Ready, Set, New Year! Calendars for Everyone

December 26, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

We hope that your holidays have been both holly and jolly. And now, guess what? There are only five days left in this year! But that’s plenty of time for you to get a handle on all that you have scheduled for 2017. Now is the perfect opportunity to set up a calendar system for yourself and maybe even other members of yours family.  Below we have gathered some planners that we think are fabulous. Some you can make with your Cricut, some are obtained by whipping out your credit card, but all will help you face the New Year feeling in control and ready for the possibilities that lie ahead.


Here’s a mantra we want to you keep on the tip of your tongue: “Let Me Check My Schedule.” Before you commit to anything, make sure it’s something that you really want or need to do… and then make sure that there aren’t any date conflicts.  This project is waiting for you now in Design Space.


If you’d rather work on a monthly system rather than carry an entire year’s information with you, consider this planner set. You can check it out now in Design Space.



Beauty and pragmatism? Yes, please! These gorgeous monthly calendars brighten up any workspace, and you can access them now in Design Space.


It’s been said that love is in the details, and this personal planning binder has a ton of details! Keep everything that’s important (shopping lists, appointments, to-do lists) in one place, and you’ll never spent another minute searching for a pesky scrap of paper. Visit Design Space now to get started!




Think you're too busy to keep a journal? Think again! With the right tools, you can turn your daily planner into a highly personal chronicle of your day-to-day life. This useful keepsake is waiting for you now in Design Space.


Make a plan and “stick” with it using personalized stickers. Visit Design Space to get started today!


Want to get the details of your life down on paper, but don’t have the time for a DIY calendar? Schedule some time for a little shopping! Here are some pre-made planners that we love. is bound to have any style you need. This paint chip masterpiece will make you feel that the months ahead are filled with red-letter days!


If you’d rather begin each day with a fresh page (literally), then a daily calendar is for you. “A Happier 2017” from Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project) is an uplifting example of the many available choices.



If you’re a mom, you’re busy. This “Do It All” calendar is small enough to toss
into your bag, but detailed enough to keep everyone on track and on schedule.


Anyone in school will earn an “A” for organization with this student planner, available from the New York Public Library’s online store.




If you feel like you’re ready to make the leap to an online system, but are in need of one that will work for your whole crew, it’s time to cozy up to Cozi. They’re the leading digital organizer for families and can help you take charge of the who's, what's and where’s in your life. And maybe best of all: it’s free!.


Gretchen Rubin (who’s mentioned above… because we can’t get enough of her) once wrote that for a parent, “the days are long but the years are short.” Finding a planner that works for you will help you to stay on top of the long and the short, the days that make up the years. Happy planning!


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