Once Upon a Time: Personalized Storybooks

November 18, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Happy November 18! Guess what’s special about today? (Nope, it’s not that there’s less than a week until Thanksgiving.) It was on this day in 1477 that the very first book was printed in English. (What’s our source? We’re so glad you asked! It’s the fascinating website On This Day.)

To honor this auspicious date, we thought we’d write about books—personalized storybooks, to be exact. Check out the fun, customizable projects we’ve listed below. They’re a great way to use your Cricut and make a special holiday gift, or to showcase those amazing photographs that are just sitting there on your phone.

So, let’s begin. Once upon a time, the internet was bursting with ways to create your own story…



Is there a little mermaid in your life? If so, this DIY storybook project, available in Design Space, is sure to make a big splash!


Any little girl would love to be the heroine of this beautifully detailed Cricut project!



The swashbucklin’ boy in your life would walk the plank for his very own pirate story. You can start one today with a quick visit to Design Space!


Fantastically fun, this DIY storybook project is just waiting for you in that creative treasure chest we call Design Space.




If you’d prefer to have a book created for your little one, the website I See Me offers several options, including this beautifully illustrated story where fairies bring letters to spell out your child’s first and last names in rhyme. It’s a real-life fairy tale come true!


Frecklebox is another great resource for customized books. Specializing in personalized gifts for kids,
they have something for everyone: the child learning to spell her name, the boy who’s celebrating a
birthday and the marine-life fan whose favorite place is the aquarium.



I See Me also offers personalized coloring books. Packed with stunning detail and featuring your child’s name—no matter how unique it might be—these treasures are true heirlooms!


You probably know that Shutterfly presents hundreds (thousands?) of ways to be creative with photographs, but we especially love their Classroom Stories personalized books. Students can showcase and publish their work—from creative writing to science experiments—using their own text and photos along with Shutterfly’s backgrounds and framing.



Some stories are best told with images instead of words. Visit Social Print Studio to create a stunning personalized storybook using your own photography. (Hint: these make the perfect holiday gift for the grandparent who has everything!)


Everyone—from the very young to the young-at-heart—wants to feel special, and we can’t think of a better way to do this than with a personalized book. Whether it’s one you and your Cricut make or a tome you design using an online template, personalized books are a great way to give your loved ones their very own happily ever after.


Show us your favorite personalized storybooks: #CricutMade

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  1. WAY TOO MUCH AVAILABLE. A person would have to be on Cricut design space 24 hours a day to get any of this done. I have too much to do to try to get much crafting stuff done at all. It is just too time consuming and complicated for most people, I am thinking.

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