Attach and Group in Design Space

When Do You Use Attach and When Do You Use Group?

February 21st, 2018 • Contributor: Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts

Hey everybody – it’s Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts and today I’m covering one of the most frequent questions asked by folks who are new to Design Space…

When do I use attach and when do I use group?

I use one (or both!) of these tools almost every time I create a project in Design Space – they open up so many possibilities and allow you to customize your projects with just a few clicks.


The attach tool is used for two different functions – to hold images in place on your mat and to attach a write or score line to a layer of your project. Let’s show some examples of how it works!

How many times have you carefully arranged a project in Design Space, only to click “Make it” and suddenly your mat looks like a jigsaw puzzle! The default setting in Design Space places your project pieces as close together as possible on the mat to save space and material (it is called paper saver mode) - which I think is a great feature. We all want to conserve material! Sometimes though I want my project to cut EXACTLY where I’ve placed it on the mat…so I use the Attach tool to hold the images in place while it cuts.

Attach in Design Space
Attach in Design Space

The second function – attaching a write or score line to your project – is perfect those of us who love to use the write feature (and all the cool Cricut pens) on our projects, or for creating custom projects like gift boxes that require score lines.

Attach in Design Space
Attach in Design Space
Attach in Design Space


The group tool is used to group layers, images or text together. This makes it easier to resize or move them in Design Space as you are working on your project. Why resize or move each individual image when you can do it all at once? What a great time saver!

Group in Design Space
Group in Design Space

For both the Attach and Group functions, there are two ways to select the items you wish you attach/group. You can hold down the shift key then click and highlight the images on the canvas or you can draw a box around the images with your mouse and then select Attach or Group.

I hope these quick tips save you a little bit of time and effort in Design Space and open up a world of creative possibilities. Happy Cricuting!

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Which do you use more - Attach or Group?

Weld, Attach, Group and Flatten tools in Design Space

Weld, Attach, Group, and Flatten: What Is the Difference?

February 20th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

I am sure if you have ever made a project in Design Space you have seen these words. Maybe you knew what they meant and maybe you didn’t. It doesn’t matter because I am going quickly to tell you about them today.

If you would like to watch the explanation rather than read it here is a fun video all about the differences.


Flatten is used with the Print then Cut feature. What it does is take a multi-layer project and squishes it down to one layer to be printed on your home printer and then cut out on your Cricut machine. When you flatten a multi-layer project it will keep the colors that were on your canvas to quick tip, make sure you have the colors you want before you flatten.

You can also tell if it a flattened image or not by looking at your layers panel.


Group is like putting individual things in a plastic bag. You can move it around as one item, but the things in the bag don’t fuse together to actually make one item. You can still open the bag and remove individual pieces.

Group is great when you are needing to keep a multi-layer, multi-color project together on your canvas. But once you send it to the mat preview they will separate into different mats.


Attach is much like a paper clip. You can paper clip papers together, but once you take the paper clip off you can separate them. Attach, like group, will keep your project together on the canvas. However, unlike group, when you send it to the mat it will keep its formatting and stay as one group.

Attach is perfect for when you want to use the writing function. You can attach your words to a certain part of the project and that’s where it will write. Another nice thing about attach is the fact that you can detach things if you want to make changes to your project.


Weld is like glue. When you glue one item to another they fuse together to make one item. When you want to eliminate the cut lines between to images or letters you would use weld. Like Attach, weld keeps your project together on the canvas and when you send it to the mat to cut. Unlike Attach, there is no unweld button. Weld is more permanent.

I love each and every one of these tools, especially now that I know when and where to use them. I hope you grow to love them too! Check out the video above for a visual explanation and then tell us in the comments which tool is your favorite!