“Meet the Maker”: TomKat Studio

April 10, 2016 • Contributor: Cricut

Kim Stoegbauer, founder of The TomKat Studio, loves bright, modern design and the color pink. But she also loves glamour and sparkle, perfect for her exclusive Gold projects for the Cricut Explore Air™ Gold Edition machine. Here, she talks about her love for vinyl, creative freedom, and lovingly made birthday cakes.

Q: What is your favorite tip or trick for using the Cricut?

A: I love using my Cricut Explore to make projects that would typically take hours to cut by hand. The Explore makes it easy to cut irregular shapes and intricate designs in minutes. 


Q: What is your favorite material to cut with the Cricut?

A: I’ve been adding gorgeous vinyl cuts to everything lately, including balloons, glassware, canisters, and more!


Q: What is your favorite Cricut software feature?

A: I love that Design Space allows me to upload my own designs so that any project I dream of making, I can! I’m not limited by existing artwork and designs.


Q: Describe your personal style.

A: My personal style is modern and clean with a touch of glam.


Q: Tell us a little about your design inspiration for your gold projects.

A: My goal was to provide ideas and artwork that would add a gorgeous, glamourous touch to life’s celebrations.


Q: Where do you like to look for inspiration?

A: I have a folder of images on my computer that I am constantly saving to, as well as a physical folder where I save pages of magazines and catalogs that I love.


Q: Is there someone in your family who taught or inspired you to be creative?

A: My mom is very creative, though she won’t admit it! Growing up, she was always sewing, painting, and baking. She made the most amazing birthday cakes for my brother and me each year. Although my creativity is definitely in different forms (my focus is crafting, designing, decorating), I believe that seeing her be creative inspired me to be creative.


Q: If someone were thinking about trying Cricut for the first time, what would you want them to know?

A: I would tell them about all of the amazing projects! I would show them Design Space and let them “explore” all the ideas and possibilities.

Paper Flowers:
Pretty flowers that will never wilt

Balloon Vinyl:
Add shimmery gold to birthday festivities

Champagne Bottles:
Show gratitude with golden
mini bottles

Geometric Backdrop:
Paper diamonds for a stylish backdrop

Paper Flower Skirt:
Bright white goes glam with
gold embellishment

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Visit Kim's personal Cricut page or visit the TomKat Studio site.


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