pearls, and coordinating cardstock tied the tea party together. After weeks of dreaming about this tea party and creating, it couldn’t have been more picture perfect.


Vintage Rentals & Design – OC Vintage Charm

Photography – A Single Shot Photography

Sugar cookies, cake pops, chocolate covered Oreos and pretzel sticks – Sweets by Gigi

Cakes, stacked cookies and macaroons – Sweet Gaerlan

Centerpiece Stick Images - digiplayground.com Teacup and Teapot

Comment below and tell us which tea party decoration is your favorite!

Make your own graphic tee with these fun T-shirt DIYs

DIY T-shirts I Would Totally Wear

August 25, 2017 • Contributor: Kayla Brasher from Kayla Made Co.

I love a clever graphic t-shirt, don't you? They've been trending for several years and now it's easier than ever to DIY your own.

Having the freedom to create customized clothing is just one of the many benefits of owning a Cricut machine. With a little bit of practice and a roll of Cricut's Iron On you can turn a plain old t-shirt into a trendy graphic tee in minutes. Grab a cup of coffee and let's check out some of the cutest DIY'd tees from around the web. Be sure to pin your faves!

A Nap Is Calling T-Shirt

Everyone can relate to this adorable design by Kori Clark. Naps are life. Plus, you can grab this Make It Now project right from Design Space!

DIY French Fries T-Shirt

C'mon now, this shirt is spot on. Damask Love always knows whats up!

Balloon Elbow Patches Tee

That glitter iron-on, you guys. The best! I can think of about 50 occasions where this shirt would come in handy. Can you even imagine how cute this would be for a first birthday photo shoot?

Hello My Name Is...

Speaking of little ones, this name tag onesie is perfect for bringing baby home from the hospital. When someone asks you what the baby's name is, just point to it! Genius. Find it in Design Space.

Happy Cloud Kids Tee

This is one of my favorite shirts that I designed for my littlest. You can head here for the free cut file.

Start Somewhere T-Shirt

I love love love these family tees by Cloudy Day Gray. Black and white gets me every time.

Lips and Lashes Shirt

This shirt is next on my DIY list! Simple yet totally glam.

Christmas Tee DIY

Customized PJs on Christmas morning? Yes, please! This year will be the year the whole family wears coordinating DIY jammies!

This is just a very small example of what you can create with Cricut. If you've yet to try your hand at creating your own t-shirt, I hope this post inspires you to grab a roll of iron-on and give it a shot.

To make things even easier, you can now get your hands on Cricut's Easy Press™! With the speed of a heat press and the convenience of an iron the Easy Press™ delivers professional results in 60 seconds. How cool is that?!

Be sure to pin this post for inspiration and leave a comment down below describing an awesome t-shirt you created with Cricut. Happy crafting!