Meet the Maker: Beth Kingston

August 17, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

She’s talented, bold, smart and so darned funny.  She’s Beth Kingston of Kingston Crafts, and we can’t get enough of her, which is why we were so thrilled when she agreed to return to our Meet the Maker series. (If you didn’t have the chance to read our introduction to Beth, check it out here:

This time, she shared with us a recent—and dramatic!—restoration piece that relates to a subject near and dear to her heart: yard sales.

Keep reading to learn about the magic created by Beth Kingston and her beloved Cricut!

Tell us a little about your passion for yard sales.
There are so many things I adore about them, but my favorite is how different they are, depending on where you are in the country. My husband is in the army, so we’ve moved around a lot (I mean, a LOT). We’re now in a small town in Kentucky, where there are no estate sales but there are auctions! Instead of buying individual items, you bid on a box and then see what you got. I go almost every Saturday. I adore the people-watching and seeing what others are passionate about. I love that items go home with treasure hunters who are thrilled to own them, rather than being doomed to the dump.

What are some of your favorite finds?

Once at an auction, I bid on a box of kitchen items because I wanted the pineapple corer that was on top. I didn’t have high hopes for the rest of the stuff, but inside I discovered a dozen vintage green glass kitchen jars, complete with the old tin lids! The entire thing cost me two dollars.

Also, just last weekend, I went to an auction in the middle of the countryside and scored a vintage cooler labeled “The Pleasure Chest.” I was so tickled! I got it for $40, when they go online for more like $300. My favorite thing is finding something that has a history…which this certainly does.

The project you’re going to show us all started at a yard sale, didn’t it?
Yes! It’s a drafting table, and we originally bought it at a sale in Alaska. It’s been in our house for eight years… and it was high time that it lived up to its potential.

Here it is in all its glory: the cold and gloomy “before” picture.

First things first. What are the materials needed for this project?


Step One: Prep the desktop for painting.

The table that Beth and her husband revamped was so eroded and covered in glue that they built a new top to fit right over the original, damaged one.

Step Two: Paint the desktop with the color you want to see through the stencil. Even though you will not be stenciling the entire area, be sure to paint the whole desktop to ensure an even topcoat.

Some bright blue paint and things are looking better already!

Step Three: Open Cricut Design Space and select any single-layer image or font to create your stencil. The possibilities are endless!

If you are creating a word stencil, do the following before you cut:

  1. Size your letters.
  2. Make sure each word is “grouped.”
  3. Make sure each word is a different color, as this will ensure that each will cut on its own piece of cardstock.

Wanting to keep costs low, Beth used the Street Sign font, which is available as part of Cricut Access.


Step Four: Cut cardstock on your Cricut Explore Air™.

Follow Beth’s lead, and make your own stencils rather than paying for store-bought ones that limit your options.


Step Five: Carefully remove negative and positive images from your mat.

Beth handles with care to avoid tearing.


Step Six: Run the positive images (the letters) through your Xyron Creative Station.

Negative images, positive images… they’re all good!


Step Seven: Use the negative image to determine where you are going to place your stencils and loosely attach with masking/painter’s tape.

Behold: the magic of cardstock!


Step Eight: Peel letters from backing and place each letter inside its negative image. Firmly rub around the edges to ensure complete coverage, and then remove the negative image.

Remember: the color of the cardstock you use doesn’t matter, so use a shade that’s not your favorite.


Step Nine: Use a stencil brush to tap (not brush!) the top color around letters. This will add an additional seal to the stencils.


Step Ten: Paint the entire desktop in your top color. You may need to do several coats, and be sure to leave time to dry between coats


Check out this video to watch as Beth and her husband take the drafting table from drab to fab!


Step Eleven: Gently peel letters away from desktop… and behold! You may want to cover the entire desktop with sealant.

Okay, this project convinced us: yard sales/estate sales/auctions are fantastic. Can you leave us with some tips for successful treasure hunting?

  1. Be kind: take an interest in the item that’s being sold. Be mindful of the person who’s selling what might be a family treasure.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price… but don’t be a jerk.
  3. No early birds! Don’t be the person who shows up hours early at a sale.
  4. Keep your phone charged in case you want to check an item’s value online.
  5. Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated… take your sales seriously!

Thanks so much, Beth.

Want to see more of Beth Kingston’s crafting masterpieces? Visit her website:

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  1. Placing the letter inside the negative image to keep them straight is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing the project and your yard/estate sale tips!

  2. So glad to see you again. You have been on the crafting world move for so long. Good to see you here with Cricut. Maybe you will move back to Columbus, GA. So the LaGrange gals can come and scrapbook again. We will have to Skype with Kay & Suzanne!! Take care and keep up the great success!!

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