Make your own planner stickers part 2

New Year’s Resolution Planner Stickers Part #2

December 28th, 2017 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Hey guys! It’s Cori from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff back to finish up my two-part series on making stickers for your planner using the Cricut! Yesterday I shared some fun New Year’s Resolution Stickers  that I designed, as well as an easy tutorial for making simple star flags.

Today I’m going to show you the steps to print and cut these adorable sticker sheets using Cricut Printable Sticker Paper.

1: Upload Your SVG File

Start by uploading the SVG I shared into Cricut Design Space (if you’re making stickers you designed in Design Space, skip to the next step). You can scroll down in the layers panel and hide the text at the top of the page so that doesn’t cut.

2: Flatten the Image

Flatten your image so it will be ready for Print Then Cut

Then click “Flatten” in the bottom right sidebar. Your image is ready to Print then Cut! If you are cutting the flags we designed in Design Space, the following directions are how you cut those as well.

3: Print Your Stickers

Make it by printing your stickers out

Click “Make It” in the upper left. The Design Space will create a Print Then Cut image with a black registration square. It will prompt you to print out your stickers on your home computer. For these, make sure to turn the bleed off.

*Note: Maximum size for Print Then Cut is 9.25" x 6.75" and default material size for printing is 8 ½ x 11"*

4: Cut Them Out

Cut out your stickers

Once you have your printed sheet, place it on the Cricut cutting mat and follow the on-screen instructions to cut. Make sure to select Sticker Paper as your material.

Cut out your stickers

The Cricut is so precise in its cutting that it can just cut the top layer of sticker paper, leaving the bottom carrier sheet intact. I don’t think I’ll ever cease to be amazed by the precision of this machine!

Cut out your stickers

Once you have your stickers cut out, it’s time to start planning, tracking, organizing and decorating!

Cut out your stickers
Cut out your stickers

It’s so easy to take a mass-market paper planner and make it your own with stickers made using the Cricut!

If you love the idea of these stickers but want something different, let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new ideas and I’d be happy to design some of your suggestions!

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