Mint Projects from Cricut Community

Cricut Community: Favorite Mint Projects

October 13th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

If you're a fan of everything mint green, we have the projects for you! Our members of the Cricut Community have been busy crafting up these projects that all feature the color mint in their design.

Cricut Community Favorite Mint Projects

If you're throwing a baby shower, you could craft up this punny Mint to Be a Mommy Banner by Jennifer. I think the pink flowers match perfectly.

Click to Make: Mint to Be a Mommy Banner

Cricut Community Favorite Mint Projects

We're big fans of Hello Kitty around here - have you seen our Hello Kitty party? Christa designed a card that is sure to delight your favorite Sanrio fan.

Click to Make: Hello Kitty Thinking of You Card

Cricut Community Favorite Mint Projects

Christa also designed this fun R2D2 shirt. The mint is a great contrast to the blue of the design.

Click to Make: R2D2 Shirt

Cricut Community Favorite Mint Projects

Tatiana designed this monster box, which would be perfect for Halloween treats!

Click to Make: Monster Box

Cricut Community Favorite Mint Projects

Make this "Be a Mermaid in a Sea of Sharks" for your favorite mermaid lover. It was designed by Kenneth.

Click to Make: Be a Mermaid Shirt

Cricut Community Favorite Mint Projects

Dress up any party with lots of these green rosettes that were created by Catherine.

Click to Make: Green Rosette

Cricut Community Favorite Mint Projects

Where has the year gone?!? It's almost time for Christmas again. If you're looking to make your own this year, you can make this Merry and Bright Card by Nancy.

Click to Make: Merry and Bright Christmas Card

Cricut Community Favorite Mint Projects

If you're looking for a holiday card that is completely designed with shades of green, make this Reindeer Card by Lisa.

Click to Make: Reindeer Card

Cricut Community Favorite Mint Projects

I grinned when I saw the Creative Juice Logo that Virginia designed using our mascot. It's important to stay hydrated while crafting and what better than a healthy dose of creative juice? 🙂

Click to Make: Creative Juice Logo

Cricut Community Favorite Mint Projects

Since I grew up in Southern California, I have a fondness for anything cactus. Perhaps I need to make a pillow or two featuring Nicolle's cactus applique collection.

Click to Make: Cactus Applique

Cricut Community Favorite Mint Projects

Cori designed these felt bows you can use on dresses, as hair bows, on presents, and just so many other ways.

Click to Make: Felt Bow

Which project is your favorite? Leave us a comment below and show us your mint projects with #CricutMade.

Cricut Community DIY Halloween Costumes

Cricut Community: DIY Halloween Costumes

October 6th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Once again, we are so delighted by the creativity that we see in our Cricut Community every day! As Halloween approaches, more costumes have started popping up and they are fabulous. Here are some of the fun DIY Halloween costumes that our users are creating.

Cricut Community DIY Halloween Costumes

As a chicken mama and descendent of farmers, I heart these Farm Costumes by Amy. This would make for a great family costume indeed.

Click to Make: Farm Costumes

Cricut Community DIY Halloween Costumes

Aren't these Taco and Mild Sauce costumes adorable? Since we happily celebrate Taco Tuesday most weeks, it would be amusing to dress up in these for the occasion also.

Click to Make: Taco Costume

Click to Make: Mild Sauce Costume

Cricut Community DIY Halloween Costumes

My daughter is dressing up as Vanellope von Schweetz this year, so maybe I should make this King Candy Collar and Crown by Anna Rose for someone in our family to match.

Click to Make: King Candy Collar and Crown

Cricut Community DIY Halloween Costumes

Have a little one who wants to be a mermaid? Kate created this lovely Mermaid costume that could be used throughout the year, not just on Halloween.

Click to Make: Mermaid Scale Fabric

Click to Make: Mermaid Top

Click to Make: Mermaid Headband

Cricut Community DIY Halloween Costumes

Steampunk is a version of speculative fiction where modern meshes with the look and feel of the Victorian Era or Wild West and is based on steam power. I see costumes at comic conventions a lot and they can be absolutely stunning with the details and care that go into it.

Gears are a common component that pops up as part of it. You can dip your toes into this world with this fun Steampunk Gears Hat by Chelsea.

Click to Make: Steampunk Gears Hat

Cricut Community DIY Halloween Costumes

My girls love the Moana movie, so these Kakamora Face costumes by Cathy would be fun to make for them.

Click to Make: Kakamora Faces

Cricut Community DIY Halloween Costumes
Cricut Community DIY Halloween Costumes

Going to a masquerade or want to dress up a little without putting on a full costume? Make one of these decorative masks by Renae.

Click to Make: Demon and Fallen Angel Masks

Cricut Community DIY Halloween Costumes
Cricut Community DIY Halloween Costumes

Deanna crafted up this adorable pair of woodland creature costumes that are easy to make.

Click to Make: Fox Costume

Click to Make: Fawn Costume

What costumes are you creating with your Cricut this year? Tell us below and show us on social media with #CricutMade!

DIY Halloween Decor from Cricut Community

Cricut Community: DIY Halloween Decor Projects

September 29th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Fall is upon us, along with the first major holiday of the season - Halloween! It's time to start decking out your house if you haven't already and make some fun treats to share. Check out these fun projects from our Cricut Community.

Now that the nights are getting longer, it's perfect to use candlelight as part of your decor. Make this fun Halloween tealight holder by Renae for your next project.

Click to Make: Cat Tealight Candle Holder

This sign by Carole makes me smile since it's so punny. It would be a perfect addition to hang on or above a garage or carport.

Click to Make: Witches Parking Sign

Carole designed another punny Halloween-related driving sign. If you know how to drive a stick, it's perfect for you!

Click to Make: Halloween Chalkboard

Wish someone a Happy Halloween with this You've Been Boo'd card. A good idea would be to follow the tradition I've seen in my area; leave this card with a plate of goodies and suggest they do the same. It makes the holiday that much more fun for everyone.

Click to Make: You've Been Boo'd

Make these treat bags by Shannon for your Halloween parties or to hand out to Trick or Treaters.

Click to Make: Treat Bag

I love the trend I've seen lately of double-sided signs. It just makes so much sense for both storage and saving on materials. Julie made this sign with one side for Halloween and the other bearing a lovely general fall sentiment.

Click to Make: Happy Halloween Sign

Click to Make: Gather Together Sign

Cupcake toppers are such an easy way to dress up these sweets without having to know cake decorating skills. Kadri made these fun Halloween ones that you just Print then Cut, then glue onto sticks.

Click to Make: Halloween Cupcake Toppers

This spider swarm pillow by Amy will be a delightfully creepy addition to any room. Iron-on makes it easy to dress up any pillow, that's for sure!

Click to Make: Spider Swarm Pillow

These Moons and Bats Halloween popcorn boxes by Jennifer have me dreaming about making batches of caramel popcorn as a special treat for friends.

Click to Make: Moons and Bats Halloween Popcorn Boxes

Albion made this Halloween sign that you can put on your door or a mantel. The saying is inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth and is fitting.

Click to Make: Something Wicked Sign


Which is your favorite? Leave us a comment below!

Cricut Community DIY Halloween Decor Projects
Erica Cupples

Reuniting Families. Adding Special Touches.

How Erica strengthened the family bond through crafting.

August 16th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

We recently happened upon a heartwarming story in one of the Cricut fan groups. It’s the story of Erica Cupples, a long-lost brother, and a very special set of customized matching shirts.

Erica’s parents were high-school sweethearts. Discovering that she was pregnant at age 15, Erica’s mother made the decision to hide the pregnancy from her parents and give the baby up for adoption. Years later, the young couple married, had 3 beautiful children together, and eventually moved the family from Connecticut to Texas.

But the sacrifice of her first son, her mother never forgot. Once Erica and her siblings were old enough to understand, she told them that they had an older brother. Erica remembers her mother’s prayers to be reunited with her son.

One year, when Erica’s parents returned to Connecticut to attend a funeral, her mother sought out the adoption agency to re-establish a connection with her son, making sure that if he ever decided to seek out his birth parents, he would have access to her most up-to-date contact information.

That day came about eight years later.

Growing up, Paul knew he was adopted, but didn’t really feel like he was missing anything in his life. After the birth of Kristopher, his first child, that all changed. Paul couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing in his life and resolved to piece together his past. Little did he know that he would gain not just a birth mother, but brothers and sisters, and a sizable extended family as well.

Within two days of verifying that Erica’s mother was his biological mother, he reached out. After finding out that he had brothers and sisters, and with plenty of nerves and a lot of excitement, Paul planned to travel to Texas with Kristopher and his wife, Alicia, to meet his biological family.

The moment they all met in person, all nerves evaporated and they settled in to catch up on a lifetime of stories. They played board games, laughed, talked, and got acquainted. Erica noticed that Paul shared some of the same quirks and mannerisms with other family members. She mentioned that it was like meeting someone you had known your whole life. “It never felt awkward or strange. It felt comfortable like the missing piece had finally dropped into place,” Erica explains.

During that trip, Erica’s mom came up with the idea that they should all share in the most Texas experience imaginable—a good, old-fashioned rodeo. They invited family from all over the state to meet in Mesquite, TX in two days’ time. Twenty-one family members were able to make it to meet him.

Enter a Special Craft Project.

To commemorate Paul’s trip to Texas and the extended family reunion, Erica decided to take on a lofty project – creating twenty-one customized shirts. She found an SVG file of the state of Texas, uploaded it to Design Space®, then added each family member’s name into the shape, interspersed with hearts and surrounding one word: FAMILY.

Erica Cupples

At the rodeo, everyone wore their custom T-shirt for their first-ever complete family picture. Erica Cupples (front row, second in from left).

Erica Cupples

Eric’s “new” family

Amazingly, she was able to take on the feat in one day using her Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine, some iron-on material she had on hand, and a heat press she borrowed from a friend. She designed the image in an hour. Weeding took an entire day. Pressing the designs on to the shirt went quickly.

All crafts are special, but this particular project helped Erica’s family make their long-lost brother feel welcome and accepted into the fold — cemented the bond if you will.

Erica Cupples

Erica’s t-shirt design captures her family’s story perfectly.

This family reunion was a moment 36 years in the making, but what’s in store for the future? The family stays in touch on Snapchat and Facebook, and they plan to visit often. Even better, Kristopher is turning three soon and guess what? She plans to make iron-on shirts for the occasion.

Stories like this remind us that even more important than the WHAT we make is the WHY. Look beyond the beautifully stained wood, richly textured paper, or holographic iron-on and you’ll see the most amazing raw material of all — human emotion.

If you have a story to share, use #CricutMade or comment below.

To learn more about uploading your own image files into Design Space like Erica did, check out this Help article.

Marlene Chamberlin

User Spotlight: Marlene Chamberlin

September 21st, 2017 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

It’s one of our favorite seasons: there’s a chill in the air, sharpened pencils in desks, and kids back in schools. As preparations are made for the year ahead (and, let’s face it, if you have school-aged children or work in education, September is the real start of the new year), we love to hear how Cricuts are used in classrooms.

This brings us to this week’s User Spotlight, which we are shining on Marlene Chamberlin of Newbury Park, California. Mom to two kids in local public schools, Marlene volunteers her time, talent, and trusty Cricut to make her kids’ classrooms fun and welcoming. Keep reading to learn more about this Maker Mom and her inspirational school projects!

Marlene, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a stay-at-home mommy with two kids: Jaden, who is nine, and Brooke who is 13 (how did that happen?!). I have been married for 23 years and been crafting and scrapbooking for more than 25 years.

I first saw the Cricut on display at the Craft and Hobby Show (CHA) in Anaheim, California, years and years ago. I had always desired one but didn’t have the money.

I was working at Treasured Memories Scrapbook Store at the time, and one day, a very loyal and awesome customer of ours left one for me to have! She had been given two, and, boy, was I thrilled and lucky to acquire such an awesome machine!

The 6X12 machine is a breeze to use and super easy to learn. The store held some Cricut classes, which was very helpful. Some attendees had never taken theirs out of the boxes! They were intimidated, I guess, but quickly learned.

Decorated classroom door

What inspired you to start using your Cricut at your kids’ school?

Looking at the doors of my child’s kindergarten classroom was like looking at a blank canvas. I could envision things on that entryway: bright, vivid colors of design that would excite the kids and make them proud to enter or leave class. With the Cricut, there are endless possibilities. I just let my imagination go!

Classroom sign
Classroom child's picture

What has been the response to all the projects you’ve created?

The response was very encouraging and kept me driven to keep creating more fun projects for all to enjoy. The kids were so excited to see new things on the wall or door, especially if it involved photos of them! The parents complimented me as well. The decorated door welcomes people in; it’s like painting your front door red… only better!

Photo booth sign
Photo booth props

Is there anything you’re eager to try next on the Cricut?

I would love to create some signage with big, fat lettering for the school’s cafeteria -- I adore fonts! I would also like to create something that can be hung from the ceiling, or maybe some vinyl or wood projects as gifts for the teachers and principal.

School wall display

Do you have any advice for people starting out with the Cricut?

Overall: don’t be afraid! More specifically: I suggest always using cardstock, as thin paper tends to rip easily. Make sure to label your machine with its speed and size to remind you to check your settings. Always use a scraper or spatula to help you peel the designs off the sticky cutting mat—this tip is more of a Must Do! It also really helps to take the mat and curl it in half, which makes the project designs pop up and off of the mat, enabling easy removal. Tutorial videos are another great tool. My final gem: remember that not all font cartridges are made equal--some will come out smaller and some larger. Don’t necessarily expect a two-inch letter when you set up with that measurement, as each font is created differently.

The more you use the Cricut, the easier it gets. You’ll become familiar with the process, and quicker at making projects and creating a fun world around you. Use Pinterest or your local scrapbook store to inspire you to create something that will make others smile and build lasting memories for years to come!

Fun school wall decor

Thanks so much, Marlene! The students, staff, and parents at your school are lucky to have you.

New to Cricut? Go to our Learn More, Make More page

Show off your classroom projects with #CricutMade and tell us about them by commenting below!

Meet Cricut user Elizabeth Coller from Kinderhearted Classroom

User Spotlight: Elizabeth Coller of The Kinderhearted Classroom

September 14th, 2017 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

When it comes to inspiring young minds, we all know it’s better to show by example. That’s why we love it when teachers use their Cricuts to bring a personalized touch to their classrooms and lesson plans. Meet Elizabeth Coller, a dedicated educator and writer for The Kinderhearted Classroom, whose enthusiasm for Cricut has spilled out of the school and into her personal life.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started using your Cricut.

I’m a kindergarten teacher in California. I’ve worked at the same school for the last 10 years and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with my team. I was initially introduced to the “Cricuting” world by a friend, but when Design Space launched, I knew I had to have one. I bought my first Cricut a couple of years ago and have literally created hundreds of items. I've used my machine to create personalized gifts for students, parents, and more. I've made labels to organize my classroom, and I use mediums like vinyl, paper, and cardstock to create wonderful things for personal and classroom use.

Thankful leaf craft

What is your favorite part of using the Cricut?

You can do so much with a Cricut for your classroom! I personally love how easy it is to use, and my favorite part about using a Cricut is that you can create beautiful personalized gifts for everyone. I no longer need to buy expensive personalized gifts or name tags from companies; I can make them all on my own using the items that I already have in my classroom.

Vinyl name made with a Cricut
Ornament made with a Cricut
Mugs decorated with vinyl lettering

What has been the response to the projects you have worked on for the kids?

When parents or grandparents see the items in the classroom that I've made with my Cricut, they almost can't believe that I made something that looks so professionally done! Last year my friend (who also has a Cricut) used her machine to make a pillow for a Teacher’s Appreciation Gift. She gave students a permanent marker and had them write out their names. She then scanned their names in and uploaded the .PNGs to Design Space. She cut out the vinyl and heat-pressed them onto a pillow. It was SO precious!

Is there anything you’re eager to try next on the Cricut?

I have only worked with paper, vinyl, and HTV (heat transfer vinyl). I would love to branch out and work with other materials and mediums... maybe engraving?

Personalized backpack

What do you feel is a good way for other educators to get started with the Cricut?

I personally went to Facebook groups and immersed myself in the Cricut world. There are so many wonderful ideas on Cricut’s Design Space as well, so I would say to start in those two places!

I can't gush enough about my Cricut! It has not only saved me so much money because I don't have to buy personalized (expensive) gifts for others, but it has allowed me to personalize my classroom in a way that I haven't been able to before!

Customized Christmas stockings

We’re thrilled that Elizabeth has found so many uses for her machine, and we wish her many happy crafting days to come!

Want to learn more about Elizabeth’s work with The Kinderhearted Classroom? Check out her page at or her own blog post about Cricut in the classroom at

New to Cricut? Go to our Learn More, Make More page

Show off your classroom projects with #CricutMade and tell us about them by commenting below!

Volunteers from Crops of Luv

A Cut Above: Crops of Luv

August 10, 2017 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Cricut users are passionate people. But even we were blown away by the enthusiasm and selflessness of this Cricut user and her team. Since 2009, Jody McNelis and her dedicated volunteers at Crops of Luv have been creating scrapbooks for children facing critical illness. Using their Cricuts to assemble amazing embellishments, these gifts of love document a wish come true and special memories. Their impact has been truly profound.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started using your Cricut.

I have been scrapbooking since 1997. I got my first Cricut because I refused to let a friend pay me for making three albums for her mom’s 80th birthday celebration. She told me that I couldn’t refuse a gift, so she bought me a Baby Bug. It was the reason I knew I could actually start Crops of Luv, because I would be able to make anything we needed for the wish albums.

Different characters that the volunteers have made

What was the inspiration behind Crops of Luv? How did the Cricut come into play as the non-profit took off?

Crops of Luv was inspired by an album I made for a colleague whose granddaughter was granted a wish. I was already an avid Cricut user when I started making her album. We did over 400 pictures for this album and made 90% of the embellishments and titles with the Cricut.

Volunteers working on scrapbooks

Now we stock enough Cricut embellishments to make over 345 albums a year and we have a Crops of Luv “Cricuteer” group who make embellishments non-stop to keep us in stock. We’re constantly telling anyone who asks that the Cricut Explore is the only way that we are able to continue to afford to make the albums we make for free for these families.

Happy girls looking at a scrapbook

What was one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had with one of your Cricut Crops of Luv projects?

I think our recent retreat is a great example. We had two books that required special embellishments that we didn’t have anything for. There was nothing in the Cricut library we could we had to find ways to make our own. One book required embellishments for Bert from Mary Poppins and another book was a wish to go to the World of Warcraft comic-con in California called BlizzCon. We were actually able to replicate items from the game as embellishments for the album. They both became works of art. They were complete collaborations with the entire group at the retreat.

Cars scrapbook page
Make a Wish scrapbook pages

What has been the community response to the Cricut scrapbooks?

Most of these families are just so grateful for the albums because they do not have the time and resources to do this themselves.

Halloween card

A note from a grateful parent…

Note from a Crops of Luv scrapbook recipient

...and a note from an excited recipient.

What do you envision for the future of Crops of Luv?

We are looking forward to expanding Crops of Luv to the point that every wish child receives a book. Last year, over 22,000 wishes were granted worldwide. We hope that we’ll one day have our own space that is NOT in my home. Some day we would like to have enough funds to be able to do this full-time without worry!

Shipments of scrapbooks made by Crops of Luv

A typical album shipping day. Another 22 families are about to be VERY happy.

Jody and her volunteers have DIY spirit that we all aspire to. We’re so honored by Cricut’s part in their efforts and wish them many happy scrapbooking events to come!

Want to learn more about Crops of Luv? Check out their Facebook page.

New to Cricut? Go to our Learn More, Make More page

Show off your sensational scrapbooks with #CricutMade and tell us about them with a comment below!

Dr Seuss bulletin board created using a Cricut

Oh, the Places You’ll Go with Cricut!

July 27, 2017 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

School’s out for summer, but before we delve completely into the sunny season of BBQs and the beach, we are shining our User Spotlight on recent college graduate Tim Kelly, who used his Cricut in his role as RA (Resident Assistant) on campus.

Big Bang Theory RA Sign

Congratulations, Tim! Please let us a bit about yourself.

Hello! My name is Tim Kelly, and for the last three years, my Cricut has been a part of my college experience. RAs serve as a source of support for students, and I have used the Cricut to help form inclusive communities in the residence halls in which I have worked. I received a Cricut as a Christmas present when I was in high school and started using it to make birthday banners and cards for my family. I brought it away with me to college, and it soon found a permanent place on my bookshelf.

Hot Air Balloon Happy Birthday Cards

What inspired you to incorporate the Cricut into your work with other students?

It just seemed natural. A lot of the projects that resident assistants are called to do involve some level of crafting; for example, making informative bulletin boards and door tags. Using the Cricut to cut out even the most basic of shapes made working on these projects every month easy and enjoyable. I was definitely inspired by the possibilities that came with using the Cricut. It was always fun mixing and matching different cartridges and trying out a new font.

Dance styles poster

What has been the response to your projects?

They have been really well received by the students who live on my floor. I think that they are just surprised that I had the time to do them on top of being a full-time student studying Mechanical Engineering and Visual Arts. Knowing that they are looking forward to the new projects and themes each month makes the projects worthwhile. My favorite projects are the small ones (like birthday cards) because receiving one in college is unexpected. I hope that my fellow students are engaged by my crafting projects; it is a way for them to get to know what I like to do and it is a conversation starter so that I can get to know them a little better.

Hall Party Invitations
Happy Banner

Is there anything you’re eager to try next on the Cricut?

Having graduated, I am no longer an RA and so I won’t need my Cricut to make bulletin boards and door decorations. But, I am excited to see what I will use it for next. I am eager to use some different materials, such as vinyl, fabric, and vellum. I think I have used my fair share of cardstock over the last three years!

Present cards
Mason Jar Lid Decoration

Congratulations, again, Tim. Your Cricut family is proud of you, and we are confident you’ll go on to do more great things.

Tim Kelly

New to Cricut? Learn more about us!

Show us your favorite projects from the past school year: #CricutMade

Tammy Nickel uses her Cricut for her daycare

Inspiring Young Minds

July 20, 2017 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Sometimes the smallest DIY projects make the biggest impact. That’s why we’re thrilled to be turning the spotlight on home-based daycare owner Tammy Nickel, who’s been using her Cricut to create charming projects for the young students in her charge.

Tammy, please tell us a bit about yourself.

I’ve been running an in-home daycare now for 10 years. I’m blessed with great kids and an amazing program. Every day, I do some kind of themed lessons, and I used to buy the “pre-packaged” daycare lessons that came with a craft. But after a few months, I realized that I could come up with similar ones on my own, and it would be easy to make the crafts on my Cricut machine. So now I do it all, and it’s so much fun to make sure that each of my lessons has a craft. I try to use different mediums, but my backup is always cardstock. There are many different resources that I look to for inspiration, and my Cricut helps me design the crafts and cut out each piece. It saves me hours of fussy cutting!

Cute kids making crafts at preschool

What was one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had with one of the Cricut-created lesson/crafting projects?

This year we’re focusing on the alphabet. When I started this unit, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration, and saw the letter “A” turned into an alligator. It was super-cute, and I decided to do that for each of the upcoming letters. So, I went to my Cricut and designed something for every letter of the alphabet. I found that I could find almost any piece I needed on Cricut Access, and if I wanted something slightly different, I could upload it.

Preschool Alphabet created in Cricut Design Space

What have been the kids’ reactions?

The kids love them and always look forward to seeing what we’re going to make out of the letter of the day! I’m also planning on trying different mediums with this project, like fabric or chipboard.

Kids with homemade paper leis

Do you use the Cricut machine in your personal life too?

I love to make cards for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc., as well as things for all the ladies in my church! I couldn’t do it without the help of my Cricut. Everyone always look forward to getting a card and seeing the fun interactive elements that I’m able to create.  I also like to give personalized presents and plan to make each of my students a shirt at Christmas using the Cricut iron-on. There are just so many things you can do with the Cricut. The options are limitless!

Halloween card
Cute camper image

Tammy, we love how you bring your heart and soul into everything you create. Your personal touches are sure to be remembered for a long time to come!

New to Cricut? Learn more about us here.

Have a little one who loves a Cricut craft? Show us with #CricutMade.