Cheers y'all wedding favors

Create These Cheers Y’all Wedding Favors for Your Special Day

February 20th, 2018 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Wedding season is quickly approaching, and if you are anything like I was, you want to DIY all.the.things for your wedding. Maybe you want to save money, maybe you can’t find anything that fits your wedding vision…either way, you need to get DIY’ing right away!

Cheers y'all wedding favors

I like to give meaningful and useful party favors…but they also need to fit the theme.

Hand-lettered script is super popular right now, so I asked my friend Pineapple Paper Co to write Cheers Y’all, and I uploaded it to Cricut Design Space. Just right-click on the words below and save so you can upload too.

Cheers y'all text image

1: Edit the Image

Edit the Cheers Y'all Image

Once the script has been uploaded to Design Space or you have created your own cut file, size it to fit your object, and send it to the machine to be cut.

Since one of the favors is a bottle opener, I needed the text to be longer than wide. In order to make the text longer, I sliced the text image and moved the Y’all next to the Cheers instead of under it.

2: Mirror, Cut and Weed Design

Cut out your design

I used Cricut Iron-on Lite for both favors, so I had to mirror the cut.

After the text was cut, I weeded it and placed one onto the can koozie and the other on the bottle opener.

3: Press the Iron-on

Adhere your iron-on

Now I was ready to use my EasyPress to apply the iron-on. I went with Iron-on Lite for the bottle opener because I bought an inexpensive stainless steel one, and outdoor and traditional sticky vinyl tends to fall off of stainless steel. This was the first time I tried using iron-on on metal and I am hooked!

I used a Cricut Protective Sheet when I pressed the can koozie. They can melt fairly easily, so I wanted to make sure there was an extra layer between the koozie and the EasyPress. I pressed it for 30 seconds at 330*.

Adhere your iron-on

Next, I used the EasyPress to apply the Iron-on to the bottle opener. I didn’t use the protective sheet for this because I wanted to be able to see what and where I was pressing. But be very careful, because the metal will get extremely hot. I set the EasyPress to 350* and pressed it for about 30 seconds. {One area needed a few more seconds}

These are such fun favors for any party and only take a few minutes to make!

If you wanted a different saying, what would you put? Comment below.