“Meet the Maker”: Heidi Moore’s Designs for a Dream Wedding

May 26, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

As the wedding season fast approaches, we were thrilled to work with stationer, graphic designer and brand stylist Heidi Moore. Her company, the cleverly named idieh design (get it?), helps clients use design to celebrate their own stories and personalities rather than cling to the latest trends. Heidi spoke with us from her Scottsdale studio about her Whimsical Wedding pieces, and the conversation brightened our day. We hope the excerpts below will put a spring in your step, too!

The fun, funky and fabulous Heidi Moore.


As this is a “Meet the Maker” piece, what would you like Cricut users to know first and foremost?

Everything I do as a graphic designer, brand stylist and shop owner is all linked together via design. Now that I’ve been doing this for 10 years, I love using design as a vehicle for people to own their story and live their personal style. People tend to feel pressured to do what is expected, and I’ve learned through my (imperfect) story that we should all embrace our journeys. I love helping people—mostly women—to be empowered and use art and design to channel their passions.

These impactful pieces immediately convey the personalities of the bride and groom.

You have a great line in your bio about “making the day-to-day hustle more fun.” How do you think the Cricut can do this?

Life is hard, and we should all try to fuse fun things to light it up. The Cricut allows us to add some love to someone else’s day, which influences both the giver and the receiver. When you give a handmade card or gift, the giver feels a personal connection because they didn’t just buy it in a store. And the recipient feels special because someone has orchestrated something unique just for him or her.

Personalized, DIY Wall Decals are a light-hearted way
to express yourself… whether it’s your wedding day
or just another Tuesday.


In your expert opinion, what makes a wedding memorable?

People tend to think that the answer is “décor” or “the dress,” but what people really remember is how they felt. What was their emotional connection to the day and the experience? That’s what we recall… not the dress.


What advice do you have for a bride-to-be who is just starting to think about her wedding day?

I hope that brides are inspired to do what they want to. It’s your celebration! Do what feels right to you.

Love is full bloom in these
unique wedding Décor pieces.

These beautifully displayed Escort Cards
help orchestrate seating and contribute
to the day’s overall look and feel.

What was the best wedding you have attended?

My own! I recently got married, and I can honestly say that I had my ultimate dream wedding. My husband and I didn’t feel rushed or stressed, and the day went at the perfect pace. We did what was right for us: the guest list was small, and the décor was crazy! We didn’t let the feeling of obligation motivate us.


Tell us about the Cricut wedding projects shown on this post.

The overall theme is whimsical, and I contrasted the hard and soft by using watercolor undertones. I love using the Cricut, because it allows you to play with form and create unique pieces.

A contrast of hard and soft colors, these Table Numbers help keep guests on track.

Stunning DIY die-cut Menus please both
the eye and the palate!

These beautiful Tags are almost more fun than the favors they’re attached to!

Lovely personalized Thank You Cards will inspire fond memories of the big day.


Do you have any final thoughts for Cricut users who are planning an event?

Yes! Think about keeping all your elements cohesive. From the Save the Date card to the guests’ parting gifts, make sure your event is well branded and stylized in a personal, unified manner. And don’t forget to have fun!

Thank you so much, Heidi.

To check out more from Heidi and idieh design, visit her personal Cricut page or her webpage.

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