Give Your Pantry a Makeover

5 (4)You made a New Year’s resolution list, and the word “organize” came up more times than you would like to admit. To get the year going in an organized fashion, we are showing off one of our favorite projects for your pantry. Let’s face it: it’s dying for a makeover!

1. Cereal, rice, and more

After a typical morning, the kids raid the pantry for their cereal, often leaving torn-open boxes all over the place. Try these bins to organize your cereal, rice, grains, and more.

2. Sugar and spice

Most of us have a cupboard filled with spices at all different sizes from various brands. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them unified? Get some slim or short bins and spice up that shelf.

3. Utensils

After several picnics and BBQs last year, you’ve accumulated enough plastic silverware to feed an army. Organize them all in this basket and have ’em ready for your next party.

4. Baking supplies

You’ve always wanted a baker’s rack. Now you’ve got one with labels to make adorable white bins to house your cookie cutters, frosting tools, and more.

5. Apples and oranges

You always come home with a bag filled with fruit and not enough plates to feature them. We love these rustic wooden crates as a stylish way to hold all your produce. They equally look good on a kitchen counter as decor.

6. Canned goods

There’s always that one sale where you overdo it. Consider these adorable baskets to store canned goods and condiments.

How will you be organing your pantry? Share below!

2 thoughts on “Give Your Pantry a Makeover

  1. Where did you find the glass jars with lids in Step #2? I’ve been looking for something similar for just this kind of project! Thanks!

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