Come to the 2018 Cricut Mountain Make-a-Thon

Announcing Mountain Make-A-Thon 2018!

Updated May 3rd, 2018 • Becky Lageschulte, Cricut Events Manager

Update: Registration is now open! Come join us by visiting the event page to purchase your ticket and read more about the event!

Cricut is excited to announce its 2018 Cricut® Mountain Make-A-Thon. Join us for 2½ days of fun, education, hands-on projects, and Experiential Zones. We’ll have keynote speakers and panelists from the DIY industry all while offering five educational tracks: Maker (focusing on paper), Iron-On, Sewing, Design Space from newbies to advanced, and tips for project sharing, entrepreneurs, and small-biz wannabees! Please plan to join us:

Cricut® Mountain Make-A-Thon 2018

This year’s theme … “Be Amazing!”

Monday, July 30th (8 AM) to Wednesday, August 1st (noon) Salt Lake City, Utah at the Little America hotel

What’s new and fun for this year?

* Inspiration from a celebrity DIY Keynote speaker & panelists with tips you can use!

* The Experiential Zone – Professional tips and tricks for decorating and “setting the scene” in your own home. View the scenes on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday, you’ll meet the designers where you can ask your “how to” questions

* Join some fun optional evening events

* Full class “tracks” with hands-on learning

* Cricut’s first pop-up store

Classes range from Card Making, Mats and Blades, and Design Space 101 (to 401!) to … “So you want to start an Etsy business?” … You name it, we’ve got it! Come and meet your favorite Cricut ambassadors who will be teaching and helping lead sessions. Classes will range in format from make-it to lectures to “tips ‘n tricks (hacks!),” and from beginner to advanced. Bring your BFFs and join in the Maker Challenge nights on Monday and Tuesday.

This will be a jam-packed 2½ days of making, learning and having fun! Tickets are now on sale and are $499* per person. Check back on the blog or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and we'll let you know where you’ll find the location, a preliminary agenda, and more details. For any questions in the meantime, email our Events Team at We will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

See you in July!

*Ticket price covers event attendance and meals offered during the day at the conference.

77 thoughts on “Announcing Mountain Make-A-Thon 2018!

  1. Omg! I would love to attend this, but a teacher’s salary, in my neck of the woods, doesn’t allow for it. I sure wish there would be one in Missouri! That one I could manage!

    • I agree with you Tina. I’m a teacher from WV, and our pay is not very good. I would love this experience though. I watched everyday through youtube. I will probably do the same this year too. At least I can live it through Melody Lane and Ken’s Kreations.

  2. Same question as previous person. Are there any extra fees such as class etc? Are cricuts provided during classes?

  3. Where will it be? What hotel is closest to the event? Very interested. Will there be other similar events at other locations like last year? I attended the one in Chicago & really enjoyed myself.

    • Last year the event was in the hotel (Grand America). It was a very lovely venue. Guess we have to wait until the registration opens next week to find out where it’s going to be this time! Can’t wait to hear 🙂

  4. While this is terrific, $499 seems really high. What about having these events in some major city’s around the country, so people don’t have to travel to this location?

    • I know that fee sounds high but I went last year and I came home with far more than $499. worth of products. They even gave us the brand new Maker. Cricut was very generous with the bags of free materials. The meals were really delicious, too. The only thing that was really a cost was the hotel and it was very luxurious. There were cocktail parties with live music each evening for meet and greets.The Cricut people were fantastic and so very knowledgeable. If you can swing the cost it is very worthwhile.

  5. Will cricut only be doing this in the US or would they also consider coming into Canada? Specifically Winnipeg Mb..😁

  6. I’m on my second Cricut machine. I received for my birthday and just finished setting up my Cricut Maker…this sounds like a fun and educational way to spend 2-1/2 days!

  7. Would love to attend! It sounds like it would be a great opportunity to learn more ways to use my cricut!

  8. Excited about the idea. Will the accommodations be reasonably priced or are the other hotels nearby? Heard that last year it was at the Grand American – hard to justify the $500 price of conference and $400 / night for hotel room.

    • The Grand America wasn’t $400 a night. It was a little pricey, but so worth it! But, there are lots of hotels very near by. I don’t know about this year, but last year we were given a lot of supplies to take home.

  9. Question for anyone who has been before,
    I would be coming alone and I don’t know anyone, is it set up to get to know new people?

    • I’m going by myself. I don’t mind because by the end I know we’ll have a lot of friends by the end.

    • Most people last year were by themselves. I plan to go again by myself. Well my other half is coming to SLC, but will be doing hiking and stuff while I’m at “arts and crafts camp.” LOL

  10. I would love love to go!!!! If in case the stars align and I am able to go do I need to bring my Cricut Maker for the events? Just wondering. Thanks.

  11. I can’t wait for this!! Sounds like so much fun!! I have never attended a Cricut event. Will there be a limited amount of tickets available? I’m anxiously waiting for registration to open.

  12. I’m all in! I’ll be by myself and am looking forward to making new friends, too. When and how do we sign up? Thank you Cricut for offering this opportunity.

  13. When will tickets go on sale? I do not want to miss the opportunity to attend if at all possible. Thank you! Exciting things happening with Cricut!

  14. I have only owned my Cricut for a few months but I absolutely LOVE it!!! I’m already wanting to start my own business with it. This event sounds like an amazing way to get hands on experience and from the experts, how exciting! My only concern is the cost. Is there any type of financial assistance for people who this event would very much benefit that might have a little bit of a problem coming up with all that cash. It seems a little bit pricey.

  15. Do we have any additional information yet? Hoping I dont miss registration.

    Anyone know hotel info etc?

  16. I was told that it was going to happen last Thursday most likely, but now I’m wondering what the hang up is. I hope this is still going to happen. I would be nice to have confirmation of my spot so I can buy my plane ticket and book a hotel room.

  17. I would so love to call, but I just looked at an 8 day cookie cruise, the cruise including everything (other than transportation) is $1,100. I am quite sure I could sell my husband on the 8 day cruise, where he could come with me than 2 1/2 days for $500.

    I hate to say it, cause I love my cricut and I spend tons on supplies but you need to bring the cost down and maybe schedule it in several parts of the country.

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