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November 7, 2016 • Contributor: Ariel Garneau

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**This project is divided in two, making the poppies, and the wording for the shadow box.


Part 1: Making the poppies. For this box I made 24 poppies.

Step 1: Purchase this pattern #MA3E13 from 3D Floral Home Decor for 0.99$

Step 2: Cut out 24 poppies (in sets of 2) from the red velvet paper.


Cricut Machine Cutting


Step 3: Cut out the centre of the poppies on black cardstock, and then cut out another 24 centres using different shades of pink card stock.

The centre part is meant to be from one piece of paper, but I wanted to soften the look of the poppies with different shades of pink, so I cut them in half to have pink tendrils and a black pole core.


Paper Flower Step Out


Step 4: Cut the black pieces where the pattern changes.

Step 5: Fold the solid piece in half along the length, and then roll it into a ball. Using super glue, secure the open end to the rolled part.


Flower Center


Step 6: Affix the tendril part of one of the pink centres to the black part using super glue. Once it's dry, roll into around the black part and secure with super glue.


How to create a paper flower


Paper Flower Center


Step 8: Glue the completed core to the centre of the combined poppy.


Attach center of the poppy


Step 9: Open the pink tendrils on the now dry and assembled poppy.




Step 10: Repeat 23 more times. This may take a while, especially with all the drying times, usually by the time you're done doing all of one step, the first piece is dry and ready to move onto the next step.

Once they're assembled, roll the edges of the leaves and crease the top layer by folding them in half. It will give the poppies more dimension.


Paper Flowers


Step 11: Cut-out a square piece of gold glitter card stock that is the size of the inside of the shadow box.

Step 12: Star super gluing the completed poppies haphazardly to the card stock. If you glue them too close to the edges you will have to trim the leaves in order to get the piece into the box.

Step 13: Once completed, insert the backing into the shadow box and seal it.


Part 2: Wording for the shadow box

Step 1: Ensure your shadow box is clean and dry. Remove any left-over stickiness from a price tag or other.

Step 2: Upload the following image to your Cricut Design Space account as a cut file.


In Flanders Fields Au Champ D'Honneur


Step 3: Size and cut the words out of white vinyl for the size of the glass on your shadow box. I used an 8x8" shadow box, so the text is sized accordingly.


Quote in Cricut Design Space


Step 4: Using your Cricut tools, remove the negative space around the words and weed-out any remaining pieces trapped in the loops of letters.


Step Out Quote


Step 5: Using transfer tape, transfer the wording from the cut mat, to the exterior side of the glass pane in the shadow box. I centered mine, but you could place it near the top or near the bottom.


Finished In Flanders Fields project


And voila! You've completed your poppy shadow box for Remembrance day.

To see the after and more beauty photos, click through PMQ for two here.


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